10 Best Placemats for Wood Table 2022 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Artand Placemats

  • Heat-resistant
  • Ultra-durable
  • Non-fading

Pauwer Placemats

  • Slip-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to clean

U’Artlines Placemats

  • Stain-resistant
  • Non-slip insulation
  • Eco-friendly material

Setting up a table requires more than just throwing things over and hoping to impress the people about to dine on it.

So, you might be wondering:

What can I do to win the hearts of my guests?


Apart from the many important things to place on a table for beautification, placemats lead the list.

To cut your work out for you, we’ve curated a list of the best placemats for wood table. Be it a birthday party, a dinner, or a special event at your place, we’ll show you how to get best place mats that speaks for itself!  I have written a detailed guide on how to choose placemats, where I have outlined some key points that will help you in buying best placemats.


Your table, simple or luxurious, needs to be protected from stains, debris, and marks. Placemats are served for the very purpose of protection and also, for refreshing the looks of a table with some elegant décor.

For mess-free feeding, you should check out the top 10 best placemats for toddlers.

Best Placemats for Wood Table [Reviews 2020]

But, just before we begin our actual discussion, we have put forward a very thorough guide using which you can better understand what aspects to pay special attention to whenever you feel like shopping for placemats, both online and in your local marts.

We highly recommend you to read the buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

ProductFeatures & MaterialAvailability
Artand Heat Resistant Placemats• Heat resistant
• Cheaper
• Non-fade
• PVC & Polyester
HEBE Heat Resistant Placemats• Heat resistant
• Non-fade
• Non-slip
Cotton Craft Hand Made Placemats• Easy to wash
• Water absorbent
• Available in many sizes
• 100% Cotton
DII Placemats for Everyday Use• Elegant design
• Easy to clean
• 100% Cotton
Benson Mills Cork Placemats• Excellent insulators
• Water resistant
• Available in many designs
• 100% Cork
Pauwer Vinyl Placemats• Non-slip
• Non-fade
• Easy stain removal
• PVC & Polyester
Bright Dream Washable Placemats• Easy to rinse and clean
• Lightweight
• Cheap
• PVC & Polyester
Benson Mills Round Placemats• Durable
• Easy to clean
• Heat resistant
• Affordable
• Polypropylene
U’Artlines Slip-Resistant Placemats• Easy to clean
• Heat resistant
• Non-fading
HEBE Stain-Resistant Placemats• Heat resistant
• Smooth texture
• Easy to remove stains

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the best place mats for wooden table in detail.

1. Artand Heat and Stains Resistant Washable Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Artand Heat Resistant Washable Tablemats for Wooden TableA beautiful set of placemats which can light up the entire aura of a table with elegance and style, all the while, completing the theme of the table or the room.

The placemat is composed of a very unique combination of materials, namely 70 percent PVC and 30 percent polyester. This combination protects wooden table effectively.Check Latest Price on Amazon

These cheaper set of placemats are also the best placemats for glass dining tables as they might cause water to flow through their weak pores, but can easily be wiped off of glass tables.  Wooden tables, however, will not be able to take these spills for long.

One of the major reasons for including this placemat in the list is its capability to bear a high temperature of 176 °F, which is a great sign of its effectiveness in protecting the wooden tables.

The manufacturer provides an option to order either 4 or 6 placemats of the same top-grade material etched on, which is the same elegant design. These tablemats are available in 5 different colors, and their size is 18×12 inches.

  • Heat resistant up to a large degree
  • Elegant design
  • Economical and less expensive
  • Doesn’t fade away
  • Durable
  • Weaker than expected
  • Cleaned through wiping only. Do not support washing by machines.


2. HEBE Heat Resistant Placemats for Wooden Table

Best Placemats for Wooden Table - Heat and Stain Resistant Table Mats for Wood Dining TableA beautiful pair of six placemats, crafted by skilled artisans with durability in mind. These placemats possess many advantages as they are made from an approved environment-friendly material!

These stylish woven vinyl placemats add a wild touch of vibrancy to a table and are Check Latest Price on Amazonentirely heat-resistant. This feature ensures durability as they can hold off all greasy stains which leave a mark.

Apart from this, they are also foldable and can easily be moved on or off the table as need be.

These economical placemats, available in a set of 6 and 12 different colors, are the best placemats for everyday use. Cleaning them can be a tad bit hard as the cross-weave leaves a few spots which might cause food or spill to stay inside.

However, they are definitely a great addition to a dining table and will complement the theme in a beautiful manner. Buying HEBE placemats is going to provide you a good value for the money.

  • Woven vinyl cross-weaved
  • Heat resistant
  • Doesn’t fade or lose color
  • Attractive look
  • Non-slip and foldable
  • Thinner or weaker material
  • Debris might get in the holes, making it slightly harder to clean


3. Wood Meets Color Woven Braided Placemats

thick placemats for wooden tableIf you are looking for a placemat which gives your table a refreshing look with a pop of color, protect your table from burn marks efficiently, and are cheap at the same time, this is the perfect placemat for you!

Another great thing about these beautiful vibrant placemats is their absorbentCheck Latest Price on Amazon nature,  which makes them the best placemat for everyday use as all sorts of spills and mess by children can be well taken care of.

Available in a pack of 4, these 12 x 18 inches cotton placemats will protect your wooden table from all sorts of stains and marks, and that too, for a long time.

Most cloth placemats are not machine washable, but so is not the case with these placemats. Although the fringes on the sides are hand knotted, the material doesn’t wither away and neither does it release color on washing.

The table runner and napkin are also available in same color and design. Another great offer by the company is the free replacement, if the placemat get teared after wash.

  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent and water resistant
  • Both sides have the same print so use the other If need be
  • Available in more than one size.
  • Needs to be ironed after a wash
  • Thicker than expected with a rough feel


4. DII French Stripe Placemats for Everyday Use

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Washable Heat Resistant Tablemats for Wooden TableAre you in search of an all-natural fiber placemat to create the perfect table setting? Well, these stylish and fashionable placemats are your best choice.

These exquisite placemats are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You don’t need a special occasion to put up these placemats as they are the best option for almost every event and time.Check Latest Price on Amazon

The 13 inches long by 19 inches wide placemat available in 14 different colors. These beautiful tablemats are manufactured using 100 percent cotton, which ultimately affects their durability.

One thing you need to take care of is the heat. These placemats doesn’t offer good protection against hot bowl and dishes. So, don’t make a mistake of placing burning dishes on the mat.

Although washing these placemats in the machine is possible, they can also be cleaned using a damp cloth or a sponge with some sort of liquid or soap. Shrinkage might be a small issue, but does not always happen.

Be it a picnic, a dinner, or even a party, these placemats can upgrade the looks of your table by twofold. Not only for your own usage, but these placemats can also be gifted to others on various occasions.

To keep their structure as it is, medium heat should be applied. Pots or plates with very hot substances should be avoided so these placemats can work longer than expected.

One of the best aspects of buying these placemats is their price and the quantity of them compared to other products. They’re incredibly economical both for the level of quality in terms of durability and value.

  • Easy to clean. As they are machine washable, they are incredibly easy to manage. They can also be cleaned using damp cloth if the stains are lighter
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Intricately elegant design (French stripe)
  • Economical rates
  • Might shrink upon excessive washing
  • Very thin and flimsy


5. Best Heat Resistant Placemats Benson Mills Bordeaux

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Benson Mills Bordeaux Heat Resistant TableMatsIf you are in search of placemats which reflect back on your luxurious love for artistic tables and still manage to keep the setting minimal, look no further.

The Bordeaux 100 percent cork placemats are possibly the best option you will come across in that price and value! The intricacies of the design are very clear from the get-go as your visual senses divulge  into the beautifully printed placemats.Check Latest Price on Amazon

With cork as the primary material in their manufacture, the impermeable surface doesn’t allow any liquid to pass through, which makes them the best spill-proof placemats. Also, because of their hard nature, spillages can be cleaned easily without the risk of the liquid creating a mess inside the fabric.

With the firm surface of this cork placemat, they are great insulators and heat-resistant, allowing temperatures up to 212 F º. So, feel comfortable when using hot pots or dishes as they will protect your table from all sorts of debris and stains.

Available in a huge range of different printed designs, they are loved by many and are also one of the best placemats for wooden tables.

  • Excellent insulators and heat-resistant
  • Available in many beautiful designs
  • Water resistant because of hard nature
  • 100% Cork material
  • Prices are average for the quality and material used
  • Might break away if excessive pressure is applied
  • Designs might peel off after some time


6. Pauwer Crossweave Woven Vinyl Easy to Clean Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Pauwer Heat Insulation Stain Resistant for Wooden TableLooking forward to buying placemats which are extra durable, easy to clean, and are incredibly lightweight? Pawers striped placemats will hands down, provide you all these features!

Cleaning these placemats cannot be any easier. Just for an example, say your guests are over and something produces a stain on the placemat. You do not need to go out of the way to clean it.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Simply, wash a cloth, and rub the placemats gently to see a positive result. This inevitably makes them the most appropriate placemats for dining tables.

However, they are not the best insulators and can only absorb heat up to 80 °C. Because of this, wooden tables might be at risk of permanent marks if hot substances are kept on the placemat for longer periods.

Cross-woven placemats are no ordinary pieces of cloth. By using approved PVC materials in their products, Pauwer placemats goes out of the way to give you a fixed mix of elegance and modern placemats which can complement a wide range of home décor.

These placemats are available in a set of 4, 6, 8 and in 26 different colors. You can choose as many placemats as you want depending on the size of your dining table.

  • Visually appealing and add a touch of elegance
  • Easy to clean. Simple stains or debris can be cleaned under running water as well.
  • Available in many different colors and shades
  • Lightweight and can easily be removed as and when wanted
  • Perfect for the price at which they are available
  • Incredibly thin and flimsy
  • Can easily slip off the table


7. Bright Dream Hard Table Best Washable Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table - Bright Dream Washable Tablemats for Wooden Dining TableIn order to complement a larger table, you might need placemats which are larger in length and suit well with your seating. With this usage in mind, these placemats are available in a whopping 18 inches wide by 12 inches long size, the perfect addition to longer tables.

Not only simple solid colors, but the placemats are also available in various designs and color shades to perfectly suit the shade of your table. To win over your guests, Check Latest Price on Amazonthese might just be the best decision you will ever make as it attracts people over to its glistening looks and impresses more with its touch.

The size of these placemats is 18 x 12 inches and are available in 38 different shades. Composed of 70% PVC and 30% polyester, these vinyl placemats are the best washable placemats as stains and debris can be swiped clean or washed under running water.

As the liquid can go through them, they might be a little heavier after a wash and must be dried before usage.

Vinyl placemats like these are also the best square placemats for round tables as they can help in seating as well as for traditional beautifying and protection purposes.

  • Available in many different sizes and colors
  • Easy to fold and manage
  • Stains can be removed easily
  • Non-slip, non-fade
  • Affordable and cheaper for the quality and sharpness they offer to the table
  • Size might be exceptionally large
  • Meal particles may get in between the holes of the placemat
  • Hotter plates or pots might leave a mark


8. Benson Mills Victorian Round Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table Benson Mills Victorian Round Shape Tablemats for Glass and Wooden TableTraditional square placemats are famous but not as much as the round ones. Benson Mills’ Victorian placemats give you a rustic feel with their round nature and looks.

If you are looking for placemats that protect tables from heat, with their hard material, these placemats will go a long way to help you steer clear of all heat marks.  Feel free to keep any hot pot on your Victorian placemat without the stress of noticing an unwanted stain later.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Cleaning placemats can be an extremely daunting task. However, the polypropylene material used in these table mats makes them resistant to long term stains. Cleaning them is fairly easy and can be done with a damp cloth or sponge, or by a simple wipe.

The rustic brown or brick red shade of the placemat goes with almost every table. Be it an oak wood table or a simple glass table, these 15-inch placemats will look amazing everywhere for all sorts of usages. Add a bit of fun to your table with these small round sets of joy.

  • Made of high-quality materials like polypropylene
  • Maintenance and cleaning is fairly easy by a damp cloth or wiping
  • Durable
  • Heat-resistant up to a large degree
  • Affordable
  • The rustic brown and gold complements almost every table
  • Not machine washable
  • Might be thinner than expected
  • Might curl up from the sides after prolonged use


9. U’Artlines Non-Slip, Washable Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table - UArtlines Non-Slip Heat Insulation Washable TablematsBright dreams placemats can greatly impact the overall impression of the table settings with their simple yet modern color schemes.

With these high-quality placemats on your kitchen table, you can easily let go of the worries that your children might make a mess. Let them, and you can easily clean the dirt right off by wiping the placemat and soaking it in warm soapyCheck Latest Price on Amazon water. If the stains still won’t go, a brush and a similar soap solution are your best bet.

Not only for conventional tables, but they are also the best placemats for round table. Be it a patio table in your green garden, or your glass table inside, it will fit perfectly in every case.

PVC and Polyester are the main materials used to manufacture these placemats which are approximately 18×12 inches and available in 45 different colors. Although a little longer, they can also be used on smaller tables, either by folding inside or by keeping one over another.

  • Heat-resistant to 65℃
  • Non-fading
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to manage and clean using soap and water solutions or wipes
  • Unique design and 44 different colors.
  • Liquid might sweep through pores
  • Very lightweight material if you are not looking for one specifically


10. HEBE Heat Resistant, Non-Slip, Washable Placemats

Best Placemats for Wood Table - HEBE Heat Resistant, Non-Slip, Washable TablematsHEBE manufactures placemats are designed with utmost attention to quality, value, and detail. In order to showcase your love and interest in cultural art, these placemats might be the perfect fit as they amaze the eye with their creative patterns.

In order to keep the table protected from heat marks, the placemat is slightly thicker than Check Latest Price on Amazonnormal ones as a very high-quality PVC material is used to produce these well-designed set of placemats.

They are remarkably the best placemats to protect wood table because of their high heat resistance.

Available in a set of 6 and 21 different colors, their sizes are a tad bit longer. This is not a negative point, but might not be suitable for small tables. This might be a drawback, however; their quality overcomes all such disadvantages and is still an excellent choice.

These placemats are the right fit for every setting, even if you are hosting a dinner, or simply plan on keeping it on your work desk. Beautify the looks of your tables by placing these stylish placemats and amaze the observer in no time.

  • Stains get off very easily and the mat dries quickly
  • Heat resistant up to 150 F
  • Smooth texture and creatively designed patterns
  • An excellent choice for wood and glass tables
  • Not waterproof
  • Cannot be machine washed
  • A little expensive


A Thorough Guide on How to Choose Placemats

A simple decision to buy a placemat will lead you to a whole new dimension of modern design and home décor.

Want to know the best part?

Your own local stores “ or even an online store, are home to a dozen placemats, each produced with a different material, in a different size.

Sorting out the perfect placemat for your own use can be a hard task. But, to cut it out for you, we will discuss the various aspects to compare which can narrow your list down a bit.

Features of the Placemat

Are you looking for placemats which simply increase the beauty of your table, or are both washable and durable for the long run? Should they be heat and water-resistant placemats?

Each placemat is made of a different material, with a different usage scenario in mind. Let’s put it this way, the best tablemats for a wood table might not be the right option for a glass or a plastic table.

Heat ResistantFade ResistantNon-SlipWashing CapabilitiesPlacemats SizeMaterial
If you aim to put your placemats on a wooden table, you might need placemats which have a higher degree of resistance to heat as placing hotter pots on a low-quality placemat might melt it, causing a permanent mark on the wood.

Best placemats for wood tables should have either be excellent insulators or host a nominal degree of resistance to heat.

Not every placemat is used for indoor tables. Patio tables in the gardens might be subjected to UV rays and thus, the fading of their colors is an event which is very possible.

However, if you want to buy placemats for such purposes, then you should definitely be picking a place mat which is fade-resistant. Even if your table is close to a window, you might need protection from the UV rays.

Some materials allow the placemats to be extra slippery, especially on glass tables. If you have children in your home or are cautious of your plates, you might need to have a closer look at the description of the product and see if the placemat slips or not.
Placemats can be cleaned using several different ways. Some can only be spot cleaned using a brush, some through soap and water solutions, and some through commercial machines.

This again depends on the material used in the placemat. If a vinyl placemat is purchased, it can’t be machine washed.

Similarly, a cloth placemat may or may not be machine washed and hand-washing might be required. It depends on the vendor and the quality of the product.

So, to start your journey, select a set of features and you’re one step forward.

Exceptionally large placemats might be useful for some scenarios but are mostly unappealing as they cover up too much of the space.


Folding them up might solve the problem however, you should pick mats which are just the right size for your table.

In order to keep the table setting minimal and beautiful, a placemat should ideally be of the size 14 inches wide by 20 inches long.

Placemats are generally available in many other sizes and shapes. For example, round, square, or rectangular placemats are also a very fashionable option.

If no market standard fits your needs, custom sized placemats are also a thing. Designs and sizes are based on your own preference in these placemats and the options are limitless. Also, most of the placemats come in a size of 4 placemats. So, in addition to a total of 6 or 8 placemats definitely adds to the overall ranking in our list.

Focusing solely on the intricacies of the design and decorative perspective of the placemats is fine, however, you might not be satisfied by the results if the materials used in the placemat are not of your liking.

Here’s the deal:

You should always take a closer look at the materials which are used to manufacture your chosen placemat. Cotton placemats are way softer without a harsh odor. Hand stitched placemats, with an elegant design will definitely win over the people close by. Water stains can also be restrained in the placemat to a great extent.

PVC or Vinyl placemats are the best washable placemats. Although they are excellent in terms of cleaning but, many dislike their stiffness and the disability of machine washing.

Cork placemats are also a trendy option. Their lightweight nature and protection from water stains and heat marks make them a loved choice by many.

At the end of every deal, what matters most is what you get with the least amount of money spent. Following a strict budget is very important but so is buying the best placemats.

We value the cost of the placemat as an important aspect of the purchase. Cheaper placemats might lack in luster but could be super durable for the long run and it could be the opposite for expensive placemats.

One part of it depends on the material with which the placemat is made. Quantity is also an outcome of the value. How many placemats can you get in a specific amount?


What can I use to protect my wood table?

One of easiest and budget friendly ways of protecting a wooden table is to use placemats for wood table. Use of a good quality placemat will protect your table from scratches, heat/burn marks, and other kind of damages cause due to placing hot items on the table.

Which is the best material for placemat for wooden table?

Placemats made of vinyl and fabric (cotton or linen) material are best for wood table. These mats have a great heat-resistant capacity and are easy to maintain as well.

Do you keep placemats on table?

It is totally a personal choice. People usually use placemats when they are having a meal but keeping them always on the table create a beautiful ambiance and enhance the overall look of your dining settings.

How to protect wooden table from heat marks?

You can maintain the beauty of your wood table and save them from white heat marks caused due to placing hot dishes by using best placemats. Use of such mat will not save your dining from burning marks but also provide protection against spillages.

Final Words

In this day and age, you have hundreds of options for everything. Placemats are no exception. From modern and contemporary to traditional, the market is full of designs and styles, each with its own beauty.

Just remember, keep it simple and try to look for the features which you most need, and the right product will satisfy you in no time. Styles, designs, colors, and value for each placemat might differ but, at times, even an expensive tablemats might not be the best one.

We hope to have unrevealed the secrets to picking the most elegant, event-appropriate best placemats for wood table through this extensive guide.


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