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Are you tired of constantly replacing your stained and dirty placemats? Do you dread the thought of hand-washing them after every meal? Well, fear no more! Introducing the revolutionary machine washable placemats! Yes, you heard that right. These placemats can be thrown in the washing machine with your regular laundry and come out looking brand new. No more scrubbing and soaking, just pop them in and let the machine do the work. Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on replacements. So, say goodbye to the hassle of hand-washing and hello to the convenience of machine washable placemats. Your dining table (and your hands) will thank you.

10 Incredible Machine Washable Placemats

Cutting down your work, we rounded up the 10 most amazing machine washable placemats  that you should consider to quickly get rid of dirt, debris, and mess that is created while eating food. Feeling curious to know more about these placemats, don’t worry! We are just about to walk you through every recommended placemat, to help you out in choosing the right fit option for your table.

DII Ribbed Placemats 100% cotton
Solino Hemstitch Placemats 100% pure linen
Levinis Buffalo Check Placemats 100% cotton
DII Chindi Rag Placemats 100% cotton
Solino Chambray Teal Placemats 100% pure linen
Grelucgo Hemstitched Placemats 50% linen & 50% polyester
WUFAYHD Fabric Placemats 100% polyester
DII Summer Stripe Placemats 100% polyester
DII French Stripe Placemats 100% cotton
Candumy Placemats 70% PVC & 30% Polyester

1. DII Ribbed – Set of 6 Placemats

DII Ribbed - Set of 6 PlacematsDII placemats are rectangular with a measure of 13×19 & 13×23 inches, which makes these placemats an ideal choice to be used on every table. DII kitchen placemats are available in more than 10 different colors allowing you to choose different color variations for each day. Now, you don’t have to opt for the option that could make your table ugly-looking. The elegant design of these placemats allows you to use them at formal dinners and parties without any hesitation. Cleaning the stains from DII Placemats is pretty easy and straightforward. To clean the placemats, you can put them in the washing machine and wait for a few minutes until every little dirt or stain is pulled out of them. Unlike other placemats, machine washable placemats are much easier to clean and maintain. These fabulous placemats are crafted with all of the natural fibers. Therefore, you can wash them in the washing machine without getting affected. Considering the standard size of the table, suppliers have included 6 placemats in the package. If your family requires more, then you have to place the order accordingly. These placemats are decently designed with the fringe decorative concept so that every household could place them on their dining table. The ability to enhance the table’s finishing and protection level makes it the perfect fit for every event.

  • Durable
  • Crafted with natural fibers
  • Washable in machine
  • Can be used in every event
  • Some users complain about the size variation

2. Solino Home Hemstitch – Perfect Linen Placemats

Solino Home brings top-class placemats to the market by combining European linen and expert craftsmanship. These placemats are hand-made by experts who are working in the industry for last many years. The detailed attention of the experts makes these placemats durable enough to last for a longer period. Along with the expertise of craftsmen, the quality of the European linen also contributes evenly to the durability of the placemats. Solino Home hemstitch placemats come in a set of 4, and there are different sizes available in the market so that every user can opt for this set. Measure the size of your table and order the number of sets accordingly. Furthermore, it is available in more than 10 different colors empowering you to choose the one that can easily blend with your décor. After placing these placemats on the table, you will notice that these placemats add a finishing touch to the table. If you are interested in making the table more attractive & impressive, then you should not avoid this minor accessory for your table. The material used in these placemats makes them easy to wash. No matter, what sort of stain the placemats got, it could be removed effortlessly. Unlike other placemats, the linen material allows you to wash these placemats in the washing machine. You will never find them destroyed in the machine because of their machines friendly nature. The wide variety of colors and sizes makes them the perfect washable placemats for almost every household. No matter what sort of decor you have, or what the size of your table is, these placemats will leave you satisfied at the end of the day.

  • Reflection of perfect craftsmanship
  • Washable material
  • Long-lasting
  • Protect your table from every possible stain
  • Placemats are not thick

3. Levinis Buffalo Check Cotton Placemats

Premium quality cotton is the primary material used in the manufacturing of these mats, which ensures the durability of the placemats. Available in a set of 6, it also offers different size options. As far as you are concerned with the design, we have good news for you. They have not followed the competition, and instead of making the placemats plain, they have made a buffalo checks pattern on top. The most amazing part of these placemats is that they not only protect the table from stains and scratches but also the heat produced by pots or dishes, with the heat insulation feature. Where standard placemats are failing to protect the table from the hot plates and bowls, these placemats are making their market by doing it effectively. Moreover, if you are frustrated with the slippery placemats, then this would be the perfect set for you because the material of these placemats does not allow them to slip from the table in any situation. Being slip-resistant placemats, they are also the most amazing placemats for wooden and glass tables. But precisely, the overall feature of these placemats makes them compatible with almost every kind of dining set. Another exciting feature of these placemats is that you can wash them without putting in much effort. Even after washing them in the machine for many years, you will not be able to spot any defects on them. But still, if you don’t want to risk the quality or the design of these placemats, then you can also wash them by hand. This set of placemats is perfect for all of those who love to use placemats for multiple purposes. No matter, whether you want to use them for the outdoor patio or on the regular dining table, they will keep leaving you amazed with the convenience that these cotton quilted placemats bring with them.

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Will not get defective even after years
  • Slip-resistant
  • Heat insulation capabilities
  • Cut by hand, that causes a size variation of 1-2 cm in each placemat

4. DII Chindi Rag – Perfect Placemats for Everyday Use

DII is a brand that is well-known for producing quality kitchen textile products. Placemats are one of them. They have a wide variety of placemats, but the most renowned are the  placemats for everyday use, because of their simple yet effective design. These handmade placemats are made of 100% cotton. Being handmade cotton placemats, the texture and the pattern varies even in one set. But the difference is not too much noticeable, and still, these placemats could enhance the finishing of any table. Moreover, these placemats are thicker which ensures a higher level of protection for your table. It awesomely protects your table from being ruined by stains. But still, you should avoid putting hot dishes on them because the heat insulation feature is missing in these table mats. By considering the standard requirement, the manufacturer has packed the placemats in a set of 6, and the size of each table mat is 13×19 inches. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want to make your table attractive, then there is no reason to look at any option other than this. But keep one thing in mind you might not be able to use it for parties and formal dining. From all of the basic placemat sets, we found them to be a worthy recommendation. For everyday dining, you should grab these placemats right now because of their durability, easy-to-wash feature, thicker surface, and better table finish.

  • Thicker surface
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • Enhance the finishing of the table
  • Protect the table from every possible stain
  • Can’t be used everywhere

5. Solino Chambray Teal Handcrafted Set of 4 Placemats

Here’s a set of placemats from the home of the Solino brand. The craftsmanship of the experts has finalized it. For this set, they have not only focused on the variety of the color but also introduced different patterns and styles. You will have a wide range of options to choose from for bringing the right fit that could easily complement your home decor. The linen material and the craftsmanship have made these placemats the most amazing long-lasting option. The durability is not the only thing that sets them apart from the crowd, and it is also easy to take care of. While not in use, you can quickly wrap the placemats and store them in any narrow space. Furthermore, cleaning the stains from the placemats would also not be an issue for you. You can easily wipe off the dust or the stains using a damp cloth but, if you want better cleaning, then the washing machine would be an appropriate fit. Due to the solid construction and the material, these placemats will remain the same even after getting tons of wash. The manufacturer has focused on the design and versatility of every single placemat. No matter what design you opt for, the placemat will keep providing you with the perfect blend with your home decor.

  • Elegant designs and patterns
  • Long-lasting
  • Very easy to clean
  • A bit costly

6. Grelucgo Handmade Hemstitched Rectangle Placemats

50% linen and 50% polyester has been used as the material in Grelucgo table placemats. This combination of the material brings out the natural color of these placemats. Their plain yet elegant design can easily blend with every kind of decor. These naturally looking placemats are also slip-resistant that enhancing the dining experience of the family. Like other placemats discussed above, these are also handmade. But the perfect part is that you will never get the chance to identify any human error in their design. Every placemat in the set has an equal size, and there will not be an error of inches. Most importantly, the color of the placemats will never be faded away. Even after washing it many times, and after many meals, the color will remain the same. If you are frustrated with the faded color, then you should grab the Grelucgo placemats for peace of mind. The material of these cloth placemats allows you to wipe off the stains effortlessly by using the washing machine. Interestingly, the versatile design combines with a wide variety of sizes to make them helpful for almost every household. Regardless, of your table size, you can opt for this placemat set blindly. The natural color, long-lasting life span, handmade construction, and slip-resistant feature are working together for making this placemat set, one of the appropriate options for every household. But we would love to claim it as the perfect placemat for wooden tables  because the design of these placemats looks more justifiable on wooden tables. If you don’t have any fancy requirements, then this basic placemat set would be correct for you.

  • Natural color
  • Can be used for many meals
  • A masterpiece among the handmade placemats
  • Versatile design
  • Some of the units get wrinkled after the wash

7. WUFAYHD Soft Fabric Wrinkle-Free Placematss

If you have ever set the dining table with the hot dishes and the mugs on the standard placemats, then you will agree with me that the standard placemats only protect the table from the dirt and keep letting the stain of the hot dishes ruin your table. But that’s not the case with WUFAYHD placemats, and more interestingly, you will get these placemats at the same price with an additional feature of heat insulation. More precisely, it is designed as a heat-resistant placemat for wood tables  only, but still, the design encourages the user to use it in every event. The main reason behind the powerful performance is their dual-layer, which makes the placemats even thicker so that the hot dishes do not get in touch with the table. Although, the fabric of the placemats contributes equally to preventing the hot bowls and plates from destroying your table. Moreover, the thicker layer makes the placemats slip-resistant and also encourages the user to wash them in the washing machine without any hesitation. It’s been noticed that after many washes, these placemats keep enhancing the finishing of the table. All of their associated features make them the correct placemats. But the design and the features are versatile enough, that you would be able to use it everywhere. The only downside is that it comes in a set of 4 placemats, where competitors are outranking them.

  • 100% polyester material
  • Heat insulation feature
  • Dual-layer
  • Slip-resistant
  • You might not like the plain backside

8. DII Summer Stripe 100% Polyester Placemats for Wood Table

Here comes another washable placemat set from the DII that you should consider for your dining table. The design of these placemats is correct for both indoor dining and outdoor parties. The classic design of the placemats make them compatible with every event, but most user does not find them fancy, so they prefer to use them for intimate indoor dinners only because of the suitable performance reputation. DII placemats have been designed with 100% polyester, which ensures that the liquid will never flow out of these placemats in any situation. No matter how messy your kids are, these placemats will keep working as the safeguard of your table. Moreover, the classic design enhances the table’s finishing. Therefore, you can also keep placing them on the table, even when not in use. Unlike other placemats, these are designed from both sides which makes them reversible. Now, instead of cleaning the placemat, you can instantly reverse the placemat for keeping the finishing of the table. In a nutshell, the overall cleaning duration of the placemats extends with this feature. These placemats come in a set of 6 with a size of 13×19 inches, which is fairly suitable for an average-sized table. But to serve a larger audience, they have recently added more size options. This set of wrinkle-free placemats has made its name in the market by introducing a combination of reversible and spill-proof features. Although the design has also turned them into a worthy investment, it would be only suitable for indoor dining as per user’s feedback.

  • Spill-proof placemats
  • Reversible
  • Classic design
  • Easy to care
  • The zipper is not stronger

9. DII French Stripe Cotton Placemats for Outdoor Tables

If you are not a fan of the plain placemat design, then this DII 100% Cotton Machine Washable placemat has something interesting to offer. The design is simple yet attractive that could be suited well with your outdoor patio and indoor dining table. Moreover, you would be able to choose from different color options, according to your table’s color and room decor. These placemats are made of high-quality cotton. They have used cotton material for making these placemats spill-proof. DII table placemats are not going to allow your kid or the guest to ruin your table with the liquid. These placemats will instantly absorb all of the liquid and also protect the table from every other possible stain. Unlike natural fibers, cotton material never gets shrink. Therefore, these placemats also encourage the user to wash them in the washing machine. Furthermore, they are available in a set of 6, which makes them suitable for the average-sized family. DII is the most trusted brand of kitchen textiles, and for keeping themselves at the top in the market, they continuously produce higher-end products. These DII 100% cotton machine washable placemats are the reflection of their commitment to the industry. You should not avoid these table placemats if you want to make your table attractive and protective simultaneously.

  • Will never shrink
  • Can be washed in a Machine
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Perfect Quality
  • You have to instantly wash, otherwise, it would become difficult in the future to remove the stain

10. Candumy Placemats for Kitchen Table

These placemats are not only known for their washable traits, but they have also got widespread fame for being the perfect heat-resistant placemats. This heat insulation ability allows you to serve hot dishes to the guest without worrying about the table’s protection. The PVC material empowers the placemat to absorb all the heat and keep your table as same as it was before. Additionally, the stain of these placemats could be washed in the washing machine. Even after bringing out the placemats from the machine, you will never notice any defect in the design or quality. Interestingly, the color will also never be faded away, even after a hundred meals and wash. All of these features are turning them into washable placemats that you could use everywhere including, offices, hotels, and kitchen tables. You might be amazed to know that you will get 8 placemats in one single set, which is the more significant number so far. But the cost of this set is far lesser than the other sets that offer 4 placemats only. This well-designed yet affordable placemat is the correct option for those who want to get placemats that could be used at any place of need. More precisely, they are recommended to you for heat insulation, durability, design, and washable feature.

  • Insulate the heat up to 186C
  • Color and design remain the same even after the use of years
  • The perfect companion for versatile use
  • 8 placemats are included in a single package
  • Relatively smaller in size

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Final Words

In conclusion, machine washable placemats are a game-changer for anyone who loves to eat but hates to clean up. No more scrubbing stains out of fabric or throwing away paper placemats after one use. With machine washable placemats, you can eat your spaghetti with reckless abandon and then toss the mess in the washing machine. Plus, they come in all sorts of fun designs and colors, so you can add some pizzazz to your dining table. So, if you’re tired of the hassle of traditional placemats, give machine washable ones a try. Your taste buds and your washing machine will thank you.



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