Anti-Fatigue Mats Vs Insoles – Everything You Need to Know

I know many of you who have reached this blog post are either searching for the best anti fatigue mats or the best insoles for burning feet, right? But before that, you may also want to know the significant differences between anti-fatigue mats and insoles’ and which one to prefer more amongst them two!

Discomfort and fatigue in the feet, legs, or lower back is something that can make a human being effortlessly tired and less productive too. That’s why people started switching to stress relievers, that is, anti-fatigue mats and Insoles. Mats and insoles, obviously have got great differences between them. Their scope, use, material, design life, and reliability; almost everything has got contradicting aspects. Let’s dig in more inside; ‘Anti Fatigue Mats VS Insoles’.

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Anti Fatigue Mats Vs. Insoles – Everything You Need To Know

1. The Design Life Criteria

Anti-fatigue mats have got a life duration of 2 years to the maximum. This means if used properly and with care, they can serve you well for two years or maybe more. Some brands producing high-quality foam composed mats and that too made of PVC claim their mats to last as long as ten years! And that claim has satisfied many customers. Turning to insoles,’ you have to get them changed after every six months! Yes, you heard that right. Since insoles are more roughly used than the anti-fatigue mats, they have got a lesser design life period.

2. The Effectiveness in Use

Researchers have found the time and again that insoles do work best while standing for long duration but fail to fulfill their primary purpose when the time gets to, ‘longer’! This means their effectiveness decreases as the time period of use increases. On the other hand, anti-fatigue mats though being relatively lesser effective as compared to insoles, have got a constant effect throughout the time it is used.

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3. The Potential Trip Hazards

Insoles are your feet’s protective covering! They just won’t let you trip or skid anywhere while moving from one place to another unless you get to experience some obstacle on the way. Talking about these mats, the trip hazard is generally high. If the edges of the mat are not properly beveled, the chances are that your machinery or even you might get tripped over it. Considering the 60+ age group, I would recommend them to use insoles instead of mats to stay on the safer side.

4. The Operator’s Usage

Mats and insoles have got varied scopes. If the operator has to stand at one place all day and work from that single spot, I think the anti-fatigue mat is going to serve him great! Whereas if he is constantly moving from one place to the other and these short trips make him feel fatigued in his feet, insoles would be the right option for him. So the scope of them both depends upon the area the operator is functional in. Restricted areas promote the use of mats, and open assembly areas encourage insoles to use.

5. The Penny’s in the Pocket

Now coming to the most important factor, the budget! That’s very obvious and understood that insoles have half or lesser than half the price of mats. You may get a pair of insoles in a price range of about 30 dollars or so, whereas you are not going to get a mat below the price of 90 dollars.  So this is another major factor you need to keep in mind before deciding whether to get a pair of insoles or an anti-fatigue mat for yourself.

6. The Response to Slippery Surfaces

Insoles have got a good grip even to slippery surfaces having grease and oil. On the other, anti-fatigue mats don’t host much stability. They would not react well to the slippery surfaces, and chances are they might slip away after the operator moves away from them. This is something employees won’t like at workplaces, especially at construction firms and industries. I would recommend insoles for the mobile operators at such places.

7. The Proper Fit Issues

In a company or at home, feet of every size and people of every age can use the same anti-fatigue mat. However, Insoles have got a unique individual fit. Insoles have to be specific for a particular person’s feet size to serve their purpose to the best i.e., to provide relief to the feet during long standing hours.

If you have made your mind and planning to buy anti-fatigue mats for office or home, we highly recommend you to read our detailed guide on how to choose anti fatigue mats. This guide will really help you in choosing the best anti fatigue mat for you. For more interesting stuff keep following MatsCorner.

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