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Yoga Mats for Bad Knees – Are you tired of feeling like a pretzel during yoga class? Do your knees scream in agony every time you attempt a downward dog? Fear not, my fellow yogis with bad knees! The solution to your problem is as simple as a yoga mat. But not just any yoga mat – a yoga mat specifically designed for bad knees. Yes, you read that right. There are mats out there that cater to those of us with creaky joints and achy knees. So, say goodbye to the days of wincing through your practice and hello to a world of pain-free yoga. Namaste, baby!

Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees to Protect Joints

Practicing while experiencing pain is another kind of suffering, I AGREE! You would probably be knowing that yoga exercises are performed to achieve calmness and relaxation.

If, after doing a yoga task, you start feeling pain in your knee bones, then you would not like to consider doing yoga again. And you do not want that.

So let’s explore some of the best yoga mats you could use if you have sore knee pain.

Find The 10 Best Sticky Yoga Mats For You

1. FrenzyBird Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carry Strap

FrenzyBird Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carry Strap

Spongy and comfortable yoga mat with body alignment markers and portability functionality!

If you ask me about a yoga mat that is good in quality, durability with appropriate cushioning, I will suggest you grab the FrenzyBird yoga mat.

It is made from premium TPE plastic material and free from the harmful PVC.

The Double-layer design makes sure both of the sides are non-slip and hence can be used interchangeably. The surface is not much sticky, and will not be annoying while you do yoga exercise upon it.

The mat comes up in dimensions of 72 x 24 inches, with the length considerably greater than the width. This may be a downside for those who are going to do the extensive forms of yoga.

Having an ideal 6mm thickness, the FrenzyBird yoga mat has been made to take care of the bad knees by providing a sensible amount of cushioning.

As you might already be knowing, too much cushioning that makes the body parts get absorbed inside the mat is also not appropriate for doing yoga exercise. Therefore a good yoga mat should be spongy and cushioned just like this one.

To make things easier for the beginners, the body alignment system has also been crafted upon the mat. This system enables you to achieve a perfect yoga pose and let you maintain a proper body balance.

You are also going to get a ONE-YEAR warranty along with the mat’s purchase, which I think is definitely great in case the mat’s material gets wore up within 12 months.

  • Good for beginners; with guidance lines
  • Ideal thickness of 6mm
  • A year’s warranty
  • Width could have been greater

2. BalanceFrom GoYoga Yoga Mat with Knee Pad

BalanceFrom GoYoga Yoga Mat with Knee Pad

Double sided, non-slip surfaced yoga mat, accompanied with a knee pad to give you the best and comfortable yoga experience

Next up, is an all-purpose yoga mat. I could not find a single defect while going over all the features of this mat, so I can say THIS IS CAN BE YOURS ALL TIME FAVOURITE YOGA MAT!

You get two items when you purchase this product; A yoga mat with carrying strap and a knee pad.

Let’s talk about the Yoga mat first. It measures 71 inches long and 24 inches in width. Like other yoga mats, this one is not composed of plastic or PVC. The use of high-density foam in the formation of this mat adds up a little to the overall price.

This mat offers excellent traction when placed on the hard floor. Both sides of the mat are non-slip and provide an excellent grip on all types of floors.

Now, what makes this yoga mat best for bad knees?

As mentioned earlier, this yoga mat comes with a knee pad. It is not an ordinary knee pad because it has been specially designed for people having knees problem.

Placing this knee pad on the mat gives you an additional of 3/5 inches cushioning, hence making it super easy for you to do yoga exercise with bad knees.

You can wash this mat using soap and water but do not use any harsh chemicals, not even vinegar.   There are people who reported this mat to be semi-sticky, but that only happens when you do not dry it properly after you clean it.

A free strap is also included in the package, making the yoga mat easy to carry while traveling.

The whole set comes up with a 2-year warranty, which is TRULY APPRECIATING!

  • Thick cushioning
  • Free knee pad & carrying strap
  • Highly affordable
  • May be too short for some people

3. Prosource Fit Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam

Prosource Fit Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam

Ideal for Pilates and yoga, a mat with non-slip surfaces and easy maintenance capability!

ProsourceFit yoga mat is entirely composed of foam, with a very little amount of plastic. This versatile mat is available in two thickness ranges, one of half-inch and another of complete one inch.

People suffering from knee or bone problems should get the one-inch mat because that will be the most suitable version for their painful joints.

It features a moisture-resistant material that not let the sweat penetrate inside the foamy material of the mat.

The mat is Ideal for Pilate and yoga activities, particularly for people who have got knees problem. Reason for saying it is all because of the following features this mat possess:

Number 1, the non-slip bottom surface maintains a good grip on the hard floor. Secondly, the foamy texture does not make the mat sticky after a certain period of use. Lastly, the dense thickness does not let your knees get absorbed deep inside the mat’s layer.

You can easily clean the mat by wiping it off with a wet sponge. There is no need to take it out into the sunlight to dry. Closed-cell technology has got thin air pores inside, which can automatically air dry the product.

A carrying strap is also included within the package for easy carrying of the product, to outdoors. The mat is not much lightweight, so avoid taking it with you on longer trips.

I will not recommend this yoga mat for meditation activities, while for the rest of the yoga exercises, it works BEST!

  • Versatile
  • Air dry capability
  • Good grip on hard floors
  • Not good for meditation activity

4. Incline Fit – Best Yoga Mat for Heavy Person

Incline Fit - Best Yoga Mat for Heavy Person

Best for everyday use, with non-slip surface that is easy to clean and maintain!

Being 71 inches long and almost 1 inch thick, this is yet another yoga mat for people who feel pain in knees while doing yoga.

The company claims, this yoga mat is the best for older people, and youngsters experiencing joints problems. It is designed to eliminate extra stress from the knee joint and hip bone and makes them super flexible while you do your yoga exercise.

Talking in particular about the thickness, users have reported that the thickness is not 1 inch but slightly lesser than that. I will say that might be a manufacturing defect, or there may be some protocols to be taken while taking the measurement.

The mat is composed entirely of foam, with no harsh and hard material embedded inside. The bottom surface has got a rough texture to make the mat get to adhere to the floor.

The top surface is semi-sticky, so precautions must be taken while using the mat.

When you unpack the product and start using it immediately,’ it may give off some bad odor. It is better to air dry the mat before starting to use it.

The cleaning is quick and easy. You can wipe the dirt and infections off using a clean wet sponge. Then air-dry the mat for a day to let all the moisture escape it.   Do try it out, a good yoga partner for daily use!

  • Premium quality form material
  • Ideal thickness
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Not much durable

5. Gaiam Thick and Lightweight Yoga Mat

Gaiam Thick and Lightweight Yoga Mat

Durable, thick and lightweight yoga mat, suitable for for all types of yoga activities!

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Fitness & Exercise Mats are famous among the pro yogis.  I will not say these are the best yoga mat you can get your hands on, but they will not disappoint you when it is about durability and dense thickness.

It weighs only 3.11 lbs with a thickness of 2/5 inches and a standard length dimension of 72 inches. Its extra thickness provides decent comfort to your knees if you feel pain in them while doing yoga.

Textured ridges are provided at both sides so that you can use them interchangeably. The ridges help in maintaining a good balance of the mat, by interlocking its small particles with the floor and developing a good bond with the body. The surface of the mat is non-slip too.

The mat is composed of non-toxic PVC material, which is latex-free. I will not say it is completely ecofriendly but may be up to some extent. Available in two bright colors, black, and teal, you can choose the one that matches your room décor.

You can easily carry this mat with yourself outdoors to picnic or hiking adventures, thanks to the Hook and Loop strap making the portability hassle-free.

  • Extra thick yoga mat
  • Made of non-toxic PVC
  • Good in durability
  • Textured surface, for good balancing
  • It may worn out a little faster if not taken prepare properly

6. Heathyoga Yoga Mat with Extra Cushioning

Heathyoga Yoga Mat with Extra Cushioning

Comes in an extra-large size, an ecofriendly product with intelligently  designed body alignment system.

Heathyoga mat is composed of non-slip, odor-less, eco-friendly TPE material, which is free from latex and PVC. The composition of this yoga mat includes the blend of foam and TPE material, which provides excellent cushioning to the user, and it is a plus point for people having knee pain.

Double-layer structure design not only prevents your body from getting absorbed into the mat, but it also provides an excellent grip.

Additionally, the alignment lines on top of the mat help the yogis achieve a correct yoga position, and maintaining a nice body balance.

The base of the mat has got a rough texture which plays a vital role in forming an excellent grip on hard floor.

To ensure you get the perfect stretches, Heathyoga has made the yoga mat non-sticky. For durability, the anti-tear middle mesh layer has also been embedded; to make it last longer than the normal yoga mats.

The dimensions are larger than all other mats added on the list. The size of the mat is 72″ x 26″ with a thickness of 6mm. It is a good choice for the person searching for long yoga mats for tall people. The company offers six different beautiful color options to choose from.

Heathyoga non-slip yoga mat comes with a carrying strap, which makes it easier for you to carry the mat with you for outdoor activities.

  • Extra-large size & thickness
  • Non-slip yoga mat
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • A bit expensive

7. IUGA Pro Yoga Mat for Bad Joints

IUGA Pro Yoga Mat for Bad Joints

Ideal for Hot yoga session, made of premium quality and non-toxic material with great traction!

Comfort and quality go in parallel when it’s about yoga mats from IUGA. The brand has been serving the pro yogis for about more than 10 years and has never disappointed its customers.

Odor-less, non-sticky, non-slip, and double-layered are the main features of this yoga mat.

IUGA Pro yoga mat is made up of natural rubber, with no PVC or latex. A good amount of foaming used inside the mat provides the user with a comfortable yoga experience and lets you achieve the relaxation and calmness you really need.

Furthermore, the material used in the manufacturing of this mat has the capability to absorb moisture. This means the grip keeps getting better the more you sweat. It is an excellent feature for those who do hot yoga sessions

It weighs only 2.5 lbs, with 5mm thickness and an extra-large size of 76 inches x 24 inches, which I think is the best combination you can get in a yoga mat.

You can clean it by using soap and water and then dry it up in the open air for two days. Do not machine wash this mat as it will result in destroying the product.

  • Alignment lines for excellent posture
  • Good reversible design
  • Extra-large size measuring 72 x26
  • Premium quality material
  • Need to be aired out before use to get rid of bad smell

8. Liforme Original Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Liforme Original - Best Yoga Mats for Travel

Has a unique alignment system, composed of 100% natural rubber with non-slip surface.

This long and thick mat comes up with low maintenance and good quality rubber material. Liforme claims that the mat is made up of 100% natural rubber with no addition of PVC or latex.

It has got a good length of approx. 73 inches and a width of 27 inches, making it more ideal for intense yoga activities. The unique alignment markers on the upper side of the mat are helpful in guiding yogi in positioning their body and maintaining the balance.

The mat is relatively lighter in weight and is accompanied by a Liforme bag to carry it outdoor.

The performance of this mat is not questionable, but the mat is only 0.16 inch thick and hence not the PERFECT mat for heavy persons.

But it doesn’t mean that it fails to provide a decent amount of cushioning. You are going to love the level of cushioning provided by this mat.

If, after washing the mat, you do not dry it well, it would destroy the quality of the material, and the mesh would wear off.   I will suggest you to air dry the mat after wash, for best results. Read the detailed Review of Liforme Yoga Mat.

  • Ideal for intensive yoga activities
  • Non slip surfaces, prevent injuries
  • Unique alignment system
  • Heavier than regular mats
  • Difficult to remove pet hairs

9. Manduka PRO Mat with Dense Cushioning for Knees

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

A yoga mat from one of the most popular brands, with ideal thickness of 6mm and life time warranty.

If you have been doing yoga for long, you might be familiar with the Manduka yoga mats. Manduka is known for producing quality guaranteed products with high-level performance and comfort.

This mat is yet another masterpiece by the Manduka made particularly for people with bad knees and joints problems.

It is manufactured using 100% pure natural rubber, with no addition of latex but a little addition of non-toxic PVC, for the outlining. The mat is sustainable, eco-friendly, and does not give off any bad odors if air-dried properly after cleaning.

Versatility is always there when it is about yoga mats from Manduka. Two distinctive choices are available to choose from. The first one is 7.5 lbs with 71″ x 26″; 6 mm thick, dense layering. The latter one is 9.5 lbs with 85″ x 26″; and the same 6mm dense thickness.

It is all your choice, which one to go for!

Cleaning and maintaining are super easy, but it is recommended to clean it after every use to increase its durability. Since the material is natural rubber, it will definitely get exploited if you keep it in rough condition.

All you have to do is to take a wet sponge and thoroughly clean the mat with it. Air-dry the mat for 24 hours, at least, and it is all set to be used again!

Most of the products from Manduka are costly because of their exceptional features, but this one is relatively inexpensive.

  • Dense and cushiony
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A bit heavy
  • Very expensive

10. Jade Yoga Mat for Extra Comfort

Jade Yoga Mat for Extra Comfort for Bad Knees

Best yoga mat for bad knees with excellent combination of cushioning and traction!

Jade Yoga mat is made of natural rubber to provide a better grip and more cushioning to the user. Its extra-thick padding gives great relief to people who are suffering from bad knees, bones, or joints problems.

Apart from thickness, it has got other commendable ones too! Let us check them out.

The upper layer of the yoga mat is non-slip and provides you a firm platform to try all kinds of yoga positions confidently. Its 8mm cushioning protect your hips, knees, and elbow joints.

The bottom surface of the mat has got friction enabled texture that helps it to stick to the floor and not slip away.

It also has got a pretty good design with three different color options: grey, midnight blue, and purple. You can pick the one that matches your room décor.

This is one of the most expensive yoga mats on the list, but the Jade yoga mat provides good value for the money. Once you get your hands on this product, you are going to love it.

Being thicker from other yoga mats, it is heavier and difficult to carry as well.

  • Made of premium and non-toxic material
  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Non-slip top and bottom
  • Release bad smell for few days
  • A bit heavy & expensive


  • Does yoga mats for bad knees really work?

In one word, I will say YES! There are extra thick yoga mats that are designed for people suffering from sore knees or other joints problem. Using thick heavy-duty yoga mat let you feel better when you practice yoga poses on hard surfaces like hardwood or concrete floor.

  • Are thin or thick yoga mats better?

Both type of mats has its own benefits. Thin yoga mats provides use a much balanced posture because it establishes a firm connection with the hard surface. Contrary to that a thick yoga mat provides ideal support to lower back and knees, and prevent your knees from feeling the toughness of the floor.

  • Is a 6mm yoga mat good?

6mm is one of the thicket available versions of a yoga mat. This exercise mat is good for those who practice yoga on hard surfaces. It provides an extra protection to the joints and won’t let your bones feel the hardness of the floor. One drawback associated with such mats is, they are heavy weight and difficult to carry.

  • What are the best yoga mat for bad joints?

Choosing a yoga mat for bad joints is a bit different from picking a regular yoga mat. Here we are listing down our top 3 recommendations:

  • BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat
  • Incline Fit Yoga Mat
  • Gaiam Thick Yoga Mat

There are a few other yoga mats that provide good value for money.


In conclusion, if you have bad knees and are looking for a yoga mat to support your practice, don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there. Just make sure to avoid mats made of concrete or lava rock (yes, they exist), and opt for ones with extra cushioning and support. And if all else fails, you can always just do yoga on a pile of fluffy pillows or a giant bean bag chair.

Who says you need a mat anyway? Just remember to listen to your body, take breaks when needed, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself when you fall over (because let’s face it, we all do). Namaste, and happy knee-friendly yoga-ing!

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