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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on non-slip bathtub mats, where we aim to provide valuable insights into the importance of these safety essentials and help you make an informed decision while selecting the best non-slip bathtub mat for your bathroom. At [Our Company Name], we prioritize your safety, comfort, and peace of mind above all else. We are committed to delivering top-notch products and the most reliable information to our esteemed readers.

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Are you tired of slipping and sliding in the bathtub like a penguin on ice? Fear not, my fellow bathers, for the solution to your slippery woes has arrived: non-slip bathtub mats! These mats are the perfect addition to any bathroom, providing a safe and secure surface for your sudsy adventures. No longer will you have to worry about falling and embarrassing yourself in front of your rubber ducky.

With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can add a touch of style to your bathroom while also preventing any potential injuries. So go ahead, take the plunge, and invest in a non-slip bathtub mat. Your feet (and dignity) will thank you.

10 Non-Slip Bathtub Mats with Anti-Skid Quality

Before going into detail, we want you to check out this quick comparison of the 10 amazing slip-resistant bathtub mats on the list.

1. SlipX Solutions
  • Powerful suction cups
  • Excellent drainage system
  • Great slip-resistance
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2. Gorilla Grip
  • Extra large in size
  • 324 suction cups offer great grip
  • A lot of small drainage holes
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3. AmazerBath Mat
  • Amazing suction & drain system
  • Cover entire surface of bathtub
  • High quality material
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4. Tike Smart
  • Suction cups offer superior grip
  • Antibacterial & machine washable
  • Nice cushioning & comfortable
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  • Suction cups offer 360 degree safety
  • No chemical smell
  • Hassle-free maintenance
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6. Mantto Mat
  • Super strong suction cups
  • Hundreds of big drainage holes
  • No irritating odors
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7. ENKOSI Bath Mat
  • Sticks firmly to entire bathtub surface
  • Eye catching design & colors
  • Ideal for older family members
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8. Sierra Concepts
  • Get 2 mats in price of 1
  • Provide excellent anti slip suction
  • Provide massage like experience
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  • Good choice for the home & gym
  • Big size 88 suction cups adhere firmly
  • Drainage holes provide fast water runoff
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  • Suction cups hold bathtub firmly
  • Beautiful design attract kids
  • Textured surface provides great grip
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1. SlipX solutions extra long non slip bathtub mat

SlipX Solutions Anti-Slip Bath MatsThis mat comes up with a length figure of 39 inches that could cover up the entire area of your bathtub. You can also place it on the bathroom floor, near the shower stall.

Coverage, comfort, and reliable slip-resistance go hand in hand when it is to the performance of this mat.



Properties of SlipX solutions extra long non slip bathtub mat

  • Good Manufacturing – For manufacturing this product, high-quality vinyl fabric has been used, which is soft enough to ensure your feet or your body rests comfortably on the mat either during showering or relaxing in the bathtub.
  • Colors – This non-slip shower mat has got 9 attractive colors, each having the same pattern and design. You can easily choose the one that complements your bathroom’s interior.
  • Product Life – A product lasts for a long, ONLY IF you take good care of it. This anti-slip bathtub mat can be machine-washed. So whenever you feel like the mat is catching stains, drop it inside your washing machine and give it a gentle wash.
  • Stickiness – About 200 suction cups are installed on the mat, to let it stick firmly to the smooth and non-textured surface of the bathtub.
  • Drainage System – The intelligently designed drainage system is also appreciable. An array of closely connected holes will not let water stay on the top surface of the mat, and these holes also allow the mat to dry up quickly. Make sure to dry the product afterward, before the next usage.

  • Perfectly fits in large bathtubs
  • Forms a nice grip on the bathtub surface
  • Comfortable on the feet

  • It may give a bad odor if left wet & unclean

2. Gorilla grip non-slip & antibacterial bathtub mat

Gorilla Grip Original Antibacterial Bathtub Mat35 inches in length and 16 inches in width are the dimension of this bathtub mat from Gorilla Grip. Such dimensions make it suitable for large and medium-sized bathtub mats.

A considerable amount of drainage holes are there to drain off the water that gets accumulated on the surface of the mat.


Properties of gorilla grip non-slip & antibacterial bathtub mat

  • Material – BPA and latex-free materials have been used in the formation of this mat. This antibacterial bathtub mat also does not produce any bad or unpleasant odors except when left unclean for a few days.
  • Colors – Gorilla Grip offers 22 attractive colors. A perfect range of dark and light tones for you to choose from!
  • Easy to wash – Safe and secured machine wash can make the mat serve you most suitable for long! For increased durability, do not let any oil contaminants be absorbed into the mat’s interior.
  • Gorilla grip suction cups – Apart from easy-fit size, superior grip properties with the help of 324 gorilla grip suction cups rank up the performance of this non-slip bathtub mat.
  • Anti-slip – Gorilla grip suction cupswill allow the mat to adhere to the surface of the bathtub or the bathroom nontextured surface firmly, preventing any risks of injury or slipping.

  • 324 suction cups adhere well to the bathtub floor
  • Covers the entire area of the bathtub
  • Trap hairs as well
  • Machine washable

  • None for this one

3. AmazerBath slip resistant shower mat for seniors

AmazerBath Anti Slip Bathtub MatsAmazerBath bathtub mat is particularly designed to serve large bathtubs. It is 39 inches long and has a standard width of 16 inches. This mat from AmazerBath easily covers the entire area of the bathtub, leaving no area uncovered.

Keep in note that you might not have a good experience when you place the mat upon textured and rough surfaces. However, performance will definitely be up to the expectations when placed on smooth surfaces.

Properties for AmazerBath slip resistant shower mat for seniors

  • Good Drainage System – Appropriate drainage is ensured too! Thanks to the drainage holes arranged all along with the mat. These tiny holes ensure the flow and save you from standing in puddled water.
  • Sustainability – The mat can easily serve you for a couple of years if taken properly care of! By proper care, I do not only mean that you should clean it often, but that you should use it with precautions.
  • Easy to maintain – To prevent the mat from getting loose and stretched over time, moisten the tub a little before laying it down on the surface. This will reduce the excess friction that develops between the two surfaces upon contact.
  • Suction cups – There are 200 suction cups, responsible for holding the mat to the surface of the tub when you are taking a shower and saving you from slipping and falling.
  • Machine washable – The mat is machine washable, hence you get the benefit of hassle-free cleaning too!

  • Excellent grip prevents slipping
  • Textured patterns increase friction & slip resistance
  • Easy to clean and machine washable

  • Installation takes a lot of time

4. TIKE SMART extra long non-slip bath mat for adults

Tike Smart Slip Resistant Bathtub MatsThis is yet another one of the most suitable slip-resistant bathtub mats on this list. It has got the same size dimensions, as that of AmazerBath Bathtub mat hence designed for preferably larger-sized bathtubs.

Next up is the performance. In order to make sure you have a happy and sound time while showering, the mat has been equipped with perfect slip-resistance features.

Properties for TIKE SMART extra long non-slip bath mat for adults

  • Good Material – This is particularly the most suitable nonslip shower mat for seniors and kids because it does not have any special installation requirements. The highest quality phthalate-free Vinyl material has been used in manufacturing this product.
  • Well crafted – Though it is a little heavier (1.75 lbs) when talking about bathtub mats, this is not a negative point regarding this product! But in fact, a good weight means that heavy-duty material has been used to craft the mat.The mat has got a simple bubble pattern on top and is available in 18 different colors.
  • Durability – What should I say about the durability of this mat, when the brand itself is offering a LIFETIME guarantee! So if you want the bathroom mat to function with excellence throughout its lifespan, make sure to take good care of it too.
  • Easy to maintain – After taking a shower or washing the mat, hang it in the open air away from sunlight for a few hours to let it dry properly.
  • Anti skid suction cups – A combination of 200 powerful suction cups and 174 drainage holes, make sure that the mat doesn’t slip when you place it on the bathroom floor or in a bathtub for a shower and stops water from accumulating around your feet.

  • Sticks firmly to the bottom of the bathtub
  • Cushioning gives a massage like feeling
  • 174 draining holes prevent water from puddling

  • Color fades, due to poor maintenance

5. YINENN anti-slip & cushioned bathtub mat

YINENN Non Slip Bathtub Mats for SeniorsYINENN bathtub mat is rectangular in shape, with a length of approx. 40 inches!

I will suggest you check out the size of your bathtub before considering purchasing it because it is an inch or longer than other mats shared on this page. Its extra-large size might make you uncomfortable during the shower.

Whether it’s safety, comfort, absorbency, or style! You get all of these coupled together in this bathtub mat from the YINENN.

Properties for YINENN anti-slip & cushioned bathtub mat

  • Use of good material – Furthermore, the mat will not let any water stay on its surface for long. Since vinyl absorbs no water and is completely waterproof, all water flows down through the drainage holes embedded in the mat’s design. Made up of high-quality vinyl, that will not give off a bad smell when you put it into use.
  • Different colors – About 7 innovative tones are being offered, including a matt black too; that will surely look good on a dark-themed bathroom floor.
  • Durability – Though the manufacturer offers 10-year support, this does not mean to start using the mat roughly, and it will strive to perform perfectly. You surely have to take some measures to make it last longer without any effect on its performance.
  • Maintenance – DO NOT use bath oils while showering, once you have laid down the mat on the surface.
  • Prevent any bathroom-accidents – When it’s to slips and trips, the mat’s flexible body with an addition of 200 suction cups has got the capability to resist all types of bathroom accidents.

  • Powerful 200-suction cups
  • Latex and BPA-free material
  • Does not give off a bad odor
  • Ensure maximum comfort

  • Not completely drain after a shower

6. Mantto non slip bathtub mat for small & medium tubs

Mantto Slip Resistant Bathtub MatsIf you are searching for these amazing nonslip mats for small bathtubs, this mat from Mantto is the right choice for you. It is 30 inches long and 17 inches wide, making it perfect for kids’ bathtubs.

It is also suitable to be placed in gyms where the bathrooms are considerably smaller size. The textured pattern on the mat’s surface adds up more to its performance by forming a strong grip between the feet and the mat.

Properties for Mantto nonslip bathtub mat for small & medium tubs

  • Good draining system – The draining system of the mat has a combination of large and small holes. These holes make sure a continuous runoff of water to the drainage system of the bathtub.
  • Used good material – Since the non-slip rubber material used in composing this product has been passed through plenty of verifications, including the E71 and the toxicity check; therefore its usage is marked completely safe and secure.
  • Machine washable – The mat is machine washable, and you can simply let it stay on the bathroom wall to dry after washing. It is suggested to at least let water pass through the mat after every use; to prevent any foul odors.
  • Sustainability – A 10-year warranty has been offered too! But don’t forget to read the user manual to learn about the dos and don’ts of this product. Follow them to increase the life of the mat.
  • Anti-skid – Specially engineered, hundreds of large-size suction cups, help the mat to get glued to the bathtub’s surface hence providing great slip resistance and preventing slipping and sliding.

  • Powerful suction cups get glued to bathtub
  • Does not give off unpleasant odors
  • Nice cushioning provides comfort to feet

  • Not suitable for textured bathtubs and floors

7. ENKOSI non-slip bathtub and shower mat

ENKOSI Slip Resistant Shower MatsThese stylish bathtub mats are manufactured to complement your appealing bathroom interiors! There are about 9 attractive colors available and all of them are eye-catching! But it is not only the design that is worth appreciating.

The premium quality anti-slip material makes the fact certain that the mat functions exceptionally well when it comes to the prevention of slipping.

On the base of the mat, 200 intelligently placed suction cups reduce the risks of falls and injuries. That is what matters the most when it is to bathtub mats.

Properties of ENKOSI non-slip bathtub and shower mat

  • Size availability – The size is large, 40 inches in length. For those who are not comfortable with small-sized bathtub mats, this one is your appropriate pick. The mat is made of premium quality vinyl, which is odorless and completely non-toxic.
  • High quality material – Apart from the high-quality material used to compose this mat, a Lifetime Indestructible Warranty is also offered by the brand.
  • Maintenance – Please remember that this mat is not machine washable. Without taking care of the instructions for washing, you might end up destroying the appearance of the mat and hence affecting its performance in the long term.
  • Drainage system – If the water puddle on the surface of the mat annoys you, the drainage scheme used for this product will not disturb you anymore! You can shower without any worries, safely and securely!
  • Rest assured, this a perfect bathtub mat for all; you, your kids, and your grandparents!

  • Well-placed suction cups offer maximum grip
  • Perfect bathtub mat for kids and elderly people
  • Sturdy and fits perfectly in the tub

  • Can not be machine washed

8. Sierra concepts slip resistant shower mat

Sierra Anti slip shower mats for bathtubsSierra Concepts offers 2 large bathtub mats in a single pack. Both are of the same sizes, and you can use one for the shower stall and the other for placing it into the bathtub.

It comes with powerful suction cups that allow the mat to stick firmly to the non-textured surface of the shower tub. The cups are arranged in a systematic manner for increased stability.

Properties of Sierra concepts slip resistant shower mat

  • Use of most suitable materials – Its usage is suitable for kids and senior family members because the material used in producing this mat is completely slip-resistant due to which kids and elders couldn’t able to stand firmly on the mat surface and, they may slip and fall.
  • Drainage system – Around 174 drain holes are present all over the surface of the mat, ensuring the water doesn’t stay and went down to the drainage system of the tub.
  • Good functioning – Also, the mat can function better when placed on smooth surfaces such as fiberglass, porcelain-enameled steel, acrylic, and cast iron.
  • Durability – A product from a well-known brand surely will be durable too! However, because of the fact that this mat cannot take heavy impulsive loading, its durability might be affected when exposed to such conditions.
  • Warranty – A 10-year manufacturer warranty, in case of failure even after proper care is also offered!
  • Availability of different colors – Placing customer safety and protection on priority, not much effort have been put into the designing of this mat. Though you still get the 4 basic colors to choose from.

  • Suction cups grip  very nicely
  • Adds good grip & friction to the bathtub
  • Make your bath time secure

  • Release bad odor for a few days after unwrapping

9. ALL PRIDE slip resistant bath mats

ALL PRIDE non slip shower mat for bathroomThis is the most squishy and small mat on this list. Not good for those who have large bathtubs at home, but ideal for toddler tubs and smaller gym washrooms having tiny shower stall areas.

Once placed on the surface of the bathtub or the bathroom floor, the 88 suction cups arranged in a symmetric pattern ensure perfect adhesion.


Properties of ALL PRIDE slip resistant bath mats

  • Safe design – Beveled edges promote a safe showering experience by eliminating trip accidents during showering.
  • Availability in shapes & size – With 29 inches in length and 15 inches in width, two shape options are available. You can either get the oval design or the square-shaped one. The mat is available in 10 attractive colors, and you can easily find one to complement your bath interior.
  • Used good quality of material – Wash the mat with water after every usage, to not let oily contaminants be gathered on the exterior or the interior of the mat. No warranty offer has been placed, but the good quality material shows that the mat can last for a couple of years if used with precautions.
  • Drainage system – Several rows of 79 drainage holes will let water easily pass through them. Note that no drainage holes have been placed around the borders, so water might tend to stay there for a while before getting off your mat.
  • Anti-skid property – Though the number of cups is considerably less, the size of each cup is large, which will maintain the same efficiency.

  • Most suitable bathtub for small-size bathtubs
  • Large-size suction cups form a great grip with tub surface
  • Provide extra protection for pregnant women
  • Machine washable

  • Not suitable for textured bathtub

10. BEEHOMEE – perfect non-slip bath mat for toddlers/kids

BEEHOMEE Anti Slip Bathtub Mat for KidsDid you notice the cute ocean pattern on this slip-resistant bathtub mat? It can probably be your kid’s next favorite bathtub mat! yeah, if your child does not like taking frequent showers, this mat might help you do the convincing job much easier.

The pattern that has been crafted upon the mat is textured and rough, letting enough friction to be developed between your child’s feet and the mat.


Properties of BEEHOMEE – Non-slip bath mat for babies/kids

Check here the properties for BEEHOME mats –

  • Solid grip – For perfect performance, spray some water inside the tub before to form a great grip.
  • Chemical-free – You can also place toys inside the tub. Do not worry, the mat material does not have any harmful chemicals that may react with the plastic toys and produce unpleasant odors.
  • Caution – No drainage holes have been installed in the mat, so be careful whenever your little champ steps on it. Also, do not use baby oils inside the tub, once you have placed the mat because it will make the mat’s surface slippery.
  • Easy to wash – The mat is easier to clean; however, not machine washable. Giving it a machine wash might exploit the mat’s material and affect its durability.
  • Easy to install – To further reduce the risk of falls and slips, make sure to install the mat properly before letting your kid go inside the bathtub.

  • Non-slip and textured pattern
  • Hundreds of suction cups
  • Durable & easy to clean

  • Not machine washable

Why Non-Slip Bathtub Mats Matter?

Bathrooms are often the most accident-prone areas in a household. Slippery surfaces can lead to dangerous falls and injuries, especially in bathtubs. Non-slip bathtub mats are designed to address this safety concern, offering an effective solution that significantly reduces the risk of slipping and falling while taking a bath or shower.

Key Features to Look for in Non-Slip Bathtub Mats

Choosing the right non-slip bathtub mat can be overwhelming, given the plethora of options available in the market. To ensure you get the best one for your needs, here are some key features to consider:

  • Material and Durability: Quality matters, and it’s no different when it comes to non-slip bathtub mats. Look for mats made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are both comfortable and durable. Rubber and silicone-based mats are popular choices due to their excellent non-slip properties and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Size and Coverage: The size of the mat matters in terms of coverage and fit. Measure your bathtub accurately and choose a mat that provides sufficient coverage to prevent slipping. A mat that perfectly fits your bathtub will enhance its effectiveness in preventing accidents.
  • Suction Cups: Strong suction cups play a crucial role in keeping the mat securely in place. Ensure that the mat you choose has a sufficient number of powerful suction cups to adhere firmly to the bathtub surface.
  • Easy Maintenance: Look for mats that are easy to clean and maintain. Mold and mildew resistance are desirable features that will help keep your mat fresh and hygienic over time.
  • Comfort and Texture: While safety is paramount, comfort should not be compromised. Opt for mats with a comfortable texture that provides a relaxing bathing experience.

Types of Non-Slip Bathtub Mats

Type of Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Usage Features
Adhesive Decal Mats These mats are designed to stick to the bottom of the bathtub securely. – Easy to install with adhesive backing. – Various designs and patterns available. – Some are removable and reusable. – Not suitable for textured or tiled bathtubs.
Suction Cup Mats These mats have suction cups on the bottom to grip the bathtub surface. – Simple to install and remove. – Suitable for textured or smooth bathtubs. – Some may have drainage holes to prevent water pooling. – May not adhere well to uneven or tiled surfaces.
Inflatable Bathtub Mats These mats are filled with air and provide a cushioned surface. – Soft and comfortable to sit or stand on. – Can be deflated and stored easily. – Usually covers a larger area of the bathtub. – Not as effective at providing strong grip as other types.
Rubber or Silicone Mats These mats are made from rubber or silicone material. – Excellent grip on most surfaces. – Durable and long-lasting. – Some models have textured patterns for extra traction. – Easy to clean and maintain.
Pebble or Textured Mats These mats have a pebble-like or textured surface. – Offers massage-like sensation. – Provides good anti-slip properties. – Water can flow through the gaps, preventing water accumulation. – Requires periodic cleaning to remove soap scum or debris.
Mold-Resistant Mats These mats are designed to resist mold and mildew growth. – Suitable for humid or damp bathroom environments. – Made from materials that discourage mold formation. – Regular cleaning is still necessary to maintain hygiene. – Anti-bacterial properties may also be available.
Eco-Friendly Mats These mats are made from environmentally friendly materials. – Ideal for those who prioritize sustainability. – May be biodegradable or made from recycled materials. – Similar features to other types of non-slip mats. – Eco-labeling or certifications may be available.

How to choose the right non-slip bathtub mat?

There are several factors you should consider before selecting a bathtub for your bathroom. Here I will drop a few of them that should be more prioritized than the later ones. Let’s take a look at them.

Check Out the Layout of the Suction Cups on the Mat

In order for a bathtub mat to be completely non-slip, it must have an appropriate pattern of suction cups. Without this beneficial component, your bathtub mat cannot be called as a non-slip bathtub mat. It will be most suitable if you are able to find a mat that has around 300 suction cups layered out upon it. However, any number lesser than that will work fine too depending upon the dimensions of the mat.

Look Out For the Color and Patterns

For buyers, who are more concerned about style and aesthetics, this is an important feature to take into notice. If your bathtub mat comes in a color that perfectly matches your bathroom interior, this will certainly be great. I will suggest you not go for lighter colors since they are more vulnerable to looking dirty even with the slightest of dust upon them. Also, make sure the patterns do not allow water to be stained from the mat and wet the floor. Such a mat may be of little or no use to you!

Find Out If You Can Easily Clean It

Not all slip-resistant bathtub mats are machine washable. You can know this easily by reading out the description of the product, and also the guidebook that comes up along with the product. It is fine if you can clean it by dropping it into the machine. There are other easier methods to clean the anti-slip bathtub mats too. And yeah, it is also necessary to check if the mat keeps its color and does not look weary after washing. This is something that I have found users complaining about, APPARENTLY A LOT!

Check Out For the Durability

If you want your selected product to last for a couple of years, be sure to check for the warranty offer attached to it. If there is none, read out user review comments. That is the perfect way to know how much longer a product will last. Also, remember that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Though sometimes luckily, cheap bathtub mats come up to be more durable than expected!

Concluding Non-Slip Bathtub Mats

In conclusion, non slip bathtub mats are a must-have for anyone who wants to avoid embarrassing slips and falls in the bathroom. Not only do they provide a safe and secure surface to stand on, but they also come in a variety of fun and funky designs to add a touch of personality to your bathroom decor. From cute animal prints to quirky slogans, there’s a non slip mat out there for everyone. So don’t wait until you’re flat on your back with a bruised ego (and possibly a bruised butt) – invest in a non slip bathtub mat today and enjoy a slip-free shower experience!

FAQs for anti-slip bathtub mats

What Are Bathtub Mats For?

Bathtub mats are used to prevent slipping and falling injuries in the bathroom due to wet floors. You can place them on the bathtub’s surface as well as beneath the shower.

Are Bathtub Mats Sanitary?

The bathroom is the place where you need to take care of hygiene. Just like other toilet mats, bathtub mats can also be made hygienic by properly cleaning them after usage.

How Often Should You Change Your Bathtub Mat?

The most suitable bathtub mat lasts as long as 1.5 years to the maximum. However, depending on the usage, the performance level of some bathtub mats may decrease over a span of a year. So it’s better if you change them annually.

How To Remove Stains From A Bathtub Mat?

Check out if your bathtub mat is machine washable. If it is so, you can easily remove all the stains by giving it a regular tough wash. Otherwise, use a wet cloth with a light detergent, and by using your hands, clean the surface of the mat, which has got dirty.

Can I Wash The Bathtub Mat In The Washing Machine?

It depends upon the material of the bathtub mat. Not all mats are machine washable. To learn whether the mat you purchased is machine washable or not, you need to read the user manual. Strictly follow the washing instruction given it, this will keep the mat in good shape after cleaning.

Are Rubber Bath Mats Toxic?

Depending upon the quality of the rubber used in composing the mat, it may or may not be toxic. Purchasing a rubber bathtub mat from a trusted brand can ensure that they might have passed the product through certain verifications making it chemical-free.

What Is The Most Suitable Material For A Bathtub Mat?

High-duty natural rubber is probably the perfect material when it’s to bathtub mats. Natural rubber does not wear off easily and lasts for a longer time. Also, it is easy to clean and does not give off unpleasant odors.

How To Stop The Bathtub Mat From Going Mold?

Do not use bathing oils while in the toilet. Also, give your kids the awareness not to urinate while inside the bathtub. In case they do, clean it right after so that the contamination does not last for longer. Drying out the mat properly after rinsing can also prevent it from getting mold.

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