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Wrinkle Free Placemats – Are you tired of your placemats looking like they’ve been through a war after just one meal? Do you dread the thought of ironing them every time you want to entertain guests? Well, fear not my friends, because the solution to your placemat woes has arrived – wrinkle-free placemats! Yes, you heard that right. No more struggling with stubborn creases or spending hours trying to get your placemats to look presentable. With these magical mats, you can now focus on the important things in life, like enjoying your meal and making sure your guests don’t spill red wine on your new white tablecloth. So, let’s raise a glass to wrinkle-free placemats and say goodbye to ironing forever!

Best Wrinkle Free Placemats

Let’s discuss the best wrinkle resistant placemats in detail. The list includes placemats with beautiful prints and excellent material.

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SyMax Printed Table Placemats 95% polyster & 5% viscose
Now Designs Spectrum 100% cotton
Gaseare Silicone Placemats Silicone
Blueangle Daisy Art Placemats 100% Polyester
Larry Traverso Placemats 90% leather & 10% cotton

1. SyMax Wrinkle Free and Waterproof Placemats

SyMax Wrinkle Free and Waterproof PlacematsThe number one in the list is SyMax wrinkle free placemats. With good quality and beautiful nature patterns, you can use these placemats on multiple occasions like family dinner, party, Christmas, New Year, etc. It will not only make your table look attractive but will also protect it from all kinds of damages.

You can choose from 4 stylish prints available in six different colors. A single set contains 4/6 placemats, and the size of each piece is 18″x12″. Exquisite workmanship makes these place mats very attractive.

One of the main factors that make these mats wrinkle resistant is its material. SyMax has used premium quality polyester and viscose in the making of the table placemats. The high-quality material makes them softer, durable, comfortable to use, scratch, and wrinkle resistant.

Cleaning or washing of placemats is considered to be the most challenging part because it may lead to shrinkage, damage, and a lot of wrinkles on it. But don’t worry, SyMax placemats are not only easy to wash but also wrinkle free. So, after washing and drying it will be like just came out of the pack.

The only drawback that people reported in these placemats is the slight cutting error on the edges. It is mainly due to the cutting of mats by hands, but it can be ignored because of the delicate look of the table mats.


  • Premium quality material
  • Heat resistant and waterproof
  • Hands and machine washable friendly
  • All placemats are cut by hands so you may notice minor error on edges.

2. Now Designs Spectrum “ Wrinkle Free Cotton Placemats

Available in 12 different colors, it is a beautiful looking rectangular shaped placemat. Its 19 inches long and 13 inches wide dimension makes them an ideal choice for all kinds of table, and you can use them below the hot bowls, dishes, and plates.

Each set of place mats contains 4 pieces so that you can order the number of sets according to your table size.

High-quality cotton is used in the manufacturing of Now Designs placemats. Their ribbed construction and make them extremely reliable and durable.

Furthermore, the thickness of these placemats empowers them to provide decent protection against heat/burn marks, spillages, and scratches. A perfect choice for wooden and glass table.

Cleaning of these placemats is an extremely easy process. You can remove the dirt and debris with a swipe of wet cloth, and in order to remove stains, you can wash them in the machine. Don’t worry about the crease or lines because these place mats are wrinkle resistant.

Wide color variety makes it easier for you to mix and match them with tablecloths. You can use these placemats indoor or with your patio setting. An excellent choice for those who are looking for wrinkle free and waterproof placemats.


  • Premium quality cotton
  • Extremely durable
  • Wrinkle free and waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Size may shrink a little after first wash

Glass tables are super sensitive and requires an extra layer of protection from scratches, heat, and burn marks. For protection of such tables we highly recommend you to check out top 10 best placemats for glass table.

3. Gasare Wrinkle and Heat Resistant Placemats

Gasare offers an extra thick and large size placemats that can be used under all kinds of dishes, plates, bowls, pans, etc. Each placemat is 25×17 inches large and around 30% thicker than standard place mats. You can choose from eight different colors to create a great match with your table cloth.

One of the most special things about these placemats is its usage. It is not limited to dishes and bowls; you can also use them for placing different kitchen items like kitchen scale, blender, juicer, etc.

Silicone is the primary material that is used in the making of Gasare placemats. Due to material, these are the best heat resistant placemats and successfully provide excellent protection against heat and burn marks. Furthermore, it also provides a great level of protection to your wood and glass table from spills and scratches.

When it comes to removing dirt, stains, and debris, it can be done by a gentle rub under the running water. For cleaning hard stains, you can use lukewarm water, soap, and a sponge. These table mats are not machine washable safe, so never try it.

These are extremely durable, sturdy, and best washable placemats. Due to all its amazing features, you can use these mats for a longer period of time without being worried about any wrinkles, shrinkage, and damage.


  • Flexible, durable and sturdy.
  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproof and wrinkle free
  • Super easy to clean
  • No cons

4. Blueangle Daisy Art “ Best Placemats for Kitchen Table

Another placemat that makes it to our list of best wrinkle-resistant placemats are from Blueangle. The charming daisy art design printed on top of placemats makes them very appealing. I am sure it will enhance the beauty of your dining setting.

It is available in only one color, but the floral pattern can complement all kind of wooden and glass table. Each pack contains a set of 4 and 6 placemats having a size of 12×18 inches, which goes well with large plates, dishes, and bowls.

These placemats are made of 100% polyester, which makes them highly resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. It can be an excellent option for those who don’t like cotton material. Blueangle placemats are incredibly durable, sturdy, and protect a wood table from heat marks and spills in an incredible way.

Cleaning and caring for these table placemats is extremely easy and doesn’t require any hard work. A simple wipe of damp cloth can remove the dirt, and washing them under running water will remove the stains. Don’t worry about fading or shrinkage because no such thing will happen to these mats.

If you are searching for the best placemats for everyday use, this can be a perfect choice. The artistic daisy art on the placemat is suitable for day to day usage and special events as well.


  • Beautiful artistic design
  • Scratch and heat resistant
  • No fading, shrinkage and wrinkles
  • Easy to clean dirt and stains
  • Limited color option
  • Not machine washable friendly

5. Larry Traverso “ Best Placemats for Outdoor Tables

If you are looking for something elegant and protective at the same, you should use Home Furnishings by Larry Traverso leather placemats. The size of each piece is 13 x 19 inches and has a lovely handwoven pattern on top.

You will find a blend of brown, black, red, and white on the placemat, which you can comfortably use with the different kinds of table settings. These mats are available in a set of 4, and you can also use table runner of the same pattern with the placemats.

An excellent combo of recycled leather, soft cotton, and quality craftsmanship make these placemats stand-out from the others. Home Furnishing placemats are incredibly durable, heat resistant, and protect your glass table from scratches.

If your placemat has caught dirt or stains, you can wipe clean them with a damp sponge and let them dry naturally. There will be no wrinkles and crease on the mats. Moreover, don’t try to wash them under running water or washing machine because this will ruin the placemat.


If you are using these placemats for the first time, we suggest you place them in open space to remove the natural smell of leather.


  • Compliment wooden table beautifully
  • Great material and workmanship
  • Provide good value for money
  • Slightly heavier than other placemats
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Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re tired of your placemats looking like they’ve been through a warzone after just one meal, wrinkle-free placemats are the solution you’ve been looking for. No more ironing, no more frustration, and no more embarrassing dinner parties where your guests are too polite to mention the crumpled mess on the table. With wrinkle-free placemats, you can finally relax and enjoy your meal without worrying about the state of your table setting. Plus, you’ll have more time to focus on the important things in life, like perfecting your signature dish or binge-watching your favorite show. So go ahead, invest in some wrinkle-free placemats and let the good times roll!



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