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Shower Mats for Seniors may not seem like the most exciting topic, but trust me, it’s worth a read. As we age, our balance and coordination can become a bit wobbly, especially in the slippery confines of a shower. That’s where shower mats come in – providing a non-slip surface to prevent any embarrassing falls. But let’s be real, some of these mats are downright ugly. Who wants a boring beige mat when you could have a mat shaped like a giant rubber duck? Or better yet, a mat that plays music when you step on it? So, let’s dive into the world of shower mats for seniors and find the perfect one to add some fun to your daily routine.

10 Amazing shower mats for seniors

Before diving deep into the specs and features of the amazing non-slip bath mats, we are posting a quick comparison table that will help you differentiate each product in the list quickly.

  • 122 strong suction cups
  • Anti-slip textured surface
  • Large drain holes
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2. AmazerBath
  • Extra-large size
  • BPA & latex-free material
  • Nice grip & water drain system
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3. Vive Mat
  • Excellent slip-resistance
  • Large drainage hole
  • Comfortable to stand on
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4. Songziming
  • Very beautiful design
  • Feels secure & stable in shower
  • Extra-large coverage
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5. SlipX Solutions
  • Non-slip top and bottom
  • Excellent water drainage
  • Durable & easy to clean
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6. Yinenn Tub Mat
  • Extra-large in size
  • Powerful suction & nice draining
  • Machine washable
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  • Soft and cushiony surface
  • Relieve feet pain
  • Non-absorbent mat
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8. Gorilla Grip Original
  • 324 strong suction cups
  • Antibacterial & mildew resistant
  • Machine washable
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9. Yimobra Mats
  • Cover entire bathtub
  • Over 200 strong suction cups
  • 9 attractive colors
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10. XXIOJUN Mats
  • Highly durable & sturdy
  • Good slip resistance
  • Beautiful design & colors
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1. I FRMMY non-slip shower mats for seniors

I FRMMY Non Slip Shower MatIf you are among those who have wasted their money on cheap mats, I recommend trying out this one. A shower mat with 122 powerful suction cups provides the protection you are looking for and makes your bath time safe and secure.

This mat has been crafted intelligently. On the front, a textured wave pattern allows the establishment of a firm connection between the feet and mat, ensuring that older people have a safe and fearless shower. Moreover, the texture on top provides decent comfort and doesn’t hurt your feet when you stand on it.

Properties of I FRMMY non-slip shower mats for seniors:

Anti-pooling of water – Its large hole design allows a continuous flow of water and soap, so there will be no pooling of water. One drawback that I noticed is, long hairs get stuck in these holes, and in that case, you have to pull them out of the mat.

Anti-sliding – It is because of its 122 suction cups that you will find on the bottom of the mat. These cups adhere to the bathroom floor and bathtub surface and let the mat stay in its place hence preventing slipping and sliding.

Non-toxic materials – Made of toxic-free TPE and PP plastic, this mat doesn’t release bad odor and is safe for your health. It won’t mold or crack because of the premium quality material.

Keep one thing in mind – Always use these bathtub nonslip mats for adults on a non-textured surface because you won’t get the desired results if you use it on a textured floor.

  • 122 suction cups offer great slip-resistance
  • Textured pattern provide nice traction
  • Large drain hole prevents water pooling
  • The material doesn’t release a smell
  • A bit small in size
  • Hairs get stuck in the mat holes

2. AmazerBath large-size shower mats for seniors

AmazerBath non-slip bath mat can also be your next companion in the shower. It is equipped with 200 strong suction cups that stick to the floor and provides you with a stable surface on which you can enjoy the shower without worrying about slipping and falling.

Taking care of consumer health and safety, the company has manufactured this slip-resistant shower mat using latex and BPA free material. The mat may release a smell when unpacked, but it vanishes after a few days.

Properties of AmazerBath large-size shower mats for seniors:

Suction cup – Upon turning the bath mat upside down, you will notice that there is a suction cup underneath every bubble. There are around 200 individual suction cups that stick to your bathroom floor very well and prevent the mat from slipping when it is wet.

Efficient draining system – With 176 drain holes, this mat has one of the most efficient draining systems. These holes prevent the ponding of water, soap, and shampoo on the surface of the mat.

Large size – The extra-large size of the Amazerbath mat covers a wide area of the bathroom floor and fits well in the bathtub. The fantastic features of the shower mat make it a good choice for children and the elderly.

Soft & Comfortable – The top layer of the mat is very soft and provides a gentle effect on your skin. The design of the mat also includes bubbles on the front. These bubbles won’t cause any discomfort. They help form a grip between the user’s feet and the mat so that you can have a slip-free surface.

  • Suitable for bathtub & bath floor
  • Textured pattern increase slip resistance
  • Approx. 200 powerful suction cups
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Works only on non-textured surfaces

3. Vive anti-slip shower mats for seniors

Next on the list, we have a slip-resistant bath mat from Vive. It is a medium-sized mat that can be used in the bathtub, shower stall, and bathroom floor to keep everyone safe from unwanted movement that causes slips and falls, and may lead to severe injuries.

The design of this mat is very different from all other mats on the list. It is square in shape with a dimension of 22×22. On the front, it has a beautiful wave pattern with a smooth surface, and you will barely feel the mat under your feet.

Properties of Vive anti-slip shower mats for seniors:

Stability – Its lightly textured design provides users with a very stable platform to stand on while showering.

Anti-slippery – When it comes to slip resistance, this mat adheres to smooth surfaces very well. There are around 200 uniquely designed suction cups that let the mat stay in its place and prevent sliding and slipping when the floor is wet.

Good draining system – The draining system of this non-slip bath mat is different from other mats. There isn’t a small hole on the surface of the mat to provide fluent water flow; instead, this boy has got a big 6-inch drain hole right in the middle.

Required more maintenance – It doesn’t let water, shampoo, and soap stay on the surface of the mat. Here, the point of concern is that water gets stuck underneath the mat, and you need to pull off the mat to get rid of it. But I think this drawback doesn’t make it a deal-breaker.

With so many satisfied customers and positive reviews, this mat deserves a chance to rest in your bathroom.

  • Suction cups grip the floor very well
  • 6-inch big draining hole in the center
  • The top surface provides exceptional stability
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Water stays underneath the mat

4. Songziming slip-resistant stylish shower mats for seniors

Songziming stylish looking premium quality mat can be a great addition to your bathroom and can also protect seniors from falling while taking a shower.

This mat is available in two different sizes and three beautiful colors making it perfect for bathtubs and floors.

BPA and latex-free PVC materials are used for the production of this mat, which makes it not only safe from a health point of view but also promises long life and durability.

Properties of songziming slip-resistant stylish shower mats for seniors:

Comfortable – You may need some time to adjust your feet on its pebbles like the design, but once you settle, you are going to love standing on the smooth and extremely comfortable mat because it gives a massaging effect on the feet.

Good drainage – Its pebbles are connected in such a way that it automatically creates a drainage system on the mat, which effectively drains the water from these holes.

Suction cups – The base of the mat has a bunch of suction cups that establish a strong connection with the bath floor & bathtub. This boosts the confidence of older adults, and they can calmly take a bath without worrying about slipping.

Easy to wash – It sticks to the floor so well that you have to pull it off after taking a bath. We recommended you wash the mat after regular intervals using a mild detergent. Doing so will help you to maintain the look of the mat. Once you are done washing or taking a bath, place the mat in the open air for a couple of hours to let it dry.

Color – The color of the mat will be slightly darker than the one illustrated in the images but don’t worry, it will still enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

  • Unique & attractive design
  • Sticks to the floor very well
  • The top layer gives a massaging effect
  • The original mat is a bit darker in color
  • The surface of the mat is uneven

5. SlipX solutions shower mats for seniors

A shower mat from SlipX Solutions gives you peace of mind by keeping you safe from slipping in the bath and letting you enjoy shower time. It fits nicely in the standard shower stalls.

It has a beautiful design. The top of the mat is covered with non-slip bumps that provide you with a decent amount of comfort, stability, and a secure place to stand upon.

Additionally, there is a combination of plenty of big and small drain holes that let the water disperse from the surface of the mat.

Properties of slipX solutions shower mats for seniors:

Easy to install – Installation of the mat is super-fast and easy; all you have to do is to spray lukewarm water on the suction cups and press it on the surface of your bathtub or shower stall. It will attach the mat firmly to the ground. Believe me, once it is placed in the bath, it will ensure the safety of your elder family member from an accidental slip in the bathroom.

Cleaning – Cleaning Slipx non-slip mat is also very easy. A light scrubbing and the use of mild detergent will freshen up the look of the mat. It can be machine washed as well, but make sure to use a gentle wash.

Materials – This mat is made of Vinyl material; therefore, it will produce some bad odor in the beginning, but after a couple of showers, the smell will vanish. However, its material makes it an extremely durable and reliable option.

  • 100+ suction cups grip the floor very well
  • Improved water draining system
  • Bubbled surface provides excellent cushioning
  • Release odor for a few days

6. Yinenn bath-tub shower mats for seniors

Yinenn is a full-length bath mat suitable for kids, young adults, and parents. It fits perfectly in a large bathtub and efficiently protects your dear ones from falling in the bathroom by reducing slipperiness.

High-quality latex and BPA-free vinyl have been used to manufacture this mat. It is smooth, thick, flexible, and highly durable, and sturdy. It does release a harsh smell when unpacked, but there is nothing to worry about because it vanishes after a couple of washes.

Properties of Yinenn bath-tub shower mats for seniors:

Anti-slippery – As you know, suction cups play a vital role in controlling slipping and sliding. This mat is equipped with over 200 strong little suction pieces, which not only give users a puffy feel but also stick well to the tub and floor, keeping it secure in its place.

Drainage – Slightly textured bumps on the front side of the mat provide you with nice traction and a massage-like feeling when you stand on it. For ensuring proper draining, a lot of drainage holes have been embedded on the surface of the mat.

Positioning and Placing – There is also one large drain cut on one side that lets you position the mat properly inside the tub. Though there are many drain holes, we recommend you to remove the mat once in a while and wash it. Doing so will prevent the mat from catching mildew and increase its lifespan.

  • Covers the entire bathtub
  • Stays firmly in its place
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Not completely drain after shower

7. BOWERBIRD bath non-slip shower mats for seniors (disabled)

I bet once you will step on the BowerBird shower stall mat, you will not like any other mat. I know it is a huge claim, but there are many reasons behind this claim. Want to know a few?

Let’s check out.

The composition of this mat includes a foaming material, which is thick and cushions your feet very well. The use of a closed-cell structure does not allow water to get absorbed inside the mat and saves it from giving birth to bacteria and mold.

Properties of BOWERBIRD bath non-slip shower mats for seniors (disabled):

Comfortable – Standing on it gives you a very calming effect and will make you feel like you are standing on an anti-fatigue mat. Elderly people or people with a disability who can’t stand up, can sit on this mat and comfortably enjoy their shower time. Additionally, it is also good for a person suffering from foot soreness or arthritis.

Slippery – Here, I would like to clear up one thing, this is not an anti-slip mat. Installing anti-slip stickers on the base of the mat will prevent it from sliding and ensure safety. Many puzzle-style drain holes work quite well to prevent the accumulation of water on the surface of the mat.

Colors – You have two color options to choose from; one is cream, and the second is warm grey as most of the bath floors are in a lighter color, so both these available choices will nicely complement your bathroom decor.

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Soft and comfortable surface
  • Has the features of an anti-fatigue mat
  • Dries super quick
  • A bit smaller in size
  • Not an anti-slip mat

8. Gorilla-grip original machine washable shower mats for seniors

Gorilla Grip is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the world of mats, and you can expect high durability and sturdiness from its anti-slip bath mat. It is an incredibly well made generously sized mat and available in 20+ mesmerizing colors.

Over 300 suction cups ensure slip-resistance, the number of cups that you will find in any mat. These suction pieces form a secure connection between the mat and the smooth non-textured surface of the tub or floor and prevent it from sliding hence protecting you from falling in the bath.

Properties of gorilla-grip original machine washable shower mats for seniors:

Hygenic – The mat is produced using a premium quality heavy-duty material, which is not only smooth, flexible, and odorless, but also doesn’t contain any material that is harmful to the skin. Moreover, it has a strong capability to be resistant to germs, bacteria, and mildew.

Good design – Design with intelligence extends its usage to gyms, yoga, studio, and spa. When you stand on the mat for the first time, it will feel like you are standing on a sponge, but it is firm and has decent traction.

Need proper maintenance – A lot of hexagonal-designed drain holes all over the mat allow the free flow of water into the drain. The only problem with its drainage system is that the suds do not drain, so you have to lift the mat and rinse it off to make the mat scum free.

Required regular cleaning – Regular cleaning is advised. The mat is machine washable, and you can throw it in a machine having cold water with mild detergent (do not use bleach). Doing so will remove oily and slippery buildup from the mat and give it a refreshing look.

  • Made of top-quality phthalate-free material
  • Equipped with sturdy suction cups
  • Smooth and comfortable surface
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • No cons to this one

9. Yimobra extra-long shower mats for seniors

A decent-looking shower mat that remains secure in its place ensures the safety of elders while taking baths. The rug is extra-large in size, covers the entire bathtub area, and is available in nine different colors that complement your bath décor.

To prevent you from slipping around after stepping on the mat, the top layer is entirely covered with bubbles with a slight texture.

Its design provides perfect traction by establishing a good grip between the feet and the mat.

Properties of Yimobra extra-long shower mats for seniors:

Stickiness – Talking about its sticking ability, Yimbora bath floor mats for the elderly have over 200 suction cups that get glued to a smooth surface very well. It is advised to clean the surface before placing the mat and try to press each cup individually to ensure the maximum safety of your loved ones.

Good material – This heavy-duty mat is made of PVC, which is free from BPA, Latex, and Phthalate. Its usage is safe for all family members, and the premium quality material used in its manufacturing makes it extra-durable and long-lasting.

Good drainage – Water, soap, and shampoo residue easily pass through the drains holes of the mat. The cutout drain design doesn’t get in the way of the bathtub drainage system and provides a clear flow of water.

Regular cleaning required – To avoid the build-up of scum and mildew, we suggest you clean the mat at least once a month. It is easy to clean and machine washable as well. The only thing you need to take care of is to avoid using bleach and dry the mat properly after washing.

  • Extra-large in size provides maximum coverage
  • Made of premium quality safe material
  • 200 big suction cups offer excellent traction
  • Machine washable
  • The colors are a bit darker
  • Regular maintenance is required

10. XXIOJUN non-slip shower mats for seniors

This is a unique design of non-slip bath mats without suction cups and circular drainage holes that you usually find in a bath mat. It is available in three beautiful bright colors that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom or shower stall.

It is made of eco-friendly and toxic-free material, which makes it environmentally friendly and makes sure that it is not harmful to you.

The sturdy construction of the mat won’t let it crack or break easily.

Properties of XXIOJUN non-slip shower mats for seniors:

Size & Design – The size of the mat is 30x30cm, providing you with generous space for taking a bath securely. It has a stripe structure with drain holes in the same design; this ensures the user gets a decent grip and prevents uncontrolled movement while taking a bath and let you have a fearless shower.

Structure – The cylindrical bottom controls the puddling of water underneath the mat and also provides good slip resistance when it is wet. A safe and secure mat to prevent falls in the bathroom.

Easy to maintain – Cleaning the mat is also very easy. All you need to do is to rinse it with water and hag the mat in the open air, and your mat will give a refreshing look. Don’t use warm water for washing.

  • Solid construction; won’t curl, crack, or break
  • Environmental friendly & non-toxic material
  • The cylindrical base offers good slip-resistance
  • Cost a lot of money

How to choose the most-rated non-slip shower mat?

A mat that offers comfort, great traction, and slip resistance is the amazing one. In this regard, our top 3 recommendations are:

  • Gorilla Grip Original Shower Mat
  • AmazerBath Shower Mat
  • Yinenn Bath & Shower Mat

FAQs on shower mats for seniors

Q1: Are shower mats sanitary?

A: YES! Bath and shower mats are sanitary and require routine cleanliness. It absorbs moisture and other contaminated liquid, which gives birth to scum, mildew, and other bacteria making the mat unhygienic. It is advised to dry out the mat properly after taking a shower or after washing.

Q2: How do I make my shower floor less slippery?

A: One of the easiest and cheapest methods of making your bath floor or shower stall less slip-resistant is to install an anti-slip shower mat. Installation of such a mat, adds a slight texture to the smooth surface of the bathtub or bath floor and keeps you safe from slipping and falling.

Q3: Are PVC bath mats safe?

A: Not every PVC bath mat is safe. YES! There are bath mats that are free from latex, BPA, phthalate, and other non-toxic material, and their usage is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Q4: What can I put on a slippery shower floor?

A: One of the cheapest ways to secure a slippery shower floor is the use of anti-slip bath mats. These mats have a powerful suction cup that sticks them nicely to the floor and allows you to slip and fall free bath experience.

Q5: How often should you change your shower mats for seniors?

A: It is difficult to tell an estimated life of a shower mat because it all depends on the quality of material, type of usage, and maintenance. It is advised to replace the bathroom mat after a year because it may lose its adhesive ability and slip resistance with the passage of time.

Q6: How often should you wash shower mats for seniors?

A: As we all know, bath mats experience a lot of high traffic and water flow, which makes them more prone to germs and bacteria. So, bathroom mats should be washed and dry out properly once a week. You can also use a mild detergent to give your mat a more refreshing look.

Q7: How do I stop my bath mats from smelling?

A: Humidity is the main cause of the mat’s bad smell. To get rid of bad odor from the bathroom mat, we suggest you wash the mat with detergent and place it in the open air for drying. Once it is dried properly, it won’t smell.


In conclusion, shower mats for seniors are a must-have item for anyone who wants to avoid slipping and sliding in the bathroom. Not only do they provide a safe and secure surface to stand on, but they also come in a variety of fun and funky designs to suit any taste. From cute little ducks to cheeky slogans, there’s a shower mat out there for everyone. So if you’re looking for a way to add a little humor to your daily routine, why not invest in a shower mat that will make you smile every time you step into the shower? Your feet (and your funny bone) will thank you!



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