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Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors – Are you tired of slipping and sliding around your kitchen like a penguin on ice? Do you find yourself constantly wiping up spills and stains on your beautiful hardwood floors? Fear not, my friends, for the solution to your kitchen woes is here: kitchen mats! Not only do they provide a non-slip surface for your feet, but they also protect your floors from scratches and spills. Plus, with so many fun and quirky designs available, you can add a touch of personality to your kitchen. So, say goodbye to slippery floors and hello to stylish and practical kitchen mats!

10 Mindblowing Kitchen mats for hardwood floors

Below you would find descriptions and product specifications of such kitchen mats that stand pefect to what we defined above. So without any further ado, let me take you on the journey of exploring and finding the most suitable kitchen mat for your hardwood floor.

Let’s go!

Simple Being Mat
  • Excellent anti fatigue support
  • Beautiful reversible patterns
  • Extremely easy to clean
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Oasis Ktichen Mat
  • Premium quality material
  • Extremely thick & comfortable
  • NO toxic gas smell
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Sky Mats
  • Relieves knee & back pain
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Non slip bottom
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Butterfly Long Kitchen Mat
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • Non-curl edge design
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iDesign Formbu Mat
  • Water & slip resistant
  • Multipurpose mat
  • Highly affordable
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Kangaroo Original
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Non-toxic & phthalate free material
  • 10 year guarantee
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iCustomRug Ergonomic Mat
  • Water & stains resistant
  • Prevent legs and back pain
  • Super easy to clean
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Homcomoda 2Piece Mat
  • Extra thick anti-fatigue mat
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Non slip & waterproof bottom
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Pauwer Comfort Mats
  • Relieves back, knee, feet pain
  • Will not break down or compress
  • oil & stains resistant material
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GelPro Classic Mat
  • Non-slip bottom surface
  • Reduce discomfort to minimum
  • Trusted by Rachael Ray & HGTV
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1. Simple Being Standing Mats for the Kitchen

Simple Being Standing Mats for Kitchen

It is a PVC-composed anti-fatigue mat for the kitchen. As you already be knowing, PVC has lots of benefits when it comes to durability and water resistance, but on the other side, it is said to be non-environmentally friendly too.

However, this mat by Simple Being has been marked as the safe and high-rated mat for the kitchen floor because the type of plastic used to compose it is 99% Eco friendly.

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Properties of standing kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Material – The high-density PVC material is capable of sustaining heavy loads. It is not only suitable for home kitchen use but can also be used in restaurant kitchens where there is high traffic of chefs and hence more exposure to loads.
  • Relaxing – Whether you are chopping veggies or preparing food, the thick cushioning of this mat is engineered to give relief to your foot and knees during the high duration of standings.
  • Stability – On the other hand, its anti-slip backing makes it suitable to use on wood, ceramic, laminate, and concrete kitchen floors and ensures your safety and stability.
  • Size – The size of the mat is 32 inches x 18 inches, and it is available in 9 different beautiful colors. You can easily pick the one that compliments your kitchen decor.
  • Maintenance – It is easy to clean and maintain too. I will suggest you not choose lighter colors for kitchen use because it might get dirty quickly and if the mat catches stains, you would have to wash it off more frequently. This act can affect the durability of the product.

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  • Compact and sleek design
  • Most suitable for commercial use
  • Water and slip-resistant bottom


  • Plastic may wear off with the passage of time, if roughly used

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2. Oasis anti-fatigue mat for kitchen floor

Oasis Anti Fatigue Mat for Kitchen Floor

It is powered up with a lot of amazing features that stand perfectly for your kitchen as well as for you!

Did not get what I mean to say? Let me explain.

Oasis Kitchen Mat is a decorative interior mat that can work as an anti-fatigue mat too. It has got a nice compact size, suiting the size of your kitchen stove. You can place it at the working place inside the kitchen and work all day long restlessly.

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Properties of oasis anti-fatigue kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Materials – The material used to compose this anti-fatigue mat for concrete floors and the wooden floor is natural rubber along with the addition of some textiles to give a nice boundary to the mat and compose the beveled edges.
  • Anti-slip – Mats with beveled edges are ultimately necessary when it’s to the kitchen because such mats can let trolleys pass over them easily without even slightly affecting the texture of the mat.
  • Comfortable – Natural rubber, as you already be knowing, is water-resistant and most suitable when it is to comfort. Step on it with your slippers on or off, and it will help you in relieving stress on your lower back and legs.
  • Durability – The durability of the mat is well-rated, however, this factor depends upon the way you take care of the mat, and the steps you use for its maintenance. It is available in 5 deep-toned colors, to suit all types of kitchen flooring, whether wooden or marble.

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  • Thick and durable
  • Made of premium quality non-toxic material
  • Trendy new design and colors


  • Colors are a bit different from the one showed in pictures

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3. Sky kitchen mat for hardwood floor

Sky Mats - Best Kitchen Mat for Wooden Floor

Sky Mats has always done justice to its products by producing quality guaranteed, and durability-assured mats. The company has done a marvelous job and hard work done upon the material composition rather than just focusing on the design and decor.

That is why most of Sky Mat’s products come up plain and simple and depict the influence of their good quality.

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Properties of sky kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Colors – With 6 plain colors having a mix of light and dark tones effectively complements any kitchen floor very well. On customer demand Sky Mats has now introduced three patterned designs too, to work in combination with white-marbled kitchens.
  • Water-resistant – The mat has got the good capability to resist water passing through the underside and absorb sweat moisture too. It can give you high-level comfort while you prepare your meals in the kitchen for hours.
  • Relief – The upper layer of the mat is made of rubber, inside which the company has provided a decent amount of cushioning to ensure that the user gets the maximum relief. Additionally, its beveled edges do an excellent job in the prevention of tripping.

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  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Liquids don’t soak in
  • Plenty of designs available


  • Natural rubber material attracts dust particles

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4. Butterfly long anti-fatigue mat for kitchen

Butterfly Long Anti Fatigue Mat for  Kitchen

The most appropriate thing I found out regarding this kitchen mat is the variety of mats it is offering to its customers. You can choose from among 3 different sizes and 12 different designs, according to what suits the type and size of your hardwood kitchen flooring.

You will be impressed with the size variation they have provided, and it makes the user feels as if the mat is made perfectly for him/her. All of the designs have enriched elegance, with quatrefoil patterns on the top side. That is something so different from the rest!

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Properties of butterfly long anti-fatigue kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Material – The material used in composing it will not break down or compress over time. It may give off a non-toxic odor, while unpacked and used for the first few times, but it will vanish away with usage. Do not worry about the gas factor; this is usually common with TPE materials.
  • Anti-slip – The butterfly kitchen mat’s non-slip base and beveled edges keep the mat stay firmly in its place and save the user from injuries that can be caused due to slipping and tripping.
  • Durability – A versatile product, to let you enjoy its quality and comfort coupled with good durability.
  • Relaxing – It is ergonomically engineered to provide comfort and relief to you while you stand upon it and work in the kitchen. The mat has got a 3/4 inch thickness, with excellent quality cushioning.

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  • Beveled edges prevent tripping
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Extremely easy to clean


  • No con for this one

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5. iDesign formbu bamboo non-skid mat for kitchen

iDesign Formbu  Bamboo Non-Skid   Floor Mat

It is a multi-purpose mat, which is designed keeping in mind the suitability of a kitchen floor. Its size is perfect for medium to large-sized kitchens.

The upper layer of the mat is composed of natural bamboo, hence giving it a traditional look and making it perfectly moisture absorbent.

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Properties of iDesign formbu bamboo kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Easy to maintain – It is easy to clean and maintain. Make sure not to rub it harshly using chemical detergents and neither give it a hard machine wash. All you have to do is to take up a wet cloth soaked in soapy water or use a brush with soft bristles for more deep cleaning.
  • Durable – The entire mat has got a sleek, nice fabric boundary, complementing its look and adding up to its durability.
  • Material – The bottom surface of the mat is made using good quality TPE material, making sure not to let any water pass through the underside and make the mat wet. Also, TPE material has got enough frictional ridges to hold the mat in one place without giving any possibility of skidding and causing injury.

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If your hardwood floor is composed of bamboo-colored wooden tiles, this mocha mat is definitely going to add up a good combination to the overall look of your kitchen.


  • Perfectly accents home décor
  • Water resistant coating
  • Highly affordable


  • Not good in reducing fatigue and stress

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6. Kangaroo original waterproof mat for wooden floor

Kangaroo Original Waterproof Mat for Wooden Floor

It is a great initiative taken by the mat manufacturing brand because size is one of the major constraints that come up while selecting the perfect mat for kitchen floors. Apart from the size variation, a wide choice has also been provided regarding the colors and designs.

I will not say this is the number one anti-fatigue mat for the kitchen hardwood floors on this list, but the designs are just so attractive, you will not be able to get your eyes off them. Sufficient hard work has also been done to provide a better working experience in the kitchen, by embedding necessary cushioning in the mat.

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Properties of Kangaroo original waterproof kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Light-weighted – Beveled edges to prevent tripping, 100% claimed waterproofness, and 10 years guarantee is what comes up with this product. Kangaroo anti-fatigue mat is lightweight, too, so you can easily carry it from your kitchen to the laundry place if you need it over there for a while.
  • Durability – What customers have really appreciated about this mat is the high-level durability, which is further enhanced by netting the underside of the mat.
  • Size & Availability – The next mat on our list offers a great variety to the customers. This mat by Kangaroo is available in different sizes, starting from 20 inches size and ending up to a limit of 70 inches.

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I will recommend this mat for kitchen floors, particularly for people who are more concerned about fatigue and stress, because it works perfectly as an anti-fatigue mat!


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Variety in size and design
  • Appropriate as an anti-fatigue mat


  • May start creeping after certain period of time

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7. iCustomRug ergonomic rug for kitchen floor

iCustomRug Ergonomic Rug for Kitchen Floor

Done enough with rubber and plastic mats, right? Now comes up a fabric-composed mat for kitchen floors. To make it an anti-fatigue mat, a foam material has also been used inside.

When you stand on it, you will feel like you are resting your feet on your bed. The only difference is that this foaming does not absorb the feet and won’t make the surface unstable for you to stand, just as normal foam does.

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Properties of iCustomRug ergonomic rug kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

All of the colors are deep-toned to suit the flooring of your kitchen and complement it in the most suitable way.

  • Size – This rug for the kitchen also has beveled edges that would not let the mat wear off when you pass the utensils trolley over it. It is available in a compact size of 20 inches x 32 inches, with 6 amazing designs for you to choose from.
  • Good fabric – Since it’s a fabric, a damp cloth and mild soap or a good quality detergent would do the work of cleaning the mat. However, fabric catches stains quickly, so be sure to clean it quickly in case you spill out harsh liquids. Netting has been done to make the material completely water-resistant, so do not worry if you accidentally spill water over it.
  • The choice for concrete floors too – You are going to love this dual-purpose mat because it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and at the workplace. This is not only an ideal mat for hardwood floors but is also one of the perfect anti-fatigue mats for concrete flooring!

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BONUS POINT: It is pocket friendly too!


  • Made of premium quality fabric
  • Compact size, can be handled easily
  • 3/4 thickness to provide enough comfort


  • Catch stains quickly

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8. Homcomoda 2Piece mat for hardwood floors

Homcomoda 2Piece - Best Kitchen Mat

The manufacturers have made a very delightful offer for this kitchen mat. You are going to get two products in one deal! Does not that sound exciting? The size selection also has been made with great wisdom to complement the size of your kitchen effectively.

Basically, the two pieces have been designed for two purposes. The small one is to be kept near the stove, while the longer one has the purpose of serving beside the chopping area.

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Properties of Homcomoda 2Piece kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • High-quality material – The mat is composed of high-density PVC material, which is safe and stable. It has got nicely designed beveled edges, with friction enabling the bottom to let the mat stick on the ground and prevent slipping and tripping.
  • Maintenance – Cleaning this kitchen mat is extremely easy. A wipe using a wet cloth will remove all the dirt and debris from the mat. Be sure not to use any harsh or sharp material over the surface because that may destroy the print of the mat. It surely provides good value for the money!
  • Thickness – The thickness of both mats is 0.4 inches approximately. That makes up about 10mm, exceeding the ideal thickness of 6mm which is highly rated for the mats.

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  • 2 in 1 product deal
  • High density PVC foam
  • Highly durable & eco-friendly


  • Limited design and color option

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9. Pauwer mats for kitchen floor standing desk

Pauwer Mats for Kitchen Floor Standing Desk

Here we have got a super budget-friendly mat for kitchen floors. The aesthetic look of this mat not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen but also provides you a comfortable flooring to stand upon and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Being 60 inches long, the mat has got a good size to let two people stand and work over it at one time. Do not worry; the solid construction and use of high-density foam are able to sustain heavy loads without affecting the composition.

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Properties of pauwer kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Thickness – Its 1.2 cm thickness and great cushioning play a vital role in reducing pressure and providing great relief to people suffering from bad knees or joints and let them calmly prepare meals.
  • Non-slippery – The non-slip bottom is backed up using netting, for easy placement and non-skid properties. The mat is completely waterproof and absorbs light moisture to some extent too.
  • Maintenance – The most suitable thing about this mat is that it is engineered and composed in such a way that it resists oil stains too! So if you accidentally spill oil over it, do not worry; the mat would not get slippery. Just make sure to remove it using a dry cloth.
  • Budget-friendly – I will recommend this product to all those who are low on pennies but hold good demands regarding the mat they want for their kitchen.

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  • Suits all types of kitchen flooring
  • Most suitable for comfort and relieving stress
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for small kitchens

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10. GelPro classic thick anti-fatigue kitchen mat

GelPro Classic Thick Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Here is a product with innovative gel comfort technology! Yeah, you heard it right. This mat has been marked as one of the terrific anti-fatigue mats for kitchen floors because of its gel-foaming material that eliminates the discomfort caused due to standing.

Some people claim that gel is not long-lasting, and its properties change with the passage of time. I will comment on this statement, by saying that; nothing really lasts forever! It all depends upon the way you take care of the product and maintain it.

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Properties of GelPro classic thick kitchen mats for hardwood floors:

  • Easy to maintain – The mat is easy to clean too because it has got water and oil-resistant surface. Do not need to machine wash it and also avoid cleaning it using harsh chemicals. Use a mild soap with a wet cloth and it would all be done.
  • Valuable – Many chefs around the world have used and verified this product and recommended it as one of the perfect mats for kitchen use. It is very expensive compared to other mats on the list but provides good value for money.
  • Anti-skid – The mat also has got a non-skid base, making sure that the mat gets stuck with the kitchen flooring and keeps you safe from all kinds of slipping and tripping hazards.

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  • Innovative gel technology- perfect cushioning
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Non slip bottom surface


  • Need to take good care of the mat
  • Very expensive

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How to choose the kitchen mat for the hardwood floor?

Here are a few things that every person should consider who is looking to buy the perfect mats for the kitchen.

  1. Design & Material – There is a huge variety of designs and materials used for manufacturing mats for hardwood floors. Some of the commonly used materials are PVC, TPE, and natural rubber. People who are looking to prevent slipping should go for rubber material and for anti-fatigue, PVC is the most suitable option. When it comes to design, you have the option to pick from contemporary, patterned, plain, and checked, select the one that compliments your kitchen decor.
  2. Types and SizesTo cater needs of all types of kitchens i.e small and large kitchens most of the companies offer different types and sizes of mats. It totally depends upon the user’s needs, and he has to decide which type of mat will fit well in his kitchen. If you have a big kitchen then you should pick a mat that is longer and wider.
  3. Easy to cleanMaintenance is a very important factor to consider while selecting your favorite floor mat. Here, we suggest you buy a mat that is very easy to clean and doesn’t require an expensive solution to get rid of dirt and stains from it. By easy to clean, we mean a mat that can be cleaned using a damp cloth or a splash of water and soap.
  4. Non-Slip Backing For the kitchen, a mat should be slip-resistant. In the kitchen, you will experience a lot of spillages and lubrication and if your mat backing is not anti-slip then this may lead to slip and fall and can cause some serious injuries. To keep yourself safe from such accidents, it is important to read the features of the kitchen mat for wood floors and look for anti-slip backing. If it is there go for it.

FAQs for kitchen mats for hardwood floors

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Closing Thoughts on Kitchen Mats for Hardwood floors

In conclusion, kitchen mats for hardwood floors are a must-have for any home cook who wants to keep their floors scratch-free and their feet comfortable. Not only do they provide a practical solution to a common problem, but they also come in a variety of fun and quirky designs that can add a touch of personality to your kitchen. From cute animal prints to witty puns, there’s a kitchen mat out there for everyone. So, if you’re tired of slipping and sliding on your hardwood floors while cooking up a storm, invest in a kitchen mat and let your feet (and your floors) thank you later.

FAQ’s about Kitchen Mats for hardwood floors

Why should I use kitchen mats on hardwood floors? 

Kitchen mats provide cushioning and protection to hardwood floors by reducing scratches, dents, and wear caused by high-traffic areas or dropped items in the kitchen. They also offer comfort while standing for long periods.

What type of kitchen mat is best for hardwood floors?

Opt for kitchen mats made of materials like rubber, memory foam, gel, or cushioned fabric with non-slip backing. Avoid mats with rough or abrasive undersides that could potentially damage hardwood surfaces.

How do I choose the right size of kitchen mat for my hardwood floor? 

Measure the space where you intend to place the mat to ensure it fits comfortably without obstructing traffic flow. Consider the primary areas where you stand the most, such as the sink or stove, and select a mat size that covers those zones.

Are there kitchen mats specifically designed for hardwood floors?

Yes, some mats are labeled as suitable for hardwood floors. Look for features like non-skid backing or anti-slip surfaces to prevent scratches or damage to the hardwood finish.

Can kitchen mats trap moisture and damage hardwood floors?

Mats with rubber or non-breathable materials may potentially trap moisture if spills are not promptly cleaned, which could harm hardwood. It’s advisable to choose mats with absorbent or moisture-wicking properties and regularly clean beneath the mats.

How do I maintain and clean kitchen mats on hardwood floors?

Vacuum or shake out loose debris regularly. For spills, use a damp cloth to wipe the mat and the floor underneath. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could harm the hardwood finish.

Will using a kitchen mat void my hardwood floor warranty?

It’s recommended to check your hardwood floor warranty guidelines regarding the use of rugs or mats. Some warranties may have specific instructions or restrictions on the use of certain types of mats.

How long do kitchen mats typically last on hardwood floors?

The durability of a kitchen mat depends on its quality, usage, and maintenance. High-quality mats can last several years if properly cared for and maintained.

Can kitchen mats prevent fatigue while standing for long periods?

Yes, kitchen mats with cushioning, such as gel or memory foam, can provide comfort and alleviate fatigue when standing for extended periods while cooking or washing dishes.

Where can I purchase kitchen mats suitable for hardwood floors?

You can find kitchen mats at home improvement stores, kitchen specialty stores, online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, or through the manufacturers’ websites. Ensure the product description specifies suitability for hardwood floors.

Are rubber-backed rugs bad for hardwood floors?

Rubber-backed rugs aren’t inherently bad for hardwood floors. However, prolonged use without proper cleaning underneath may trap moisture and potentially affect the floor’s appearance. Regularly clean both the top surface and the backside of the rubber-backed rug to prevent any adverse impact on hardwood floors.

What type of rug is perfect for hardwood floors?

Fabric rugs with cushioning, such as foam interiors, are ideal for hardwood floors. Options like wool, natural fiber, and cotton rugs offer protection without causing damage to hardwood. Though slightly more expensive, they require proper care and maintenance to preserve both the rug and the floor.

Are Gel Pro Mats safe for hardwood floors?

Gel Pro Mats are generally safe for hardwood floors when appropriately maintained. However, they may not withstand heavy loads or excessive traffic. These mats provide protection but should be used with care to avoid potential damage to hardwood surfaces.

How do I protect my hardwood floors in the kitchen?

To protect hardwood floors in the kitchen, avoid dragging sharp or heavy objects directly over the floor. Using rubber, PVC, or fabric mats can shield the hardwood finish. Regular cleaning with mild solutions or plain water is advisable to maintain the floor’s quality and appearance.

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