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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat – Are you tired of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat during your downward dog? Look no further than the Manduka Pro yoga mat! This mat is so sticky, you’ll feel like a gecko clinging to a wall. In fact, you might even need a spatula to peel yourself off after your practice. But don’t worry, the Manduka Pro is also durable enough to withstand even the most intense hot yoga sessions. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even use it as a makeshift sled during the winter months. Namaste, and happy sliding!

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka yoga mats are the top choice of yogis. Want to know why? Read this in-depth Manduka pro yoga mat review and you will come to know, why yoga instructors and practitioners love to use Manduka mats.

What Makes Manduka Yoga Mat So Special

The answer to this mystery can be simply stated in a sentence or two! But I want my readers to consider going through some facts and figures, which assures them that they are not going to regret the decision they took regarding purchasing a yoga mat from Manduka. So here you go!


manduka pro yoga mat 6mmA Manduka Yoga Mat Can Last Up Till Your Life Time

I would not be wrong, if I say Manduka mats are the most durable mats you will find on earth, UP TILL DATE! I highly appreciate the efforts, the brand managed to put in while developing the mat’s dense inner core that could last as long as you want it to!

But durability also depends on the level of maintenance and care a product receives, and if you manage to provide it with the attention it deserves; Trust me, it could last for a decade!!

The Manduka Pro Series is said to be the toughest, heavy-duty yoga mats and are mostly used in gyms. Their indestructible bottom core make them resist wear and tear for a long time. Once you get your hands on a mat from the Manduka Pro Series, you will probably not have to get another one up till your lifetime! I suppose that is the level of mat’s durability yogis truly deserve!

It looks tough. It feels tough. It is tough!

A Manduka Yoga Mat Possesses the Green Power

At times, where we are almost doing everything that could damage our planet, Manduka made an effort to save the environment! The brand manufactures mats that, though using up PVC, the phthalate-free PVC, which pass through a proper supply chain under specified monitoring.

The entire manufacturing process is emissions-free, hence reducing the carbon offsets given out in the air. The Eco-Friendly product, being OEKO-TEX certified, also clears out the fact that Manduka’s mats are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals.

Many people neglect the green factor, and don’t bother to care about it! But I will say if you can kill two birds with one stone, why not go for it? Getting a Manduka Yoga Mat will benefit not only you but also the environment!

It is a friend to you and your environment!

manduka pro yoga mat saleA Manduka Yoga Mat Comes Up In a Variety of Sizes

In other alternative brands, you can easily find a yoga mat of the standard size. However, some people demand a longer mat, whereas others want their yoga mat to be good in width. Manduka has made it sure to take care of all such needs of its users and providing them with the best yoga mats in the world.

In the Manduka series, you can get a length figure of 85 inches to the maximum and the width extending up to 26 inches. If you are not comfortable with wider mats, the company offers smaller width sizes of 21 inches as well. However, you can not mix and match. The brand has put enough hard work in defining length and width sets for you!

Also, the 71” sized yoga mat by Manduka, cannot be called as a smaller yoga mat AT ALL! Customers have reported the minimum size range to be spacious enough to carry out all poses perfectly too!

It will perfectly serve you with your chosen size set!

A Manduka Yoga Mat Can Give You Your Desired Comfort

Many yoga mats require you to either wear your elbow and knee cushioning pads or fold up a towel at the bone area to prevent injury during workout!

I went through plenty of user reviews, in order to find a Manduka’s mat is not good enough with the dense-cushion property. I FAILED!

Almost all the yoga mats from Manduka manufactures come up with thickness greater than 5mm. Manduka pro yoga mat 6mm is the ideal thickness for yoga mats; however, 5mm can also serve well to the pro yogis!

Do not be disheartened if the Manduka Yoga Mat, you have chosen, comes up with a thickness of 5 millimetres only! If your wrists are not that sensitive and your shoulder bone does not come under a lot of pressure during yoga exercise, you can surely be benefited from the 5mm yoga mat as well!

It will not disappoint you when it is about cushioning and comfort!

I think by now you might be very happy and satisfied if you have made a choice to get your hands on a Manduka Mat. However, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS MAT COMES WITH ZERO IMPERFECTIONS!

No such product has been developed yet, that is free of all faults and continues to work best for years. Some little pick points, I will like you to consider after you have purchased a Manduka Yoga Mat are as follows!

  • Read out the instruction book carefully:  Most of the yoga mats by Manduka are made of PVC, but some are composed of textiles too. Different materials demand different modes of cleaning. You cannot MACHINE WASH every type of Manduka Yoga Mat. If you are not sure what method you should adopt for cleaning your mat, It is better that you clean your mat using a wet cloth’ every day after use.
  • Do break out your mat before use:  Just like it is necessary to break out your new shoes before use so that they work best! Similarly, mats that are broken out before use work amazingly. Try it! You are going to thank me later for this tip.
  • Slip-resistant:  Manduka Yoga Mats are not slippery, but when you purchase Manduka prolite yoga mat, this mat might get slippery after usage of a couple of years. The best solution in such a case is to sun dry your mat after you wash it. This will not extend the mat’s life, but will make it slip resistance to some extent!


If you think Manduka Pro yoga mat doesn’t fit in your requirements, no problem! Liforme Sticky Yoga Mat is another good option to go for.


1. Is Manduka a good yoga mat?

Manduka is one of the top-rated brands known for manufacturing quality guaranteed, durability assured yoga mats. The company has managed to gain enough customers for the past ten years and is still working to assure the customers do not get disappointed in any way.

2. Which Manduka mat should I buy?

I will suggest you buy a yoga mat from The Manduka Pro Series though it may cost you a little more but will stand out to be a onetime investment! Also, the thinnest mat you can get in the Pro series has a thickness of 5mm, so they stand best when it’s about cushioning and a good choice to go for when it comes to yoga mat for bad knees.

3. Are Manduka mats slippery?

The fabric-like surface of the mat is completely slip resistant. Though the mat is composed of PVC, you will not even slightly feel any exhaustion due to constant slipping out of your feet or arms during the yoga activity.

4. Are Manduka mats latex-free?

If you know, your body is sensitive to even the slightest of latex; you can, without any doubt, purchase the Manduka Yoga mats since they are 100% latex-free. The Pro series has also claimed a certification of being free from all types of harmful chemicals.

5. Are Manduka mats good for hot yoga?

Manduka mats are manufactured using the close cell technology that does not let any bacteria or moisture of your sweat to get absorbed in the mat. During hot yoga, you generally tend to sweat a lot, and one of the biggest worries comes out to be the infection that could spread due to bacteria absorption into the mat’s core. So, do not worry if you want to do hot yoga using A Manduka mat; it will not let any sweat moisture to penetrate inside the mat’s surface.

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In conclusion, the Manduka Pro yoga mat is the perfect companion for any yogi looking to take their practice to the next level. With its superior grip and cushioning, you’ll be able to hold those challenging poses with ease. Plus, its durability means you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. And let’s not forget about its eco-friendly construction, because who doesn’t love a mat that’s good for the planet? So go ahead, invest in a Manduka Pro yoga mat and get ready to namaste your way to a happier, healthier you. Just be sure to watch out for any jealous stares from your fellow yogis – they’ll be green with envy over your new mat!

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