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Placemats for Everyday Use – Placemats are the unsung heroes of the dining table. They protect our precious surfaces from spills, stains, and scratches, all while adding a touch of style to our meals. But let’s be real, most of us only break out the fancy placemats for special occasions, leaving the everyday ones to collect dust in the cupboard. Well, it’s time to give those neglected placemats some love! Whether you’re eating a gourmet meal or a bowl of cereal, why not make it a little more fun with a quirky placemat? From punny phrases to hilarious designs, these placemats will have you laughing and enjoying your meals like never before.

Placemats for Everyday Use

To save your time and make things easier for you we have rounded up a selection of top 10 best placemats for everyday use. Before deep-diving into details of each product, we have designed a quick list and breakdown of our top picks:

Sticky Toffee Placemats Cotton
Urban Villa Placemats Cotton
DII Ribbed Placemats 100% Cotton
Reed Placemats 70% Straw 30% Cotton
DII Tonal Fringe Placemats 100% Cotton
Polka Dot Placemats 100% Cotton
Pauwer PVC Placemats 70% Vinyl 30% Polyester
Damask Vinyl Placemats Vinyl

1. Sticky Toffee – Best Washable Placemats

Sticky Toffee - Best Washable PlacematsAs everyone knows, the placemat is a great thing that not only dresses up your table but also protects it. This stylish looking placemat is an excellent choice if you are looking for placemats for daily use. Each package includes a set of 4 placemats sizing 14×19 inches and are available in blue, grey, red, and tan colors.

What makes these placemats so unique?

The use of cotton woven together in the composition of these placemats makes them more durable. The beautiful diamond pattern on top and hand-knotted decorative fringes on the edges gives a very appealing look. They are thick enough to protect your table from heat marks, burns, stains, and spills. Furthermore, these table mats are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Cleaning Sticky Toffee placemats is easy as pie! It is recommended to use cold water and gentle cycle on machine wash. For regular cleaning, a wipe of damp cloth or sponge will do the trick. Buy cotton woven placemat set at an affordable price and give a finishing touch to the beauty of your dining table and add a protective layer on it.

  • Beautiful pattern and decorative fringes
  • Heat resistant up to some extent
  • High quality at reasonable price
  • Excessive machine wash leads to shrinkage

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2. Urban Villa – Best Cotton Placemats

The colorful checkered design of Urban Villa placemats gives your table a refreshing look. It comes in a pack of 6, and the size of each placemat is 14 x 20 inches which are large enough for placing the dish, pot, and plate.

These stylish placemats are made of superior quality cotton and entirely wrinkle resistant. These table mats are also completely eco-friendly and are one of the best alternatives to plastic placemats. One can use this set of placemats at home, restaurants, special occasions, and events.

When it comes to cleaning of placemats, they are completely machine washable friendly. Forget about color fading and shrinkage problem because these mats are free from such issues. Urban Villa placemats are durable, best for everyday use, and give good value for the money.

  • Excellent multipurpose placemats
  • Beautiful checkered pattern
  • Machine washable and ironing friendly
  • Absorbency level is not up to the mark
  • Very lightweight material

3. DII Ribbed – Heat and Stain Resistant Placemats

It is a beautiful looking 13×19 inches placemat that is available in 29 different colors, making it easier for you to complement it with your dining décor.

DII placemats are composed of 100% five ply cotton, which makes them more durable as compare to other placemats. It is thick enough to protect your table from all kind of food stains, dirt, debris, spills, and burns.

One of the top features of this cotton placemat is the water doesn’t soak in in case of spillage. It beads up that makes it easier for you to clean spills. Furthermore, cleaning DII placemats is also very easy and machine washable friendly as well. You can also clean them using a cloth or sponge dipped in a mixture of warm water and washing liquid.

  • Available in a huge variety of colors
  • Thicker as compare to other placemats
  • Easy to remove dirt and debris
  • Might shrink upon excessive washing

4. DII CAMZ11156 Reed – Best Placemats for Daily Use

DII CAMZ11156 Reed – Best Placemats for Daily Use

If you want to enhance the beauty of your dining table, we highly recommend you to try DII CAMZ11156 Reed rectangular shape placemats. These place mats are available in a set of six, and the size of each one is 14×19 inches that perfectly coordinate with your table setting.

The material used for the composition of this placemat is 70% straw and 30% cotton. It is one of the best heat resistant placemats that provides excellent protection to the wood table from burn marks and spillages. Moreover, the beautiful texture on the top perfectly complements your dining table settings. You can also try the matching DII table runner to give a more appealing look to your decor.

Process of cleaning these placemats is very simple, take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the dirt and debris from it. Avoid washing them in the machine because this may lead to shrinking and ruining of texture on the top.

  • Beautiful texture makes them visually appealing
  • Easy to clean dirt and debris
  • Excellent durability
  • Not machine washable friendly

5. DII Tonal Fringe – Best Woven Placemats

Decorate and protect your dining table from food debris and liquid spillage with these affordable, decent, and attractive looking placemats. These rectangular shaped placemats are available in 2 different sizes 13×19, 13×23 inches. You also have an option to choose from 11 different colors which means you can easily match it with your table runner.

The manufacturer has used superior quality cotton in the manufacturing of these placemats. Decorative fringe on the edges makes these placemats more appealing. Additionally, they are thick enough to protect your table from heat and burn marks.


As per the manufacturer, these placemats are machine washable, but we recommend you not to do so.

We highly recommend you to use a damp cloth or a sponge to clean stains and dirt from the placemats. You can also buy a set of table mats and napkins to give a perfect look to your dining table.

  • Elegant design & affordable price
  • Durable
  • Provide decent protection to table
  • Machine wash is not recommended

6. Printed Reversible Polka Dot Placemats

DII Z02222 Polka Dot is extremely durable placemats and offers excellent protection to your dining table. Each package includes a rectangular shaped, set of 4 placemats sizing 13×19 inches. These cool looking place mats are available in 8 different colors black, red, white, metallic, and more.

High-quality cotton is the primary material used in the composition of these placemats. The dotted pattern on the top gives a stunning look and is a perfect choice for an everyday table setting. Apart from a beautiful look, the ideal size of these mats provides excellent protection to the table from stains and spills.

For cleaning these placemats, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly. For machine wash, it is recommended to use cold water and a gentle cycle of the machine. For drying use, the low heat setting on your tumble dryer and low-temperature ironing will give them a new look again. They are for daily use and are one of the best placemats for a square table.

  • delightful polka dotted pattern
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for everyday use and special occasions
  • No cons

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7. Pauwer PVC “ Best Heat Resistant Placemats for Wood Table

If you are looking for the best heat resistant placemats, Pauwer PVC is an excellent option. Pauwer is famous for providing high quality, durable table runners, and placemats. Company’s primary focus is to produce environmentally friendly products. These placemats are available in 10+ colors sizing 18 x 12 inches. You may notice a minor error on the edges because of the by hand cutting.

70% vinyl and 30% polyester are the components used in the manufacturing of Pauwer PVC placemats. These are multipurpose mats, and you can place them under the plates, dishes, cups, tableware, vases, and ashtrays.

Want to know the best part?

These woven vinyl placemats are entirely heat resistant offer excellent protection to your wood table from heat marks and its slip-resistant feature prevent it from sliding on the glass table. Furthermore, after usage, you can roll them up and easily store them in cabinets.

As per manufacturer recommendation avoid washing these placemats in the machine. You can use warm soapy water and a brush to clean the dirt and stains from the placemats. With all its amazing features buying Pauwer placemats for everyday use is a very decent choice.

  • Heat and slip resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can’t be washed in machine
  • After roll up, it takes time to flatten

8. DII Woven Damask – Best Placemats for Dining Table

The next up on our list is the DII Damask vinyl placemat, and in case you don’t know DII is one of the best companies providing top quality placemats. Size of each mat is 13×19 inches large enough for placing under big plates, dishes, and pots. A variety of color options and elegant pattern on top enables you to enhance the beauty of your dining table.

Vinyl is used in the composition of these placemats, and it makes them very strong and durable. These are the best waterproof placemats and are incredibly resistant to wear and tear.

But wait “ there’s more

You can use them for everyday dining, holidays, parties, etc. Furthermore, cleaning vinyl placemats is extremely easy, just a wipe of damp cloth or sponge will remove the debris from the mats. Using woven damask placemats is the easiest way to update the look of your wooden table.

  • Elegant look
  • Strong and durable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Good value for the price
  • Not heat resistant
  • Not machine washable friendly

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Final Words

In conclusion, placemats are not just for fancy dinner parties or special occasions. They can be used every day to add a touch of style and protect your table from spills and stains. Plus, they make great conversation starters. Imagine sitting down to breakfast with a placemat that says “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.” It’s sure to get a laugh and maybe even diffuse any potential arguments. So, don’t be afraid to break out the placemats for your everyday meals. Your table (and your guests) will thank you for it



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