Comparison: Liforme Yoga Mat vs Manduka Pro | Which One is Best?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi, you would wish your yoga mat to be best functional in all ways. I definitely know it is very hard to choose the best yoga mat for all types of yoga exercises, particularly when there is a wide choice available!

Today in this blog post, I am going to present you with a brief but accurate comparison of two of the most famous yoga mats in the market. But keep in mind this one thing:

You would not be able to find all the qualities in one single yoga mat!

TIP ALERT: Finding the most suitable yoga mat for a particular yoga exercise can be hectic. The best way to do this is to gather up all the important qualities you would want in your yoga mat. Arrange them in order of priorities, and yeah, COMPROMISE A LITTLE!

Obviously, this would not be your customized mat. Therefore, you would have to accept certain flaws and errors against your wants.

Comparison: Liforme Yoga Mat vs Manduka Pro | Which One is Best?

MaterialNatural RubberPlastic; PVC
Size72.8″ length x 26.8″ wide85″ length x 26″ wide
Portability5.5 lbs.9.5 lbs.
Comfort scaleGreat cushioning; Guaranteed comfort and stability.Padding is good, the mat does  not compress when pressed during yoga.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

Liforme Yoga Mat Alignment Marks SystemThis mat from Liforme is well known for its amazing dimensions. Apart from being longer, wider, and thicker; the material used and the construction has also been done with great care and attention.

I would not say the texture at the mat’s bottom is super frictional, great enough to hold the mat stay fixed at the floor. Some customers have reported the mat to lose grip over time, but this varies from one user to the other depending upon the maintenance routine because I haven’t faced such a problem to date.

It is made from the natural rubber, hence standing best at the title of ‘Planet Friendly’. With 5.5 lbs. of weight, you would not be able to carry it around easily. But with 4.2mm thickness and 73’’ length, such a weight is certainly expected.

This misery also has been slightly solved by the manufacturers and you are going to get a carrying bag with straps on it along with the mat. This carrying bag is going to assist you whenever you want to take a yoga sip under the sun, outdoors!

A distinct feature I found on the Liforme Yoga mat that makes it stand out amongst all others is the Intelligent Alignment technology embedded inside. To guide the yogis and align them into a accurate positions, certain marks and symbols have been added on the top surface of the mat.

I would suggest this yoga mat for the yogis who prefer doing hot yoga, especially. That is because this particular type of yoga exercise produces a lot of sweat, and Liforme’s yoga mat possesses close cell technology resisting the sweat to penetrate inside the mat’s layers.

The cushioning is great, and there is no chance of slipping away or loosing down your traction while you do your yoga exercise upon this mat.

Be careful while cleaning and washing the yoga mat; usually, natural rubber tends to wear off when you harshly clean it.

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

Manduka PRO Yoga MatManduka is a well-known brand when it comes to top yoga mat manufacturers. The brand is committed to providing its users with the best of comfort and support by composing their products with excellence and quality-oriented materials.

This 6mm thick yoga mat certainly provides you great cushioning, though while you get the comfort, you have to make a compromise on the weight of the product. With a weight of 9.5 lbs, the Manduka Pro yoga mat is not portable at all.

If you are planning on buying a mat that you could take with you on trips and picnics, this is not for you!

I have this personal opinion that the only downside for this mat is the portability factor. Rest; IT WORKS BEST!

The stability and comfort are worth appreciating. Customers have reported that the mat loses traction over time, but I think that is a common issue with every other yoga mat available in the market. Obviously, every product ever manufactured definitely has an expiry date.

Losing traction does not mean the mat has not got good durability; in fact, I would rate the Manduka Pro as number 1 when it’s about lifetime durability.

If you take proper care of it, and your maintenance routine is sensible, the mat is going to last for years. One of a user from the Yoga studio stated that she owes a lot to this mat cause it helped her turn from a beginner to a pro in yoga, and the mat is still serving well!

The mat does not come cheap, and you surely have to pay a few extra of bucks if you want to get hands-on this masterpiece from Manduka Pro.


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Well, now it all depends upon your needs and demands which one you would like to go for. REMEMBER THAT’ both of these mats are machine washable; however, be very careful while drying them out. The intense heat in an automatic dryer might spoil the material and texture of the mat. I hope you are going to love this information about these two top-rated yoga mats. Which yoga mat you are going to buy, please let us know in the comments section.

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