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10 Ultimate Chair Mats for Thick Carpet

Do you struggle to move your office chair around on your plush, thick carpet? Do you find yourself constantly having to replace the carpet fibers that get crushed under your chair wheels? Look no further! Chair mats for thick carpets are the solution you never knew you needed. These mats not only protect your carpet but also make it easier for you to roll around and work efficiently at your desk.

In this article, we’ll explore the most suitable chair mats for thick carpets, and how they can help you in your daily work routine. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to transform your workspace.

10 Ultimate chair mats for thick carpet

Before discussing the details of these amazing chair mats for thick carpets, we want to share a quick comparison of all the chair mats that we have included in the list:

1. Gorilla Grip
  • Thick, durable & sturdy
  • Chair wheels don’t sink in mat
  • Beautiful transparent design
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2. MuArts Chair Mat
  • Best for carpet & hard floor
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Won’t fold or curl
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3. Lorell Mat
  • Suitable for any floor type
  • Scratch-resistant & long-lasting
  • Can withstand 1,000 lbs weight
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4. Marvelux Mat
  • Provide ultimate carpet protection
  • Won’t slip or slide on carpet
  • Made of toxic-free material
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5. AmazonBasics Mat
  • Material is high impact resistant
  • Won’t curl, cup or flex
  • Gripper back prevent sliding
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6. Matladin Mat
  • Ideal size and thickness
  • Dip, crack, & curl resistant
  • Extremely durable & sturdy
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7. DoubleCheck Mat
  • Protect carpet from chair wheels
  • Sturdy and firm surface
  • Studded base prevent sliding
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8. Floortex Chair Mat
  • Offer decent floor protection
  • Chair wheels will not sink
  • Waterproof & heat-resistant
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9. Starcounters Mat
  • Tough, durable, high-quality material
  • Prevent slipping & sliding
  • No cracking & curling of edges
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10. Marvelux Mat
  • Superior carpeted floor protection
  • Form a decent grip with carpet
  • Made of eco-friendly material
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1. Gorilla-grip chair mats for thick carpet

Gorilla Grip Chair Mat with Lip for Thick CarpetA Chair mat, if too thin or too thick, would not at all be adequate to serve the purpose it is designed for.

If you have got a beautiful carpet underneath the chair and do not want to cover it, the use of a transparent chair mat is an excellent option. This mat’s decent transparent design will enable a seamless look through it’ making the overall appearance more professional and classic at the same time.

Properties of gorilla-grip chair mats for thick carpet:

Thickness – The thickness of this heavy-duty chair mat is 3mm, but it is tough and sturdy enough to prevent chair casters from creating indention on the mat and carpet.

Good grip – To ensure the mat stays in its place, little spikes have been added at the bottom surface to let the mat stay in its place. Furthermore, it also lets you comfortably work around in the office, moving your chair from one end of the table to the other. These spikes will maintain a good grip with medium to high-piled carpets.

Sustainable materials used – Made of 100% polycarbonate material, this chair mat from Gorilla Grip has got specially optimized thickness for carpeted floors.

Durability – You may already be aware of the engineering properties of polycarbonate material, its grip, and its durability. If not, let me say that when it is to bear heavy loads, polycarbonate material will not even slightly break or curl.

  • Thick material protects the carpet effectively
  • Chair wheels easily glide on the mat
  • No scratching, sinking, & denting
  • Highly affordable, durable, and strong
  • Not suitable for medium pile carpet

2. MuArts chair mats for thick carpet & hardwood floor

MuArts Chair Mat for Carpet & Hardwood FloorMuArts present you with an amazing chair mat for hardwood floors and a high-pile carpet. It has got a regular standard rectangular design, as long as 47 inches.

In my opinion, this can be the amazing chair mat for workstations, where not much movement is required during work, and the chair stays in one place for most of the time.

Properties of MuArts chair mats for thick carpet & hardwood floor:

Maintenance – MuArts chair mat cannot be used for L-shaped desks because it will not be able to cover the entire area hence not enabling the user to glide through it conveniently.

Material – The material is non-toxic and odorless, but it will be better to protect the mat from chemical or fluid contamination during work at the office or home.

Design & Size – Its solid design, tough making, and 0.2-inch thickness can withstand a weight of approx. 1200 pounds and protect the carpet plush from chair casters in a great way.

Durability – PlexiGlass is a highly durable material that has been used for manufacturing this chair mat.

The product is transported flat, and will not have any breaks or scratches when delivered to you. You are going to love its crystal-clear design when you unwrap it.

  • Made of non-toxic & odorless material
  • Crystal clear transparent design
  • Ideal for medium to thick carpet
  • Perfect size for a standard chair and desk
  • A bit expensive but provides good value for money

3. Lorell scratch-resistant chair mats for thick carpet

Lorell Scratch Resistant Chair MatHave you heard of tempered glass before?

The cellphone’s screen protector covers are made up of such glass which, though, gives a glassy appearance but is MUCH MORE solid and tough than normal glass.

Lorell has used the same tempered glass material to manufacture this chair mat for thick carpets, which makes it stronger and more durable than the other amazing chair mats for thick carpets on the list.

Properties of Lorell scratch-resistant chair mats for thick carpet:

Size & Availability – Available in three sizes, ranging from 30 inches to about 60 inches’ fulfilling the needs of all. So if you have a single-person desk at home, go for the 30 inched one, while for office use, the other two options will work fine.

Stickiness – The glass type used here is a bit sticky, so without any spikes, the mat will stick easily to carpet and wooden floors. Don’t worry; the stickiness won’t get glued to your carpet, and it is easy to place and remove.

Maintenance – One of the downsides I found regarding this office chair mat is, the tempered glass catches stains easily. You might have to clean it often to make sure it looks neat and new for a long.

Durability – The durability is commendable. However, the mat is prone to break under loads heavier than 1000 lbs.

  • Beautiful transparent design
  • Premium quality, non-toxic, & odorless material
  • High strength up to 1000 lbs.
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Catches stains quickly

4. Marvelux office chair mats for thick carpet

Marvelux Office Chair Mat for High Pile CarpetYou will be aware of the fact, without a good quality chair mat’ the carpets get severely damaged by the caster wheels of the chairs, particularly the metallic ones. For this purpose, Marvelux Chair mat has specially designed a chair mat for medium to high-pile carpets.

Before getting into the details, let me tell you that this is my favorite chair mat for dense carpets. There are several reasons for this some are mentioned as follows.

Properties of Marvelux office chair mats for thick carpet:

Additionally, the surface of the mat won’t dip, or its edges won’t get curled with time, which is a clear signal of its durability and strength.

Good material – This chair mat is made of 100% pure polycarbonate, which is dense enough to sustain a load of a heavy person and a chair. Moreover, the smooth surface of the mat lets you freely move the chair around the desk without any trouble.

Strong grip – This chair mat has also got a studded bottom surface. When placed on a thick pile of the carpet, it ensures a strong grip and does not let the mat be moved away from the carpet top or the hard flooring.

Maintenance – Also, easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t require regular cleaning. To clean the mat, wet it with lukewarm soapy water without the use of any harsh detergents, and it will be all done!

Size – Available in 5 different sizes, starting from 30 inches to 60 inches, making it suitable for all sizes and shapes of workstations.

Without a doubt, it is a good mat for hardwood floors and thickly carpeted floors.

  • Heavy duty durable chair mat
  • Chair wheels move freely
  • Effective performance
  • Odorless and toxic-free material
  • A bit expensive

5. AmazonBasics slip-resistant carpet chair mats

AmazonBasics Slip Resistant Carpet Chair MatLip chair mats are usually more beneficial in cases where the desks are open from the front, and the rolling chair may move in. Such a lip extension is provided to protect the surface flooring beneath the desk from getting damaged.

Properties of AmazonBasics slip-resistant carpet chair mats:

Size & Availability – AmazonBasics has been manufactured to serve a similar purpose. It is 47 inches long and 35 inches in width. These dimensions include the lip sizing too, so in reality, the rectangular part may be a little smaller than mentioned.

Used materials – The material used is polycarbonate, which is solid, tough, and hard to bear heavy loads. As far as adaptability is concerned, the mat works perfectly for low and medium-pile carpets, but it doesn’t mean it is bad for high-pile carpets, its performance on such carpets is also good.

Solid-grip: Grippers are also attached at the back of the mat to let it develop a firm grip on the surface. You can use it on both hard and carpet floors.

One greater feature of this amazing computer chair mat is, the user can easily move the chair around the working desk while sitting on it. Additionally, it is a good chair mat for a heavy person because it won’t curl, sink, or cup due to heavy loads.

  • Provides an ultimate protection
  • No indentations due to heavy load
  • Works fine with metallic and plastic chair wheels
  • Provides good value for money
  • The sizing could have been better

6. Matladin chair mats for thick carpet

Matladin Thick Chair Mat for Plush CarpetMatladin chair mat protects your beautiful plush carpet from wear and tear and lets you easily maneuver around your desk.

It has got sloppy corners to prevent trips and lets you roll your chair wheels easily on the smooth surface of the mat. Straight edges are not much convenient in such a condition.

Properties of Matladin chair mats for thick carpet:

Variants – The mat has two different variants; one is with a lip, and the other is without a lip. You can choose the one that suits your workstation requirements.

Stickiness – The mat works well when placed on hard flooring and high-piled rugs. It has well-engineered designed downward edges enabling it to maintain a good connection with the flooring it is placed upon.

Durability – The mat is durable and will not break up easily unless exposed to heavy metallic chair casters. So it’s better to use it below the plastic wheeled chair.

Thickness – The design is transparent, and the thickness is limited to 1.4mm only’, which is good enough to be used on a thickly carpeted floor.

Yes, the mat is shipped flat, so don’t expect any curls or scratches that happen when you receive the product during shipping.

  • Provide tough covering to carpeted floors
  • Smooth back-and-forth movement
  • Can also be used on wooden floors
  • Available at affordable price
  • Edges don’t stay flat

7. DoubleCheck chair mats for heavy person

DoubleCheck Chair Mat for Heavy PersonThis chair mat from ‘Double Check Products’ is an updated version of their earlier manufactured product. They claim to have done a lot of testing and extensive research before introducing this into the market, and surprisingly it is rated as the most used chair mat last year!

Properties of DoubleCheck chair mats for heavy people:

Materials – The mat is transparent and allows a see-through of the surface on which it is placed. Polycarbonate granules are used to manufacture it, but this time more enhanced in their compression properties than before.

Maintenance – It is easy to clean, and you do not need to purchase any special cleaning spray. A mixture of soap and lukewarm will do the job easily and perfectly!

Efficiency – The mat has also got a studded underside, for a stronger grip on low and medium-pile carpet floors. It may not work much efficiently on highly dense rugs.

Durability – Durability, safety, and quality go parallel when it is to this heavy-duty chair mat for carpets. To promote a healthy indoor environment, the material has been kept free from all toxic chemicals, and the company also offers a warranty of more than 1 year.

And yeah, the mat has an extended lip portion too!

  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Superior grip backing
  • Transparent & crystal clear design
  • Comes with a lip extension
  • Excess movement results in scratches on the mat

8. Floortex extra large chair mat for thick carpet

Floortex Extra Large Chair Mat for CarpetFloortex chair mat has been particularly designed for high pile carpets. So if your carpet is thick, you can confidently pick this one. It covers a large area of the carpet and lets you retain the good conditioning of your beautiful rug.

The protection of an expensive carpet is very important, and this office chair mat does the job very well. The ideal thickness makes it suitable for all types of carpets from low to medium, to high.

Properties of Floortex extra large chair mat for thick carpet:

Durability – The company has used polycarbonate to manufacture this product. This material itself is incredibly solid so you can expect high durability and superb performance from this mat.

Size & Availability – Four size ranges are offered by Floortex here, starting from 48 inches leading to 60 inches. This work chair mat comes in an extra-large size, you can roll your chair way into the desk too without damaging the rug.

Relaxing – Tough built also ensures that the mat doesn’t tear or curl due to regular usage. Chair wheels also don’t sink in the mat, which lets you have free glide around your workspace.

Chemical-free – The mat is completely free from harmful chemicals that tend to produce volatile emissions into the air after a period of usage.

  • Prevent tearing of carpeted floor
  • Chair wheels do not sink into the mat
  • Smooth surfaces provide easy movement
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Packaging needs to be improved
  • Very expensive

9. Starcounters office chair mat for thick carpet floors

Starcounters Office Chair Mat for Carpeted FloorsAre you looking for a durable office chair mat? This mat is going to be your only pick!

A beautifully designed chair mat by StarCounters that can last for years.

Properties of star counters office chair mat for thick carpet floors:

Sustainability – It is manufactured to sustain heavy loads and will not produce cracks or dents unless it surpasses its expected life duration.

Materials – The material thickness is almost 3.2mm, and its flat smooth surface prevents chair wheels from sinking inside the mat. Since the material used here is polycarbonate and not PVC, we do not completely agree with this statement they have made.

Note – This is because polycarbonate is slightly softer than PVC, and if a higher thickness is devoted to a chair mat, it may cause the casters of the chair to sink inside the mat. This is not a big deal but may be uncomfortable for some users during work.

Good-grips: Studs have been provided at the base for a good grip on the floor they are placed on. However, not recommended to be used on hard floors, and may break under such conditions. A lip extension is also incorporated in the overall design of this amazing chair mat for thick carpets.

  • Premium quality material protects expensive carpet
  • Offers excellent grip
  • No terrible odor
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • A bit heavy and bulky

10. Marvelux transparent office chair mats for thick carpet

Marvelux Transparent Office Chair MatTo protect your carpet from damage, and let your chair move freely around the working desk; this is yet another good chair mat for carpet by Marvelous.

Properties of marvelux transparent office chair mats for thick carpet:

Size & Availability –  You have a choice to choose from four different sizes depending upon your workspace requirements. You can also decide to go for a studded base chair mat or a smooth base chair mat, depending on the surface on which you are going to place it.

For your information, smooth base chair mats work well on hardwood floors, and studded ones are good for carpets.

Maintenance – The mat is transparent, so the elegance of your carpet will be visible when you place this chair mat upon it. If used with proper care, the mat will not lose its bendability, impact, and crack resistance until its designed life period.

Sound-free technology – While manufacturing the mat, the company managed to produce a sound-absorbent chair mat for office use.

Materials – It is composed of 25% recycled polycarbonate and up to 30% renewable energy, which makes it durable, eco-friendly, strong, and tough to bear the weight of heavy chairs and people. Perfect performance is guaranteed when it is medium to high-depth carpet floorings.

  • Protect carpet from tearing
  • Highly durable chair mat
  • Can sustain heavy load
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Indents a bit from chair wheels

Final Words

If you work in an environment where beautiful carpets and rugs are placed underneath the chair, you need these amazing chair mats for thick carpets to protect the plush. Chair wheels are hard and their movement can tear the surface of the carpet. The chair mat shared on this page will meet your expectations and will provide decent protection for your expensive carpet. You can use these mats at home as well as in the office. I hope you are going to like the list of mats for high-pile carpets. Don’t forget to like and share this post.

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