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How to Use Silicone Baking Mats? – 5 Effective Methods

How to Use Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats became every baker’s favorite since the time they replaced disposable parchment papers. They are not only super heat resistant but can be used in a lot of ways in the kitchen and that too, more than 2000 times!

You can clean them up and put them into use again until you satisfy your baking cravings! Does not that sound too convenient?

Well, there’s much more to the story! Up till now, you might be using a silicone baking mat in your kitchen for baking purposes only, right? But let me tell you, you are underestimating the usage capabilities of a silicone baking mat!

Getting your hands on some of the perfect silicone baking mats is not the only essential thing you need to do. You certainly also have to know all the ways you can put your silicone baking mat into use. Do you not know them yet? Let me tell you!

How to Use Silicone Baking Mats?

For Baking Pizzas

Baking pizzas became easier than ever before since silicone baking mats came into being. I, myself, was too tired of the annoying sticky edges of my pizza dough that the pan would not allow getting baked at all! Silicone baking mats made baking pizzas much more feasible for me.

You would not need to clean the pizza pan too! Just prepare your pizza dough on the silicone mat and place it directly in the oven for baking. Trust me, your pizza is going to give you the perfect crust you have ever eaten before!

For Healthy Oven Potatoes

Who even does not like potatoes? But, wherever there are potatoes, there are definitely coming along a bunch of calories to add up to your weight! Silicone baking mats can save you here too. Baking potatoes in the oven does not really seem to be a good idea, but it surely works when you are using a silicone baking mat.

You would not even have to put a ton of oil into it, and delicious crispy fat-free potatoes would be ready in minutes! And do not worry about the temperature issues because a silicone baking mat can take excessive heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for potato baking. Give it a try!

For Making Decorations for Cakes and Cookies

No need to get the ready-made cake d├ęcor eatable stuff from the market anymore! Using a silicone mat, you can make up your own at home, and that too super professional looking! Also, the icing won’t get stick to the mat and create a mess for you.

However, be sure to use an icing bag for preparing the eatable decor. Using a spoon or a fork or any other utensil for dropping the melted icing on the baking mat will not produce satisfactory outcomes.

After you have prepared the sheet with your desired shapes and forms, place it into the freezer to get harden. Silicon mat also enables easy peel-off, so do not worry about that either.

For Kneading a Dough

If you are a hardcore baker, you must be aware of all the mess you create on the counter table while kneading or rolling dough. Let me tell you, placing a silicon baking mat underneath, can sort this out for you. You would not have to worry about the after-cleaning as well since the silicone baking mat is non-sticky.

Be sure to clean the mat using soapy water after kneading a dough after you have used it once. You might be aware of the specifications of a silicone baking mat that is available in several shapes and sizes. I will recommend you get the biggest size available for kneading purposes.

For Baking the Perfect-Sized Cookies

I have been using butter paper for baking cookies for since long. But the most basic problem that always arose was the non-uniform sizes of cookies that would spoil the entire look of my dessert. Silicone baking mats come up as an essential component when it is to baking cookies.

A marked grid pattern allows you to equally space your cookies so that when they swell up, they do not overlap one another. This can be really beneficial for baking others well, especially if you are a beginner at baking.


Can you put a silicone baking mat in the oven?

Definitely! You can place a silicone baking mat in the oven for baking your good. Remember to take care of the temperature while doing such. The maximum temperature your mat will be able to bear is up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Which side of a silicone baking mat do you use?

It is advisable to use the printed side up for baking purposes. However, you can use both sides for freezing purposes.

Are silicone baking mats worth it?

Well, in comparison with parchment paper, which can be used only use, silicone baking mats are an affordable option. You can use them several times, and they are easy to clean too.

What can I use if I don’t have a silicone baking mat?

You can either use parchment paper or butter paper, in case you are not using a silicone baking mat. However, remember that both these papers can be sticky if you do not apply an appropriate amount of oil to the paper’s base before use. Also, they are not immensely heat resistant.

How long do silicone baking mats last?

Depending upon your care and maintenance routine, a silicone baking mat can last as long as a year! It is not disposable, therefore be sure to clean it properly after every use. Also, store it folded in the form of a tube after use.


Do you know what? Silicone baking mats can be useful in the kitchen, but you can use them for other DIY projects as well! You can buy the full-sized versions of these mats, and let your kids do their arts and crafts on them to create the minimum mess. This might be a bit costly, but it won’t tear apart easily and can be used for a longer duration than any normal paper sheet. For more useful tips and guides keep following Mats Corner.



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