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Yoga Mats for Carpet – Are you tired of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat during your downward dog? Do you find yourself constantly readjusting your mat on your carpeted floor? Fear not, fellow yogis, because the solution to your problem is here: yoga mats for carpet! Yes, you read that right. No longer will you have to struggle with a slippery mat on your plush carpet. These mats are specially designed to grip onto carpet fibers, providing you with a stable and secure surface for your practice. So, say goodbye to the days of slipping and sliding and hello to a more zen and stable yoga experience. Namaste, my friends.

10 Amazing Yoga Mats for Carpet Floor

Below you will find the features, pros, and cons of the best yoga mats that work perfect on the carpeted floor but before going into the details here we are sharing a quick comparison chart:

1. Manduka Pro
  • Premium & non-toxic material
  • High performance grip
  • Great support & balance
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2. Gxmmat Yoga Mat
  • Extra-long, thick and wide
  • Double sided non-skid surface
  • Highly dense cushioning
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3. YOGO Mat
  • Made of a natural tree rubber
  • Grippy & non-skid surface
  • Yoga mat with carrying strap
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4. Arteesol Yoga Mat
  • Anti-skid front & back Surface
  • Water & sweat proof design
  • Provides 30% more cushioning
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5. Gaiam Sticky Mat
  • Textured sticky non-slip surface
  • Beautiful reversible design
  • Available at economical price
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6. Gorilla Yoga Mats
  • Extra thick and large size
  • Comfortable & stable support
  • Circular pattern prevent sliding
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7. ProsourceFit Yoga Mat
  • Great grip and stability
  • NBR material repels moisture
  • Includes a free carrying strap
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8. YAWHO Fitness Mat
  • Textured pattern provides great grip
  • Sticky non-slip bottom
  • Highly durable & long lasting
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9. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat
  • Double sided non-slip surface
  • Ultra lightweight and durable
  • Sweating provides more grip
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10. Synergy Yoga Mat
  • Superior dry-wet grip
  • Anti-skid crystal coated microfiber
  • Extremely lightweight and Portable
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1. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat – Dense Cushioning & Great Grip

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - Dense Cushioning & Great Grip on CarpetManduka Pro is the number one choice of expert yogis. It is mainly because the mat offers a top-quality performance to the users. Yoga mat from Manduka is made from a 100% toxic-free and eco-friendly material and is available in a variety of designs and colors.

You can confidently use this yoga mat on the carpet as it provides an excellent grip and balance that helps you to try out a variety of yoga positions.

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Usage of this yoga mat is not only limited to a carpeted floor. 6 mm thickness of the mat not only provides you decent cushioning but also protects your joints from discomfort and injury on hardwood and tiles floor.

Most of the yogis love the close-cell surface of the mat because it prevents sweat from seeping into the surface hence keeping it free from harmful bacteria that might be born due to the absorption of sweat. This features makes it good yoga mat for sweaty hands.

The bottom of the Manduka yoga mat has a slip-resistant texture that will prevent it from skidding on the carpet floor and let you enjoy your yoga session without sacrificing the balance.

Maintenance plays a vital role in enhancing the life of a product. When it comes to cleaning of this mat, it is super easy. Wiping it down with a damp cloth will remove all the dirt from it. Avoid soaking or submerging your mat because this rips the surface of the mat.

Manduka Pro yoga mat is available in two sizes, standard (71″ x 26″) and extra-long (85″ x 26″). To enjoy high performance, it is highly recommended to break-in the mat.

  • Extra support & protection to joints
  • Won’t slip & skid on the carpet
  • Ultra dense cushioning
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Not suitable for travelling
  • Very expensive


2. Gxmmat Extra Thick & Large Yoga Mat

Gxmmat Extra Thick & Large Yoga MatAnother excellent choice for carpet is the Gxmmat extra-long and wide yoga mat. It is a multi-purpose mat that can be used for power yoga, stretching, foam rolling, pilates, and many other body exercises.

You are going to love the performance of this yoga mat when placing it on the carpet floor because the double-sided no-skid surfaces of the mat provide great traction and slip-resistance. On turning the yoga mat up-side-down, you will find a grooved and matrix circle pattern that prevents it from slipping or sliding on all types of flooring.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Additionally, the top layer of the mat lets you grip your hands and feet very well, and helps you in maintaining a nice body balance. Its thickness is 7mm, which ensures that the user gets the most comfortable yoga experience and is very gentle on your knees and elbows.

It is not only an ideal choice for a carpet but also one of the best yoga mats for bad knees.

If we talk about the composition of this, it is made of eco-friendly, latex and phthalate-free material. It releases bad odor when you unwrap it. It is recommended to place it in the open air for a couple of days to get rid of the smell.

You can choose from two beautiful colors, black and pink. We suggest you to go for the black one because sweat stains won’t be visible on this color.

If you want to enhance the life of your yoga mat, clean it after every yoga session. A wipe of damp cloth will do the cleaning job. But being extra-large in size, cleaning takes a lot of time.

  • Anti-tear yoga mat
  • Non-slip top and bottom
  • Protect your joints
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Due to large size cleaning takes a lot of time
  • A bit heavy on the pocket


3. YOGO Mat with Carrying Strap “ Best Travel Yoga Mat

YOGO Mat with Carrying Strap “ Best Travel Yoga MatSuper lightweight, non-slip, and great gripping are the top features of yoga mat from YOGO. The company has used tree rubber in the manufacturing of this mat, which makes it ultra-sticky on all kinds of surfaces.

The composition of the mat is free from PVC, EPA, PER, PU, or TPE and is eco-friendly.

At first glance, people think, it is very thin and will fail to provide good cushioning and Check Latest Price on Amazonsupport to elbows and knees. But believe me, it provides nice stability and balance, and you won’t face any trouble while practicing different yoga positions.

Stickiness is a very important factor to consider if you are buying a yoga mat that you are going to use on the carpet as this mat is made of tree rubber, which is a naturally sticky material and ensures that the mat won’t be slipping during the exercise.

Apart from being good for carpet, another most loved feature of the mat is its portability. It is extremely lightweight, foldable, and comes with a carrying strap, which makes it a good choice for traveler yogis.

If you are concerned about the cleaning of this mat, it is very easy. You can wash the mat and hang it in the open air to let it dry. After drying, you can roll it up and place it in the closet. Furthermore, its top-to-top fold feature keeps it away from the dirt and dust.

It is a highly durable mat and can be your yoga partner for many years if you take care of it properly.

  • 100% eco-friendly material
  • Sticky surface provides great grip
  • Ultra-light weight & good for travelling
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Release bad smell that fade away in a few days


4. Arteesol Water & Sweat Proof Yoga Mat

Arteesol Water & Sweat Proof Yoga MatArteesol is a premium quality yoga mat and a very economical yoga mat that you can use at home. This mat is made from toxic-free TPE material with a multi-layered design that not only enhances the mat’s durability but also makes it tear-resistant.

If you are planning to use the yoga mat on the carpet, it should possess an anti-skidding feature, and that’s what you are going to get in this mat.

It has a dual side anti-skid surface with a 3D pattern on top ensures that your hands andCheck Latest Price on Amazon feet get a decent grip, and you can have a good yoga session, and a non-slip wavy pattern on the back prevent it from skidding on the carpet.

You don’t have to worry about sweat because the mat also has sweat-resistant properties, making sure you don’t lose balance, believe me, you are going to enjoy every second of your workout.

A combination of carpet and high density of the mat works great in protecting and reducing the impact on joints. 30% more cushioning provides you a very comfortable surface to work out. Additionally, this mat has more elasticity, environmentally friendly, and less smelly as compared to other materials.

Some of the yogis don’t like the thickness of the mat. According to them, the mat is not as thick as claimed by the company.

When you are done with your yoga session, take a damp towel, and wipe it lightly on the upper surface to clean it. If the mat releases a bad odor of sweat, you can hand wash the mat as well.

This mat comes with a carrying strap that allows you to carry it with you in a yoga studio or park.

  • Non-slip top & bottom
  • Very comfortable on the joints
  • Get free carrying strap
  • 100% sweat & waterproof
  • Not as thick as claimed by the company


5. Gaiam Sticky and Non Slip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Sticky and Non Slip Yoga MatLike Manduka, Gaiam is also known for producing excellent quality yoga mats. It is a perfect choice for yogis who are looking for a yoga mat that can be used at home and studio. You can use it for all types of yoga, Pilates, and workouts.

Made of 100% toxic and 6P free PVC material, this mat is 6mm thick, which is considered to be an ideal thickness for a yoga mat. Its thickness takes care of your joints and provides you a comfortable surface to workout.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Both sides of the mat have a textured design that enables the top surface to provide nice traction and grip to the user. Additionally, the same design on the back prevents the mat from slipping, which not only lets you stay focused but also makes balancing of the body easier in many yoga poses.

As it is a printed yoga mat, so expect a release of bad odor in the early days of usage. It is recommended to unwrap and place the mat in the open air for at least a couple of days to get rid of the smell.

Cleaning of Gaiam yoga mat is easy as pie, take a clean damp cloth and wipe it on the surface of the mat to clean it. If it is possible for you, do it after every yoga activity because it will keep it safe from the bad smell of sweat.

On purchase of this mat, you are going to get downloadable yoga workout for free, which will help you to kick start your yoga.

  • Made of premium quality material
  • Extra thickness provide great cushioning
  • Excellent traction and superior grip
  • Highly affordable
  • Release bad odor in early days


6. Gorilla Mats Premium Quality Large Yoga Mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Quality Large Yoga MatGorilla is one of the most trustworthy names in the mats industry. This yoga mat from Gorilla is the most expensive product on the list but provides good value for the money.

When you will step on this yoga mat and start yoga activity, you will notice that the top layer extremely soft and comfortable. Ultra-dense cushioning and double-thick padding provide a gentle touch, support, and protection to your knees and joints if you use it on floors not having a carpet.Check Latest Price on Amazon

The combination of microfiber towel and texture on top provides yogis an extra grip and wipe away moisture hence enabling you to try many yoga positions without worrying about slipping of hand or feet.

On turning the mat up-side-down, you will find a unique circular textured pattern, and the purpose of it is to prevent the mat from slipping or skidding on the ground.

When you lay this yoga mat on the carpeted floor, it will form a good connection with the carpet won’t let it slip; hence you can have a peaceful and focused yoga activity.

As it is a heavy-duty mat, so keep in mind, it is very bulkier and weighs 9 lbs, which makes it difficult to carry from one place to another.

A gorilla yoga mat is composed of premium quality material that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and free from odor or smell. Its large, luxurious surface usage is not limited to yoga only, and you can take advantage of its extra-large size and can also try stretching, and cardio workout.

  • Extra thick and ultra-comfortable
  • Reversible sticky & non-slip design
  • Shock absorbing & comfort padding
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Bulkier and heavier
  • Occupies a large space


7. ProsourceFit Yoga Mat – High Density & Non-Skidding

ProsourceFit Yoga Mat - High Density & Non-SkiddingIf you are low on budget and want to buy a good carpet yoga mat that provides nice support and balance, ProsourceFit is a good choice to consider.

When 13mm thickness and high density cushioning meet the surface of the carpet, you get a very comfortable yoga experience.

It also provides excellent support to your knees, elbows, and is very useful in the prevention of joint aches.Check Latest Price on Amazon

The top layer of this yoga mat has a soft and non-slip surface, which ensures your hands and feet grip well to the surface of the mat. This feature helps the user to go with the flow and helps in maintaining a nice balance.

Its top surface is also capable of repelling water, sweat, and other liquids. When the sweat doesn’t get absorbed in the mat, it will not give birth to harmful bacteria and keep you safe and healthy.

Though the base of the yoga mat is not completely non-slip, it works well on the carpeted floor and won’t slide when you are practicing your favorite yoga position.

To keep the mat in good condition, we suggest you clean the mat with a damp cloth after completion of your routine work out. This act will increase the life of the mat as well.

BONUS: You will get a free carrying strap with this yoga mat, which means you can easily carry it with you while traveling.

  • Extra thickness provide protection to joints
  • Non-slip bottom stay nicely on carpet floor
  • Moisture-resistant material
  • Get a free carrying strap
  • When sweating you do slip a little


8. YAWHO Yoga Fitness Mat with Carry Bag

YAWHO Yoga Fitness Mat with Carry BagYAWHO is a famous brand known for producing yoga mats and yoga clothing. This yoga mat has a unique body alignment lines which are very useful in achieving proper yoga position, and the central point let you to always remain in the center throughout your workout session.

Slipping of a mat or in-decent grip can ruin your yoga experience, but this is not the case with this mat because both sides have a wave-like design and a textured pattern that provides better traction, grip, and prevent the mat from sliding on the carpet.Check Latest Price on Amazon

Yogis who practice hot yoga or those who sweat a lot during exercise can consider this mat because its grip improves when your hands and feet are sweatier.

One of the major drawbacks of this yoga mat is, your hands may slide a bit while practicing downward dog position.

1/4 high-density padding extends its usage from carpeted floors to hardwood floors. Using this mat on hard surfaces protects your elbows and knees from getting hurt by providing an optimal level of cushioning.

YAWHO yoga mat is composed of SGS certified TPE material, and it is completely free from harmful chemicals and substances. Additionally, the dual-layer design makes it more durable and long-lasting as compared to other products.

To clean dirt from the mat, take a wet towel, and wipe it on the surface of the yoga mat. After cleaning, let it dry in the open air. Avoid using cleaning agents and never place them under the sun because it will damage the top layer of the mat.

  • Textured wavy pattern for great traction
  • Thickness provide more cushioning & protection
  • Made of premium quality eco-friendly material
  • Free carrying bag
  • Large size; occupies more space
  • Hands slip in downward dog pose


9. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat for Carpeted Hardwood Floors

HemingWeigh Yoga Mat for Carpeted Hardwood FloorsIf you are searching for a yoga fitness mat that can be used on all types of flooring, go for Sunny health and fitness exercise mat. You can use this mat for yoga, meditation, stretching, and pilates.

Don’t underestimate the durability of the mat due to its lightweight, it is made of premium quality material, and the company has ensured that the mat won’t rip easily.

For working out on a carpeted floor, things that matter are grip and slip-resistance, andCheck Latest Price on Amazon you are going to find both in this yoga mat. The front side of the mat provides yogis excellent traction, which improves with sweating, and the base of this mat forms a firm grip with the carpet and prevent it from sliding around.

Body balance and right positioning are very important in yoga, and if you grab this mat, you will find that its decent thickness provides a stable surface that makes balancing of the body easier and let you enjoy a much focused and motivational workout session.

The cleaning procedure of this mat is very simple and doesn’t require any expensive detergents or chemicals to get rid of dirt and stains. All it needs is a wipe of clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water, that’s it.

Above all, you will also get a two years replacement warranty, which means if a mat rip or tears, the company will replace it for free without any additional cost.

  • Creates firm grip on carpet
  • Makes body balancing is easier
  • Self-strapping system for traveling
  • 2 years replacement warranty
  • Smell bad after unwrapping, for a few days


10. Heathyoga Synergy Yoga Mat

Heathyoga Synergy Yoga MatLast in the list is the Synergy yoga mat from Heathyoga. It is one of the ideal yoga and exercise mats for carpet use. It is made of SGS Certified Thermoplastic Elastomers material with a coating of microfiber towel on the top.

TPE material used in the composition of this mat is free from all toxic substances; that is why it won’t release any bad odor and takes care of your health very well.

In addition to that, its top layer is ultra-soft and is capable of absorbing sweat.Check Latest Price on Amazon

The company has intelligently designed the bottom of the mat. On the back, you will find a textured bottom that makes the mat non-slippery and let it form a firm connection with the flooring.

One of the unique features of this yoga mat is, the more your hands and feet become sweaty, the better grip you will have on the mat. It let you remain stable and freshen up, so you can enjoy your yoga.

Heathyoga guarantees that the colorful digital printed design on top won’t fade. We are sure you are going to love its beautiful pattern.

  • Ultra-soft & sweat absorbing top
  • Microfiber layer on top provide excellent grip
  • Eye-catching design and color options
  • Best for home and studio use
  • Takes long time to dry after cleaning


If you think buying a yoga mat for carpet is not going to full fill your need, we suggest you to grab a portable yoga platform. This will solve all your problems by providing a stable, well balanced, and hard surface to perform a yoga session.

How to Choose Yoga Mat for Carpet Floor

Here, we have listed some important factors that you should consider before buying the best carpet yoga mat:

  • Provide decent grip to hands and feet.
  • It should have non-slip or sticky bottom.
  • It should provide nice balance and stability on the carpeted floor.
  • Yoga mat should be made of eco-friendly and latex free material.
  • It must be budget friendly. This factor vary from person to person.
  • Read customer reviews to learn about the durability of mat.


Can you do yoga on carpet?

You may face difficulties when you will start practicing yoga on carpeted floor but with the passage of time you will get us to. But doing yoga on carpet without a mat can result in body friction burns, so use a yoga mat on a carpet.

Should I use a yoga mat on carpet?

YES! You can use yoga mat on carpet, but not every mat is suitable for carpeted flooring. You need to find a mat that has a grippy top surface and sticky, slip-resistant, textured bottom. Such mats form a nice connection with the carpet and provides you a better surface to workout.

What is the best thickness yoga mat for carpet?

Honestly speaking, thickness doesn’t matter if you are planning to use the yoga mat on carpet because the carpet is already very cushiony. The point of concern on carpet floor is body balancing, which is very difficult and it is recommended to get a mat that provides you grip, stability, and balance.

Are yoga mats for carpet expensive?

There are a variety of yoga mats available in market and price of each mat is different from other. A good yoga mat that fulfill your needs will cost you around $40-$50. But it all depends upon your choice and budget. Here are our recommendations for carpet yoga mat:

  • Gaiam Sticky Yoga Mat
  • Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
  • Heathyoga Yoga Mat

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a yoga mat for your carpeted floor, you might want to consider investing in a magic carpet instead. Not only will it provide a smooth surface for your yoga practice, but it will also add a touch of whimsy to your home decor. Plus, imagine the envy of your fellow yogis when they see you floating effortlessly through your sun salutations.

Of course, if a magic carpet isn’t in your budget, a good quality yoga mat will do just fine. Just make sure to vacuum your carpet beforehand to avoid any unexpected surprises during your practice. Namaste and happy yoga-ing!

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