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Chair Mats for Heavy Person – Are you tired of constantly replacing your office chair mat because it can’t handle your weight? Do you feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells, afraid that one wrong move will send you crashing through the floor? Well, fear not my heavy-set friends, because chair mats for heavy person are here to save the day (and your floors). These mats are designed to withstand even the heaviest of loads, so you can roll around your office with confidence. No more worrying about embarrassing accidents or having to explain to your boss why there’s a giant hole in the floor. So go ahead, sit down and relax – your chair mat has got your back (and your butt).

10 Best chair mats for heavy person




Floortex Glaciermat

  • Super Strong & Highly Durable

  • Won't Sink, Curl, Or Discolor

  • Prevent Scratches & Tearing

AiBOB 53

  • Best For Wood Floors

  • Environmental Friendly Material

  • Stick Well To The Floor

DoubleCheck Products

  • Made Of Best Polycarbonate Material

  • Sturdy And Firm Surface

  • Little Spikes Prevent Sliding

Dimex Mats

  • Best For Large Work Space

  • Superior Wear Resistance

  • Available With & Without Lip

OFM Essentials

  • Made Of Top Quality Material

  • Anti-Slip Bottom

  • Smooth Movement Of Chair

Mu Arts Mats

  • Specially Designed For Wooden Floors

  • Protect Floor From Scuff Marks

  • Thickest And Heaviest Mat

Mastermat Mats

  • Extremely Durable & Sturdy

  • Non-Slip Bottom

  • No Curled Edges

Kuyal Chair Mat

  • Thick And Sturdy

  • Reduce Leg Fatigue

  • Move Chair With Ease

Marvelux Mat

  • Great Gripper Teeth

  • Move Chair With Ease

  • Best For Carpet Floor

Clearly Innovative

  • Has Beveled Edges

  • Capacity Of 1000 Pounds

  • Protect Floor From Scuffs

1. Floortex Glaciermat chair mats for heavy person

Floortex Glaciermat Chair Mat for Hard FloorsFloortex Glaciermat is a specially designed chair mat for plush carpets and hardwood floors. Made of tempered glass, this is a perfect chair mat in terms of looks, quality, and durability. Its crystal clear design doesn’t hide the beauty of your floor.

1/4 inches thickness of the mat won’t let the chair wheels sink into the carpet no matter how heavy the combined weight of you and your chair is.

These chair mats for heavy person can bear a load of approx. 800 pounds.

Things to remember while buying Floortex Glaciermat chair mats for heavy person:

  • Protective features of this mat are not only limited to carpet only but it can also be used to protect hard floors from scratches and cracks that can appear due to the movement of chair casters.
  • Moreover, the mat’s surface is smooth enough to allow you to move the chair around your desk without a problem freely.
  • Since this mat is not equipped with spikes so it may slide a bit when you slide the chair under your desk on a carpeted floor, so it needs to be reset to its original position.
  • However, it adheres firmly to the hardwood floor and won’t slide around.


  • Won’t curl or break
  • Can bear heavy loadings up to 1000 lbs
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty


  • Not suitable for the chair with metal casters

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2. AiBOB 53 extra large chair mat for computer desk

Next up in the list of mats for fatty people is a computer desk chair mat from AiBOB. It arrives in a roll form, and you need to unroll it and place it flat on the floor. It is advised to place heavy items on the edges of the mat to flatten them properly.

This AiBOB 53 extra large chair mats for heavy person is made of toxic-free pure polyethylene material. It does release a smell, but don’t worry, placing the mat in the open air for a day will take away the bad odor and makes its usage 100% safe for home and office. Its robust construction makes sure the mat won’t curl or crack due to heavy load.

Points to remember while buying AiBOB 53 extra large chair mat for heavy person:

  • If we talk about the design of this mat, one side is smooth, and the other one has a unique slight texture.
  • Keep the textured surface on top. It doesn’t allow the chair to skid and allows you to move around your computer desk easily.
  • The ease of movement between performing a task keeps you active and saves you from early fatigue.
  • It is firm, sturdy, and thick enough to save the beauty of your wooden or tile floor by protecting them from scratches that appear due to the rolling of chair wheels.


  • Free from odor, BPA & other toxic materials
  • Allows effortless movement of the chair
  • Sturdiness & thickness protect the floor from damages


  • Release a strong smell when unpacked

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3. DoubleCheck products heavy duty office chair mat

If you have a hard time finding a good chair mat for your office, DoubleCheck Products brings you an extra durable, sturdy, and long-lasting chair mat.

This mat is produced after a lot of research and testing. It is an upgraded version of their previous mat and is made of premium-quality polycarbonate material.

The company guarantees that the mat won’t shatter, break or curl, and have the ability to bear 200,000 loading cycles, which is a huge number.

Properties of doublecheck product office chairmat for heavy person:

  • It has a beautiful transparent design that doesn’t hide the beauty of your good-looking floor.
  • The surface of the mat is hard as glass and smooth as well.
  • Hence, there will be no cupping and digging of chair casters into the carpet, and you will be able to enjoy effortless movement.
  • Little spikes on the back let the mat stay in its place. These spikes work perfectly on the hardwood floor and low pile carpet floorings, whereas the mat may slide a bit on a high pile carpet.
  • This feature prevents the mat from sliding under the table and saves you from re-positing it every day.
  • Cleaning the mat is also super easy.
  • A wipe of clean cloth dipped in a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent will remove all the dirt and stains.
  • After cleaning, let it dry properly before placing it again underneath the chair.


  • Capable of bearing heavy loading
  • Heavy-duty and highly durable mat
  • Spikes prevent the mat from sliding
  • Cleaning is effortless


  • Not suitable for high-pile carpet

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4. Dimex large workspace chair mat for heavy person

A chair mat made of Greenguard Certified and toxic-free PVC plastic is another ideal choice for fat people or for those who use heavy-duty chairs.

If you are bulky or your chair is heavy, you need to exert more pressure in moving the chair, and this results in scratching the floor or tearing the plush carpet. The mat is available in three different sizes ranging between 36 inches and 46 inches.

Properties of dimex large workspace chair mat for heavy people:

Easy installation – This mat is installed to create a thick protective wall against tough chair casters and delicate flooring. Furthermore, there are two different variants, with and without a lip. Pick the one that fulfills your demands.

Provide Soft & Smooth Movement – Its top surface allows you to make the back smoothly and forth movement around your office desk and little spikes on the base, grip the floor very well. The top layer doesn’t allow any uncontrolled movement and studded gripper backing let the mat stay in its place.

Perfect for low pile carpet – Bulky people may notice some dips on the mat when they will sit on the chair, but the mat becomes flat once you are off. The mat works perfectly on a low-pile carpet and the terrific chair mat protects hardwood floors.

To fully flatten the mat, unroll the mat and place something heavy on its edges for a couple of hours.


  • Provide effortless chair movement
  • Little spikes let the mat hold its position
  • Protect a floor from scratches & shattering


  • The company claims it is odor-free, but it’s not
  • The wheel starts sinking after a certain period of time

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5. OFM essentials non-slip office chair mat for heavy person

OFM chair mat is particularly designed to provide ultimate protection to home and office floors from damage caused by the chair rolling casters. This chair mat is composed of good-quality eco-friendly material and is highly budget-friendly.

The solid construction of the mat makes it ultra-durable and strong, which enables it to bear a load of up to 1000lbs of a heavy person and a heavy chair.

Its intelligent design eliminates leg muscle fatigue by providing smooth movement of the chair.

Properties of OFM essentials non-slip office chair mat for heavy person:

  • The entire mat is equipped with a lot of small studs, which allows it to form a strong grip on the surface and prevent it from sliding on a low pile of carpeted floors, and wooden and tile floors.
  • Moreover, the thickness of the mat is trustworthy, and it will save your floor from scratches and permanent indentations.
  • There are two different versions of the mat: the hardwood floor and the other for the carpeted floor.
  • Both variants are also available in two different sizes 36×48 and 46×60. Pick the one that meets your work desk dimensions.
  • At first glance, the mat looks simply amazing, and once laid flat on the floor, it complements your existing decor as well.
  • Cleaning instructions are very simple. Create a soapy solution, dip a cloth in it, and remove all the dirt and stains.


  • Intelligent design reduces muscle fatigue
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Small studs form an excellent grip on the floor


  • Need an extra effort to lay flat

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6. Mu Arts chair mat for heavy person

The next chair mat brand on the list is Mu Arts. The size options are limited, but the size of a mat is good enough to be used in a medium to a large workspace. On purchase of this mat, you are going to get a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support

The thickness of the mat is 0.125 inch, which sounds a bit low but the use of superior quality PVC material and solid construction enhances its durability, enabling it to withstand your heavy weight and save the floor effectively from the rolling of the chair casters. Â Another great feature that differentiates this mat from others is its fire-retardant ability.

Properties of Mu Arts chair mat for heavy people:

  • The beautiful texture of your wooden floor can be clearly seen through the transparent glass design of the mat, and it also allows you to maintain the beauty of your floor by keeping it secure from scratches and dents.
  • As per company recommendation, the mat can’t be used on the carpeted floor.
  • However, according to our research, you can use this chair mat on a low-pile carpet.
  • The Slip-resistance feature isn’t up to the mark due to which the mat may slide a bit with the movement of the chair.
  • To improve slip resistance, you can install double-sided clear tape on the base of the mat.


  • Beautiful crystal clear design
  • The thickness provides decent protection
  • Material is fire retardant
  • Heavy-duty resilience


  • Not suitable for carpeted floors
  • Limited size option

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7. Mastermat anti-slip chair mat for computer desk

Mastermat brings you a very innovatively designed chair mat for office and home use. This mat is particularly made for big and tall people or a heavy-duty chair with tough casters. It can be used on hard as well as carpeted floors.

If your work cycle is around 6-8 hours a day and your weight is above 200 lbs, this is the most-rated chair mat for you. The superior quality manufacturing won’t let it break, curl, and save it from cuppings. Once placed between the chair wheels and the floor, it efficiently protects the surface of your from all kinds of damage and lets you retain your floor’s aesthetic appearance.

Properties of Mastermat anti-slip chair mats for heavy person:

  • You don’t have to exert more pressure to move your chair up and down.
  • To ensure a strong grip base of the mat is covered with tiny studs. These studs are responsible for holding the mat in its place, no matter whether it is placed on carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl floor.
  • The size of the mat is 36″ X 48,” and it is available on Amazon at a highly affordable price.
  • To prevent curling, the company ships this mat flat, saving you from spending extra time and effort on making the mat flat.


  • Arrives in a flat box
  • Doesn’t crack or break
  • Smooth movement of the chair
  • Grip the floor very well


  • A bit thinner compared to other mats

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8. Kuyal extra thick chair mats for heavy person

Here is a floor-protecting mat from Kuyal. A brand that is known for producing a variety of good quality chair mats and the same goes for this one as well. A top-level PVC material is used to compose this mat, making it extremely tough and reliable for a long time.

This mat has a very unique, slightly textured surface that not only creates a defensive wall between chair wheels and the floor. It also prevents the chair from skidding around the desk and requires you to exert a little pressure to move around.

Properties of Kuyal extra thick chair mats for heavy person:

  • The appearance of the mat is also very good, and it complements the beauty of your furniture and office decor.
  • If you have a low/no pile carpet or wood floor, this mat will serve you very well. The mat’s surface is also very comfortable.
  • It promotes ergonomic posture and is effective in reducing leg fatigue.
  • One of the impressive features of the Kuyal office desk chair mat is its slip-resistance. The studded bottom grips the floor firmly and doesn’t allow the mat to slide when you move the chair.
  • You can choose from two different designs and three different sizes. The lip variant of the mat is also available. Confidently choose the one that fits your needs because the quality of all the mats is superb.


  • Ergonomic design cause less fatigue
  • Made of premium grade PVC material
  • Available with lip and without lip
  • Has a studded grip


  • Unrolling the mat is a bit challenging

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9. Marvelux computer chair mat with studs for heavy person

People who want to show off their elegant flooring and looking for a transparent mat, Marvelux transparent office chair mat is the most rated option for them. This mat is made of eco-friendly polymer material and is free from odor and harmful substances.

It is a well-engineered mat. Its ergonomic design reduces leg fatigue caused due to exerting pressure for moving chairs.

In addition to that, the mat has been gone through several tests to ensure it doesn’t dip, curl, or break.

Properties of marvelux computer chair mat with studs for heavy person:

Perfect for medium pile carpet – With 0.38 inches in thickness, it effectively protects the low/medium pile carpet. You can also use it on a tile floor as well but not recommended for a wooden floor because it is not thick enough to be used on wood flooring.

Strong grip – The studded grippers underneath the mat help to hold the ground well and don’t allow the mat to slide around with the chair’s movement. The weave structure of the carpet matters a lot in controlling the slip-resistance.

Maintenance – For cleaning, you don’t have to spend money on special spray or liquid. A wipe of a cloth dipped in a soapy solution will remove all the dirt particles from the mat and make it look like a new piece.


  • Made of environmental-friendly material
  • Gripper prevents the mat from sliding
  • Thick enough to protect the carpeted floor
  • Very easy to clean dirt


  • A bit expensive compared to other mats

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10. Clearly innovative thick tempered glass chair mats for heavy person

The final one on the list is a very stylish chair mat from Clearly Innovative. It can be placed under the office chair and underneath the heavy-duty gaming chair. Excellent durability and sturdiness of the mat don’t let it a cup, sink, crack, or tear.

Taking about its construction, it is produced using Natural Silica Sand. To promote environment-friendliness, the company avoided the use of human-made substances that are harmful to health. Furthermore, unlike other mats, this doesn’t give any strong odor, which makes breathing difficult.

Properties of clearly innovative thick tempered glass chair mats for heavy person:

Capacity – We know heavy people are keen to know the loading capacity of the mat. The good news is that no matter how big or bulky you are, the sturdy built mat has the capacity to withstand a load of approx. 1000 pounds.

Smooth transition – Beveled edges of the mat not only look nice but also provides a smooth and lovely transition from mat to the floor and vice versa. Hence, prevent the chair rollers from tangling with the mat.

Expensive – Everything about this chair mat is perfect except the price. It is the most expensive mat on the list but provides good value for the money, and you are going to love this mat.


  • Innovative design with beveled edges
  • Can bear a load of approx.. 1000 pounds
  • Solid construction prevents crack/break
  • Free from chemical odors & harmful material


  • Cost a lot of money
  • Shouldn’t be used on high pile carpet

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Closing Thoughts on Heavy Duty Chair Mats

In conclusion, if you’re a heavy person looking for a chair mat, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of options out there for you, from industrial strength mats to mats made specifically for larger individuals. Just make sure to read the weight capacity before making your purchase, unless you want to end up with a mat that’s more like a slip and slide. And if all else fails, just invest in a good pair of roller skates and glide your way around the office. Who needs a chair mat when you can have a good laugh and a fun workout at the same time?

You might be interested in checking out the Outstanding Chair Mats for Thick Carpet.

FAQs for chair mats for heavy person

How Thick Should A Chair Mat Be?

The chair mat’s thickness depends on the surface it will be used on. For hardwood floors, use a mat that is 1/7 or 1/5 inch thick. For carpeted floors, a regular thickness mat will work. Chair mats come in various thicknesses, such as Economy (0.1 inch), Regular (0.125 inch), Standard (0.142 inch), and Premium (0.2 inch).

Can You Use A Rolling Chair On Carpet?

Yes, you can use a rolling chair on carpet, but it’s essential to use a chair mat designed for carpeted floors to prevent damage like tearing.

Can You Use A Hard Floor Chair Mat On Carpet?

Chair mats designed for hardwood floors, which are thicker and meant to protect against scuff marks and dents, can also be used on low to medium-pile carpets for smooth chair movement and carpet protection.

Is A Chair Mat Necessary?

There are several advantages to using a chair mat in your office or home, including protecting carpets and wood floors from tearing, dents, scuff marks, and cracks, safeguarding the floor from spillages and stains, facilitating easy chair movement without exerting excessive force, reducing leg fatigue and alleviating back pain.



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