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Gymnastics mats for home are a great way to keep your kids active and entertained. But let’s be real, they’re also a great way to keep your furniture from getting destroyed. I mean, have you ever seen a kid attempt a cartwheel on a hardwood floor? It’s like watching a baby giraffe try to walk for the first time. And don’t even get me started on the potential for broken lamps and vases.

So, investing in a gymnastics mat for your home is not only a smart move for your child’s physical development, but also for the safety of your home decor. Plus, who doesn’t love a good somersault every now and then?

10 Mindblowing Gymnastics Mats for Home Use [Foldable & Inflatable]

Before getting onto the reviews of these gymnastics mat sections, it is particularly essential to keep in mind the checklist before selecting to buy the perfect gymnastics mat. Some of the factors you should be well concerned about are the mat’s thickness, sizing, padding material, and yes, your estimated budget!

1. BalanceFrom GoGym
  • Extra thick & large size
  • Moisture resistant surface
  • Good grip & traction
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2. Giantex Mat
  • Provide large exercise area
  • Offer decent cushioning
  • Easy to put away
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3. Polar Aurora
  • High density foam
  • Easy carriage & storage
  • Durable & long-lasting
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4. We Sell Mats
  • Toxic free material
  • Durable & cushioned padding
  • Very easy to clean
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5. Matladin Tri-fold
  • Thick comfortable surface
  • Shock absorbing protection
  • Waterproof & crack-resistant
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6. Gymmatsdirect
  • Top quality material
  • Thick & quite durable
  • Extra-large in size
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7. BalanceFrom Tri-Fold
  • Non-toxic lead-free material
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to clean
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8. BestMassage Mat
  • Multipurpose design
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Decent comfort & support
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  • Very professional design
  • Hook & loop for extension
  • Highest quality & firm support
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  • Easy to inflate & deflate
  • Highly stretchable
  • 100% waterproof
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1. BalanceFrom GoGym Foldable Gymnastics Mat

BalanceFrom GoGym Foldable Gymnastic MatOf all the other gymnastics mats, made solely to perform yoga and aerobics, this one proved to be the most suitable one!

You might be aware that for vigorous exercises, you must have a mat large enough to accommodate your body precisely during the various moves. Hence this BalanceForm’s Gymnastics mat is undoubtedly going to be your perfect and correct bet.

It has a nice defined size, measuring 10 feet in length and 4 feet in width.

Though the breadth sizing might be a problem for beginners because they generally require more space for initial training, it is certainly perfect for a pro gymnast.

This thick gymnastics mat is composed of high-density EPE foam providing an average amount of cushioning; that would otherwise loosen your body tightness during exercise. Moreover, the base of the mat is puncture resistant and the top will not sink deep inside; when heavy pressure is applied.

The addition of Velcro on the edges of the mats makes it extremely easy for the user to hook the mats and get a large area to try a variety of positions.

The mat is super easy to clean and will not absorb any excessive moisture. Dry the mat in the open air after cleaning or washing, for better results.

Its foldable design makes it highly portable. Its portability feature along, with handles, makes its storage effortless and you can take it with you to perform outdoor training.

TIP: Make sure you cut your nails before landing on the mat because the black layer on the mat is a bit thin and loose therefore can be damaged with nails.

  • Soft and well-padded for rolling & stretching
  • Velcro makes hooking multiple mats easy
  • The foldable design makes storage easy
  • Very easy to clean
  • Moves around slightly

2. Giantex Gymnastics Mat – Extra Thick & Durable

Giantex Gymnastics Mat - Extra Thick & DurableIf you are someone who is searching for a vibrant looking well- patterned gymnastics mat, Giantex is a better option to go for!

Now you cannot make a choice of purchasing a gymnastics mat just because of its attractive appearance! But you know what? The impressive features it possesses is also going to win your heart.

A blend of excellent quality EPE foaming and premium quality PU leather enhances its  level of comfort which any other exercising mat won’t provide you.

Apart from being super tough on one end, the mat also has a 2-inch layer thickness to lessen the fatigue you might feel during substantial workout activities.

A valuable addition of hand straps makes the carrying of the mat more convenient and uncomplicated for you.

I suggest you properly fold the mat after use because a rough fold might produce dents in the foaming material that could make the mat inefficient and dull in look.

So whether you are dancing, practicing martial arts, performing gymnastics, doing hot yoga, or any other workout, complete comfort, excellent grip with smooth body movement are ensured by this Gymnastics mat from Giantex.

Go on and check this one out; you also have a choice of choosing your favorite one out of 11 dazzling designs!

  • Ultra-thick and high-density foaming
  • Waterproof & tear-resistant
  • Carrying handles for easy transportation
  • Space-saving design
  • Covering is a bit thin

3. Polar Aurora Panel Mat for Gymnastics

Polar Aurora Panel Mat for GymnasticsThis mat for gymnastics from Polar Aurora, in particular, stands as the highly ranked for all the new gymnastic trainers. If you are wondering what makes me say such? Let me expose!

Unlike all other exercise and hot yoga mats that are constructed only from high-quality, dense EPE foaming, this one has also got a full cover of soft leather all around the mat’s top.

This leathering does not disturb the mat’s resiliency and firmness at all and makes it water, puncture, and mildew resistant.

The base has got an elegant vinyl enclosure that prevents the bottom from breaking under heavy pressure. It may slide a bit when used on a wooden or tile floor.

It is constructed of 4 equal-sized panels, which make up the total length of the mat approximately 10 feet.

You will also find Velcro Straps attached at either end of the mat. So if you need a larger space for dancing and other more massive gymnastic tasks, attach all the gymnastic mats and you are ready to go!

Apart from the convenient storage of large gymnastics mat the panels once folded will display two handles each sown at either end of the mat. So you can carry it easily to your workout studio as well as to your friend’s place!

  • Made of eco-friendly & toxic-free material
  • Offer strong and comfortable support
  • Super easy to carry and store
  • Suitable for a variety of exercises
  • A tad narrow in size

4. We Sell Mats Tumbling Mats for Homes

We Sell Mats “ Best Tumbling Mat for HomesYet, another intelligently designed gymnastics mat capable of fulfilling all the purposes expected from a well-functioning exercise mat.

Do you know what is the most amazing feature I found regarding this tumbling mat?

It can provide superior shock absorption, providing protection against severe falls and tumbles, hence ensuring a person’s safety from any accidental injury.

The excessive use of vinyl at the base of the mat also makes the gymnast feel less fatigue as commonly felt upon a cushioned gymnastics mat. It is mainly designed for the pros but also serves beginners and kids.

It has four bright colors to choose from, with the standard average sizing of 10 feet x 4 feet. Though the mat’s material is sturdy and durable, it may lose efficiency over time when used without proper maintenance.

With high portability, this gymnastics mat is also super easy to clean. All you have to do is use a low-concentration soapy solution and wipe it over the mat’s surface. After cleaning or washing, don’t forget to dry the mat properly.

  • Extra thickness protects joints
  • Ultra-durable and sturdy construction
  • The foldable design makes it highly portable
  • Perfect for all family members
  • Very expensive

5. Matladin Tri-fold Budget Friendly Gymnast Mat

Matladin Tri-fold “ Budget Friendly Gymnast MatHighly affordable, lightweight, and easy to carry are the amazing features of this gymnastics mat from Matladin. It is a bit smaller in size but guarantees quality performance.

It is also used as a padded mat or a gymnastics beam during aerobics training.

The mat is composed of EPE foaming, which is durable and sturdy enough to absorb excessive shocks produced during vigorous exercises. It will also provide enough comfort to your joints and bones, saving you from early fatigue that leads to giving up!

A PU Leather cover was also embedded at the top surface. It is 100% slip-resistant, though you have to take care not to let any moisture be seated on the mat’s surface. Such a condition can be hazardous for you and lead to significant injury.

Comfort and natural movement are guaranteed! Thanks to the superior quality construction and crack-resistant design. The entire set of materials used in producing this product are non-toxic; hence can also help your kid to learn to crawl at times when you are not using this mat for your workout purposes!

A multi-purpose heavy-duty gymnastics mat! Do check it out.

  • Foldable construction with carrying handle
  • Highly durable & comfortable
  • Very lightweight & portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • May slide a bit on the hardwood floor

6. Gymmatsdirect Gymnastics Mat for Kids

Gymmatsdirect “ Best Gymnastic Mat for KidsNot all gymnastics mats are used by placing them laterally,’ right? (Laterally here means horizontally’ parallel to the floor)   But not all of them are efficient enough to be operated while placing them in the vertical position too!

This gymnastics mat is one of its kind, capable of retaining its firmness and sturdiness even when placed parallel to the wall.

Featuring a thickness of 4” approximately, which is probably the maximum you will find in any other good quality padded designed mat. It would not be wrong if I named this mat the perfect yoga mat for bad knees!

However, I will not suggest you get this mat if you are a pro gymnast. The high-depth cushioning property of this mat won’t let you do more of the tough moves with the perfect efficiency.

Environment friendliness was kept in mind while producing this mind; that’s why it is free from all harmful chemicals. Its smooth surface is effortless to clean when dirty.

The top surface has been constructed using close-cell technology not to let any moisture reach the interior. Also, two handles on each end of the mat let it be carried out comfortably from one place to another.

There are no fasteners attached to the corners of the panels; hence it cannot be attached to any other exercise mat for creating a more extensive workout area.

An excellent quality gymnastics training mat! Do not forget to check it once.

  • The padded design absorbs impact effectively
  • Suitable for all family members
  • Made of premium quality toxic-free material
  • Easily foldable with carrying handles
  • Feels a little harder

7. BalanceFrom Gymnastics Mat for Beginners

BalanceFrom Gymnastics Mat for BeginnersFor all those looking for a budget-friendly gymnastics mat for their workout activities, this one is going to be your ultimate favorite!

Trust me,’ this is not an ordinary functioning gymnastic mat because it has got the guts to serve the kids and younger gymnasts up to their belief! Wondering how?

Featuring the random mat construction, with EPE foaming in the interior and vinyl covering at the bottom, this mat can sustain heavy loadings. The top has been well polished using the most beautiful quality leather so that it feels smooth to the knees and wrists.

The mat is only 6 feet in length and 2 feet in width, with a thickness of approximately 2 inches. It has been divided into three panels for easy carrying and storing purposes. Since it does not contain any fasteners at the edges, it cannot be paired up with any other larger gymnastics mat.

Particularly mat for kids, who have just learned crawling and young trainers who have just begun to skill themselves with the lighter, more natural aerobic moves. Available in bright pink, blue, purple, and solid black colors, which will not fade away or lose its shine over time.

Durable enough to last for a couple of years, depending upon the maintenance and normal usage routine.

  • Beautiful foldable 3-panel design
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Moisture & tear resistant
  • 2-year BalanceFrom Warranty
  • The colors are a bit dull

8. BestMassage Gymnastics Mats for Back Handsprings

BestMassage Gymnastics Mats for Back HandspringsThis Gymnastics mat has been mainly designed, keeping in mind the needs and demands of pro-level gymnasts.

So whether you perform step aerobics, kickboxing, inline stretching, or any other advanced-level exercise, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Its 2 inches thick, dense cushioning material protects your joints from excessive shock during the moves and steps. Though it is also covered in PU leather, the leather is not thick enough to provide a much soothing effect to your body parts, making you feel fatigued and lazy earlier than otherwise.

The top surface of the mat remains slip-resistant until there is no moisture on the mat hence keeping you safe from slip hazards.

Be sure of drying it properly after cleaning since the material is not moisture absorbent, and any excessive wetness will cause hurdles during a workout.

The mat is light in weight and portable enough to be carried easily to your gym place.

Do not forget to panel it up after usage properly because unorganized folding will affect the overall appearance and functionality of the mat. Rest assured, a good one to go for!

  • Thick high-density EPE foam
  • High-quality PU leather covering
  • Multipurpose design
  • Not suitable for tall people

9. Z ATHLETIC Mat for Cheerleaders

Presenting the most professionally designed gymnastic mat, you have ever seen before!

Z ATHLETIC Mat for CheerleadersPondering whether the mat’s appearance made me say so. Not at all!

I am so impressed with the effective standard-size design and the heavy-duty construction technique in manufacturing this masterpiece!

This gymnastics mat comes up in a size of 8 feet x 4 feet. So it is neither too big nor too small! The cushioning inside is kept limited to 2 inches only so as not to let the knee or the wrist be sunk inside the mat’s interior during exercise.

Hook and loop fasteners have been provided on each side of the 8 feet long mat. You can remove the Velcro tape and attach any other workout   mat side to side with it in case you need more space for performing the advanced martial arts steps.

Durability is guaranteed! Polyethylene foaming, as well as the thin leather coating, have been tested before use in the mat, and they are entirely non-toxic.

The mat will also not give off any lousy odor when new or after a certain period of usage, keeping it clean and maintaining it in the required way.

Super comfortable and highly resilient! Do not forget to check this exercise mat for pro gymnasts out!

  • The extra thickness provides joint protection
  • Great padding and support
  • Mildew and puncture-resistant
  • Very easy to store
  • The covering is a bit loose at the corners

10. FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

FBSPORT Inflatable Gymnastics MatDoes not everyone love customization, particularly when it is about self-use products?

Considering it as a right of the customer; FBSPORT brought forward 10 highly exclusive sizing dimensions from about 10 feet in length to as long as 40 feet!

It is not only available in the standard rectangular design, but they also manufacture eclipse-shaped gymnastics mats.

Since it is an inflatable gymnastics mat, it has to be filled up with air before you can start putting it into use. The company is generous enough to send along an air pump as well, with which you can quickly pump air inside the mat! It will be all setup!

The mat is composed of a single material, which is 0.9mm in thickness but super smooth to not let your body joints be harmed when rubbed against the mat’s skin accidentally.

Mat’s material is not much effective when it is to shock absorption, but the air entrapped inside does have the capability to dissipate the high reaction produced during gymnastics moves and steps.

This floor mat for home is particularly very effective for jumping and kickboxing but can be used for other workout techniques too.

Surprisingly! This gymnastics mat can also be used in your house’s pool, too, since it is entirely waterproof! So all those fond of performing aerobic stunts over water; this mat is going to be your next gymnastics partner!

Ensures zero air leakage; bright and vibrant just so pleasing to use! Do give it a look; you are going to like it.

  • It takes less than a minute to inflate and deflate
  • Zero air leakage due to excellent quality valve
  • Highly durable and thick material
  • Comes with a free air pump
  • A bit heavy to move when inflated



  1. How thick should a gymnastics mat be?

A good quality high performing gymnastic mat should be around 2 inches to 4 inches thick. However, a padding depth of less than two or a maximum of 1.8 inches is not recommended.

2. What can I use instead of a gymnastics mat?

A thick exercise mat can also be used instead of a gymnastics mat. Take full precautions and make sure that the gymnastic steps you do have the suitability to be performed on any other thick and firm matting surface.

3. Why are gymnastics mats so expensive?

Because of their superior, beautiful quality material construction, and large sizing; gymnastic mats tend to be a bit more costly than exercise and yoga mats.

4. How much do gymnastics mats cost?

Depending upon the mat’s size, quality, and purpose, a gymnastic mat can cost as low as $36 to as high as $320.

5. Can you use a yoga mat for gymnastics?

A lot of gyms nowadays use yoga and exercise mats interchangeably with gymnastic mats. However, this is not recommended for advanced-level aerobic moves because yoga mats tend to be softer and smoother than firm and sturdy gymnastic crash mats.

6. Are gymnastics mats waterproof?

Not necessarily. Gymnastic mats may or may not be waterproof, depending upon the company’s product manufacturing techniques. Most of the gymnastic mats available nowadays in the market are waterproof and do not absorb moisture.

7. How do you clean gymnastic mats?

It is effortless to clean the leather surfacing of gymnastic mats. All you have to do is to use a clean cloth paired with saturated soapy material. After cleaning, make sure to dry the surface off properly.

8. Where to buy gymnastic mats?

Considering the current situation, we highly recommend everyone order gymnastic mats and other workout equipment from popular online platforms like Walmart and Amazon.


In conclusion, if you’re considering purchasing gymnastics mats for your home, just remember that they’re not just for gymnasts. You can use them for all sorts of activities, like practicing your ninja moves or perfecting your cartwheel. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even use them as a makeshift trampoline (although we don’t recommend it). Plus, they make for a great conversation starter when your friends come over and ask why you have a giant foam rectangle in your living room. So go ahead, invest in some gymnastics mats for your home and let the fun (and the laughs) begin!

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