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Memory Foam Bath Mats – These are the unsung heroes of the bathroom. They’re soft, squishy, and oh-so-comfortable underfoot. But let’s be real, they’re also a bit of a hazard. Have you ever stepped out of the shower onto a memory foam bath mat and nearly wiped out?

It’s like trying to walk on a cloud that’s been coated in butter. And don’t even get me started on the weird shapes they take on after a few too many washes. But despite their quirks, we keep buying them. Maybe it’s because we secretly enjoy the thrill of a near-death experience every time we step out of the shower. Or maybe we just really like the feeling of walking on a cloud. Either way, memory foam bath mats are here to stay.

10 Amazing Memory Foam Bath Mats

1. Gorilla Grip Bath Rug
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Thick and cushiony memory foam
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2. Buganda Bath Mat
  • Ultra soft and comfortable
  • Microfibers absorb water quickly
  • Machine washable and dryable
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3. Clara Clark Mat
  • 100% natural anti-bacterial microfiber
  • Absorb water rapidly
  • Powerful rubber backing
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4. MAYSHINE Chenille Mat
  • Thick microfibers relieve fatigue
  • Provide superior comfort
  • Strong water-absorbent ability
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5. Lifewit Plush Mat
  • High density and plushness
  • TPR Rubber backing
  • Quickly lock water in rugs
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6. KMAT Memory Foam Mat
  • Long memory foam bath mat
  • Color is not easily fading
  • Ideal for various floor
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7. Yimobra Bath Math
  • Thick & cushiony memory foam
  • Extra large in size
  • Durable PVC backing
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8. Gorilla Grip Chenille Mat
  • Beautiful texture and design
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Ultra water absorbent
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9. Yimobra Memory Foam Mat
  • Keep feet warm & cozy
  • 2 attractive colors
  • Easy to clean
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10. ITSOFT Shower Mat
  • Fiber-locking offer extra softness
  • Strong PVC bottom
  • Easy to wash & dry
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1. Gorilla Grip Thick Memory Foam Bath Rug [OUR RECOMMENDATION]

Gorilla Grip Thick Memory Foam Bath RugDesigned intelligently to provide instant comfort to aching muscles and dry feet; this best memory foam bath mat comes in six exclusive sizing options.

I was so impressed with the smart construction technique adopted to compose this product. The top surface of this bath mat has been composed using soft velvet that could even allow your feet to sink into it.

The mid-portion is equipped with a good quality heavy duty memory foam, which is about ¾ inch thick. To ensure the bath mat does not tear apart, a PVC material has been added to the base. The material was chosen after letting it pass through strength tests to not fail on bulk impacts.

A wide range of color option is available, so you could go with anyone that complement your overall bathroom interior.

The mat is slip-resistant, so do not worry about traction issues while landing your wet feet over the bath mat. The mat’s base hold close cell technology will let all the extra water be absorbed into its material. This will also help to clean your bathroom floor clean and free of any falling risks.

Do you know what is the best thing about this memory foam bath rug is?

It comes with a ten-year guarantee. Whenever you feel like the mat is not working up to your expectations, you can simply ask the company for an exchange! Do not forget to check this one out!!

  • Soft velvet top layer offers comfort to feet
  • Tiny dots at the back prevent mat from sliding
  • Thicker than other memory foam mats
  • Easy to clean and machine washable as well
  • Colors are a bit different as compared to shown in images
  • Takes longer time to dry


2. Buganda Non Slip Absorbent Bath Mat

Though all memory foam bathroom mats ensure comfort as their priority, this one has something exceptional.

It is a multipurpose product and is not only designed for bathroom usage. You can place it anywhere around your house, even in your conference room as an anti-fatigue mat, where you think standing for long duration might give your foot fatigue.

The typical standard construction procedure has been followed here too, with a soft, friendly top velvet cover holding a quality guaranteed memory foam beneath it.

The bottom is also composed of dense microfiber velvet but a bit rough as compared to the top cover. The reason for inducing roughness in the base is to ensure that the material will adhere properly to the smooth bathroom flooring.

To prevent the mat from accidentally being shifted or skidded, a mesh has also been installed at the base.

Make sure not to place it directly over the wet surface. Doing so can be very dangerous since the mat would not be able to stick properly to the bathroom floor when there is ample water on the surface.

The mat has the capability to absorb unnecessary water over or around it and dry up in a very short time. Easy to clean, using the mild detergent machine wash cycle.

  • High density memory foam is super soft on feet
  • Textured bottom prevent slipping and skidding
  • Soaks up water very quickly
  • Available in 8 colors and 4 sizes
  • Extra thickness can cause trouble in opening/closing bath door


3. Clara Clark Water Absorbent Memory Foam Mat

This memory foam bath mat comes in a set containing three useful sized to be placed at different places in your bathroom.

The largest size (32 x 20 inches) can be placed near the bathtub, whereas the small size (24 x 17 inches) is placed at the bathroom entrance.

There is also a contoured size available for placing near the toilet chair. Its size is 24 x 20 inches, wide enough to cover the entire area around a standard toilet chair.

Super soft and ultra-comfortable cozy velvet fabric has been used as the top and bottom covering sheet. Between the two layers, lies a highly dense memory foam to let your feet feel super comfortable when you step on the mat.

The skin-friendly surface top material is highly water absorbent and can quickly turn your feet dry as soon as you land your feet on the mat.

It is also great for those who are suffering from certain allergies or have super-sensitive toes. Since the mat dries up very quickly, you don’t have to worry about drying it after every usage.

It is easy to install, maintain, and clean. All you have to do is drop it into the machine and a mild detergent and run the gentle cycle.

DO NOT use bleach or super-hot water for cleaning purposes. Doing such might dull out the appearance of this memory foam bath mat.

  • Memory foam cushioning gives excellent feel to feet
  • Rubber backing sticks firmly to the floor
  • Made of anti-bacterial 100% natural microfiber fabric
  • Machine washable and quick drying
  • Not good for small bathrooms
  • Takes longer to fully dry


4. MAYSHINE Chenille Memory Foam Bath Rug

In search of a luxurious, comfortable feeling to experience when you step out of your bathtub? According to my research regarding this product, this bath mat from MAYSHINE is capable of letting you get that heavenly feeling!  The mat is engineered using the unique fiber locking technique to let it last for a longer period of time.

The top is composed of soft fabric, deep enough to let you release all the pressure from your feet onto the bath mat.  The height of the fibers is approx. 2.5 cm.

Fibers at the top surface are very close to each other and absorb all the water particles from your feet and the surrounding area and let them get evaporated quickly. This quick evaporation enables the mat to get dried up quickly and not let any infections or bacteria reside therein.

Memory foam has been used in the center for providing an adequate amount of cushioning. The base of the mat is made of PVC material, which is rough and friction enabled to let the mat sit appropriately on the surface it is installed.

One thing you will have to take care of is to test the mat with your feet after placement. Make sure it does not skid away. If it does, you have either placed it on a super smooth surface or a wet floor.

The mat is available in more than ten bright colors, and four exclusive sizing options to choose from! Check it out yourself.

  • Extra thick, sturdy, and durable material
  • 100% microfiber construction provides extra softness
  • Its anti-skid backing ensures user safety
  • Machine wash makes it look new
  • Its base is a little less slip resistant
  • Not suitable for kids


5. Lifewit Plush Microfiber Water Absorbent Bath Mat

Featuring a dense, plush, super soft, and well-stitched pile that is going to soothe and calm your feet to the best! For better durability, all the fibers in a pile are reinforced together with seams so that they do not lose their position and place.

This array of fibers is highly water absorbent, and it traps all the water droplets as soon as you step on it after taking a shower.

Note that, this best bath mat has got no memory foam inside it. It is just a combination of a top fibrous surface with a TPR rubber backing. Though this does not affect the level of comfort, for all those looking for a bath mat that must contain a spongy memory foam inside, THIS ONE IS NOT FOR YOU!

In place of memory foam, Lifewit has invested in providing a more secure bottom base, which is the TPR backing.

It is suggested to spread out the bath mat in the open air, to let all the odor fly away from the product. This will make sure you do not get disturbed with the strange odor that new products usually have.

Also, this mat is not for placing it at the entrance of the bathroom. This is because the yarn fabric’s length will not be able to let your door be open and close with ease. If you still plan on using it as an entrance mat, better measure your door gap first and then choose to go for it.

  • Soft and plush surface surface
  • Microfibers quickly absorb water from your feet
  • Very easy to wash and dry
  • Your kids will love this mat
  • A bit expensive compared to other mats


6. KMAT Extra Long Memory Foam Bath Mat

Comfort and cushioning are the two prime factors that almost all memory foam bath mats provide. This bath mat has got something more innovative, and that is its rubber supported backing.

Whether you place your mat on the rough floor, smooth, or even a slightly wet floor, this bath mat is capable of holding the surface without involving any risks of slips or trips.

The top fabric is velvet, which holds inside thick, dense memory foam to provide the desired comfort to your feet. It comes in one single sizing option only long enough to cover your bathtub’s entire length.

The thickness is 0.78 inches, including all the three materials that have been used for its construction. Do not worry about the cleaning and washing, since this mat is 100% machine washable and dries up in open-air super quickly!

Manufacturers claim the mat to be multipurpose in use and even Outdoors! However, I do not recommend placing it outdoor since the rubber backing may lose its strength, and the mat’s life is going to reduce significantly.

This mat is available in gray color. Its light color tone makes it suitable to be used at home as well as in the office and meeting rooms.

  • Thick and dense memory foam provide comfortable experience
  • Excellent water absorbent and dry quickly
  • Can be used in living room, kitchen and bathroom
  • 100% machine washable
  • Quickly traps cat hair and litter


7. Yimobra Memory Foam Non Slip Bath Mat

To eliminate even the risk of falling, this mat has been equipped with highly efficient water-absorbent technology. Also, not a single drop of water will stay on the top surface of the mat since it will all be trapped up by the velvet material’s microfibers.

The velvet fabric is not there for fulfilling the job of water absorption only, but is capable of providing the user with cloud-like comfort as well!

Next up, its construction!   This bathroom mat, just like Gorilla Grip bath mats, has a PVC bottom cover with a soft velvet top surface. A dense and spongy memory foam lies in between the two surfaces but with a thickness greater than the gorilla grip bath mat’s foam.

A variety of color options are being offered, so go with the one that suits your bathroom interior.

Another worth praising feature regarding this bath mat is its non-skidding property. However, the PVC base would not be able to adhere properly to the wet bathroom floor. It is suggested to dry the floor properly before placing the mat.

The washing, cleaning, and maintenance are also easy. Just drop the mat into your washing machine along with a water concentrated detergent and let the machine do the rest!

A well-manufactured bath mat, with good grip and superior non-slip design!

  • Extremely soft and cushiony surface to stand on
  • Quickly dry your feet after shower
  • Color will not fade if maintained properly
  • Mat is available in 4 different sizes
  • Slip-resistance is not as good as claimed by the company


8. Gorilla Grip Original Chenille Bathroom Mat

Here comes up another product on this list of bath mats with memory foam from Gorilla grip. This time, there have been made countable updates in the product to satisfy the user’s demands.

The construction has been altered, and a soft plush pile is used to enhance the cushioning effect forms the top surface of this mat.

The thick pile eliminates the need for a memory foam because an excess of softness and comfort will make the mat similar to a bed foam.

A TPR rubber base provides more durable, stronger, and a solid backing as compared to PVC. Chenille fabric has got the capability to sufficiently absorb all the water droplets that they are exposed to.

Also, the evaporation rate from an array of deep pile allows the mat to get dried up quickly. It prevents any bacteria or infections from dwelling inside the mat.

You know the best thing these memory foam bath mats came up with? It is the considerable hard work in designing and patterning the mats, which can’t go unnoticed!

Now you can pick up a bath mat, suiting even your children’s bath interior as well!

  • Premium quality and durable memory foam
  • TP rubber baking won’t tear or break down
  • Easy to wash and dry in washing machine
  • Available in 9 different sizes and 40 colors
  • Colors are a bit different from advertised one


9. Yimobra Memory Foam U-Shaped Toilet Mat

Yimobra has made noticeable contributions in the field of interiors and decors. This bath mat is yet another of their masterpiece. Its ‘U’ shaped design clearly shows it is particularly made to be placed near the toilet chair.

To ensure you enjoy the nature calling time and your feet do not experience fatigue or discomfort, Yimobra has manufactured the contour version of the bath mat.  A soft coral velvet layer on the top with a thick PVC mesh as the base, holding inside a memory foam dense enough to provide you an extremely comfortable experience.

The fabric is completely water-absorbent, and also has the functionality to dry up quickly. It is available in a compact 24 x 20.2 inches size, and the U cut can fit in any standard toilet chair size.

For the proper functioning of the mat, it is recommended to clean the floor from dirt and water particles.

The mat is machine washable and can be dried as well in an automatic dryer. Be sure to dry at a low temperature so that the color and material can stay vibrant and nice for a long period. A good affordable option, when it is about contour shaped bath mats.

  • High water absorbency dry feet quickly
  • Anti-slip bottom ensures user safety
  • Skin-friendly soft coral fleece
  • A multipurpose mat
  • Suitable for toilet only


10. ITSOFT Non-Slip Memory Foam Shower Mat

It is another excellent quality guaranteed bath mat on this list. This mat is efficient in its function, highly durable and long-lasting. You can choose from 3 sizing options, with about more than eight color options to choose from.

The width remains 21 inches for all the sizes. However, the length can be customized depending upon your purpose of use.

The construction is a bit different from all other bath mats with memory foam that I reviewed in this post. A chenille fabric pile, where each pile is about 1 inch long, has been installed as its top surface. The bottom layer is of PVC to ensure that the mat sticks firmly to it.

Both these materials hold memory foam in the mid that provides the user with a much enhanced cushioning. The thickness of the foam is kept minimum, because of dense chenille piling surface.

The rug also has great absorbency quality and is able to dry up quickly as well.

Do not worry about the washing procedure. You can either clean it using a soft sponge brush or use a washing machine if you want the job to get done quickly. Do not use the automatic dryer after wash. Sun-drying or air drying is recommended.

A good quality material composition that would not shrink or turn rough even after years of use, on the condition that you take good care of it! Do not forget to check this best memory foam bath mat.

  • Soft surface provide excellent comfort to feet
  • Does not slide or move when wet
  • Sturdy construction won’t let it tear
  • Colors are not as expected

Best Memory Foam Mat Buyer’s Guide

There are few important things that should considered before buying a memory foam bath mat or else you will end up wasting your money. Let’s check out the key factors to consider for buying a memory foam mat.

  • Design & Color: There is a huge variety of design and color options available, make sure you choose the one that enhance the elegance of your bathroom. Grab a mat that is highly sturdy and durable and as per our research lighter tone bath mats look more beautiful in the bathroom.
  • Functionality: There are two main functions of installing a memory foam bath mat. First is to provide user a comfortable space to stand on when he/she comes out of shower or bathtub. Second, prevent you from slipping and falling in the bathroom. Make sure the mat you are buying offer decent cushioning and has a non-slip bottom.
  • Size: The next important feature to consider in the memory foam equipped bath mat is its size. The decision about sizing depends upon the size of your bathroom and the area you want to place the mat. If you are planning to lay down the mat close to bathtub, consider buying a large size mat.
  • Price: Everything has a price. Go for the memory foam bath mat that provides good value for money. Read the user reviews to find out what public is saying about this product and then take your decision.


In conclusion, memory foam bath mats are a game-changer for anyone who wants to step out of the shower feeling like they’re walking on clouds. Not only do they provide comfort and support, but they also have the added bonus of being able to remember your footprints. So, if you ever need to prove to your significant other that you did, in fact, clean the bathroom, just point to the memory foam bath mat and say, “See, I left my mark!” Plus, with all the different colors and designs available, you can finally have a bath mat that matches your personality.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a memory foam bath mat – your feet (and your memory) will thank you.



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