What Are Placemats Used For? A Detailed Guide

In this millennial world of Instagram, what definitely pleases your guests is a visually appealing table. How often do you see yourself running around, trying to find the perfect accessory to do just that? Well, that is exactly what placemats are used for!

Here’s their true purpose:

Placemats carry a touch of elegance with the ability to massively amp up the overall looks of your dining table. However, style and gracefulness aren’t the only positives of using a placemat.

Comparing a beautiful placemat with the Holy Grail won’t be an understatement. These small, but useful accessories can be leashed out at almost any eating occasion or to protect wood tables from heat marks and all sorts of mess.

What Are Placemats Used For?

Let’s take a quick look at some places where a placemat makes the most sense:

Perfecting The Dinner Table at Home

You might be wondering:

How can placemats help me perfectly set up the dinner table?

Well, the answer to this question relies on understanding how guests actually take a look at the dinner table. Placemats can inform each guest about their position on the table and allow them to place the dish without taking more space.

One other thing that bothers most hosts is the mess their guests make on the table. What did I tell you? Placemats are more than just a pop of flair.

Placemats are the tableware that can protect wood table from spills, scratches, and whatnot. Some of the best placemats for wood tables cater to their use case perfectly and are the perfect package for your table.

They are designed to be thick enough to stop the spills from getting through and light enough to be carried around easily. Again, just protection seems dull. So, placemats are also designed to please the eye and resound a positive aura around the table.

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Here’s another issue you might feel you have:

My table is rectangular or round. How can any type of placemat look good on that?

Well, as placemats grew in popularity, so did they grow in size and shape. Placemats for rectangular tables are different from placemats for a round, patio table. To pick the best placemats for round table, or others, you should take a thorough look at features of the placemat.

If you’re about to host the dinner outside, you might want placemats that give off cooler vibes. However, if you’re hosting a dinner inside, you might want a placemat that’s both protective and offers a hint of style to the table’s looks.

Still not impressed? If you adore tablecloths, there are dozens of tablecloths and placemats sets which both complement each other. This way, you can let go of all fears of heat marks, spills, and everything else as the best placemat for heat marks will take care of those for you!

Catering To Guests at Restaurants

Worried about your guests leaving stains at the table? Imagine the mess people make at restaurants or places where they imagine the cleaning staff would just handle it all.

Here’s the best part:

Most commercial eateries, bistros, and restaurants make use of placemats on their tables. Not only does the placemat protect wood table from water rings (formed by most serving cups), but they’re soothing to the customer.

Imagine yourself seated at an eatery with no tableware. I’ll gladly stop imagining this scenario right here; this sounds quite unappealing to me.

On the other hand, eateries that engage their customers in thoughtful art, decorative pieces, and exquisite placemats are in a win-win situation. Not only are their customers pleased with their visual aura, but they can also eat without imagining of ruining the ambiance of the place.

Since most restaurants have limited spacing and shorted tables to serve customers, they make use of small placemat sizes. Most placemat manufacturing brands unveil placemats of different sizes to cater to different tables and counters.

Also, placemats can make the cleaning job way easier for the management staff. Placemats are mostly just wiped or cleaned by a quick whip as the dirt all goes away. But, if the stains are a little harsh to take out, you can easily wash them by hand or by a dryer.

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Informative Placemats for Toddlers

You might be thinking:

How can toddlers take advantage of placemats?

Well, if you’re a parent or have experience with toddlers; you know the mess babies make with their food. Placemats can help you protect wood tables from spills and engage your child in a positive learning experience.

How? You may ask.

Well, some of the best placemats for toddlers have graphics imprinted on the surface.

This graphical content usually contains informative content, shapes, figured, or letters that the toddler can interact with.

Since toddlers are mischievous and will definitely try to make a mess out of their food, these placemats will act as a barrier. And, since your kid will subconsciously be interacting with the material on the placemat, there are chances of less mess on the table.

Final Words

In conclusion, placemats can be used for almost anything. From protecting wooden tables from spills to adding a zing of colors to your tabletop, their uses are infinite. With a little mix and match, and finding the best placemat according to your needs, you can perfectly set the table for the big occasion.

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