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Sticky Yoga Mats – Are you tired of slipping and sliding all over your yoga mat during your downward dog? Do you find yourself face planting during your warrior pose? Well, fear not my fellow yogis, because sticky yoga mats are here to save the day! These mats are like glue for your feet, ensuring that you stay put during even the most challenging poses. But be warned, once you step onto a sticky mat, there’s no going back. You’ll be stuck in place like a fly on flypaper.

So, if you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level (and potentially lose a shoe or two), grab yourself a sticky mat and get ready to stick it to the man (or the mat).

10 Amazing Sticky Yoga Mats Having Strong Grip

1. Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with Towel

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with TowelMicrofiber towel, unique design, and stitched binding make this yoga mat different from all other mats that we are going to discuss in this list. The material used in the formation of Aurora Synergy 2 in 1 yoga mat is completely non-toxic, odorless, and free from Phthalates and Latex.

On top, you will find a microfiber towel that provides a nice feel and decent grip to hands and feet so you can try out a variety of yoga poses. If you think sweaty hands and feet will affect your hold, don’t worry because, in wet conditions, this mat provides a much stronger grip because of the bonding between mat and towel.

NOTE: The mat becomes slightly heavy after getting wet.

The bottom surface of the mat is made of 5mm Polymer Environmental Resin, which is eco-friendly and develops a firm contact with the ground and won’t let the mat slip. You can use this mat on all types of flooring because it sticks to the ground very well.

Aurora yoga mat is extra-long and wide, making it highly suitable for tall people. This mat is 1/4 inch thick, which provides great cushioning and a very comfortable yoga experience.

You can use liquid soap and wash it with a shower for cleaning dirt from the mat. After washing, please place it in the open air for approximately 24 hours to let it dry.

  • 2 in 1 yoga mat with towel
  • No slipping and bunching
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Extremely durable & lightweight
  • Dirt and debris get stuck in the microfibers of the mat


2. Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Mat

Heathyoga - Best Yoga Mat for Bad KneesMade of latest Thermoplastic elastomer technology, also known as TPE, this Yoga mat from Healthyoga is slip-resistant as well as safe from all health hazards. It is equipped with a body alignment system, which makes the yogi adjust his/her hands and feet to get an accurate yoga position.

Healthyoga mat is designed to provide a comfortable yoga experience to all the yogis. Its 1/4 inches thickness provides excellent cushioning and ensures that the user doesn’t feel stress on joints. Intelligently engineered alignment lines on top of the mat enable you to place your hands and feet on the right spot and maintain a proper yoga position.

Both sides of this yoga mat have a non-slip texture, which makes its top slip-resistant and let the bottom stick to the hardwood or concrete floor. Optimal grip with the surface lets you perform downward facing dog, stretches, and a variety of yoga poses without being worried about slipping and getting yourself injured.

Its size can be a problem for a few people because it occupies a large space, but I think it is not a thing that you should be worried about. You can take advantage of its large size by using it for relaxation purposes after performing yoga.

Cleaning is of Heathyoga sticky yoga mat is extremely easy. You can use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and debris from the mat. If it catches bad stains, in that case, you need to use a cleaning spray or a soap and wash with water to make the mat spotless.

  • Intelligently designed body alignment system
  • Non slip top and bottom
  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic material
  • On unpacking it releases bad odor for a few days
  • Extra-large size may be an issue for few


3. IUGA Pro Lightweight Sticky Yoga Mat

IUGA Pro - Best Yoga Mats for Women & MenIUGA is one of the most trusted yoga mat brands in the United States. The company is known for producing comfortable, durable, and affordable yoga mats. It has a very simple design with five different colors to choose from. With 5mm thickness, this mat provides nice cushioning and lets you enjoy your yoga session.

It is made of Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) certified material. Its formation includes biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber ensures its usage safer and free from all kinds of health hazards.

The top layer features polyurethane material, which makes IUGA Pro smooth and empowers it to become sweat and a slip-resistant yoga mat. This means you are going to get an excellent grip and can comfortably try Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and many other forms of yoga.

The bottom layer of the mat has a textured design made of TPE material, which is the primary reason this mat doesn’t slip and stick nicely to almost all types of surfaces. You can confidently try all types of difficult yoga poses on IUGA pro yoga sticky yoga mat.

Furthermore, it is an extremely lightweight yoga mat, and you can use it for an outdoor yoga activity or can easily carry it with you while traveling.

Cleaning is a bit tough if the mat catches any bad stains. Normal dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with wet cloth or towel.

  • Top layer provide strong grip
  • Nice textured non-slip bottom
  • Highly affordable and durable
  • In some cases cleaning is a bit tough


4. Gaiam Sticky and Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mats - Best Extra Thick Yoga MatsIf you are searching for a sticky yoga mat with beautiful prints, Gaiam is the item that you should consider. From the past 25 years, the company is providing premium quality mats and has thousands of satisfied customers.

Gaiam yoga mat construction includes non-toxic and eco-friendly material making its usage safer for health in the long run. This mat may release bad odor after unwrapping, but don’t worry, it will disappear when you place it in the open air for 2-3 days.

It is an excellent yoga mat for beginners because its 6mm thickness provides decent cushioning and support to the yogis. Furthermore, the mat stays stable on the ground, which enables the newbies to try out different yoga poses.

The front side of the yoga mat provides good grip and traction, which helps the person to maintain a nice balance while doing yoga exercise. The base of the mat forms a firm contact and stick with the ground and keeps you safe from all kinds of slipping hazards.

Stickiness is a feature that boosts user confidence and gives him/her the freedom to perform all types of yoga, Pilates & floor workouts without getting injured.

BONUS: On purchase of this yoga mat, you will gain access to free yoga training, which will help you to get started.

  • Extra thickness provide excellent cushioning
  • Available in a variety of patterns
  • Non-slip top and bottom layer
  • No carrying strap
  • Release bad odor for a few days after unwrapping


5. Liforme Original “ Best Sticky Travelling Yoga Mat

Liforme Original - Best Yoga Mats for TravelLiforme Original yoga mat equipped with all the features that a beginner or a pro look for in a yoga mat. It is a bit heavy on the pocket but believes me it offers good value for money. You can confidently try difficult yoga postures without fear of getting a slip.

Made of biodegradable natural rubber and material ensures that it won’t break or tear apart. Furthermore, the use of Eco-Polyurethane in the formation of the mat makes it more durable and safe from the health point of view.

Its design gives a clear indication that the yoga mat is engineered very intelligently. You will find a unique alignment marker system on top of the mat, which is very helpful in adjusting your hands and feet position to achieve a particular yoga pose. Its upper surface also provides great grip making balancing and holding a yoga position easier.

You don’t have to worry about the yoga mat sliding or slipping around the floor because it sticks to the hardwood, concrete, and laminated floor very well. You can use this mat for stretches, meditation, and relaxing because when placed on the floor, it won’t slip at all.

After completing your yoga session, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the sweat and debris from the mat. Keep your mat safe from bad stains because it’s hard to get rid of them.

Take advantage of the patented navigation marks on the yoga mat and do yoga activities like a pro.

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  • Top layer provides excellent grip
  • Bottom layer form nice contact with surface
  • Unique body alignment system
  • Natural and biodegradable material
  • Not suitable for people suffering from bad knees or hips
  • A bit heavy


6. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat for Beginners & Pros

Jade Harmony - Best Yoga Mat for TravellingJade Harmony yoga mats are very famous among the beginners because of the excellent traction and non-slippery nature. Its 3/16 thickness and high-density foam, also makes it an ideal choice for people suffering from joints or knee pain.

It is available in three different sizes 68″, 71″, and 74″, and has a wide range of color options to choose from which makes it easier for you guys to pick the one that matches your room décor.

A combination of open-cell design and natural rubber is used in the formation of this sticky yoga mat. The purpose of choosing natural rubber over synthetic rubber is mainly because of providing a product that has not any health hazard.

In addition to that, such mats also provide a strong grip and prevent your hands slipping and sliding, so that you can get a nice balance and lock yourself in your favorite yoga position. When you lay down the Harmony yoga mat on the floor, its bottom surface will stick to the ground.

On this mat, yogis can try Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot, Bikram, Iyengar, and many other forms of yoga. Extra-long size of the mat allows you to rest on the mat after a successful yoga session.

To keep your yoga mat free from germs, stains, and debris, don’t forget to clean it after every yoga session.

  • Suitable for all forms of yoga
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Great grip and sticky base
  • Highly durable
  • Due to strong grip sometimes sliding of hands and feet becomes difficult
  • Colors are a bit lighter compared to the images


7. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka PROlite - Best Yoga Mats for BeginnersIf you are searching for a durable, portable, and comfortable yoga mat, Manduka Pro Lite is the right item to go for. It is available in ten different designs and colors from vibrant black to red every color is fantastic.

Special attention is paid to the dimensions of the mat to ensure it becomes suitable for every yogi. This yoga mat is 79 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 4.7mm thick. The thickness of the mat provides good cushioning, but the Manduka PRO mat is slightly more comfortable than the lite version.

If comfort is one of your primary requirements, then you shouldn’t buy this mat.

The top surface has a closed-cell design, which prevents the sweat from seeping into the yoga mat, which keeps it bacteria and germs free. But still, we recommend everyone to clean the surface with a damp cloth after usage.

You can try a variety of yoga poses without worrying about slipping between any yoga positions. The top layer provides a decent grip, and the dotted pattern on the bottom of the mat helps in establishing a firm contact with the ground.

You may find this stick yoga mat slippery in the beginning because it has to pass through a break-in process. We recommend you to scrub salt and apple cider vinegar to break-in quickly.

On purchase, you will get a lifetime guarantee, which promises that the mat won’t rip, wear or tear over the period of time.

  • Free from non-toxic materials
  • Ultra dense cushioning
  • Excellent traction & grip
  • Less comfortable as compared to PRO version
  • Slightly heavy


8. Yoga Cloud – Best Yoga Mat for Bad Knees and Joints

Crown Sporting Goods Yoga Mat for Bad KneesIf you are one of those yogis who feel pain in wrist, elbows, or knees, while doing yoga, this extra-thick yoga mat from YogaClound is designed for you. This mat has a high-density foam and 1-inch thickness, which provides great shock absorption and lets you do yoga exercise comfortably without feeling any pain and discomfort.

Like other mats on the list, yoga mat from Crown Sporting Goods is also slip-resistant. The top and bottom layer of the mat have ridges that make both sides of the mat non-slip; it not only gives you a calming effect but also prevents you from injuries.

Furthermore, the upper surface of the mat is also sweat-resistant, and it won’t let you lose grip due to sweat. Great grip and traction let you do yoga, Pilates, and a variety of exercises on this mat.

It comes with a shoulder sling carrying strap, making it travel-friendly. Now you can use this floor mat at home, yoga studio, or easily carry it with you while traveling.

This yoga mat is extra-large in length sizing 72″ x 24″ which is good for tall people, but it occupies a lot of space in your room. The color option is limited, and you have to choose from black, pink, blue, and red color.

  • Horizontal ridges makes it non-slip
  • Moisture resistant
  • Shoulder carrying strap makes it travel friendly
  • Produce bad odor for a few days
  • Slightly bulkier


9. Aurorae Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat

Highly durable, lightweight, sticky, and odorless is the top feature of Aurorae Classic yoga mat. It comes in a size of 72″x24″ with 1/4″ thickness and is available in 17 different illuminating colors.

Aurorae yoga mat is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, phthalates, and latex-free materials. The company has used new resin in the formation, and due to this, the mat don’t emit chemical gasses and bad odor, which is a good sign from a health point of view.

Like other mats discussed in the list, the thickness of this sticky yoga mat is 1/4 inches. Its thickness provides decent protection to your knees and joints without creating an unstable surface, which is an important point to consider in balance poses.

Both the top and bottom sides of the mat are non-slippery. Your hands and feet won’t slip even if you are sweating on the mat, and it is mainly because of the excellent grip this mat offers. Additionally, the base of the mat sticks very well to all kinds of surfaces, and this allows you to stay focused during yoga activity.

When it comes to caring, this yoga mat is extremely easy to care for. You can wash your mat under running water and hang it in the open air to dry. Don’t put it in a dryer or under direct sunlight.

  • Extremely durable & long lasting
  • Enjoy great non-slip grip
  • Easy to care
  • No cons


10. Ajna Eco Organic Best Sticky and Traveling Yoga Mat

Ajna Eco Organic Extra Long Yoga MatIf you are looking for a highly affordable sticky yoga mat, Ajna Eco is the item that you should go for. In the creation of this mat company’s primary focus is to provide a healthy product, that’s why this mat is free from toxic chemicals and made using sustainable and biodegradable materials.

The company intelligently used the combination of organic Jute and PER to enhance the functionality, increase comfort, and to make the surface of grippier. It ensures that the user doesn’t have to make any compromise while performing yoga on this mat.

Mat’s strong grip and anti-slipping textured base let you try all type of yoga exercises confidently including the most difficult ones because it won’t slip, slide or skid at all. Reversible is one of the unique features of the mat, which means you can use both sides to do yoga, pilates, stretching, meditation, and relaxing.

Ajna Eco yoga mat is incredibly light in weight and is blessed with a carrying strap, which makes it extremely convenient for the user to carry it with him while traveling. The cleaning process of this mat is also very easy; a wipe down of water will remove all the dirt and debris from the mat.

  • Reversible yoga mat
  • Carrying strap makes it travel friendly
  • Non-slip texture
  • Highly durable
  • Not as thick as promised by the company

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Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to add some excitement to your yoga practice, look no further than a sticky yoga mat. Not only will it keep you from slipping and sliding all over the place, but it will also provide you with some unexpected challenges. You’ll have to work harder to get into those tricky poses, and you might even find yourself doing some unintentional acrobatics.

Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of feeling like a superhero every time you successfully stick to your mat. So go ahead, embrace the stickiness, and let your inner yogi shine. Namaste, my friends.

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