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Placemats for Toddlers – The unsung heroes of mealtime. They’re the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained while you try to shovel food into their mouths. But let’s be real, they’re also a great way to avoid cleaning up the mess that inevitably comes with feeding a toddler. From alphabet mats to ones with cartoon characters, there’s a placemat for every picky eater out there. And let’s not forget the added bonus of being able to wipe them down with ease. So, if you’re tired of scrubbing spaghetti sauce off your dining table, invest in some placemats for your tiny tyrants. Your sanity (and your furniture) will thank you.

10 Hilarious Placemats for Toddlers

Here’s a summarized table for you with some of the best placemats ever released. If you’re looking for several features, simply match them from the last column and have a look at the product.

Without further ado, here you go:

1. Ezpz Happy Mat
  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • Fade-resistant material
  • Very easy to clean
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2. Neat Solutions Placemat
  • Ultra sticky bottom
  • Germs free surface
  • Fun & engaging design
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3. EZPZ Mini Mat
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Sticks nicely to the surface
  • Perfectly fits on highchairs
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4. merka Kids Placemats
  • Silicone suction back
  • BPA free material
  • Promote learning
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5. ezpz Happy Bowl
  • Latex & phthalate free material
  • Sticks nicely to flat surface
  • Promotes self-feeding
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6. Tidy Tyke Placemats
  • Extra sticky adhesive
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • Best disposable placemat
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7. Safari Disposable Placemats
  • Animal print attract toddlers
  • Corners sticks nicely to surface 
  • Germ free surface for eating
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8. UpwardBaby Suction Mat
  • Food & baby safe material
  • Makes meal time fun & mess-free
  • Durable & 3 times thicker
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9. merka Educational Placemats
  • Non-slip sticky back
  • Highly durable & reusable
  • Amazing source of learning
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10. Food Catching Silicon Mat
  • Baby safe material
  • Great suction technology
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
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Protect your table from heat marks and spillages by using best heat resistant placemats.

1. EZPZ Happy Silicon Placemats for Toddlers

If you are in search of toddler placemats which encourage learning, independence, and are easily cleanable, the EZPZ Happy Mat is the perfect fit toddler placemat for you!

Here’s why:

The EZPZ Happy Mat comes with small portions pre-manufactured on top of it; they form a smiley face which might lift your toddler’s mood and encourage a gentler eating period.

Each of these portions can be filled with different types of food and served right away. Due to their thick nature, they can also be easily stacked.

Durability won’t ever be an issue as the placemat is built with the highest grade of silicone and will last forever. Other than this, the silicon ezpz placemat is fade-resistant and the quality won’t wear off so you can let go of those fears easily. Coral, lime, and blue “ the three simple yet elegant colors in which the placemat is available for purchase. It gets better: If you’ve tried a dozen different placemats for toddlers and are tired of the efforts in cleaning them, well, you are in luck. The EZPZ Happy Mat is so easy to clean and rinse, you will be relieved of its cleaning capabilities. In addition, the place mat is dishwasher safe. So, you can put your placemats for toddlers in the washer without a single doubt and they will come out the same.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and manage. Also, dishwasher safe.
  • Encourages the development of motor skills
  • BPA, BPS, and other toxic material free
  • Fade and wear resistant
  • Doesn’t stick that well to many surfaces which makes them easily removable.
  • A strong soapy odor after dish washing


2. Neat Solutions Disposable Stick-on Placemats for Toddlers

Here’s the thing:

Toddlers can get super messy very quick. But, you can’t run around your children hoping to clean their mess every time.

The solution you may ask?

Disposable placemats. Neat Solutions has done an amazing job of introducing the best placemats for kids.

Children adore playing with anything they can get their hands on. With these placemats, you can be free of worries that your child might consume something toxic. The table topper is sanitary for all activities your toddler might engage in.

With a size of 12 inches by 18 inches, the placemats can adequately cover a lot of space and take on any and all dirt or spill your toddler might make. A single pack includes over 60 such placemats so you are stress-free for a long time.

Not only that, but the adhesive is actually on all 4 edges of the placemat because of which there’s a high chance it won’t get off until you apply a little pressure (something your toddler won’t do).

Here’s another fact:

Visual learning is better and effective. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your placemat was an actual source of knowledge for your children?

With this in mind, these disposable placemats for toddlers actually come with graphic content like animals, numbers, and small words. These will keep your toddler engaged for the time they are using it.

  • Educative and engaging graphics material on each placemat
  • All four sides are covered with a high-end adhesive
  • No toxic materials are used (BPA free)
  • Easy to apply and remove, and can be re-used if need be
  • Excellent for traveling purposes
  • Might not stick to a few surfaces like wood or fabric


3. EZPZ Mini Silicone Placemats for Kids

Here’s a thing:  Toddlers – they won’t stop playing around and making a mess of their food, home or outside. To keep their eating mess from spreading all over the room, parents are always in search of toddler placemats.

The EZPZ Mini Mat is the problem solver. The small placemats can fit anywhere, on any highchair, and keep the mess to themselves.

Products like the EZPZ Mini Mat manufactured with silicon are resistant to fading, wear and tear, and all other issues you might come across with other materials.

The usage of silicon increases the durability of the Mini Mat. Although they are bendable, they probably won’t break that easy.

Apart from this, the mini mat comes in various colors like lime, coral, blue, and gray. The sizes are slightly smaller than the other products as it is built with portability and traveling in mind.

They are small enough to fit in any bag and can be applied on highchairs whenever need be. Not only this, it is the best suction placemat as it sticks to the table so the toddler doesn’t throw everything around which can be a huge relief.

The eyes and the smile can lighten the mood of your infant and encourage them to eat their food gently rather than being at unease.


If cleaning is a concern for you, do not worry as the EZPZ mini mat is dishwasher safe as well and will be cleaned in no time!

  • 100% Silicon (free from toxic materials)
  • High durability
  • Compact and lightweight for portable uses and traveling
  • Dishwasher safe and easily cleanable
  • Can fit on almost every highchair
  • Won’t fade, corrode, or wear off after use
  • Thin and lighter than other EZPZ placemats
  • Unpleasing odor might come after frequent use


4. Merka’s Best Educational Placemats for Toddlers

If you’re searching for information and education placemats for your toddlers, the Merka’s set of 4 placemats should be your one and only choice!

You might be wondering:

What’s so special with these placemats?

The bundled placemats come in a variety of learning topics like alphabets, numbers, colors, animals, and various others.

Your kid will forever be indulged into the colors and the fun vibes the placemats have to add to your kids’ highchair.

It gets way better:

Not only are they great at departing information to children, but they are also excellent placemats which will keep the stains and debris off your table.

Toddlers love to be clumsy and there’s so much you can do to stop them, they just love it. You could embrace this feeling of theirs by using merka’s non-slip placemats which will go out of the way to provide protection from dirty stains.

The printing on the product is going to last forever as it employs UV color printing; a state-of-the-art printing mechanism.

Cleaning won’t ever become an issue as the polymer used to manufacture these placemats can easily be wiped or washed clean.

  • Informative and educational materials for children of all ages
  • Anti-slip
  • High-quality UV color printing “ won’t fade away
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Backing might come off after repeatedly sticking to surfaces


5. EZPZ Happy Bowl + Placemat

One of the best placemats for babies and toddlers is the ezpz Happy Bowl which can protect your table and highchair from the mess your baby might make while enjoying the food.

Here’s the deal:

The ezpz placemat comes with a bowl which can be used to serve many items like some cereal, pasta, or oatmeal. The possibilities are endless as the placemat does one amazing job at holding the mess back.

One of the best advantages of the Happy Bowl is the fact that the placemat is microwave safe.

Yes, you did read it right! You can simply put the food in and microwave it without worrying about the damage your placemat might have.

The placemat is entirely corrosion free and durable. The silicon material used to manufacture the ezpz placemats is of high-grade and free from industrial toxic materials like BPA and others.

It gets way better:

An added aspect to the Happy Bowl is that they can be stacked over one another. So, if you have more than one toddler you’re serving food to, simply put the food in and get going at once by stacking them altogether.

  • Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t involve any industrial grade toxic material
  • Sticks to the table or wherever it’s used
  • Might face problems with suction


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6. Tidy Tyke Sticky Disposable Placemats for Toddlers

Let go of cleaning messes every single time by using Tidy Tyke’s disposable toddler placemats!

You might be wondering:

Is it really that easy? Yes, it is!

Simply, apply the disposable placemat to the area where your toddler is going to dine, and voila! You are one step closer to protecting your table and there is a lesser chance of you having to scrub the table clean.

A single order includes a whopping 60 placemats which can be an excellent choice if you’re looking forward to buying a large number of placemats at once.

Here’s the thing:

Toddlers are creative and can quickly get the hang of how to remove a placemat and somehow make a mess.

But it can be easily resolved as the toddler plates that stick to the table can take care of the mess that’s about to take place. This is why, they are the best suction placemats to date.

The adhesive is not applied to a small portion but the entire placemat so they can quickly be applied and used. Rest assured, taking them off is just as easier; though it requires a little more pressure than a kid might apply.

Since they are of adequate size, they can cover an entire seating which you might assign to a child. The mess stays close to the placemat which can simply be discarded later. These are also the best travel placemats for toddlers.

  • Super sticky and excellent adhesive material
  • Portable, easier to manage, and carry around
  • Elegant design
  • Offers protection from germs and allergens
  • Thicker material
  • Not appropriate for delicate surfaces like stained wood


7. Safari Disposable Placemats for Toddlers

Have a night planned out for dinner but worried if your baby will make a mess of the food you serve?

Well, worry no more.

Here’s how: Little Ochoo’s Safari Disposable placemats are probably the best placemats for  babies and are likely to keep them engaged with the animals graphics printed over them.

Not only are they excellent means to keep the tables clean and clear from the dirt and debris, but they also are easy to apply to the table and just as easy to remove once done. With a single pack of 60 placemats, you’re in for a treat as they offer a package at the same price as others sell about 50 placemats. You might be wondering: Does the place stick to the tables as intended? Well, with an excellent gluing adhesive on the sides and bottom, the placemat will gel itself with the table and won’t be removed even if your infant tried to scrape it out. So, if you’re looking for cheap disposable placemats for toddlers with an added advantage of extra cleaning and high-quality plastic, the Safari placemats are the perfect option!

  • Sticky “ won’t come out if grabbed by a toddler or kid
  • Durable and can withstand a lot of stains
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Won’t rip easily
  • Easily removed and disposed of after usage
  • The adhesive strips are at the edges but lesser at the bottom of the placemat.
  • Fails to stick after repetitive use.


8. UpwardBaby Suction Placemats for Toddlers

Making your infant’s mealtime fun and entertaining is now possible through UpwardBaby suction placemats for toddlers!

The cat shape imprinted on the placemat is made using Silicone, one of the most durable materials used to make such pads.

If your toddler is playful and loves to throw things around, believe me, the UpwardBaby is not going anywhere.

With an excellent suction and hard material, your toddler won’t be able to get a good grip on the pad to throw it around. If you are searching for placemats which stick easily, this is the best suction placemat for you!

Apart from these features, the placemat is designed to fit every highchair and can even fit in a ziplock!

Here’s how you do it:

You put the food in the placemat and gently put it in the ziplock bag. Lock the bag and take it wherever you want. It won’t flow out or move an inch.

  • Infant friendly design and vibrant colors
  • Heat-resistant
  • Better suction and easily sticks to the surface
  • Thicker material
  • Fits on most highchairs
  • Release unpleasent odor for a few days

  • If you have a round dining table and are not sure which type of place mats suit it, you should check our reviews post on top 10 best placemats for round table.

9. Merka Explorer Set of Placemats for Toddlers

If your child loves to learn through visual details, it doesn’t get better than Merka’s explorer set.

Through these set of 4 placemats, your kid can playfully learn and dine in on the placemat at the same time.

Map of the United States, map of the world, human anatomy, and the solar system are the few graphic materials which are printed on the placemats.

Here’s a fun fact:

Through the art of visual storytelling, your toddler will be likely to pay attention sooner or later. This attention-grabbing placemat will definitely cool their temper and allow them to engage with the content.

This fun learning concept is actually made by keeping parents and teachers in the design phase so their valuable input could be taken.

Apart from these, the material of the placemat is plastic which is free from all industrial toxic materials and entirely germ-free.

Now: The placemats are reusable as they can easily be cleaned by wiping or running them through clean tap water. Since the placemats for toddlers are thick, they are also anti-slip. Your toddler or infant won’t be able to move the placemat that easily and will face trouble.

  • Highly informative and educational
  • Thicker placemats
  • High-quality plastic
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • Non-skid backing
  • The backing might shed “ leading to tiny pieces of silicon stuck to the table.


10. Food Catching Silicone Placemats for Toddlers

Toddlers adore colorful items and can spend a long time just expressing their love for these colorful items. Keeping this love in mind, the Food Catching palcemat came in a beautiful mint color.


This beautifully colorful placemat have a special plate with various sections, each of which can be used to serve a different type of food. This also encourages discipline in children.

One of the best characteristics of these placemats is their suction. They are probably the best suction plate for toddlers out there as they are entirely resistant to hard pushes and pulls.

Most placemats are built with a thin, flimsy material which makes them unable to be used in dishwashers. Not these, as they are dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe as well!

This is due to the usage of silicon as the main manufacturing material. It’s durable, tear-resistant, fade-resistant, and much more. So, let go of your fears and buy these placemats for toddlers to ease your journey into parenting. The QShare’s placemats can fit almost every highchair easily and be used to keep the spills to the placemat itself as its spacious enough to cover the entire area.

  • Easily sticks to surfaces “ best suction capabilities
  • Bright, colorful designs
  • Durable “ built from silicone
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Not appropriate for hot items as the silicone might mix with it


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What are the best placemats for toddlers? We are listing down our top 3 picks:

  • ezpz Happy Mat
  • UpwardBaby Placemats
  • Merka Kids Placemats

Are placemats for toddlers machine washable? Not every child’s placemat is machine washable. Placemats made of fabric can be washed in the machine, but don’t forget to clean it on a gentle wash. Still, we highly recommend reading the washing instructions printed on the placemat pack. What are placemats used for? Placemats or suction bowls for kids are used for mess-free feeding. Placemat acts as a shield and protects your table from bad food stains that are hard to remove. You can sit calmly next to your baby and let him enjoy the meal. What are placemats for toddlers made out of? Some common materials used to manufacture placemats are:

  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • PVC

Nowadays, many companies are also offering placemats made of bamboo. Such placemats are the good heat resistant mats. Why you need placemats for toddlers? No matter how hard you try but you can’t stop your little one from creating a mess of his meal. A placemat on a table provides a decent amount of protection and prevents your dining table from catching stains due to the spread of food.


In conclusion, placemats for toddlers are a great way to keep your little ones entertained during mealtime. Not only do they provide a fun distraction, but they also protect your table from spills and stains. Plus, with so many cute and colorful designs available, your child will love picking out their favorite one. Just be prepared for the occasional tantrum when they can’t decide between the dinosaur or unicorn placemat. And if all else fails, just remember that sometimes the best placemat is a roll of paper towels. Happy dining!



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