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Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga – Do you feel like you’re doing more of a downward dog on ice than a downward dog on a mat? Fear not, my sweaty friends! We’ve scoured the internet and tested countless yoga mats to bring you the best options for hot yoga. From mats made of recycled materials to ones with extra grip, we’ve got you covered (literally). So, roll out your mat, crank up the heat, and get ready to strike a pose without slipping and sliding all over the place. Namaste, and happy sweating!

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Yoga mat by IUGA is our number 1 selection for today. We are just so impressed by its well-engineered design and durable construction, which makes the yoga journey undoubtedly amazing!

1. IUGA Pro Yoga Mat
  • Non-slip top & bottom
  • Extra-large in size
  • Lightweight & durable
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2. Jade Yoga Mat
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Great traction & stability
  • Easy to clean
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3. Heathyoga Yoga Mat
  • Body alignment system
  • Grippy & non-slip surface
  • Extra thick & large
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4. Ewedoos Yoga Mat
  • High density padding
  • Body alignment lines
  • Waterproof
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5. Heathyoga ProGrip
  • Great non-slippery design
  • Odorless material
  • Large size & lightweight
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6. Reetual Yoga Mat
  • Beautiful attractive design
  • Non-slip sticky bottom
  • Reversible design
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7. Yoga Design Lab
  • Made of natural rubber
  • No slipping & sliding
  • Machine washable
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8. Gaiam Yoga Mat
  • Closed cell construction
  • Extra thick mat
  • Highly durable & long-lasting
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9. Manduka PRO Mat
  • Chemical free material
  • Ultra dense cushioning
  • Excellent grip
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10. Dralegend Mat
  • Sweat & tear-resistant
  • Sticks firmly to floor
  • Dual side design
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1. IUGA Pro Yoga Mat with Free Carrying Strap

IUGA Pro Yoga Mat with Free Carrying StrapThe first one on this list is the IUGA Pro yoga mat, which is our top recommendation for several reasons!

It is manufactured using the finest tree rubber. Its material is scanned under material testing procedures so that it can bear excessive loading and doesn’t release the smell of any unhealthy chemicals that are hazardous to breathe in.

To ensure a firm grip and prevent any risk of falls and injuries, the top surface has been covered using Polyurethane material.

While you perform the tough postures involved in hot yoga, upon it, the mat’s traction capability would not allow it to move sideways from its place.

It is a good yoga mat for beginners since they demand more space to perform yoga. The brand has introduced an extra-large version having a size of 72 x 26 inches. Though the mat is specifically designed to perform hot yoga, it can also be utilized for Bikram yoga and Vinyasa.

You will also easily be able to carry it to and from the yoga class since it weighs only 2.5 pounds. Available in 5 fashionable colors, with a 5mm cushioning thickness! An excellent option to go for!

  • Made of eco-friendly, latex-free material
  • Strong grip and non-slip surface
  • Large in size and lightweight
  • Comes with a free carry strap
  • Require regular maintenance
  • Need to be aired out before


2. Jade Yoga “ Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga mats are particularly famous because of their unbeatable traction capability. Once you open the package and lay it on a smooth surface, you do not have to worry about the mat being displaced from its position.

It is composed of natural rubber, which is 2x more durable than the conventional PVC used for manufacturing exercise mats.

The mat’s thickness is 3/16 inches, which is adequate when it is about performing hot yoga. Any cushioning figure higher than this will not allow you to flexibly change your poses and instead will sink your entire lower body into the mat.

In such conditions, yogis tend to get tired very quickly and cannot experience the workout’s real charm.

This hot yoga mat is available in eight bright colors and four different size options, so go for the one that can be easily placed easily in the area where you perform your yoga activity.

Since the top layer is not backed up with Polyurethane, you might notice that all the sweating and body moisture is not completely absorbed into the mat and may leave its traces behind.

Keep wiping the mat frequently using a soft cloth so that you do not get susceptible to catching any infection that may exist because of retaining moisture.

  • Rubber material offer incredible grip
  • Nice cushioning and stability
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Cleaning of mat is super easy
  • Not suitable for outdoor
  • A bit costly


3. Heathyoga Yoga Mat with Body Alignment System

Have you just started doing hot yoga?  If so, this intelligently designed mat by Healthyoga is made for you! Featuring a body alignment system on the top surface helps you to track your moves and learn to align your body to perfection.

I think you do not need a hot yoga master once you get your hands on this yoga mat that assists you to adjust your focus more accurately.

The mat is manufactured using premium-grade TPE material, with no addition of PVC or  latex. Do not worry about the strange odor that PVC composed yoga mats usually give off due to sweat after long yoga sessions after long durations of yoga exercise.

With a 6mm of thickness, comfort and stability are guaranteed as well. However, in my view, cushioning could be a little lesser so that you do not face difficulty while balancing your body on the yoga mat.

The top surface also contains a slight texture to provide you a total non-slip experience. The bottom layer, as well, is not perfectly smooth as to not allow the mat to leave its initial position while you go through different moves and postures.

Available in 5 inclusive designs, and an extra-large sizing dimension of 72 x 26 inches. Also, it would not be troublesome to carry the mat to your yoga studio, thanks to the 2.8 lbs. travel-friendly weight.

  • Alignment lines help in achieving accurate position
  • Extra thickness provide comfortable experience
  • Won’t break and tear
  • Include free velcro strap and carrying strap
  • Extra-large size makes carrying difficult


4. Ewedoos Yoga Mat for Sore Knees

A considerable amount of hard work has been done while manufacturing this masterpiece by the Ewedoos. It contains all the features that the best hot yoga mat MUST depict and has some additional factors that are certainly going to impress you.

This mat is composed using the technologically improved TPE material, which is more flexible and workable than the ordinary thermoplastics.

It also lasts longer if you treat the mat with proper care and maintain it the way it requires.

Both the top and bottom surfaces have been made entirely non-slippery with friction enabled texture, which effectively helps the mat stay in its place. The mat slides around on the carpeted floor, so it is not the right choice for people looking for the good yoga mat for carpet floor.

Body alignment system has been ingrained in the mat so that you do not have to lose your concentration every time while adjusting and aligning your body.

Just by the feel of the grains, you will be able to recognize the carved patterns. The mat is also moisture absorbent, and you will not feel the need to wipe off the annoying sweat again and again.

It comes up with a free carrying strap to make it super convenient for you when traveling. Do not forget to check this yoga mat as it is perfect for Pilates and hot yoga!

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Body alignment system helps in focus & getting accurate posture
  • Both sides of the mat are non-slip
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Colors are a bit dim compared to images
  • Not suitable for carpet floor


5. Heathyoga ProGrip Mat for Hot Yoga, Bikran & Home Gym

Here comes yet another fantastic yoga mat by Heathyoga, featuring intense grip and entirely slip-resistant bottom base!

Polyurethane has been used to cover the mat’s front surface, promoting great slip-resistant design. So, no matter how much you are soaked in sweat, this yoga mat will stay in its place until you desire to move it.

Not much portable, with a weight of 3 pounds, which is a bit troublesome to carry around. The dimensions of the mat are 72 inches in length and 26 inches in width.

Body alignment lines have also been carved to assist you in keeping your body in the perfect positioning. The material used for its composition is antimicrobial to prevent any unhealthy bacteria or mold dwell onto it.

Easy to clean and maintain, with a durability that will surpass your expectations!

Remember not to place it on wet surfaces since the base of this floor mat for workout at home is not efficient in absorbing moisture and might induce risks of falls or slips.

TIP ALERT: You can use a wet microfiber for more efficient cleaning once in a while after several hot yoga sessions.

  • Textured bottom provide more stability & stickiness
  • Body alignment lines for better positioning
  • Free Velcro strap for easy storage
  • Little bulky to fold and carry


6. Reetual,Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

Ever heard of a yoga mat that is capable of improving its grip with the help of clammy, sweaty hands of a yogi?

This mat by Reetual can get grippier as you sweat, making it the best yoga mat for sweaty hands!

Isn’t it sound strange and amazing at the same time? This is what most of the hot yogis look for since sweating is the most fundamental issue while performing the tough, hard moves in hot yoga.

The front side of the mat is composed using Polyurethane, while the base contains natural tree rubber, which is 100% eco-friendly. It offers decent cushioning to the body, and its slip-resistance provides yogis great stability and more control over their body.

It comes up with a carrying strip since you would not be able to carry around a mat that is 70 x 24 inches long without folding it up properly. If you have to travel far from home, get a mat clipper, and attach the strip with your sports backpack for more convenience.

You can also use the mat for simple workout exercises, by flipping the sides and bringing the rubber bottom base on the front. You are going to like its excellent grip with extraordinary traction!

Available in more than five colors with attractive patterns to win your soul!

  • 12 unique colorful designs
  • Made of BPA, latex, PVC, & Phthalates free material
  • Thickness provide decent support & stability
  • Both sides of the mat are slip-resistant
  • Available in one size
  • Extra-thickness gives a foamy effect


7. YOGA DESIGN LAB “ 2-in-1 Yoga Mat with Towel

This yoga mat for hot yoga is composed using the 2 in 1 methodology so that you no longer have to carry your towel along with your mat to the yoga studio.

To do the work of a towel and absorb all the sustaining moisture, fully absorbent microfibers make up the mat’s top layer. Also, using eco-friendly, natural tree rubber as the base; complete comfort that is demanded during hot yoga exercise is ensured.

The top surface does not work highly efficiently when it is about providing slip-resistance, particularly when you are sweating more than usual. Also, there are nobody alignment lines patterned on the mat to help you maintain your focus while performing yoga.

It is offered in 7 inclusive designs, with delightful patterns to immerse your soul and spirit and enjoy doing yoga at best!

You can also machine wash the product, but do not dry it in the automatic dryer. Better just sundry or air dry, and do not worry; the sharp prints cast upon the mat would not fade away at all.

A good quality, durability guaranteed yoga mat for performing hot yoga.

  • Rubber material provide excellent grip
  • Extra cushioning and stability
  • Grips get better with sweat
  • Cleaning of mat is super easy
  • A bit heavy on pocket
  • Heavy to carry


8. Gaiam Extra Thick Yoga, Exercise and Fitness Mat

The Gaiam Yoga mat has been specifically designed for performing moves and poses involved in hot yoga. It has a lightweight PVC backing, with about 5mm of thickness, so that it hits soft on your joints.

The materials do not contain any latex or unhealthy phthalates, ensuring a secure environment while you perform the hot yoga.

Closed-cell construction technique has been used for manufacturing the mat, putting customer’s safety and health on a priority!

Such a technique would not allow any germs or bacteria to reside on the mat’s surface or occupy positions inside. I suggest you clean it properly after several usages so that the mat is not exposed to mildew or mold.

The gripping is exceptional as well, and the mat’s topcoat keeps on getting stickier as your hands get clammier. I appreciate this since it would give the beginner yogis a motivation to overcome any fears associated with over sweating and slipping risks.

CAUTION: Do not use a lotion on your body or hands while preparing to go for a yoga class. This may affect the mat’s functionality to a great extent and make it unnecessarily slippery.

  • Extra thickness give additional comfort
  • Closed-cell construction keeps germs/bacteria away
  • Develops stickiness when you sweat
  • Free from harmful materials
  • It smell bad for a few days


9. Manduka PRO High Performance Grip Yoga Mat

Highly efficient exercise mats in gyms you frequently hear about, come up from the well-known yoga mat brand, ‘The Manduka.’

The company always works to the customer’s expectations and composes a product that gives full customization authority to its users. This yoga mat, too, arose in the market with a variety of colors, patterns, and sizing options. So, you can find the one that is perfect for you.

Composed inducing the close cellular construction technique doesn’t allow any bacteria or mildew to enter into the surface of the mat and create unsafe and unhygienic environments around you.

You will observe a dotted pattern all over the base of the mat that has been crafted to enable maximum traction.

If you do not sweat too much, the Manduka Pro yoga mat will absorb the moisture and make the top surface safe and slip-resistant.

However, if you sweat more than usual, then do use a towel and dry up the mat when you feel like it is turning slippery. The mat is lightweight, making it completely portable, and the most substantial length you are going to get in this product is 85 inches.

A 6mm thick cushioning is comfortable for your hip, knees, or elbow joints to move comfortably from one posture to another.

  • Best-selling yoga mat on amazon
  • Dense cushioning protect joints
  • Suitable for all flooring types
  • Sticky, slip-resistant base
  • It is very expensive
  • Mat’s break-in period is longer


10. Dralegend Tear and Sweat-Proof Yoga Mat

The best thing I found out about this mat for hot yoga, is the active tear-proof construction technique that will not allow it to break or tear apart under heavy impact.

This will also allow the mat to stretch and make it more comfortable for you to perform the flexible moves.

It is about 6mm thick, which is sufficient when it is about carrying out the hot yoga exercise. Any thickness figure more than this is going to make your yoga experience a complete fail!

The material used in manufacturing is the TPE with exceptional cohesiveness and improved durability.

Apart from being non-slip and odorless, the base of the mat is resilient, ensuring perfect gripping on Non-textured surfaces. Once you lay it down on the floor, it establishes a firm grip with a floor and doesn’t move from its position, thanks to the excellent traction.

Not only perfect to be used for hot yoga but can also be considered for routine exercises and workout at the gyms. I will suggest you use a highly diluted soap solution while attempting to clean it.

  • 3 layer design makes it tear-proof
  • Breathable & waterproof material
  • Textured design on both sides offer optimal grip
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Some may find it very sticky for their hands
  • Not machine washable


  • If you are looking for mats that are extra comfortable and bigger in size, you should have a quick look at these Best Gymnastics Mats for Home.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a yoga mat for hot yoga, you might want to consider investing in a mat that can handle the heat. After all, you don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the place while you’re trying to perfect your downward dog. And if you’re really serious about your hot yoga practice, you might even want to consider getting a mat that comes with its own built-in air conditioning system.

Just imagine, you could be sweating buckets while your mat keeps you cool and comfortable. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll even have yoga mats that can make us a smoothie mid-practice. The possibilities are endless!




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