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Yoga Mats are a staple for any yogi, but have you ever stopped to think about the absurdity of these squishy rectangles? I mean, who decided that we needed a special mat just to do some stretches and downward dogs? And don’t even get me started on the different types of mats – eco-friendly, extra thick, travel-sized, the list goes on.

It’s like we’re in a never-ending quest for the perfect mat, as if it’s the key to unlocking our inner zen. But let’s be real, no matter how fancy or expensive our mat is, we’re still going to slip and slide around like a baby giraffe learning to walk. Namaste, my friends.

10 Amazing Yoga Mats for Beginners

Now we would proceed to the reviews of the 10 best yoga mats. Let’s go!

1. Jade Harmony – Best Yoga Mat for Travelling

Jade Harmony - Best Yoga Mat for Travelling

I was so amazed by reading the customer’s reviews on this product. Yoga mat from Jade Harmony has got an amazing fit. Not only the fit and elasticity deserve appreciation, but it has got other benefits too. Let’s dig into it!

This mat has a high level of traction. Once laid down on the hardwood or concrete floor, it would stay in its place no matter how much pro techniques you are trying upon it.

The material used inside is natural rubber, which is better than PVC in many aspects. Rubber mats have an advantage over PVC mats because they last longer. Also, it would not produce a bad odor if left uncleaned for days due to genuine reasons.

Being lightweight,’ you would be capable of folding it and carrying it to the outdoors when you feel like doing your yoga exercise under the sun rays.

Its lightweight feature makes it the right choice when someone is looking for a  yoga mats for traveling.

The 3/16 inches thickness is good enough for your body to experience the softening and perform all yoga activities without getting hurt on any surface. Furthermore, such a thickness would not let your body get sunk into the mat and would maintain a good connection between your body and the floor while you do the yoga exercise.

It is available in 15 exciting colors, all plain with no patterns for distraction! An excellent choice to go for!

  • Soft cushioning prevents injuries
  • Optimum thickness
  • Good quality material
  • Not completely slip-resistant

2. Manduka PRO – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands & Feet

Manduka PRO - Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands & Feet

Next up is a 6mm thick premium yoga mat designed for the elite class who does not want to make any compromise upon any feature of the yoga mat.

This mat has got multiple benefits. The major one being it’s compatibility with all type of yoga activities. You can use it for performing Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation Yoga as well as Bikram Yoga.


6mm thickness of the yoga mat provides a decent cushioning to yogi’s knees, elbows, and hips. Additionally, the superior quality of this yoga mat would not let the skin ever to peel or get flaky.

From saving you from an injury, a non-slip bottom has been provided. The mat would get attached to your home’s hard concrete floor as soon as you lay it down.

One of the most amazing features of this yoga exercise mat is its closed-cell construction technology that prevents the mat from getting moist due to sweat.

The mat measures 71” in length, which is great enough for tall people as well. The width is 26 inches. Keep in mind that there might be a slight variation in length due to craftsmanship errors, but that would not affect your yoga exercise to any bits.

Cleaning dirt and stains from the mat is super easy, and after many washes, the color and texture also would not get affected. However, many reviews showed that harsh cleaning might fade away the color, so better deal with care with cleaning the yoga mat when it gets dirty.

Do check it out, and you are going to be impressed with its numerous advantages.

  • Moisture & slip resistant
  • Odorless
  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • A bit heavier

3. Clever Yoga – Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga - Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

Suitable and compatible for all yogis, whether women or men, Clever yoga mat is made from TPE Foam that does not contain any PVC material; hence it is eco-friendly and non- toxic too.

This mat also has got a 71 inches long, which is ideal for tall yogis. In addition to that, the thickness is appropriate ˜6mm; thick enough not to let your knees and elbows get hurt while you do yoga activity.

For providing the most comfortable yoga experience, enough cushioning has been provided inside the allotted thickness of this yoga mat.

Yoga mats from Clever are best for doing Power Yoga, hot yoga, meditation, and stretching exercises. Since you get a lot of sweat during this type of yoga, this mat is not going to get wet because it is moisture resistant too.

The anti-tear technology would not let the mat tear or break apart while doing the pro techniques and rough exercises upon it. The bottom surface, as expected, has enough texture to let the mat establish an interlock with the surface.

It is easy to clean and has got a smooth upper surface and is available in 8 solid plain colors; bright and light, whatever you want to choose.

All those who are looking for a well-functioning mat for a variety of yoga exercises; THIS IS YOUR BEST BET!

Also, it has got a lifetime warranty and would not peel or flake off if you handle it with care.

  • Good quality material
  • Would not tear apart or peel off
  • Stable enough to maintain good balance
  • Boring and least attractive designs

4. Balance GoYoga – Best Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

Balance GoYoga - Best Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom mat has been particularly designed for the traveling yogis, who do not perform yoga activity just in their homes in one place.

It has got a carrying strap, easy for you to fold it up and carry it on your back while you move from one place to the other. Apart from the portability benefit, the mat has reduced weight technology too, which does not at all affect the material’s quality but also makes it easy to store after use.

The front and back of the mat are made of the same texture and material, hence promoting resistance against slip. Indeed a great feature to prevent injuries and protect your body joints during tough exercises. Moisture resistance enables the mat to stay slip-free due to sweatiness, and closed-cell construction would not let any bacteria get inside the foam and be infectious for you.

Customer satisfaction has been taken great care of while crafting this masterpiece. This mat is available in 7 solid colors. No patterns or designs have been added in order to keep the yogi’s attention only towards the yoga activity.

You might experience difficulty in figuring out which yoga style this mat would serve you great with, try with the basics, and then move slowly to the pro techniques. That is the best hack to make the product compatible for use.

  • Double sided non-slip surface
  • Extremely lightweight & portable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Not suitable for intense yoga sessions

5. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat Set

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat Set

Are you looking for a complete Yoga Equipment Set? This amazing high-end product from Sivan Health is surely the best you can get.

This yoga mat is produced by using premium materials in order to ensure a 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. The material has not yet been reported to tear or wear off, and the quality deserves much appreciation too.

This mat supports various forms of yoga styles, such as Bikram yoga and Power yoga. Also, Sivan Health’s mat is going to give you the best durability you can ever demand for!

Included in the pack is 1/2 Yoga Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks, 1 – 68 x24 Yoga Mat Towel, 1 “ 30 x20 Yoga Hand Towel and 1 Yoga Strap. A separate towel has been included for both hands as well as feet, hence taking good care of hygiene. A perfect set of yoga equipment, particularly for beginners, to get their hands on.

The yoga mat has got a ½ inch thickness that is great enough to make sure your body does not get hurt due to accidental slip, trip, or fall. The mat has a ribbed surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other.

The ribbed surface develops a good connection between the ground and the mat, and the smooth surface ensures a soothing and calming feeling during meditation. Be sure to check this one out, and you are going to love it!

  • Mat thickness is great for bad knees
  • Nice combo of softness/ firmness
  • All pieces are very easy to wash
  • The upper surface is a bit smooth

6. Heathyoga – Extra Long Yoga Mat

Heathyoga - Best Yoga Mat for Bad Knees

This mat from HeathYoga has been composed taking good care of what the user demands. Quality composition and optimal functioning of the mat go parallel in this non-slip yoga best. You are going to be impressed with its other prominent features too. Let’s dig into them.

A careful selection has been made while choosing and refining the TPE material for this yoga mat. Composed of non-slip, odorless material, it provides excellent softness too, and this mat has been proved to be advantageous for the adult-aged yogis.

Extra cushioning and double-layer structure not only save you from all kinds of joints pain but also ensures that you get a nice grip and make it one of the best yoga mats for bad knees. Additionally, both sides of the mat are slip-resistant, so there’s no chance of slipping or skidding.

Another good thing about this mat is the alignment. For all the beginners out there who are on their own and not getting any training, this mat can be your yoga trainer too! Yoga mats with alignment lines are always good to have. This is because they ensure you get done with your yoga exercise the right way, and all the steps and techniques are performed perfectly.

The mat is 72 inches in length and the same standard 26 inches in width. The dimensions have been decided wisely, taking care of yogis of all heights.

It is suitable to practice multiple types of yoga upon it, though, according to some customers, this mat cannot be categorized as the best mat for meditation.

Available in 6 solid colors, gray being my favorite one amongst these all. A Carrying strap has also been provided for easy carrying and storage purposes.

  • Intelligently designed alignment points
  • Non-slip grippy bottom
  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic material
  • Rolling of mat is a bit difficult

7. Manduka PROlite – Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

Manduka PROlite - Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

You must be knowing that Manduka is famous for producing quality products and offering them at low prices! Though the price of this yoga mat is not cheap, but affordable enough for all those who are low on the budget.

You obviously would have to compromise a little, but all necessities of a good mat have been taken the best care of while crafting this product. Let’s dig inside to check its other features and benefits.

Unmatched body support from the mat is one of the most amazing features I found. It would provide you enough grip and would also help you maintain a good balance while you exercise upon it.

Sustainable engineering ensures the long life of the product. It would not peel off nor develop any flakes upon it. Though, the condition is to handle it with good care. This mat supports various yoga styles, but known best for Power yoga, meditation exercise, and stretching.

The dot patterned bottom surface is another innovation that would prevent the mat from slipping and also maintain a good connection between the ground and the mat’s bottom surface. On this mat you can comfortably try downward facing dog pose, chair, cobra and many other yoga poses.

Do not forget to match the mat’s size with the place you are going to place it because the size of this mat is slightly longer as compared to other mats.

  • Cheap and budget friendly
  • Extra thick & comfortable
  • Grippy textured bottom
  • Release bad smell after unwrapping (went away after few days)

8. IUGA Pro – Best Yoga Mats for Women & Men

IUGA Pro - Best Yoga Mats for Women & Men

IUGA mat pro is designed and crafted for all forms of yoga styles, particularly; Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and various other types of Hot Yoga. However, I would not rate it as the best mat for meditation cause the top surface is very smooth.

Attention has been given to grip, stability, and balances instead of providing the meditation practicing yogis, a relaxing and calming feeling. I would not call this as a neglected act, but rather an efficient design to let users take more care of their physical being and mental health, and rest after the exercise activity.

The natural rubber has been used to craft this mat. However, unlike low-quality rubber mats, this would not produce any bad odors. You can clean it whenever it gets dirty or after extensive use.

Make sure to handle with care while cleaning, getting harsh on it might affect the quality of the material and fade away the color. It is one of the best lightweight yoga mats, hence easy to carry and transport from one place to another.

Setting aside all these benefits, you should also know that this mat is available in 4 exciting colors, and some of them will freshen up your mood while you do your yoga exercise. Consider getting this one, only if you are someone not much used to the meditation exercise out of the various yoga styles.

  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Made of odorless rubber
  • Lighweight & durable
  • Not good for meditation

9. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Best Yoga Mat for Carpet

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Best Yoga Mat for Carpet

Yoga mats are usually designed in plain solid colors, to help yogis focus more on their activity rather than immerse themselves onto the designs and patterns on the mat. This mat is an exception, and surprisingly it’s getting much appreciation than expected.

With four-star above rating, this reversible mat has got super quality material and much soft cushioning to make the yogis enjoy their time the most while doing the yoga. Did not get what I meant by reversible?

Let me explain.

This mat has got a non-slip textured surface on both sides. It also has different beautiful prints on front and back, to let the user switch the sides according to his mood.

Both the sides have got enough traction to let the mat maintain a good connection with the floor beneath. You can practice various types of yoga exercises upon it, and this mat would not disappoint you at all!

The size of the yoga mat is great, and the thickness is standard too. I would not call this mat as lightweight but at least a moderate mass to carry it around easily. This is my favorite one on this list because of its exciting colors, designs, and user compatibility.

  • Non-toxic and 6P free mat
  • Amazing designs and textures
  • Thick and lightweight
  • Not completely slip-resistant

10. Liforme Original – Best Yoga Mats for Travel

Liforme Original - Best Yoga Mats for Travel

OMG! A two in one yoga mat! Yes, you heard it right. This mat is not just only going to be your yoga mat but is also going to assist you in doing your yoga exercises right. It is a multi-purpose mat supporting different kinds of stretching as well as meditation yoga activities.

People who are at the learning stage but cannot practice it well due to lesser guidance should try this mat. Just lay it down on the floor, play a YouTube tutorial, and there you go! The alignment lines are going to train you in the best way possible and make you perform like a pro in weeks.

The cushioning and softening of this mat is great too. I would not call it super smooth but smooth enough to not let your body joints get hurt while you exercise.

The major benefit regarding this mat is its elasticity property, which lets your body move in all directions flexibly without any hurdles.

It is available in 4 standard staple colors to choose from, I would personally choose the gray one since it depicts a soothing feeling to the eyes too.

The mat is PVC free and biodegradable in 1-5 years once you are done using them. They would last you for a good healthy period, but the condition is to take good care of the mat. Easy to clean and odorless as well.

It is an excellent option; I would highly recommend it for the beginners.

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  • Alignment lines for assistance
  • Material is PVC free
  • Easy to clean
  • No cons for this one!

GUIDE: How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

You may be having either the mat’s size or the mat’s material on your priority list while choosing the best mat for yourself. However, the features I am going to list below would not be ranked in an ascending or descending order. You definitely need to consider each of the points before choosing the best yoga mat for yourself.

If you have a little yogis at home, you should check out these Best Yoga Mats for Kids.

POINT NUMBER 1: The Mat’s Dimensions

This is something you would naturally consider, before buying any mat. But, for a YOGA mat, the scenario is a bit different. Some of you might have just started yoga activity; therefore, you would not be practicing the tougher and harder exercises.

However, others amongst you, who are going to upgrade their mat because the old one wore out, need to get the mat of size and dimensions you were earlier used to.

A regular yoga mat is 68 inches in length that are fine if your height does not exceed 5’5”. If you are taller than this, consider getting an extra-long yoga mat. Also, look upon the size of the place too, where you are going to place the mat. The compatibility should exist!

POINT NUMBER 2: The Mat’s Cushioning

Comes at number 2, is the softening of the yoga mat. In all cases, I would suggest you get a soft and elastic mat for yourself. That would not only help you in doing your yoga the best way but may also protect you from getting joints to soar’ and other muscular diseases.

So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, a soft cushioned mat is always a good choice to go for. It might cause some extra pennies in your pocket but can save you for long term use.

POINT NUMBER 3: The Mat’s Weight

Some people entirely ignore this factor, considering the situation that it is going to stay at one corner of your house for a long duration. However, you might sometimes want to drag it to some other place or take it with you out on tours.

For this purpose, it is always good to get a mat that is not much heavy so that you can easily fold it up and carry it around your house or outdoor. Also, it should not be much lightweight because that is going to affect the material quality then.

POINT NUMBER 4: The Mat’s Friction Capability

A good yoga mat should be capable enough of sticking to the ground once it is placed. For this purpose, it should have a perforated bottom surface that can interlock with the concrete floor.

Avoid mats with smooth bottom textures, and such mats would annoy you a lot during your yoga exercise. And this way, you would not be able to concentrate much upon your yoga because of attention diversion.

POINT NUMBER 5: The Mat’s Patterns and Colors

After taking a good note of all the factors I mentioned above, now comes the turn of customization. You definitely have this feature’s control upon your choice.


Do not get over stylish mats with cheesy quotes and patterns upon them because those can affect your yoga activity a lot. Its better if you go for the soothing colors i.e., gray and steel blue. That would make your yoga exercises more productive than ever!

I hope you will like this quick guide about how to select the best yoga mat for your yoga activity.


What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

An optimum thickness for a yoga mat would be ¾ inches to the minimum and ½ inches to the maximum. Thickness more than half of an inch might affect the overall exercising productivity. And thickness lesser than ¾th of an inch would hurt your body joints while you try to do the pro techniques upon such a mat.

What is the best color for a yoga mat?

I would say that dull colors i.e., steel blue and gray, can work best, particularly for meditation activities. Sharp, bright colors may divert your attention, and you would end up losing your focus during the yoga activity.

How long should a yoga mat last?

This totally depends upon the material quality and the brand’s trust rate. If you are getting one from the highly-rated brands, it might come with a lifetime warranty. Typically moderate-quality yoga mats last for six years to the max if taken proper care of.

Is it better to have a thin or thick yoga mat?

It’s better to have a thick yoga mat rather than thin. I would not call a thick yoga mat to be super soft so that it lets your body gets sunk into it. That would not be able to serve you any well. By a thick yoga mat, I mean, a mat that is able to protect your body from injuries and also stay stable on the floor without tearing and stretching apart during the tough exercises.

How often should you clean your yoga mat?

A yoga mat should be cleaned once a week if you do yoga regularly. However, if you are using your mat less often, once a month or so, then you may wash it whenever necessary. Some of the high-quality yoga mats even have got moisture resistant technology hence not getting dirty due to sweat issues often.


Final Words

In conclusion, yoga mats are not just a piece of equipment, they are a way of life. They provide comfort, stability, and a sense of belonging to the yoga community. But let’s be real, they also provide a great opportunity for some unintentional comedy. Who hasn’t slipped and slid on a sweaty mat during a hot yoga class? Or accidentally grabbed someone else’s mat because they all look the same?

And let’s not forget the struggle of trying to roll up a mat that just won’t cooperate. So, while yoga mats may be serious business for some, let’s not forget to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the little moments of hilarity they bring to our practice. Namaste and happy matting!

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