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How to Clean Yoga Mat at Home – Are you tired of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat during your downward dog? Do you dread the thought of rolling out your mat for your next class because of the funky smell emanating from it? Fear not, my fellow yogis! Cleaning your yoga mat at home is easier than you think. And no, you don’t have to resort to using your dishwasher or power washer (although that would make for an interesting Instagram post). In this article, we’ll share some simple and hilarious tips on how to clean your yoga mat at home, so you can focus on your practice and not the stench of your mat. Namaste and let’s get cleaning!

How to Clean Yoga Mat at Home Yourself?

1. Buy a Mat Cleansing Solution

This option is for all the lazy yogis out there, who want to avoid all the hard work and effort required to clean a yoga mat. Get a yoga mat wash for your mat and spray it all over your yoga mat.

After that, leave the mat to dry for a while! It is entirely fresh and ready to be used again.

I would not suggest cleaning your mat by using a mild spray when it is extremely dirty. In such a situation, switch to another option: The washing machine. Please do not panic; I have added the procedure right below!

2. Use the Washing Machine

This is, by far, the most efficient way of cleaning a yoga mat. All you have to do is to stick your mat in the washing machine, add up a little detergent and turn on the machine.

The tumbling and rolling motion would wipe off all the dust and bad odors off your yoga mat and would make it super clean in minutes!

A major drawback regarding using machines for cleaning your yoga mat is that some yoga mats are extremely sensitive. They cannot just stand the agitation that goes inside the washing machine. Also, not all mats are allowed to be washed inside the machine.

Therefore, be very careful and get to know your mat type well. ONLY after taking the precautions, use the machine to clean it; otherwise, you are going to shred it into pieces!

If your yoga mat is not machine washable friendly skip this step.

3. Simply Put It in a Water Tub

If your mat is very sensitive and you hesitate to use any harsh detergents or cleaning solutions on it, simply place it in a water tub. After an hour or two, all the dirt would be soaked in the water that was in the tub.

Hang dry the mat inside, on the shower rail, or spread it somewhere. Leave it for a day. If you still feel that your mat stinks, place it outdoors under the sunlight, and all the bad smell would fade away in a few hours.

4. Use a Soft Cloth to Hand Wash the Mat

For all those yogis, who do yoga activities daily without a gap, placing your mat inside a bathtub would not clean it properly. It is better to do a little hard work, so you do not have to get irritated by the leftover dirt or sweat spots, or any stinking while you do your yoga exercise.

Take a wet cloth; apply a little amount of cleansing solution over it. Rub it over the mat lightly. Repeat the procedure twice or thrice. After that, hose your mat with water.

Make sure to remove all the solution bubbles and let the water run through them for a while. Then leave your mat to dry, and after it dries, it is all set to be used again!

5. Using a Handheld Steam Cleaner

This is a very quick yet very material-sensitive procedure to be adopted to clean your yoga mat at home. If you are going to steam your mat, be careful not to do it at very high temperatures because you might end up damaging the texture of your mat.

If it is a rubber mat, check out the instructions first and only then choose to steam it. Steaming will remove all the bacteria and sweat germs from your yoga mat, making it cleaner and healthier to be used again. This method is also commonly used after tub washing your mat.

6. Essential Oils Cleansing

Must have heard of tea tree oil before? If not, let me tell you about the benefits of this essential oil.

Tea tree oil has a light consistency and has not got a very pungent smell too. It is used for body cleansing but is also perfect for cleaning your clothes too because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Using tea tree oil alone for cleaning a mat would not be sufficient. Pairing it up with vinegar will provide much better results. Also, add a little amount of water to make the mixture saturated.

Now, use the mix to clean your mat. You can use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the liquid off once you have poured it over the mat. Be careful not to repeat this cleansing method too often. It is better to cleanse it this way, after a month’s time or three weeks.

Here are some of the for beginners and pro yogis.

Final Words

In conclusion, cleaning your yoga mat at home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few simple ingredients and some elbow grease, you can have a fresh and clean mat in no time. Just remember to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage your mat. And if all else fails, you can always just buy a new one and pretend like the old one never existed. After all, isn’t that the yogic way? Namaste and happy cleaning!

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