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Garage Floor Containment Mats – It may not sound like the most exciting topic, but trust us, they’re a game-changer. No longer will you have to worry about oil stains, dirt, or other unsightly messes ruining your garage floor. These mats are like a superhero cape for your garage, protecting it from all sorts of harm. Plus, they’re easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your garage’s unique personality. So, if you’re tired of slipping and sliding on your garage floor or constantly scrubbing away stains, it’s time to invest in a garage floor containment mat. Your car (and your sanity) will thank you.

8 Amazing Garage Floor Containment Mats

Introducing the terrific garage floor containment mats that could function up to the need and serve as the most peaceful bed for your motor car, check out for yourself below. So keeping all these essential factors in the notice, now you are ready to make a sensible decision regarding purchasing the amazing containment mat for your garage floor.

So what is the wait for? Let’s head to it!

1. TruContain Mat
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Attractive color
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2. Armor All AAGFMC17
  • Liquid absorbent material
  • Slip-resistant bank
  • Easy to clean
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3. AutoFloorGuard Mat
  • Stay-put corners
  • Heat-sealed watertight seams
  • 1-year warranty
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4. Delooant Mat
  • No assembly required
  • 4 different sizes available
  • Highly durable
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5. Auto Care 70716
  • Catches mud, slush & grime
  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Fast and easy to install
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6. Hanjet Garage Mat
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Commercial grade material
  • Water resistant and durable
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7. Kalasoneer Mat
  • Excellent absorbent material
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Available in different sizes
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8. Club Clean Mat
  • Suitable for all type of vehicles
  • Premium liquid absorbent ability
  • Keeps garage mess free
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1. TruContain Garage Floor Containment Mats for Mud & Snow

TruContain Containment Mat for Mud & SnowParticularly manufactured to protect the garage flooring during harsh weather conditions like in Canada or North America!

This garage containment mat comes in three inclusive sizes, so as to fit whatever size is your car. The smallest one with a length of 16 feet and a width of 7’9” can also be used for placement underneath heavy bikes.

Properties – 

  • The interesting thing I found about this winter garage floor mat is its hassle-free installation. Take it out of the packing box, lay it down and it’s all set!
  • The mat is considerably heavy and strong as well, and the PVC construction would not let the material be torn away in case of a rough drive-through.
  • Also, you won’t feel any resistance while parking your car over it, since the thickness of the mat is kept minimum taking care of this essential aspect.
  • It’s available in a decent gray color, to complement the concrete flooring of your garage.
  • The composition material to is non-reactive to fluids given off by your motor engine.
  • It’s easy to clean, and the moderately designed slip-top surface will assist you in wiping the snow, liquids, and other contaminants off the mat.

CAUTION: Not to be placed over slippery tiled garage floorings.

2. Armor All AAGFMC17 Garage Floor Containment Mats

Armor All AAGFMC17 Garage Floor MatAnother worth considering, the amazing mat for the garage floor is the Armor’s garage containment mat. This mat is designed, not only to provide your garage floor with the ultimate protection it needs but to ensure your car tires do not exhaust when driven against the rough flooring.

Patented Drymate material has been used to compose this masterpiece, which is super absorbent and does not allow any leaks too. So, whether its snow, water, or any other fluid, your concrete garage floor is going to stay safe and secure and appear like new forever.

Properties – 

  • The installation is not quick, you surely have to work out a little to make sure the mat properly gets adhered to your garage floor. But that’s not a big deal I guess?
  • All you have to do to assemble it is to first ensure that your floor is suitably cleaned and won’t cause any hurdles while you lay down the mat.
  • Then roll out and place the mat over the desired surface.
  • It may catch some wrinkles at the upper surface that occur during the shipping, but they will definitely fade away with use.
  • Now, to properly attach the mat to the garage flooring, a double-sided dry mat tape has been installed at all the edges of the mat.
  • Stick it to the garage floor properly and yes, you are all done!

Available in charcoal gray color, with 5 sizing options to choose from, 22 x 9 feet being the maximum size dimension available. Do check it out!

3. AutoFloorGuard SUV Garage Floor Containment Mats

AutoFloorGuard SUV Containment MatDurability along with satisfactory functionality play a significant role when it’s about a pricy product you are thinking to purchase. It would not be wrong if I call this heavy-duty garage floor mat the most durable garage containment mat among all others I have reviewed.

This mat is composed, considering the advanced thermal technology and evolved engineering design. Let us check out what else it holds! You must be well aware that when a surface sheet has to bear an intense tensile load, it must be composed of a commercial-grade fabric. This mat has got it right!

Properties – 

  • Highly optimized polyester scrim has been used to manufacture it.
  • The junction between the top and bottom layer have thermally been fused into each other and are watertight as well. So do not even slightly worry about the snow melts passing by this tough and hard material.
  • The installation is easy, unfold it, lay it down, and its all ready to put into use!
  • 20 feet long is the largest size option available, and I guess you would not even need something better than that!
  • This garage mat comes with a year warranty but can last even longer if properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Remember, not to stretch the mat to elongate it so that it could cover more surface.
  • Though, you can definitely adhere to another garage containment mat by using tape side to side.

4. Delooant Garage Floor Containment Mat for Snow Ice

Delooant Containment Mat for Snow IceIf you are in search of a medium-sized garage containment mat, which is easy to assemble and budget-friendly as well; this is going to be your most amazing bet.

I am just so impressed with the intelligently designed upper surface that provides enough friction to your car tires and does not let them slip when heavily loaded with mud or snow.

Properties – 

  • One particular precaution you surely need to take is that, make sure your car tires are not studded when you are about to land your car over this car floor mat. This is because, no doubt the mat construction is super durable, but studs or any pointed gravel can do a lot of damage to the overall appearance of the mat.
  • This can also affect the functionality of the mat in the long run. So take good notice of this fact!
  • The bottom surface is a bit slippery as to allow smooth placement over your concrete garage floor.
  • The PVC material is in dark gray color, and won’t catch stains easily.
  • To clean the mat from engine oil, simply use a hose or a water sprinkler. You may also do this every day in case you want to provide your car with a neat and tidy bed to sleep upon!

5. Auto Care Products 70716 Non Slip Garage Floor Containment Mats

Auto Care Products 70716 Non Slip Garage MatTo keep your garage floor spotless and ever-new, this parking containment mat has been designed to catch every little particle of mud, snow, and even slush!

Do not worry about the risk of slush being passed through the mat’s surface. The material is 100% absorbent and does not support any leak-throughs.

There is a slight difference between the mat’s bottom and top surface, but do not confuse yourself with that. The upper surface has been designed roughly so as to uphold the car tyres and not let them slip.

Properties – 

  • The bottom surface caters to a smoothness that could make a good combination with your concrete or tiled garage floor. And you know what’s so distinctive about this garage floor containment mat?
  • You are getting a two-in-one purchase offer over here.
  • Apart from the heavy-duty garage floor covering, you will also get a vinyl sheet cover particularly to be placed at the surface where your car will be parked.
  • This Vinyl sheeting will protect your car tires as well as the containment mat from getting punctured in case of sharp pointy stones being dragged along with the car tyres.
  • The installation is super easy! Lay down the containment mat first, and then place the vinyl sheeting at the desired parking place.
  • Both the mats are easy to clean, and come up with a 3-year usage warranty!

6. Hanjet Water Resistant Garage Floor Containment Mats

Hanjet Water Resistant Garage Car Floor MatYour garage containment mat will be totally useless if the mat’s material is not sufficiently water-resistant. So, this is an essential feature to consider while selecting the amazing garage containment mat.

This mat from Hanjet has got a super tough, strong, and durable construction material with efficient close-cell technology to not let even the micro water droplet pass through the surface.

Commercially graded woven PVC material has been used to manufacture it.

Properties – 

  • Though woven PVC might add up to the weight of the product, that does not matter when it is to a garage floor mat.
  • The side junctions have been reinforced using thermal processing so that they do not detach under heavy loads.
  • The mat can be purchased in three sizing options, a compact size, a medium size, and a truck size. So no matter how much large your garage is; you will definitely find a suitable one.
  • Assembling takes approx. 25 minutes to the max and it is highly recommended to not try to displace the mat too often once it’s properly placed.
  • You can also attach other garage mats to it, by using a double-sided tape edge to edge.
  • Before you lay the mat on the garage floor, ensure that your floor is clear of debris and any other dirt that could cause indentations in the mat’s fabric.
  • It is also much easy to clean when you use a mop or a squeegee.

7. Kalasoneer Washable Garage Floor Containment Mats

Kalasoneer Washable Garage Floor MatComposed of good quality, waterproof, and slip-resistant material, this is yet another terrific car floor containment mat. With a simple decent design, and hassle-free installation it has been preferred the most this year.

Though, the absorbing capabilities are not up to the expectations but still work fine when it is to snow or oil contaminants. It is surely going to not let them sink through.

With an optimum thickness, this garage mat is capable of providing sufficient protection to your floor so it stays free of spots and doesn’t lose its original color.

Properties – 

  • It comes with 4 exclusive size options to choose from. Each of those is fairly priced and the smallest with a length of 6’7” costs as much as 60 dollars.
  • I think it is an appropriate one-time investment since this mat is going to last for a couple of years depending upon your care and maintenance routine.
  • It is easily washable too and can be either vacuumed or simply cleaned with a hose pipe. Do not use any harsh detergents over it to clean the tough oil or mud stains.
  • A highly saturated vinegar solution can do the job if required.
  • Also, its compact structure is tear resistant so it can also be used in parking stations or car workshops for fixing or repairing the car.
  • Don’t forget to check this, budget-friendly most rated garage containment mat!

8. Club Clean Garage Floor Containment Mats

Club Clean Mat for Protecting Garage FloorThis garage floor mat is particularly manufactured for parking motorbikes and Golf carts. It is composed of a highly commercialized absorbent material that is capable of hosting all kinds of snow, mud, slush, gravel, and even motor engine fluids.

It is not perfectly oil-absorbent and to compensate for this factor the upper surface has been designed rough and slip-resistant.

Apart from the intelligent design, this containment mat stands well when it is to garage floor protection.

Properties – 

  • It can hide unpleasant cracks and stains and add a good look to your garage or car workstation.
  • I do not recommend this mat if you have to use it for large car parking purposes since it’s compact sized measuring 5 ft x 8 ft, and won’t be able to properly cater to your car.
  • It’s a multi-purpose product, so if it’s not in use in the parking lot; you can place it under your gardening tools or any other appliances which have a risk of damaging the floor below.
  • Easy to assemble and install, and super convenient in cleaning. Do check it out, if you are in search of a compact-sized garage floor containment mat.

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FAQs for Garage Floor Containment Mats

Q1: What is the most-rated garage floor mat?

A: The most-rated garage floor mats are as follows –

  • TruContain Containment Mat
  • Hanjet Garage car floor mat
  • Auto Care Products Garage Floor mat

Q2: What should I put on my garage floor?

A: To protect your garage floor from displeasing motor engine fluids and keep it spotless and new for a long time, garage floor containment mats come up as the better option. They are super absorbent and do not let any fluid, contaminants, or even mud or snow leak through the mat and reach your garage floor.

Q3: Are garage mats worth it?

A: If you do proper research, and invest in a good quality garage floor containment mat’ it is definitely going to be worth it! Apart from protecting your floor from slush and snow that gets attached to the car tyres, garage floor mats also help in eliminating the mess that cars usually create during rough winters.

Q4: What can I put under my car in the garage?

A: Garage floor containment mats are placed under cars in the garage to protect the garage floor from tyre dirt and keep your garage clean and mess-free.

Q5: How can I protect my garage floor?

A: You can purchase a good quality garage floor containment mat and lay it on the desired area to keep it stainless, spotless, and ever-new.


In conclusion, garage floor containment mats are a must-have for any car enthusiast or messy DIYer. Not only do they protect your garage floor from oil spills and other stains, but they also provide endless entertainment for your pets. Just imagine your cat sliding around on the mat like it’s an ice rink or your dog trying to catch a ball that keeps rolling away. Plus, if you ever need to host a makeshift slip n’ slide party, you’re all set! So, invest in a garage floor containment mat today and enjoy the benefits of a clean garage and a good laugh.

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