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Say no to slipping and sliding around on your home gym floor? Do you find yourself doing more unintentional splits than actual exercise? Well, fear not my fellow fitness enthusiasts, because the solution to your problem is here: floor mats! Yes, that’s right, those seemingly insignificant pieces of rubber can make all the difference in your workout routine.

Not only will they provide a non-slip surface for your sweaty feet, but they’ll also protect your floors from the inevitable drops and spills that come with working out. So, say goodbye to embarrassing falls and hello to a safer, more stable workout with the help of some trusty floor mats.

10 Amazing Floor Mats For Home Gym

1. Gxmmat Large Mat
  • Extra-long & wide mat
  • Anti-slip top & bottom
  • 7mm extra thickness
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2. BalanceFrom Puzzle Mat
  • High density EVA foam
  • Moisture resistant
  • Extremely lightweight
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3. innhom 12/24 Tiles Mat
  • Non-toxic material
  • Non-slip surface
  • Protect your floor
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4. Gorilla Rubber Mat
  • Thickness protect joints & floor
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Best for high intensity workouts
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5. Gxmmat Extra Large Mat
  • Won’t curl or break
  • Double-sided non-skid surface
  • Easy to clean & roll-up
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6. Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Protects joints & floors
  • Reduce vibration and noise
  • Highly affordable
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7. Gorilla Extra Thick Mats
  • Extra thick & comfortable
  • Decent support & stability
  • Double sided design
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8. Sivan Health & Fitness
  • Provide exceptional cushioning
  • Ultimate safety & protection
  • Lightweight & easy to assemble
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9. Prosource Workout Mat
  • Shock absorbent construction
  • Non-skid textured foam
  • Water-resistant
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10. Square36 Non-Slip Mats
  • Thick heavy duty mat
  • For all types of surfaces
  • Super durable & sturdy
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1. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat for Home Gym

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat for Home GymMy favorite workout mat for a home gym, out of all the well-rated ones reviewed in this list, is the Gxmmat.

This mat is composed of a highly dense microfoam material that can sustain a treadmill load! You can also use this gym mat for placing underneath a stationary exercise bike so that your tiled flooring does not get damaged.

Getting to the specifications of the product, the size of this floor mat has been kept limited to a length of 6 feet with a 4 feet width.

For preventing muscular damage and providing complete body support, a cushioning of 7mm has also been enabled. It is a good exercise mat for people suffering from bad knees or joint problems.

The mat has got double-sided skid-resistant surfaces to eliminate any risks of slips or falls. The mat’s bottom surface has been grooved and patterned so that it attaches like a magnet to your home flooring and does not slide away.

One convenient feature, I found out about this mat for home workouts is its super easy installation since you do not have a trainer at home who could assist you with its usage.

It comes up with a pair of high-quality gym gloves to perform all your Cardio and Jump Aerobics moves with more power and ultimate fun! Professional in appearance, with an anti-tear design so that the mat could last for a lifetime!

  • Made of non-toxic eco-friendly material
  • Offers excellent grip and slip-resistance
  • An extra-large, wide, and thick mat
  • An ideal choice for people having sore knees and elbows
  • Release a strong smell for a few days
  • Big nails can leave scuff marks

2. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat for Home Workouts

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat for Home WorkoutsLooking for an entire flooring system to convert a corner of your home into a gym studio? This set of 36 tiles and 72 end borders can help you set up a complete gym floor having an area of 144 square feet!

Each tile in this package has got a square shape with a dimension measuring 24 inches.

Though it might take a bit of time to assemble the puzzle piece floor mats but trust me, it’s worth the trouble! Once you are all done, the highly interlocking feature will not allow any piece to move from its place even slightly.

The tiles are light in weight since EVA foaming material has been used to compose them.

Keep in note that this gymnastic mat for the home can not cater to any fitness equipment upon it, so do not take the risk of exposing it to massive pounds. Most preferably to be used for Zumba and Dance workouts.

Excellent traction with superior grip and half an inch of cushioning makes sure you get the most comfortable workout experience ever!

The moisture-resistant technology will not let sweat be soaked into the foam and create unhygienic workout conditions for you. Easy to clean as well only soap water mixture will do the job.

  • 1/2″ thickness provides decent cushioning
  • Non-slip patterned bottom prevents sliding
  • Long-lasting and sturdy EVA foam
  • Moisture-resistant technology makes cleaning easy
  • Assembling consumes a lot of time

3. innhom 12/24 Tiles Home Gym Flooring Mat

innhom 12/24 Tiles Home Gym Flooring MatIf you are currently doing a lot of hip and butt exercises, you need to get your hands on a foaming fitness mat that provides your muscles with the comfort they must get.

This is yet another excellent premium-quality interlocking exercise mat, made up of high-density EVA foam.

Do you know what the most amazing thing about this foaming material is?

It never gives off any bad odor which is usually a big concern for all the gymnasts.

You will get 12 black and gray interlocking foam tiles in the package, each having a square shape with a dimension figure of 23.6 inches.

This workout mat is smaller in size, and only covers an area of 46 square feet. I am not impressed with the limited coverage this gym mat provides; the brand could have made an effort to introduce some sizing customization.

The perfect thing about this exercise mat is that it takes very little storage space, so if the size is not an issue for you, I will recommend all beginners try this one out.

Highly comfortable, but firm at the same time so that your legs and elbow joints do not get soaked into the mat’s material. A perfect workout accessory that works great even under heavy exercising machines!

  • Composed of toxic-free high-density EVA foam
  • 0.4 thickness protects rough & hard surfaces
  • Can be used as a kids’ play mat
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Gives off a bad odor for a couple of days
  • The surface is slightly harder

4. Gorilla Rubber Exercise Mats for Home Use

Gorilla Rubber Exercise Mats for Home UseWhen planning to instantly turn any room of your house into an exercise studio, the correct option is to look for a large-size high-quality exercise mat that can be easily installed within no time.

A gorilla exercise mat is one such type, where all you have to do to set it up is to unwrap and unroll, and you are all ready to go! Â It comes up in a nice sizing option of 7 x 5 feet with about 1/4 inches thickness.

Particularly highly rated for performing high-end cardio and intense exercises, but can also host you significantly when it’s about Zumba or P90x dancing steps.

This mat can be your perfect bet for home gym flooring over carpet, and this feature would not disturb your high-intensity workout at all.

Rubber gym mats are usually perfect when it’s to toughness, comfortable, and durable. This mat has also been manufactured using high-grade rubber that depicts unmatched stability and superior grip.

You are also going to get a towel to help you with the intense workouts, and a carry bag with straps for remote use. I will suggest all the pro gymnasts try out this floor mat for working out at home. It is going to impress you!

  • Decent cushioning help to absorb the impact
  • A circular pattern at the bottom prevents sliding
  • Ultra-durable and long-lasting
  • Includes a free towel, carry bag & straps
  • Cost a lot of money
  • Difficult to store due to large size

5. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mats for Hard Floors

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mats for Hard FloorsIs it not pleasant when your exercise mat is capable of fulfilling the functions of a yoga mat too? Well, who even does not like multipurpose products, which, apart from being super convenient in storage, can save you some pennies as well?

Here is yet another exercise mat from Gxmmat, but this time with more updated features than the one previously mentioned. Let’s have a look!

This mat would never let you feel restricted or limited when it is to space since it has a large size of 6 x 4 feet. A 7mm cushioning of memory foam has also been incorporated into the overall design.

This mat would not deteriorate even when exposed to harsh poses during yoga or tough workout routines.

The top layer is super soft, whereas the base surface has a grooved & matrix-circle pattern to let the mat stick properly to the surface. Zero risks of slips and safe to use! For extra support and absorption, I recommend pairing this mat with a cardio mat as an underlay.

Gxmmat mat comes up with a lifetime guarantee and efficient impact protection to your knees, arms, and elbow joints during intense exercises.

  • Extra-long & wide all-purpose mat
  • The textured pattern underneath prevents sliding
  • Provide excellent grip and support to the body
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Feels a little thin

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Floor Mat

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Floor MatIf you are searching for home gym equipment floor mats that can resist heavy loadings and have been designed with anti-tear technology, this mat can undoubtedly serve you well.

It has been mainly manufactured to reduce the heavy noise and vibration that fitness equipment produces. Three size ranges, to suit every fitness machine, have been offered here. Starting from 7.5 feet and declining to a 4 feet length.

So whether it is about treadmills, exercise bikes, or any other gym machine, this mat can withstand the massive pressures and make sure your hard floor stays wholly protected.

For more exceptional durability, EVA foam has been used for composing the product. I will not suggest using this mat for heavy abs workouts, because the mat’s minimum thickness will not provide you with the comfort your body demands.

It is also easy to clean and super water-resistant. Do check out this budget-friendly floor mat for the home gym.

  • Offers maximum comfort and durability
  • Absorbs vibration & reduces equipment noise
  • Protect joints and floor from damage
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • The surface of the mat is a bit hard

7. Gorilla Mats Extra Thick Exercise Floor Mats

Gorilla Mats Extra Thick Exercise Floor MatsThe next workout mat for the home studio on this list can be utilized for a variety of exercises.

Getting into the features of it, I liked the extra dense 8mm padding, to make exercise moves safer for you than ever before. Proper cushioning protects your knees and joints and makes sure you feel completely relaxed while performing yoga and meditation.

The mat comes up with a double-sided design, where both surfaces are entirely slip-resistant. The base has a circular texture that stops the mat from moving around from its place once you safely install it.

Remember, placing the mat on slippery or dirty surfaces is going to affect its performance. So it’s better if you either place it on the hardwood floor or textured surfaces and clean the floor.

I like the fact that the brand has gone a step further and introduced a delicate soft towel to be used during the workout activity. You can also use the towel for extra padding during exercise if you have sore joints.

A bag with Velcro straps makes the exercise mat fully portable and easy to store as well. It is an excellent multipurpose home gym mat to opt for!

  • Made of BPA, Latex-free, eco-friendly material
  • Offers excellent grip and traction
  • 8mm double thick padding protects joints
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Barefoot exercise mat
  • Not suitable for yoga

8. Sivan Health and Fitness Interlocking Exercise Mats

Sivan Health and Fitness Best Interlocking Exercise MatsMat tiles are generally convenient in the sense that they allow you to create custom-designed mats. You also get the option to purchase extra tiles for situations where you need to cover some other area in your home gym.

Sivan’s floor mat is composed of 6 tiled pieces, each measuring 24 inches in width and 25 inches in length.

The exceptional cushioning properties are undoubtedly the perfect ones you would find in any other tiled mat, but the installation might require plenty of time. That is why most gymnasts prefer easy-to-install single-piece exercise mats over tiled ones.

But remember that, once you interlock the individual pieces, they are not going to get apart unless you do that intentionally.

Each mat tile is composed of EVA foam, which is about half an inch thick and covered with a rubber top. The top surface promotes efficient grip and flexibility that enables you to perform all exercises with safety and agility.

Sivan Health and fitness mat are also able to hold the heavyweight of gym equipment. Try to center the leg of the equipment over the tiled mat, to prevent any tension tears.

Powered with excellent durability and support, an excellent option to choose!

  • Superior quality mat with great durability
  • Can bear the weight of heavy-duty exercise equipment
  • Offer exceptional grip and slip-resistance
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Easy to assemble but consumes a lot of time
  • Has a strong odor that fades away in a few days

9. Prosource Workout Flooring for Home and Gym Equipment

Prosource Workout Flooring for Home and Gym EquipmentNo compromise should be made upon the cushioning feature when it is about purchasing a mat for exercise home use.

This tiled gym mat is manufactured using the non-toxic, latex-free EVA foam as the dense and durable material, and most efficient when it’s to floor protection. It has a decent thickness of 1 inch, which is perfect for gymnasts who have arthritis or the problem of sore joints.

Four sizing options have been introduced, which gives you the freedom of choice to go for the one that suits your needs. The largest you can get is going to cover an area of 96 square feet!

So gather your friends, and get ready for an intensive exercise session right there at your home.

I really like the concept of introducing lightweight mat tiles so that you can easily connect the pieces for assembling the exercise mat and quickly disconnect them when you feel the need to store them.

The mat is also equipped with noise-reduction and shock-absorbent abilities, which lets you safely place your gym equipment over it and have a more comfortable running experience on your treadmill.

Probably one of the most suitable tiled exercise mats to consider!

  • Shock absorbent and reduce equipment noise
  • High-density foam provides excellent support
  • Non-slip exercise mat
  • Water resistance makes cleaning easy
  • Risk of tripping if not assembled properly
  • Assembling takes a lot of time

10. Square36 Non-Slip Workout Mats for Home Gym

Square36 Non-Slip Workout Mats for Home GymNot comfortable stepping upon your exercise mat, barefooted? No worries. This exercise mat will host you significantly even when you step upon it with your joggers on.

Do not consider wearing highly textured or pointy shoes while stepping upon this mat; you will spoil its professional appearance.

This versatile mat can be placed on concrete, hardwood, tiled, carpeted, or any other laminated floor. It is also perfect for noise reduction, or vibration cut-off by placing it underneath heavy fitness equipment.

The mat has an excellent one-person size, 96 inches in length and 72 inches in width. The thickness has been kept minimum, with a figure of ¼ inches only, so if you feel like you need extra padding’ place a microfiber towel as an underlay.

The mat’s material is completely BPA-free and does not give off any harmful colorants when you excessively sweat upon it.

This is one of the most durable exercise mats which can be used with or without shoes and can last for as long as ten years if properly maintained. Easy to install and super convenient to store,’ but once it is down, you would not want to consider moving it around.

  • Made of BPA, lead & formaldehyde-free material
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces
  • Rolling and unrolling of the mat is extremely easy
  • Not suitable for heavy equipment
  • Very expensive

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In conclusion, floor mats for home gyms are a must-have for anyone who wants to avoid slipping and sliding during their workout. Not only do they provide a safe and stable surface, but they also add a touch of style to your home gym. Plus, let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re working out in a fancy gym with their own personalized floor mats? Just make sure to choose a mat that’s the right size for your space and durable enough to withstand all your sweat and tears (and maybe even a few accidental spills). So go ahead, invest in some floor mats and get ready to crush your workouts without any embarrassing slips or falls.



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