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Rubber Mats for Car may not seem like the most exciting topic, but trust me, they can be hilarious. Have you ever tried to drive with a slippery floor mat that keeps sliding around? Or maybe you’ve had a passenger who can’t seem to keep their feet off the mat, leaving dirty footprints everywhere. And let’s not forget about those times when you accidentally step on the mat with wet shoes and end up sliding around like you’re on a slip and slide. Rubber mats may not be glamorous, but they sure can provide some comedic relief in our daily lives.

If you want to keep your car floor carpet spotless and save it from shoe mud, pets dirt and kids debris use an extra layer of protection in the form of rubber floor mats for car. So buckle up and get ready for some rubber mat humor.

Rubber Mats for Car

After an in-depth research and reading user reviews, here we have curated a list of top 10 best rubber floor mats for a car. Before jumping on to the list, we recommend you to read a detailed buyer’s guide on buying rubber floor mats for your vehicle.

Custom Accessories Armor All 78846
Husky Liners Fits Front Floor Mats
FH Group F11311 Rubber Floor Mat
Motor Trend MT-923-BK Odorless Rubber Mats for Vehicles
Motor Trend MT-923-BK Mats
BDK MT-641-RD Red Universal Mats
OxGord Floor Mats for Vans, Cars, Trucks & SUVs
OxGord Floor Mats for Cars
Motor Trend MT-773-BK Odorless Mats
BDK MT614RDAMw1 Rubber Car Mats

1. Armor All Custom Rubber Mats for Car – Set of 4 Pieces

Armor All Custom Car Floor Mats “ Set of 4 Pieces

Armor All Custom Accessories rubber floor mats are designed to fit in a huge variety of vehicles. These mats are incredibly durable and sturdy in nature and won’t crack, split, or curl under extreme conditions.

Made of heavy-duty rubber, the performance of these rubber mats is impressive. The Carpet Claw backing prevents it from slipping while in use. It has a strong ability to resist dirt, dust, mud, water, and sub-zero weather.

Customization of Armor All floor mats for a car is very easy. You can easily trim the edges of the mat to fit them in any SUVs or sedans. After customizing, you can place them in front and back of your car to keep the interior clean for a longer period of time.

Custom Accessories Armor All rubber floor mats are available in three different colors: black, gray, and tan. It makes it easier for you to match it with your vehicle’s interior color scheme. Cleaning this set of the mat is also very easy. You can rub them gently with a brush and place under the running water to get rid of dust, dirt, and stains.


  • Extremely resistant to hot and cold temperature
  • Easy to customize sizing
  • Highly durable and super tough
  • Easy to wash
  • Smell bad for the first few days (place them in open air for two days to get rid of bad odor)

2. Husky Liners Fits Front “ All Weather Floor Mats for Car

Husky Liners Fits Front “ All Weather Floor Mats for Car

The next up in the list are the top quality car floor mats from Husky Liners. These digitally designed mats perfectly fit on your vehicle’s carpeted floor and give you a very secure feeling whenever you step foot on them.

Husky Liners car mats can withstand extreme conditions and won’t crack or break in any scenario. Furthermore, the perfect fit prevents water, dirt, and dust from seeping into your vehicle floor.

The hundreds of tiny nibs on the bottom reduces the linear movement of the mat, which is a good sign from a safety point of view as the mat won’t bunch under your accelerator. You can quickly get into and out of your car without being worried about mats slipping and ruining your experience.

You have choose from black, tan, and grey colors. Finishing of every single piece is fantastic that it will look like an original part of your vehicle. It is available for car’s front section only. These mats are an all-weather beater and can resist against mud, dirt, oil, and water.

Husky car floor mats are super easy to clean. You can use a shampoo or detergent on it and place it under running water to remove dirt and stains.


  • Super tough and durable
  • Perfect for people who travel with pets
  • Water and slip resistant
  • Literally no cons

3. FH Group F11311 Rubber Mats for Car

FH Group F11311 Rubber Mats for Car

FH Group F11311 mats for the car are made of premium quality flexible rubber. The use of heavy-duty rubber empowers it to handle a bad beating, makes it super durable and long-lasting. With ten different color options, you can easily match the mats with the interior of your car.

Its unique design and taller out ridges keep your car’s floor carpet safe from all kinds of leakages, spills, dirt, mud, and stains. These mats have an anti-slip back, which holds them tightly on the floor while in use.

You can easily check online whether these mats are fit for your vehicle or not by selecting the make, model, and year of your car. As they are made on the trim to fit formula, so you can easily trim it down for the perfect fit according to your vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, you have a wide range of colors to choose from: black, blue, red, beige, purple, pink, grey, burgundy, and black, brown pattern. To get rid of dirt, dust, and stains, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a mixture of soap and water.


  • Heavy duty rubber
  • Leak proof edges
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Water and slip resistant
  • Lot of complaints on size issue

4. Motor Trend MT-923-BK Odorless Rubber Mats for Vehicles

Motor Trend MT-923-BK Odorless Rubber Mats for Vehicles

Motor Trend is one of the famous manufacturers of car floor mats. Like many other rubber mats, MT-923-BK FlexTough all-weather vehicle mat doesn’t emit bad odors, which is truly a peace of mind.

The well-engineered design of these mats effectively captures dust, dirt, and spills that make day to day cleaning of your SUVs or sedans very easy. These floor mats are made of SGS European standard and odorless EVA rubber, making them safer to use.

The premium quality rubber ensures the durability and sturdiness of Motor Trend MT-923-BK mats. The company has tested it under extreme conditions to guarantee it won’t curl, crack, or split while in use.

It comes in a universal size, which empowers you to trim it with scissors for the perfect fit easily. It is a big peace of mind for those who think, whether this mat will be compatible with their car or not.

MT-923-BK Motor Trend rubber floor mats are available in six different colors: black, gray, brown, burgundy, tan, and charcoal blue. You can not only protect your car’s interior but also enhance the beauty of it with these amazing colors. This mat is the right choice for those who travel with kids and pets because they are extremely durable and easy to clean.


  • SGS approved and odorless rubber material
  • Won’t crack, split, and leak
  • Extremely easily to clean dirt and debris
  • A bit light in weight

5. BDK MT-641 Rubber Auto Floor Mats

BDK MT-641 Rubber Auto Floor Mats

If you are planning to buy stylish rubber floor mats for your SUVs or sedans, the MT-641 from BDK is an item that you should consider. It is a great looking and universal fit mat for all types of vehicles.

Made of high-quality rubber polymers makes them very sturdy. These mats have a nonskid backing which settles them well in the car. Additionally, the well-engineered ergonomic grooves on top give extreme comfort and traction to your feet.

This slip-resistant ability of mat not only enhance your driving experience but is also good from a safety point of view. The manufacturer also guarantees that it won’t crack, split or deform while in use.

BDK MT-641 all-weather floor mats for the vehicle are available in four different colors: silver, blue, red, carbon. It comes in a set of four pieces, and each piece has a chrome finish which makes them look amazing. For cleaning the dirt and debris from the mat, you can place them under a hose and then dry them in the open air.


  • Stylish look
  • Nonskid backing
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Becomes slippery after water spillage

6. OxGord Floor Mats for Vans, Cars, Trucks & SUVs

OxGord Floor Mats for Vans, Cars, Trucks & SUVs

OxGord is an all-weather, heavy-duty rubber mat for SUVs and sedans. It is designed to fit different models of automobiles. When placed in the car, it looks not only lovely to your eyes but also provide decent protection against dust and dirt.

These top-selling car floor mats are made of that is a stain, water, and slip-resistant. Furthermore, they can also resist against the daily bad beating and withstand extreme temperatures without getting crack or curl.

As they are designed to fit most of the vehicle models, but just in case it doesn’t sit well in yours, you can easily trim it with ordinary scissors to settle them in your car.

You have an option to choose from three eye-catching colors: black, grey, and beige. The best part is, the color won’t fade over the period of time. For removing dirt and debris, you can use a vacuum cleaner, and to get rid of stains, you can use water and soap.


  • Easily fits in most of vans, trucks, and SUVs
  • Can be easily trimmed for custom fit
  • Deep ridges and grooves
  • May smell bad for first few days (To get rid of bad odor place them in open air for couple of days)

7. Motor Trend MT-773 Rubber Mats for SUVs, Cars, & Vans

Motor Trend MT-773 Rubber Mats for SUVs, Cars, & Vans

The next rubber floor mats for vehicles are from Motor Trend. The MT-773 are thick and super tough all-weather mats that provide excellent protection against dirt, debris, rain, etc.

One of the best things that people love the most about these mats is, it doesn’t emit a toxic smell, which most of the rubber mats do. Motor Trend MT-773 mats are made of SGS approved odorless EVA rubber that makes them stand out from others.

MotorTrend mats are designed to provide maximum protection to your car’s floor by effectively capturing all the dirt, mud, stains, and spills. They are super sturdy, incredibly durable in nature, and can withstand normal wear and tear.

It has non-skid backing, which keeps the mat right in place on the floor of the car. In case it doesn’t fit well in your vehicle, you can trim it using a scissor for a custom fit. You have a limited color option that includes just black and beige.

When it comes to cleaning, it is super easy to clean these mats. Remove them from the car and place it under running water or hose off. You can also use detergent to get rid of bad stains.


  • Made of heavy duty EVA rubber
  • Capture maximum dirt and debris
  • Very easy to wash and dry
  • Limited color option

8. BDK MT614RDAMw1 Metallic Rubber Floor Mats for SUV

BDK MT614RDAMw1 Metallic Rubber Floor Mats for SUV

BDK MT614RDAMw1 is a universal car floor mat that can be used in van, truck, SUV, or sedan. If it doesn’t fit well, a simple trim with scissors will do the trick. The broad channels and raised edges on the mat effectively capture all the dirt, dust, and spills and save your car’s floor from getting dirty.

The two-tone, red and black design gives a very attractive look to the people who join you in the car. The rubber quality and finishing of the mats are also excellent and meet all safety regulations as well. Anti-slip backing prevents it from slipping and holds them in the right place.

Furthermore, it doesn’t release bad chemical odors that most of the rubber mats do for the first few days.

The color option is limited to only one, which is a two-tone design, but it can b easily matched with any car’s interior decor. For cleaning the mats, you can use a vacuum or hose water to remove dirt, mud, and stains.


  • Anti-slip Nib backing
  • Raised edges trap all the dirt
  • Excellent quality odorless rubber
  • Cleaning is super easy
  • Available in single color and design

If you are car mats has catched bad stains of food, dirt, or mud, don’t worry because our detailed guide on how to clean car mats with bad stains is just for you.

How to Choose Good Floor Mats for Car

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to choose the best floor mats for a car, this buyer’s guide will help you for sure. Usually, people look for design and color, but there are some other important factors that you should consider, let’s discuss what they are.


The number one factor that everyone should consider while buying car floor mats is the type of material. If you are buying rubber mats, then you need to make sure there is no use of any toxic chemicals because it can lead to any health hazard in the long run. Additionally, the bad odor that most of the rubber mats emit can ruin your driving experience, so try to buy the one that is made of odorless EVA rubber.

Base of Rubber Mats for Car

Most people get impressed by the top finishing of the car mats, and they don’t pay much attention to the bottom, whereas the base is of equal importance. You need to check whether the mat has non-skid backing or not. If the back is not slip-resistant, the mat will keep sliding, which not only ruins your driving experience but also dangerous from a safety point of view. Slip-resistance is a key feature that you should focus on while choosing the best mats for a car.

Rims and Ridges

The next important factor that you want to pay attention to is the rims and ridges on the mats. It is highly recommended to pick the one with high grooves, edges, and broader channels. It will prevent all kinds of spills, dirt, and debris from seeping into the car floor and keeps your original carpet clean.

Thickness of Car Mats

The thickness of car floor mats is another important aspect to be considered while choosing the mats. A thick mat with deep grooves has the ability to absorb more spills, and your feet will have a comfortable feeling while driving.


How to clean rubber mats for car?

Cleaning of the floor mats depends upon the material and design. To remove dirt and stains from rubber mats, you can use detergent or soap and water. Never try to wash them in the machine because it will damage the mats. Always read the product manual before any attempt to clean the car mats.

What are good rubber mats for car?

A good floor mat is the one that possess following features:

  • Odorless rubber material
  • Thick in nature
  • High rims and ridges
  • Non-skid backing

How do I keep my floor mat from sliding in my car?

For preventing the car floor mat from sliding, what you can do is to buy the one that are completely slip-resistant. If the mats don’t have non-skid rubber backing then you try following things:

  • Use drapery hooks
  • Use double side carpet tape
  • Screw the mats in place

Rubber mats vs. carpet mats which one is better?

As per our research and experience, rubber mats are better than carpet mats. Here are the few reasons of it:

  • Rubber mats are more durable
  • Rubber floor mats can withstand extreme conditions
  • More economical as compared to carpet
  • Easy to wash, clean, and dry

Final Words

In conclusion, rubber mats for car are a must-have for any car owner who wants to keep their vehicle clean and tidy. Not only do they protect the car’s interior from dirt and debris, but they also add a touch of style to the vehicle. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for any driver. And let’s not forget the added bonus of being able to make funny noises with them when you step on them. So, if you want to keep your car looking and sounding great, invest in a set of rubber mats today!



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