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How to wash placemats – 5 Effective step-by-step methods

How to wash placemats – Placemats add a touch of style with a pop of color, increasing the presence of a table twofold. It appeals to the observer’s eyes and makes the food placed on it incredibly appetizing.

But once you’re free from the beautifying part, comes the part where you notice stains, dirt, and other debris on your placemats and they need to be cleaned for re-use.

How to wash placemats?

In this day and age, there are more than a hundred types of placemats, each with a different design and different cleansing capabilities. You must be worrying about how to wash placemats. Here, take a quick tour of how to wash placemats in the most effective manner.

Let’s check these amazing methods to wash placemats –

Cleansing Off Dirt; It’s More Than Just A Rub

Placemats are used for everyday purposes in almost every household now, but not everyone is aware of how to clean these delicate pieces of tableware.

Each placemat is designed with a different purpose and material in mind, and so, the methods with which they’re washed are also different. Vinyl and plastic placemats can’t be washed in the same way as cloth placemats.

Let’s discuss how to remove stains from different types of placemats.

Wiping The Dirt Off Of Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl or plastic placemats are generally easy to clean because of their hard nature and ability to restrain the spill at their surface. Because of this very reason, they are considered to be the best placemats for wooden tables. Since they can’t be washed in a machine, your best bet is to use a damp clean cloth to wipe the surface dirt or wash it under running water so they can be cleaned.

Leave them to dry overnight on some towels or a rack to have lustrously clean placemats, ready for use the next morning!

Steps for how to wash placemats (Vinyl)

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to quickly clean your vinyl placemats:

Step 1: Use a clean cloth, of any material, and dampen it lightly.

Step 2: Clean the surface of the placemat thoroughly.

Step 3: If you feel the dirt is removed, you’re done.

Step 4: If not, wash your vinyl placemat under running tap water and wipe it with a sponge or your hand

Step 5: Dry the placemat and you’re done!

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Making Fabric Placemats Spotless

Cloth or fabric placemats are used throughout the year on tables which makes them an easy target for spills and debris. Cleaning these tablemats can be a little tricky as they’re incredibly soft and the materials with which they are manufactured call for gentler treatment.

One general tip that applies to all garments or fabrics is that stains should be removed as soon as they occur so they don’t turn into stubborn permanent ones which are hard to clean.

Steps for how to wash placemats (fabric)

Now, to clean your fabric or cloth placemats, leaving no single mark, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Get a butter knife (or a narrow pointy material).

Step 2: Gently scrape off removable leftovers from the cloth.

Step 3: For the stubborn spots, dab them with a cloth damped with soap and water until they are gone.

Step 4: Dry the mat and voila, spotless placemats are ready to get back to the table!

However, you might come across some really stubborn stains, and might want to try a fabric-safe cleaner for that purpose.

These detergents like liquid detergents or all-natural cleaners normally exclude bleach, alcohol, or ammonia and are safe for all clothes.

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Sanitizing Bamboo Placemats

Bamboo silk rugs or placemats can be efficiently cleaned in the same way using dampened cloth of soap and water. Machine use is again not recommended because of their soft nature and they don’t normally hold well. In case you are looking for a different option, white vinegar is a good option as it is an excellent cleaning agent.

Steps for how to wash placemats (Bamboo)

Follow the below-given steps to clean bamboo placemats:

Step 1: Mix white vinegar and water, in equal amounts. Make a mixture.

Step 2: Damp a soft cloth in the mixture

Step 3: Clean the dirt off of your bamboo placemats.

NOTE: Don’t follow these steps to clean jute placemats. Soon, we will share a complete guide on how to clean jute placemats.

How to wash placemats with the tag “Spot Clean Only”?

Spot clean-only placemats utilize a very delicate lace to produce an intricate design, which removes their chances of being washed in commercial washing machines.

Their delicacy calls for a very gentle cleansing through a soft cloth or by hand using spotting agents so as to keep their fragile lace from breaking apart into the fiber.

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FAQs on how to wash placemats

Q1: Are placemats machine washable?

A: No, placemats are not machine washable safe. Some designer placemats, like the Chilewich placemat, are very fragile and hold many enhancing details and finishes which might be ruined if a machine or a dishwasher is used for cleaning them. A cloth dampened in soap and water is always the best route to take!

Q2: Can you put placemats in the dishwasher?

A: No, placemats are not dishwasher safe. We suggest you clean your placemats after taking the meal with dish detergent and lukewarm water.


Placemats are obviously made with the mindset that they might get dirty over time and so, the cleaning process is not that hard after all. Well, we hope we’ve given you enough tips to clean your placemats the right way. Just a general tip, start off gently and gradually pick up the pace.

Do you have any other tips on how to wash placemats? Tell us down below in the comments section! For more guides and tips keep following MatsCorner.

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