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13 Easy Steps for How to Clean Your Rubber Yoga Mat

Do you know thousands of years ago, when yoga mats weren’t available, what people needed to perform yoga? All that was needed for calmed breathing and meditation was a piece of animal skin or some cloth wrapped around for more cushioning.

With the innovation in technology, human comfort was the foremost priority whenever something distinguished came into being. Similar is the case with Yoga mats too. Rubber yoga mats were the first ones to arise, in the history of yoga mats.

After the rubber yoga mats came along the PVC and soft fabric composed mats too. Considering the major aspects of the best yoga mat, the following points might just pop into your mind:

  • Good grip
  • Cushioning and stability
  • Truly Eco-friendly

And guess what?

Rubber Yoga Mats are capable of being ranked number one in all these factors!

But since nothing in this universe is created with perfection, rubber mats have got some drawbacks too. And the major one is? THEIR CLEANING!

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How to Clean a Yoga Mat!?

No worries, I have summed up the best ways that you could use to clean your yoga mat and turn it new in a matter of a few minutes. Stay tuned and follow up with me! Here we go….

Spraying Mat with a Yoga Wash Spray

Since rubber mats are composed of the close cellular technology technique, there cleaning is a bit difficult. The best way to make the cleaning process easy is to clean the yoga mat right after its usage.

Get your hands on a yoga wash spray that is good in quality as well as quantity. Sprinkle the yoga wash spray on the mat right after you are done with your yoga. For better cleaning, use a damp cloth and wipe it all over.

Before rolling, let the moisture dry completely from it; otherwise, the mat would stink. Though you need a little commitment to following this routine task, it would save you from the hectic cleaning.

DIY; A Natural Solution At Home

Mats that are made up of natural tree rubber are best cleaned with saturated mixtures. The ingredient you would need to add up is vinegar and water. But remember, not to make the mixture un-proportioned or else you would end up spoiling your yoga mat.

A 50-50 dilute solution of water with vinegar is what works best!

If you feel you need a little more cleansing, use a clean piece of cloth damped in bubbly water (Use non-silica shampoo/ soap) and wipe your yoga mat with it after the natural solution treatment.

Tea tree oil is another cherry on top, but be careful to read the instructions first, whether your mat is capable of bearing such mixtures or not.

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Wipes for Rubber Yoga Mats

Very busy to spray and clean your yoga mat? Or to wipe it with a wet cloth? This problem can be solved too. Yoga mat wipes have been introduced that come in packets that are ready-made. All you have to do is to tear up the packet, take out the wipe, and gently press it all over your yoga mat, and IT IS CLEANED!

This technique can be used for a mat that is not used in a routine. However, mats that are put into daily use and have not been cleaned properly for a time period of more than a month; should not be cleaned with yoga wipes.

The Soap Cleansing For Rubber Mats

The most affordable technique that can be used for cleaning your yoga mats at home by yourself is using a soap. However, soap can destroy the texture of your rubber yoga mat, so be careful while putting soap into use to clean the mat.

Use plenty of water a minimal amount of soap.

Only add more quantity when you feel the mixture has turned to dilute. It’s wrong to believe that adding up more soap can make your yoga mat cleaner. It would not help at all but instead would clog the small pore openings and make the mat non-breathable.

Tossing Rubber Mats in the Washing Machine

With a dilute mixture of water with a yoga mat cleanser, you can toss your mat in the washing machine too. Do not follow this practice too often. It’s better to do this technique once every two months and do not add any soap either.

The yoga mat cleanser is non-harmful for the mat and would work best. After the machine round, put it into the dryer on a medium to high heat. This would dry the mat PROPERLY too and would save it from sunbathe, which is sometimes harsh on rubber yoga mats.


Rubber yoga mats are hard to deal with, but once cleaned, they are so useful for yoga purposes. Most of the yogis prefer rubber yoga mats over all other types because of their well-known qualities such as strong grip and ultimate cushioning. Be sure to take care of your mat in the best way possible. It is better to keep natural rubber mats away from extreme heat or intense sunbathe because the rubber’s texture gets spoiled when exposed to sun, and hence they get nasty. Drying them indoor is usually the best option. I hope you would have got some quality information regarding how to clean your yoga mats. Choose the technique that suits you best, and clean your mat in a routine order! In case of any queries, write in the comments below. MatsCorner would love to answer all your questions regarding how to clean a rubber yoga mat.

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