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Comparison: Kangaroo Original VS Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats


Along with the rise in the usage of standing desks, the demand for standing mats has also been increased. Anti-fatigue standing desk mats not only enable you to stand for a longer period but also saves you from excessive stress on your legs and joints.

However, out of too many competitive options available in the market, it becomes highly difficult to decide which standing mat would work best for you!

After extensive research, I managed to narrow the available choices and picked the two best standing mats that are composed using quality guaranteed material with exceptional durability.

To help you pick the right one out of these both, a quick comparison table along with a detailed product review has been added up below!

Quick Comparison Table – Kangaroo VS Sky Mats

FEATURES Kangaroo Original Sky Mats
Biggest size 70 by 24 inches 70 by 24 inches
Firmness High Medium
Durability 5/5 4/5
Relative Price Affordable Costlier
Material Leather Foam
Brand Guarantee 10 years guarantee claim Lifetime guarantee claim
BEST FEATURE Good in traction and eco-friendly construction Highly comfortable, improves standing postures

Still not sure which one to go for? Not an issue at all! Get onto the products review given below, I am sure you would end up finding the right anti-fatigue mat for yourself. There you go ¦

Kangaroo Standing Mat Vs Sky Floor Mat

Keep in note that a perfect product does not exist! In your search to look up for the best standing mat, you must set specific priorities and make your selection based on those. The quality of construction, product durability and material type are some critical factors you must take into consideration. Rest is your choice if you want to take into account the appearance factor too!

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat for Kitchen

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat for KitchenThe kangaroo original anti fatigue cushioned mats for kitchen is one of the best anti-fatigue mats you would find out there. Credits go to its well-engineered design, featuring every little detail that a customer would demand to be in their perfect standing mat. It has got a long-lasting permanence with satisfactory performance throughout its working period.

Size and Material

The mat is available in 7 exclusive sizing options, starting from 20 by 32 inches up to 70 by 24 inches. So, whether you are looking for a mat for standing desk area in the office or a kitchen mats for hardwood floor; you can easily get the perfect size for both the cases.

Also, you no longer need to add up browns and blacks to your room interiors, since this time, Kangaroo has managed to put forward a range of bright and patterned designs to suit every room type. You can go with the decent striped black and grey for your office usage, while a bright red will add up colors to your home working space.

The material utilized in manufacturing this masterpiece is pure leather, with a soft cushioned foam in between the top and bottom layers. The leather material is also completely non-toxic, not including any addition of Phthalate, making it the safest choice for your home.


In my opinion, it would have been best if significant efforts were made to work on the mat’s stability. Though a textured underside has been added, it still does not ensure 100% slip resistance. Other than that, the mat’s beveled edges would prevent all slips and trips so that you can use this mat in heavy traffic areas as well without any worries.

The thickness of the mat is kept ¾ inches, adequate to provide enough comfort to your feet and lower legs during prolonged standing periods. The padding level is excellent and would help you maintain a well-balanced posture while you stand upon it.


I like the fact that the mat has been designed lightweight so that it can be carried and placed elsewhere in the house too without demanding a lot of effort. It does not require any extra equipment for its installation. All you have to do to fix it into its place is to lay it down upon a hurdle-less dry flooring and press it a little to make sure it properly adheres to the surface.

Bottom Line

If you choose to go for a lighter color option, the mat might tend to get dirty very oftentimes, but that is also not a problem. The mat can be vacuumed or wiped up using wet cloth whenever it arises the need to clean it. A comparatively affordable, and a trustworthy product to opt for! Check it out for yourself.


Sky Mat Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

Sky Mat Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor MatThe sky mat floor mat is no less when we talk about the well-rated standing mats currently there in the market. The brand has put a good effort into composing a mat that is extra spacious and delivers the objectives that the customer demands. Apart from being super versatile in its behavior, Sky Mats also provides a lifetime warranty so that your heavy budget investment does not go useless!

Size and Material

Three different size options have been provided here, all having the same height dimension while showing a wide variation in the lengths only. The largest you can get over here is 24 inches by 70 inches, which is wide enough to cover a standard size computer desk.

Like the Kangaroo standing mats, sky mats too have ditched the traditional browns and upgraded their mat’s appearance game to sharp colors and eye-catching designs. A solid black is always available for professional purposes and a dull grey to suit the company meeting rooms.

High-quality foaming material, which is patented by the company, has been used in composing this best standing desk mat. The material passes through a cycle of processes before being accepted to be used for composing this top-grade mat. Even after months of usage, it would not give off any bad or intoxicating smell hence completely eco-friendly mat!


The performance of sky mat’s standing desk mat is unbeatable! I reviewed and researched about a couple of good anti-fatigue mats but could not find any that had functionality in parallel to this one. The company has claimed that the super comfortable foaming material used in manufacturing the product is capable of reducing immense stress from feet and lower back by a percentage figure of 32! This means you would be able to put in your best and be productive in work if you use this standing desk mat by Sky Mat.

Beveled edges are also there, just like in any other standing mat to eliminate any tripping risks. The mat also has got good stability, thanks to the non-slip bottom surface which would not move from its position once you place it there.


The mat is preferably used in the kitchen, to provide comfort during long standing hours. However, its versatility makes it compatible for multi-purpose usage. It would not wear off even if used day and night but on the condition that you do not have to load the mat’s base with heavy machines. This might not affect the mat’s performance but would definitely spoil its appealing appearance.

Bottom Line

This top-rated anti-fatigue mat is pricey as compared to the Kangaroo standing mat but affordable in contrast with other high-grade standing desk mats. Exceptional features and unprecedented performance justify its price. I suggest you get your hands on this product if you are already suffering from arthritis or bone issues. This mat is going to be your best remedy!


Final Verdict

I hope you are now capable enough of making a confident choice in between the Kangaroo standing mat and the Sky Mat’s edition? If still not, I would recommend you, go for the Kangaroo anti fatigue mat if your usage is less and you do not want extraordinary support during work. Go for the Sky Mat’s product if you demand excellent performance with high stability. Rest assured, both of these mats would certainly serve you well for a considerable long period of time without any maintenance issues.


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