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Durable, absorptive, and efficient functioning dish drying mats have now replaced the old dish towels used for drying out the cutlery. So, you no longer need to place wet dishes on the countertop and make it all wet with water, when you can place them safely upon a soft and spacious drying mat!

In this article, I have researched and added a list of some amazing dish-drying mats that are elegantly designed and add colors to your kitchen interior! Check these out below!

10 Microfiber and Silicone Dish Drying Mats

Prepare your mind and note down a few requirements that you desire to have in your dish drying mat. This would greatly help you in selecting the perfect dish-drying mat for yourself. I have also included my recommendation, which is the ZLR Silicone Dish, so without any further ado, let us check out the most-rated dish-drying mats that work!

1. ZLR Silicone Mat
  • Toxic-free & Eco-friendly material
  • Heat resistant to 450°F
  • Easy to clean
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2. LUCKISS Dish Mat
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Super water absorbent
  • Machine washable
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  • Beautiful & stylish design
  • 4 times of water absorption
  • Protect tableware from scratches
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4. Bellemain Large Mat
  • Extra-large & thick in size
  • Absorbs water quickly
  • Protect counter from scuffs
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5. AmazonBasics Drying Mat
  • Drying mat with rack
  • Polyester prevent mold or mildew
  • Non-slip base
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6. All-Clad Dual Surface Mat
  • Reversible fast drying mat
  • Extra thick foam protect dishes
  • Easy to adjust on countertop
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7. OXO Non-Slip Mat
  • Best for large dishes
  • Ribbed design offers quick drainage
  • Slip-resistance protect delicate items
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8. Subekyu Microfiber Mat
  • Very stylish design
  • Superior water absorbency
  • Countless venting holes
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9. Sinland Dish Drying Mat
  • Suitable for heavy dishes
  • Extra thick foam protect glassware
  • Folds and stores easily
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10. Umbra Udry Mat
  • Super-absorbent microfiber mat
  • Removable dish rack tray
  • Lightweight, low-profile design
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1. ZLR Silicone Dishwasher Safe Dish Drying Mat

ZLR Silicone Dishwasher Safe Dish Drying MatPresenting you here, my most recommendation if you are looking for a versatile working dish-drying mat.

I believe that silicon mats work way better than microfiber ones. This is because they are super durable and can manage to resist high temperatures in a better way.

The material used in manufacturing this product is not only the most exceptional quality but also wholly BPA Free, making it inevitable that you and your family use safe and clean dishes for food purposes.

Properties – 

  • It can bear temperatures up to 450 degrees, so you can also use it as a heatproof mat for grills and hot pans.
  • Do not worry if you accidentally spill food upon it because it does not retain stains for long and can only be cleaned using a rubber sponge.
  • This mat comes up in an excellent comfortable sizing range of 16×12 inches, adequate to fit upon an average-sized countertop.
  • The interesting thing I found out about this dish drying mat is its convenience of usage. It is easily foldable and storable, and this fact makes it useful in portability as well.
  • Also, preferable to be used as a fridge liner and a pet food mat.

2. LUCKISS Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Counter

LUCKISS Dish Drainer Mat for Kitchen CounterAre you a fan of polyester dish-drying mats? If it’s such, this product is what you should opt for. Composed of a high-grade polyester material, which would not deteriorate even if you wish to give it a machine wash after a few months of usage.

Though its gentle and soft-looking appearance is going to make you doubt this, this is the most durable dishwashing mat I could encounter.

Available in 2 sizing options, for you to go for the one that matches your countertop.

Properties of LUCKISS Dish Drying Mat – 

  • 16×18 inches is the most bought one since it suits most of the customer’s kitchen counter dimensions.
  • Also, to make sure your utensils get dry in seconds, a 100% absorption feature is ensured.
  • You might think the mat would always be wet if it absorbs water too quickly, but the manufacturers of this product have taken care of this issue.
  • A unique mesh design has been incorporated for faster water evaporation so that the mat gets dry quickly and prepares itself for the next set of dishes! Impressive, no?
  • To promote secure storage, the mat is flexible enough to get folded and stored in the kitchen drawers when not in use.
  • Remember not to use this polyester mat as a fridge liner. It would not be able to host you well for this particular purpose.
  • Rest assured, a good quality, durable and convenient dish drying mat to go for! And yeah, you are going to get two mats in a single package, so what else to look for?

3. SUBEKYU Water Absorption Mat for Dishes

SUBEKYU Water Absorption Mat for DishesIf dishes and utensils in your kitchen scratch and destroy the elegant upper surface of your kitchen counter, you lack a good quality dish drying mat. This mat is yet another beautifully designed product, enriched with ever-lasting features.

Let me tell you beforehand that it is composed using a microfiber towel-like material, so it might be a pain to clean it else wise good when it’s to absorption capabilities.

  • Along with a good large size of 19.2 by 15.8 inches, It has a subtle cross pattern, which adds more to your kitchen interior.
  • It may last for a year-long, on the condition that you clean it frequently and do not let it stay with the stains and dirt for long.
  • You can machine wash the product, but be sure of not to dry it in an automatic dryer.
  • You can also utilize this mat when you feed a baby or a toddler, to avoid letting them create a mess on the dining table.
  • I would suggest you not place extremely hot pans upon it, since that might significantly affect the mat’s patterned appearance.
  • However, grilling utensils can be served using this mat as a heat-proofing cloth.
  • Check this budget-friendly excellent quality dish drying mat out; you are going to love it!

4. Bellemain Extra Large Dish Drying Mat

Bellemain Extra Large Dish Drying MatMost of the dish drying mats do not come in a sizing option, which could cater to all your utensils and big pots.

If you are fed up with arranging and keeping multiple mats in one place for drying all your dishes, this extra-large mat sized at 24 x 18 inches could solve your problem.

It is composed using delicate and soft microfiber material, so your antique glassware remains safe and secured when placed upon it for drying.

Properties of Bellemain Extra Large Dish Drying Mat – 

  • The mat is appropriately thick and would protect your kitchen counter from getting any scratches that steel utensils usually cast upon tile or marble material.
  • It is super easy to clean too, and you can even drop it into the sink along with the dishes or let it get soaked in water for a while.
  • Remember to not bleach the mat while machine washing. Doing such would turn the soft microfiber material rough and harsh.
  • The extra-large size of this dish drying mat brings along the storage issue as well, mainly when there is no place to hang them in the kitchen.
  • The manufacturers have taken good care of this factor and have made the core extremely flexible so that it can easily be folded and stored in a drawer.
  • Super water-absorbent, and adequately long-lasting with a buy-back guarantee.

5. AmazonBasics Dish Drying Mat with Rack

AmazonBasics Dish Drying Mat with RackThe most annoying situation that arises after you have finished washing your dishes is how to arrange them all properly upon a dish drying mat.  Keeping this issue in due concern, I have picked up another amazing dish mat that comes up with a drying rack.

Time-saving and space spacing’ to let you arrange all your utensils quickly and save a lot more space for the other ones! Sounds impressive, no? I was so impressed with the finest quality polyester used in composing this medium-sized dishwashing mat.

Properties of AmazonBasics Dish Drying Mat –

  • The uppermost has been cushioned so that your glassware does not get exposed to any risks of breakage.
  • The bottom surface meshes to ensure an utterly nonslip environment even when the mat is wet.
  • The core is designed flexibly to easily fold it and store it in a drawer when not in use. Cleaning is not an issue, too; use either warm water or a delicate detergent or machine wash it directly with other laundry towels.
  • DO NOT dry using an automatic dryer. Better than hanging outside in the air, or in the kitchen to make sure soapy water gets properly evaporated from the mat.

6. All-Clad Dual Surface Dish Drying Mat

All-Clad Dual Surface Dish Drying MatTired of wet kitchen countertops dripping water all the time? This polyester dish drying mat has been designed to absorb all the excess water from your dishes and keep your countertop dry and free from scratches.

The overall construction is very standard. Let’s peek into further details of this masterpiece by All-Clad Textiles.

  • The interesting thing I found out about this dish drying mat is its flexibility to attain any shape according to your kitchen’s countertop.
  • You can reduce the 28-inch x 16-inch large rectangular-shaped size to smaller ones by making some folds.
  • Also, there are six exclusive color options available, so if you are fed up with dull grays and whites, choose to go for some fresh red!
  • Apart from being durable for at least a year, the mat also promotes easy maintenance.
  • All you have to do to clean is to machine wash it, preferably using cold water.
  • I do not suggest using bleach to remove the harsh stains, and you can choose to do that using a rubber brush.
  • I liked the addition of microfiber at the mat’s back surface, which makes sure glassware does not get exposed to any risk of breakage.

7. OXO Non-Slip Dish Drying Mat

OXO Non-Slip Dish Drying MatIf factor of durability is your priority while looking for a good dish drying mat, there is no need to look go for any other, except the one made up of silicone material.

Silicone mats save you pennies in the long term and require minimum maintenance too. Another appreciable feature of this mat is its ability to retain stains amazingly!

  • This mat has a nice size of 17 x 12.5 inches, which suits all average-sized countertops. The flexibility of the mat’s material is quite impressive.
  • Another point gets allotted to the product because of its brilliance in testing the material before usage.
  • I think this is very necessary since the mat has to be used for food storing utensils; therefore, it must be 100% BPA-free.
  • A new ribbed design has been introduced, which maximizes drainage and promotes aeration to let your dishes dry as soon as possible.
  • The soft, nonslip surface is also going to ensure there is no risk of damage to antique glassware and other delicate items.
  • This amazing dish drying mat can cater to almost every type of small and large utensils, and even frying pans as wide as 12 inches.
  • Go for this product if you really want to get your hands on a good quality silicone dish-drying mat.

8. Subekyu Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Drying Mat

Subekyu Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Drying MatFinding a dish drying mat with an excellent absorbency ratio is really big because not all types of mats can quickly fulfill this criterion.

This dish drying mat is composed of soft towel-like microfiber material, quick in soaking water inside it, and super-efficient in doing this job.

The back of the mat is made in the form of a mesh with numerous venting holes not to let the water stay inside the mat for longer.

Properties of Subekyu Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Drying Mat – 

  • As soon as the mat gets wet, all the water droplets evaporate quickly and ensure faster drying. The dish mat can also be folded easily and stored in any of the kitchen drawers.
  • This piece comes up in an elegant print, that’s why it’s also sometimes kept on the dining table for keeping frozen drinks and desserts upon it.
  • The mat can be machine washed when you need to clean it, but remember to not use an automatic dryer for drying it up.
  • You can either air dry or sun dry or hang it anywhere on the kitchen wall, and its venting holes will do the task for you!
  • I suggest you check it out; you can also avail the choice of purchasing two in one single package!

9. Sinland Microfiber Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen

Sinland Microfiber Dish Drying Mat for KitchenHere arrives another perfect solution to help you dry your utensils quickly after hand washing them! Sinland’s amazing dish drying mat comes up in 2 sizing options to let you go for the one that fits your kitchen countertop.

The interesting part is that you are going to get a pack of two in this package, hence letting you dry more dishes and cutlery, all at once!

Properties of Sinland Microfiber Dish Drying Mat – 

  • The unique design contains a thin layer of foaming, between two microfiber sheets, tightened together for maximum durability.
  • I really appreciate the idea of the addition of cushioning material so that glassware can also be safely kept on the mat without any risks of damage.
  • Also, the microfiber layers are extremely absorbent; hence would help you dry your dishes at a much faster rate than ever before.
  • It is available in various colors, hosting all greens and blues to add up some color to your kitchen interior.
  • You can also choose two different colored mats in one package while purchasing the product.
  • The microfiber material might catch stains, so you have been granted permission to clean them by only using non-chlorine bleach whenever needed.
  • A mat that is going to exceed your expectations and simplify your work in the kitchen!

10. Umbra Udry Dish Drying Mat with Removable Rack

Umbra Udry Dish Drying Mat with Removable RackTurning the drying dishes more straightforward for you, Umbra has introduced a two-on-one product where the dish rack is already attached to the drying mat, hence saving a lot of space for you and making it convenient to store.

You can now neatly stack up and organize your dishes in one place without creating a mess all over the mat.

Properties of Umbra Udry Dish Drying Mat – 

  • The mat is composed of microfiber material, which is super-fast, is water absorbency, and keeps your countertop dry and clean.
  • If you do not wish to keep the rack on the mat, you can remove it easily or shift it to another place over the mat’ to accommodate a wide assortment of dishes.
  • Do not worry about the cleaning issue; you can slide the rack off and clean them both separately or in one go.
  • The only size available here is 24 inches x 18 inches, which is quite appropriate for an average-sized countertop.
  • Compact storage, budget-friendly, and highly durable dish-washing mat, with an innovative design that would add up more to your kitchen decor!

FAQs for Dish Drying Mats

Q1: Can you wash dish drying mats?

A: It is highly recommended to wash a dish drying mat after using it for a few days. Be careful while washing the mat in the washing machine because not every mat is machine washable. Read the user instructions before cleaning a mat. Once you are done with washing let the mat dry in the open air.

Q2: How often do you wash the dish drying mat?

A: There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wash dish drying rack mats after this number of days, but it is advised to at least wash once in a month. This will make the mat look tidy and prevent it from catching mold or mildew.

Q3: How do you clean a microfiber Dish Drying Mat?

A: Microfiber dish drying mats are super easy to clean. Follow the steps stated below:

  • Put the mat in the washing machine
  • Add tap water with a gentle laundry detergent to the machine
  • Start washing the mat on cold settings

Don’t overload the washing machine, it is better to clean the drying mats alone.

Q4: How do you get mold out of a dish drying mat?

A: First, it is highly recommended to clean the mat once every 15 days to prevent it from catching mold or mildew. If your dish drying mat has caught mold then follow these steps:

  • Pour lukewarm water into the washing machine
  • Throw the mat into the machine and add some gentle cleaning detergent with a white vinegar
  • Set the machine to a gentle cycle and start washing the mat

This method will kill all germs, and bacteria, and remove mold from the mat. Place the mat in the open air to let it dry properly.

Q5: How do you clean a silicone drying mat?

A: Create a mixture of warm water and lemon juice in a bucket and soak the mat in it. Leave the mat for at least 8-10 minutes. Later, wear kitchen gloves and start scrubbing the mat gently with a sponge. Your dish drying mat will look like new.


Among all the dish-drying mats available in the market, my personal favorite is silicon dish-drying mats. They not only last for a long while but are very efficient in their functionality as compared to microfiber and polyester mats. However, if you are a little low on the budget, microfiber mats would work great too! All you have to ensure is to take proper care of them and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

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