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Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands – Are you tired of slipping and sliding all over your yoga mat like a clumsy penguin? Do you find yourself constantly wiping your hands on your pants during downward dog? Fear not, my sweaty-handed friends, for there is a solution to your slippery woes. Introducing the yoga mat for sweaty hands! Yes, you heard that right. No longer will you have to suffer through a yoga class feeling like you’re doing the splits on an ice rink. With these specially designed mats, you can downward dog with confidence and warrior pose with ease. So, grab your mat and get ready to namaste without the slip and slide.

Do you know about the close cell construction technology?

It is one of the modern technologies that is preventing the sweatiness of hands and feet from getting penetrated into the yoga mat; most of the yoga mat manufacturers use this tech.

It not only prevents the mat from producing bad odors but also makes it antibacterial and hence more hygienic.

Today’s blog post is all about the perfect yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet. Here we are going to post the reviews of all such mats that are designed focusing on sweat-resistant technology or, in other better words, the yoga mats for all the sweaty people out there!


Before getting to the review section, we highly recommend you to read our detailed guide on how to choose the perfect yoga mat for yourself. Â Now, let’s check out the sweat-resistant yoga mats.

10 Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Dropped into utter confusion,  what are the perfect yoga mats to buy in 2020? After reading the reviews given below, it will become easier for you to choose the right yoga mat for yourself. Make sure to check out the pros and cons of each of the products to know keenly about them. Time to dig in! Here we go ¦

1. Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Aurorae Classic - Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty GuysThe first one on the list of moisture-resistant yoga mats is the Aurorae Classic Yoga mat which scored high marks from all the customers who used it. Whether it’s stickiness, thickness, durability, or weight, the mat’s production was accomplished, keeping in view all of these basic attributes.

This mat has got standard dimensions, just like a basic yoga mat. 5mm Thick, 72″ long, and 24″ wide with an additional focal point icon to let the yogis maintain their focus throughout the exercise.

The 5mm thick rubber is particularly good for people who sweat a lot and hence lets the sweat penetrate inside the perforated mat’s surface.

I would not personally mark this as a good idea for making a mat sweat-resistant because this may result in unhygienic conditions if left unwashed for more days. But contradictory to this, another good thing is that cleaning and washing out the mat are super easy!

You may clean it once a week if you are doing yoga exercises every day. AND IF, cleaning for you is an issue? No worries, vacuuming would work great too!

The mat has been tested to be safe and non-toxic. Also, the cushioning is kept moderate and would not let your body sink into it. This is an all-purpose yoga mat for kids, women, and men but is specifically entitled as the perfect yoga mat for sweaty guys.

Check out the “Sunset” printed version of the product; you are going to love it.

  • Optimum thickness
  • Sticky bottom surface
  • Variety of designs and colors
  • The upper surface is perforated; could have been designed as completely moisture-resistant.

2. Gaiam Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Gaiam Yoga Mats - Best Extra Thick Yoga MatsIt is made from 100 percent pure PVC, ensuring a quality guaranteed product with a good life too! It is designed especially for people who sweat a lot while doing yoga or those who are suffering from Palmar hyperhidrosis.

This mat is extra thick, and the sweat stays on the upper surface of the mat. The assigned thickness is 6mm, which is marked as a maximum one when it is to yoga mats.

The extra thickening also supports painful joints, and you would get sufficient cushioning to do your yoga exercise comfortably and securely.

For a superior grip and excellent traction, the mat has got a sticky non-slip texture. It would adhere to the place where it gets placed and would not even slightly be moved due to stretching or other flexible yoga techniques.

Customers have reported that the mat slightly produces a bad odor when taken out of the box. I would suggest you not immediately start using it when unpacked. Make sure to unroll the mat and place it in the open air for at least two-three days and then put it into use for the amazing experience.

An exclusive selection of designs and prints is available for you to choose from. Go with the print that complements you and your yoga type.

If you are someone who is going to do the meditation activity more than any other type, try to get a solid plain color mat. That is going to maintain your focus and help you do your yoga the perfect way!

  • Good surface texture
  • Plenty of designs and colors are available
  • Comfortable; max thickness
  • Produces a bad odor for a few days when unpacked

3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Jade Harmony - Best Yoga Mat for TravellingThe main thing about Jade Mats is its excellent grip! No matter whatever mat from this brand you are going to use, the features would not disappoint you!

This amazing yoga mat for sweaty palms has got a moderate thickness of 3/16 inches. Though the thickness is not much the mat is capable of preventing the sweat moisture from staying on the upper surface and keeping you safe from slipping hazards.

The bottom surface of the mat has a good texture that makes it stick to the ground. The cushioning has been done very wisely, and you would experience a spongy yet supportive feel on every part of the mat.

You have a choice to choose from 5 different sizes. I would recommend you to either choose the 71 inches or the 74 inches size because mats that are bigger than this size have lesser stability when placed on the floor. Chances are, they might slightly slide and disturb the rhythm of your yoga exercise.

Available in plenty of designs and colors, choose the one that suits your mood, home décor, or demands! Definitely a piece worth considering.

However, I would not suggest it for people who are suffering from joint pain because they surely need to use a mat with a little more thickness for extra softness.

  • Size choice available
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Good stability
  • Slightly thinner as compared to other mats

4. Manduka PRO Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Manduka PRO “ Best Sweat Resistant Yoga MatMust have heard about Manduka yoga mats before? A brand that has an excellent reputation when it comes to yoga equipment!

Many customers purchase the Manduka mats because of the durability this brand has managed to produce in their mats. Not only the durability but the unmatched comfort and cushioning with the traction and stability make it the perfect one for all yogis out there!

I would mark this as a good yoga mat for beginners because it provides high support and let the yogis try a variety of yoga poses with perfection.

The close technology induced in this yoga mat is not going to let any sweat get inside the mat and make it hygienic. Instead, it is going to make the sweat leave the surface of the mat without causing any risks of slipping.

The mat is personally my favorite one because the material is soft, non-toxic, and feels like it is not going to be harsh to your body at all!

You can select from a variety of colors, all plain and solid, to let the yogis focus more during the exercise.

This mat was entitled perfect for meditation purposes because customers stated they could relax, calm, and focus more while doing the meditation exercise upon it as compared to the other types of yoga.

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  • Soft and comfortable
  • No slip; good traction
  • Plain solid colors for more focus
  • Extra thick size make it a bit heavier

5. Clever Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Clever Yoga - Best Non Slip Yoga MatExtra padding. Wow! Do you know this mat has got an additional ¼ inch layer of cushioning apart from the maximum 6mm mat’s thickness?

Isn’t it amazing?

For children and people of old age who are at risk of joint pain after extreme yoga exercises, try this mat, and you will have an amazing experience! Apart from the cushioning property, it has got other delightful features too. Check out below!

The reversible non-slip surface allows you to perform all types of yoga exercises with great confidence.

This mat is well known for power yoga because that typically requires the yogis to take lots of turns and stretches, and the mat is going to provide good stability and support during that.

It only weighs 2 pounds and is super easy to fold and carry to your yoga studio or outdoors.

Induced anti-tear technology would not allow the mat to get a peel, flake off, or rip apart when once it gets moist due to sweat. The closed cell surface would also not permit germs, bacteria, or sweat to get penetrated inside.

It is super easy to clean too. If you do your yoga exercise daily, clean it properly with a machine wash; otherwise, just vacuum it, and your work would be all done! You can also read our detailed guide to find out how to clean yoga mats at home.

  • Maximum cushioning
  • Moisture resistant
  • Closed cell technology keeps the mat hygienic
  • Unattractive designs

6. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Heathyoga - Best Yoga Mat for Bad KneesFor all those who are short on budget and looking for a good and functional yoga mat, this one is your bet! I would rather recommend you all to make a check on this one first before choosing to get any other yoga mat of your choice for yourself.

TPE is the stuff that has been used to compose this mat. As it is said that rubber or PVC produces a bad odor after a certain period of use; TPE is totally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

It would not give off a bad smell even after a year of use. But make sure not to let your pet cat or dog scratch the upper surface with their paws because the material is sensitive too.

For keeping your body at the proper angle and maintaining a nice balance, alignment lines and sketches have been made on the mat. Perfect for all beginners out there who usually lookout for trainers to help them do the yoga exercise perfectly.

This mat is also going to save you the fee of the trainer and turn you into a pro yogi in weeks! 6mm thick with a double-layer design gives you the cushioning you really should get.

The comfort and stability of this mat are worth appreciating too.

Available in 6 solid plain colors makes it easier for you to choose the right one. The mat is lightweight as well, making it convenient for you to carry outdoors whenever you feel like it!

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Better durability
  • Alignment lines are an impressive feature
  • Due to its larger size, it occupies more space

7. Gaiam Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Gaiam Yoga Mats for Beginners  Another one from Gaiam again! Well, their quality is guaranteed, and durability is so appreciable; customer ratings made me add another product from the brand to this list.

Let me tell you beforehand that all of their mats have attractive prints on them.

For all those looking for a meditation exercise yoga mat, this one is not made for you! Eye-catching prints and designs usually do not let the yogis doing the meditation exercise to focus on the exercise with confidence and hence turns out; they do not experience the calm and relaxation they desire to achieve.

It is made up of PVC, which is a better option as compared to rubber but still not the perfect one! I prefer to get a TPE mat, but considering other features of this yoga mat, it can surely stand out.

The mat would not produce bad odors, but make sure to keep it in the open air once you start feeling it is giving off a bad smell. Keeping it outdoors for some time would solve the misery.

And do you know what?

All those purchasing this yoga mat are going to get a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started with your yoga exercise in case you are a newbie to yoga.

The mat is sweat-resistant, too, ensuring hygienic conditions. A good choice to consider!

  • Good quality material
  • Better cushioning and comfort
  • Non-slip and great grip
  • No cons to this one

8. Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with TowelThis is another double-layered mat on this list. While researching the perfect mats for sweaty hands, I noticed that people who are suffering from excessive sweat sickness while they work out always prefer mats of better thickness.

Optimized thickness may either be in the form of a 6mm mat’s depth or another padding layer done upon the upper surface. This mat falls into the latter category. It has got an integrated non-slip microfiber towel layer on the upper surface for extra cushioning.

The technology this mat is working on is very different. It states that the wetter the mats get, the better the grip becomes. Usually, we notice that yogis lose grip while the mat becomes wet, but this mat has got a combined towel attached to it; therefore, all the moisture is going to be absorbed, and as a result, you will get unmatched support and stability.

This mat is durable, lightweight, odorless, as well as easy to wash and clean off. The material is non-toxic and would not produce a bad smell after a certain period of use.

You have to handle the mat with care since the towel material may fail in shear if used harshly. I would suggest you get this mat because it stands well in terms of cost as well as quality.

Such a piece of pricing below 60 dollars is hard to get! Definitely check out this one; you are going to like it.

  • Double layered surface
  • Highly moisture resistant
  • Good price; complements the quality
  • Release bad odor for a few days after unpacking

9. TOPLUS Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

TOPLUS - Best Lightweight Yoga MatsThe next good one on the list is TOPLUS. The moment I saw that the mat is composed of TPE material, I just got so much impressed! Apart from a quality guaranteed material, this mat has excellent traction too.

Everyone knows stability, traction, and yoga mat grip are very important factors to consider because it empowers the user to perform all types of yoga exercises.

The mat is reversible; you can use it either way. Suppose the upper surface gets dirty or flakes off due to some mishap, no worries; turn the mat upside down and start doing yoga on it.

It has a 6mm thickness, which is not too thin or thick. I would rather call it an optimized thickness for doing yoga exercises.

The most suitable type of yoga you can do on this mat would be Bikram, Power, and hot yoga. You may also try out stretching exercises on it because this mat has got great traction.

Once laid on the floor, it is going to stick to its place and won’t slip or skid from its position. This is one of the most important and major features that must be present in every mat; otherwise, there is a chance of slips and trips.

The mat is moisture resistant, too, and can serve you well if you are someone who sweats a lot. Available in purple, blue, and black shades. Pretty colors to choose from!

  • Optimum thickness
  • Lightweight
  • Two in one; both sides can be used
  • Requires regular cleaning

10. YOGA DESIGN LAB Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

YOGA DESIGN LAB - Best Yoga Mat with TowelTruly the amazing yoga mat for sweaty guys! This mat has also got an integrated towel on the upper surface to let all the moisture get sunk into it.

The material is a natural tree rubber, so totally eco-friendly. Natural tree rubber, as the name indicates, is a natural material and would not provide any toxicity in the long term. Also, rubber, when extracted from trees, is SUPER SOFT AND DELICATE! However, the cushioning is optimum but not much appreciable.

Yoga design lab could have worked more upon the softening part. I would not recommend the mat for the old aged people because they may experience joint pain after doing their yoga exercise upon this mat.

It would be good if you washed it off often because the towel part of the mat might hold germs because of excessive sweat absorption. But cleaning and washing are super easy too. Just throw it into the washing machine and hang it out in open air for drying.

Harsh cleaning is not recommended, but a slight wash would not fade away the print or color of this perfect yoga mat for sweaty guys.

The mat is lightweight, and as the material, it is made of already depicts! Also, it has a strap upon it to carry it easily to your yoga studio or outdoors, whenever you feel like exercising under the sun rays or on the beach. A good option to consider!

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean and wash off
  • Sweat-resistant technology
  • Cushioning could have been better

How to Choose Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands?

The method for selecting of yoga mat for sweaty palms is different from choosing an ordinary yoga mat. Here are some important factors that sweat guys need to consider for the selection of a workout mat.

  • Sweat-Resistance: It should be made of sweat-resistant material and free from BPA and latex.
  • Excellent Traction: Upper surface of the yoga mat should provide excellent grip on hands and feet.
  • Dry Technology: It would be great if the manufacturer used a technology that keeps the surface of the mat dry.
  • Non-Slip Back: The mat should have an anti-slip bottom that enables the mat to stick nicely to the floor and prevent it from slipping and sliding during the yoga session.
  • Thickness: It is another essential factor, a nice thick mat provides the user a decent cushioning and balance and lets yogis enjoy their yoga activity.
  • Durability: Judging the durability of a product isn’t an easy task, for this you need to forget about the price of the product. A yoga mat that provides good value for money will cost you some extra bucks. Read the customer reviews before spending your hard-earned money.
  • Size: It may vary from person to person, but there are special yoga mats for tall people as well. Choose a yoga mat according to your height and available space at your home or studio.

FAQs for Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

  • What can you do for sweaty hands from yoga?

If you sweat a lot, keep a small towel pinned up to your exercise clothes to quickly make the sweat go away from your hands during the yoga exercise. However, it is better to choose a mat that has a towel integrated within it. Such a mat would make your hands lesser moist while you yoga upon that mat.

  • How do I keep my hands and feet from slipping on my yoga mat?

A moisture-resistant yoga mat would work well in such a case! Mats that absorb moisture and do not retain any of the wet sweat upon their surface would not cause any slip hazards for the user. Almost all the mats on this list have got good grip and traction and would keep your hands and feet from slipping away on the yoga mat.

  • Are yoga mats and exercise mats the same?

No! Yoga mats generally have more cushioning as compared to exercise mats. Apart from the cushioning property; yoga mats have better grips and stabilities than exercise mats. This is because you generally need more support during a yoga exercise rather than simple exercises.

  • What is the perfect yoga mat for sweaty hands?

TOPLUS Yoga Mat – Classic 1/4 inch Pro Yoga Mat Eco Friendly: Â I would mark this mat as my personal favourite for sweaty hands. It has got amazing moisture-resistant technology and is composed of TPE material that is going to keep the mat hygienic no matter how many times your hands give off excessive sweat to it.

  • How often should you wash your yoga mat?

Depends upon your timeline and schedule for doing the yoga exercise. If you are doing it too often like every day; make sure to clean it once every two weeks. If you do your yoga exercise thrice a week; then it’s okay to clean it off every month.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re someone who sweats like a sloth during yoga, fear not! There are plenty of yoga mats out there that cater to your sweaty needs. From mats with extra grip to mats made from absorbent materials, you’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding during downward dog again. And if all else fails, just embrace the sweat and pretend you’re doing hot yoga. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new trend. So go ahead, get your sweat on and namaste.

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