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Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – Are you tired of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat during your downward dog? Look no further than the Manduka Pro and Prolite yoga mats. These mats are the Rolls Royce of yoga mats, but which one is the best fit for you? The Pro is like the Hulk of yoga mats, thick and sturdy, while the Prolite is more like the Spiderman of yoga mats, lightweight and flexible. It’s like choosing between a tank and a sports car. But don’t worry, no matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to hold your poses with ease and impress your fellow yogis with your new mat. Namaste, and happy mat shopping!

Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
Thickness 4.7mm 6mm
Material Plastic; PVC Plastic; PVC
Size 71″ length x 24″ wide 85″ length x 26″ wide
Portability 4.6 lbs. 9.5 lbs.
Comfort scale Dense; good in traction and stability maintenance. Padding is good, the mat does not compress when pressed during yoga.

Manduka Pro Vs Prolite Yoga Mat – Which Is The More Suitable One?

You may already be knowing, Manduka is a renowned name when it’s to Yoga accessories and mats. For the past few years, the customer has developed trust with the brand name and buying mats from Manduka because of their quality guaranteed production.

Well, I would not say there is no downside to their products because nothing has got perfection; but yoga mats from this brand are far better than the other overrated ones.

Getting back to our topic of today, Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat, check out the detailed comparison below and then decide for yourself which one you want to opt for!

1. Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – The Material

As already clear from the table above, both of these mats are composed of plastic i.e., PVC plastic. We would not get into the details of the plastic production and recycling procedure, but it is claimed by the brand that the mats are non-toxic and emissions-free.

With no addition of latex into the plastic, this fact gets obvious that Manduka pro as well as Prolite Yoga Mat; are eco-friendly products and would not harm the environment in the long run! Well, that’s obviously a thumbs-up for them both. Let’s lookout at the next specification.

2. Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – The Thickness

Manduka pro yoga mat has got a nice dense layer of thickness almost equal to 6mm. This is definitely the ideal thickness for a yoga mat, no matter what type of yoga exercise you do on such a mat, your body would not ache later on.

Cushioning is an important factor while you select a yoga mat for yourself, at least a necessary concern for people aged above 35-40 years or people looking for yoga mats for bad knees. The dense, thick layer also provides great padding and prevents any joint soreness or lack of comfort while you are doing your yoga exercise.

Manduka Pro lite, on the other hand, has got a thickness of 1.3mm lesser than the Manduka Pro mat. Yes, with a thickness of 4.7mm, this becomes the updated version of the Pro mat. I would not say such a thickness is useless completely, but I would also not suggest this mat for people suffering from joint problems.

Yogis, who usually do hot yoga or Bikram yoga can certainly opt for this mat because cushioning is not a major concern while you do such types of yoga exercises.

3. Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – The Size

The Manduka Pro Yoga mat is longer, wider, and thicker and hence stands best for yogis who have just started learning yoga. This is because beginners usually need more working space to practice and strengthen their yoga skills.

With a length of 85 inches, you can safely and securely move around and consume as much space as you like on your yoga mat. The width is also optimum being 26 inches wide.

Talking about Manduka Pro lite, a considerable size reduction has been made, and the length is reduced to 71 inches. Such a number is also not bad, depending upon the yogis who are going to perform yoga on it.

For certain exercises, you really do not need much space, and a length of 71 inches can serve you great too. Smaller yoga mats are usually preferred by the yoga instructors or the pro yogis, who can work and perform great in minimal space as well.

4. Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – The Portability

If you are planning on taking your yoga mat out on a picnic, simply do not consider buying the Manduka Pro yoga mat. This is because you would not be able to carry a weight of 9.5 lbs. all along with you on a trip.

People in the United States prefer to do yoga on hike trips and after reaching a mountain top through trekking. For such a situation, get your hands on the Manduka pro lite yoga mat, which weighs only around 4.6 lbs.

You are going to get a bag with straps too, so it would be easier to carry the mat along with you on trips and tours. The carrying bag facility has been provided with both of the mats, so for short travels or car journeys, you can prefer to get the Manduka Pro mat too.

5. Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – The Stability Factor

This is something based on the customer’s experience and their use. Talking firstly about the Manduka Pro yoga mat, the well-textured bottom layer enables the mat to stay on the floor firmly and hence does not even slightly move while you use it. This causes the yogis to develop a good grip and hence stay stable while performing on the yoga mat.

Users have reported that the Manduka Pro yoga mat loses traction overuse. I do not completely agree with this statement because it all depends upon the way you take care of your yoga mat. And obviously, the mat is going to expire one day! But to enhance its functionality and durability, use and maintain it properly so that it does not lose its traction and grip over time.

Manduka Prolite is an updated version of Manduka Pro and was designed keeping in mind the traction and grip-related complaints from the users. To date, no such bad reviews have been published by the customers related to losing traction and stability after a year’s use.

Manduka Prolite has also got good durability as compared to Manduka Pro and can last longer keeping its form and texture like new. When it comes to cleaning, both yoga mats are very easy to clean. You can also check out our detailed guide on how to clean yoga mats at home.

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Manduka Pro vs Prolite Yoga Mat – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Manduka Pro and Prolite yoga mats are both great options for yogis of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these mats offer excellent grip, durability, and comfort. However, if you’re looking for a mat that’s easy to carry around and won’t break the bank, the Prolite might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest in a mat that will last you a lifetime and provide unparalleled support, the Pro is the clear winner. Either way, just remember that the most important thing is to keep practicing and have fun – even if you slip and fall on your mat every once in a while!

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