Do Anti Fatigue Mats Really Work? Let’s Find Out

Does the flooring of workspace affect your productivity or not? It is one of the greatest debates of all time.

Mainly targeting those, whose daily work at the office involves long-standing hours and they get tired up quickly, ultimately affecting the overall productivity of work.

Yeah, I am talking about the receptionists, assistants, call managers, and all such hard workers who are exposed to great stress because of standing for long periods!

Today we are going to highlight all the ticks and crosses regarding, ‘Do anti-fatigue mats work?’ But before going into the discussion, everyone should learn what basically are fatigue mats, and how do they work!

The Science Behind Anti Fatigue Mats

A product that came up into the market, to give relief to daily workers by eliminating the stresses developed in their lower body due to continuous standing. This is how simply I would describe an anti-fatigue mat!

Commercially, an Anti-fatigue mat is composed of a PVC or rubber material that has got beveled edges with a capability to restrain human load.

With half an inch thickness, this product usually has got enough cushioning to encourage blood flow in the knees, neck, and lower back of your body. But how does it do it?

Top 10 Best Anti Fatigue Mats for Kitchen

Do Anti Fatigue Mats Really Work

There is no miracle involved in the working of an anti-fatigue mat. And I will also not say that ALL ANTI FATIGUE MATS WORK BEST because it depends upon the composition and manufacturing, as well as the level of performance of a mat and type of flooring.

Before purchasing an anti-fatigue mat for yourself, you should be clear of all the functions your mat is going to serve you with!

If your mat is capable of performing all these activities successfully, then CONGRATULATIONS! Your anti fatigue mat is going to be your best partner at work!

1. Improves Blood Circulation

This is one of the foremost purposes of an anti-fatigue mat. If your mat is not capable of fulfilling this job, then I must say that you have purchased a faulty product or you are not using it the right way.

It is often said that morning walk on a trail is more efficient than a walk on the grass. It is because a trail path gives the right balance to your body and hence makes both of your legs experience an equal amount of strain.

Just like trail path, an anti-fatigue mat leveled cushioning enables both of your foot to equally take the weight of the body, which helps in the circulation of blood through your legs.

That is why it is usually best to pair up a standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat because it has been said to increase the work productivity level by 3x as compared to a sitting desk.

Here are some of the Best Anti Fatigue Mats for Standing Desk that provides good value for the money!

2. Relieves Stress from Knees and Lower Back

Working on your standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat below your feet allows you to easily work for a longer period of time and get your work done on time!!

Apart from the saving time, you will get relief from any stress that occurs during work, on your lower back and neck. This is what a good anti-fatigue mat is supposed to do!

But this does not mean that any fatigue mat will do this job, you definitely need to invest about $50 to get a good heavy duty fatigue mat that can serve you for long!

3. Withstand Heavy Loads

Make sure to get an anti-fatigue mat that has beveled edges. Such a mat is easy to use, maintain, and can also let working trolleys pass over it.

Also, mats with beveled edges can withstand heavy loads because they are more stable as compared to the flat mats. Flat mats wear off from the edges quickly because they are not double-layered, just like beveled edged fatigue mats. So, if your mat has got good shaped beveled edges that is surely a tick to our debate!


Getting your hands on the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors or concrete floors at office, both in terms of quality and performance can be a hard job. But first considering only the major features of a mat’, you can surely manage to purchase a quality guaranteed high-performance product. After all, anti-fatigue mats are now becoming the reason for increased productivity and better work in the offices too. So, why not go with the trend?

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