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Pauwer Placemats – Are you tired of boring, plain placemats that do nothing to spice up your dining experience? Look no further than Pauwer Placemats! These bad boys will not only protect your table from spills and stains, but they’ll also make your guests do a double-take. With designs ranging from quirky animals to hilarious puns, Pauwer Placemats are sure to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. Plus, they’re so fun you might even forget about the mediocre food you’re serving. So why settle for boring placemats when you can have Pauwer Placemats?

Pauwer Placemats Review

Like every other product you find in the market, this product has got some downsides too. But if the good aspects overtake the downsides that is where a balancing loop is created and you get the urge to get the product! This is what I am expecting’ after you get to know about the Pauwer Placemats.

Top 3 Features

  • Efficiently protect your wood and glass table from heat and burn marks [176°F(80℃)].
  • Extremely easy to clean; you can wipe clean them with damp cloth or wash them under tap water.
  • Pauwer placemats are highly durable and long lasting.


1. Composed of PVC Material

First thing first, this is probably the most important factor that you first take notice of while you decide to get placemats for your kitchen table. Pauwer placemats are made up of PVC material i.e. plastic.

However some addition of Woven Vinyl has also been incorporated into the product. It is basically 70% PVC and 30% polyester though making a balanced and a good combination overall!

The reason why plastic is preferred while manufacturing kitchen necessities is because plastic is flexible and lightweight and can be managed easily. On the other hand, plastic is easier to handle as compared to rubber or cotton.

I would not make the claim that plastic is the ultimate best material while composing placemats but I think relatively better than the other ones!

2. Offering Standard Mat Size

Pauwer placemats are available in a good casual size, suiting tables of all sizes and shapes. 18 inches is the longer dimension and 12 inches is the width of the mats hence forming a good nice rectangular shape.

This particular standard size was chosen keeping in mind the size of a square or a rectangular eating plate. The size Pauwer has offered is easy to deal with and to clean too! So I think a very wise decision has been made regarding choosing these dimensions.

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3. Necessarily Heat Resistant

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Pauwer Heat Insulation Stain Resistant for Wooden TableAnother important feature of this placemat is the heat resistance it is offering. It is usually said that plastic mats are more vulnerable to get burned when exposed to a slightly higher temperature.

However, tried and tested statement was brought upon by Pauwer regarding their placemats that these mats have the capability of bearing temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. So not a big deal if you place your hot burning bowl of soup over the placemat.

Relax and enjoy your soup in an aesthetically pleasant way without the worry because you have placed the best heat resistant placemat on your table that will protect your table from heat marks.

4. Easy to Clean

These placemats have been designed taking good care of the customer’s convenience. You can wash it in soapy water and then hang dry them to make the mats ready to be used again.

Be careful not to drop these plastic mats into your washing machine because that will destroy the entire placemat in a fraction of a second!

5. Variety of Colors to Choose From

For all the choosy mates out there! Pauwer has designed these placemats in more than 10 colors. It is definitely a good thing for people who need more choices to explore before they can stick on one favorite one.

If you have got two dining tables at home, choose a different color for them both depending upon the room theme and the table contrast.

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Conclusion for Pauwer Placemats

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your dining experience, look no further than Pauwer placemats. Not only will they protect your table from spills and stains, but they’ll also add a touch of humor to your meal. Whether you’re serving up a fancy dinner party or just enjoying a casual meal with friends and family, Pauwer placemats are sure to be a hit. So go ahead, embrace your inner comedian and add some laughter to your next meal. Your guests will thank you, and your table will never be the same again.



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