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15 EZPZ Happy Mat Review – What your kid says?

Featuring on almost every parenting store, the most kid-friendly product of the year, ˜The Ezpz Happy Mats’!

If you are a parent or a child caretaker, you might have probably heard about Ezpz mats A LOT!

But what is the fact that makes them so popular and demanding? To know the truth behind the overwhelming feedback this product receives, let us dig inside to know about its specs and downsides!

EZPZ Happy Mats: The best placemat for toddlers in the spotlight.

Ezpz happy mats have conquered the hearts of many parents for a long time! The bright colored silicone placemats, with appropriate sized portioning and amazing table-suction capability, managed to stand out amongst many other placemats for toddlers.

No product has yet been designed with such perfection! Despite some negative points, there are several reasons that make us trust Happy Mat by the Ezpz.

Less Mess More Fun! The EZPZ Happy Mat Review 2020

Let’s check out some of the top features of the most demanded suction plate for toddlers. I hope you are going to love this review.

ezpz happy mat for high chair1. The ˜Oh So Strong’ Suction Capability!

One of the essential thing that a toddler’s placemat MUST posses’ is a weld like suction feature. Kids tend to drag and pull out everything that is placed in front of them. You cannot be there at the supervision 24/7 to make sure they do not end up spilling everything on the ground.

Keeping this fact as the main concern, Ezpz made sure to manufacture a happy mat in a way, that it could stick itself on the table surface where it is placed.

Do not worry! It is not like the placemat will stick to the table and can’t be removed and do not make me compare your mat pulling power with your child’s!


ezpz happy mat for babies2. ˜Free Of All Toxics’ High Quality Silicon Material

This happy mat by Ezpz is manufactured using silicone that is free from latex and phthalate! Even if your kid is fond of licking table sheets, which is generally what most of the kids love to do! You do not need to worry about any negative health concerns associated with the Ezpz Happy mat.

The company guarantees that the placemat won’t tear up if you use it with proper care. However, as a part of precautions’ do not let your child scratch the mat using a fork or a steel spoon. This act may lead to destroying the appearance of the mat, hence affecting its durability.

If your child is obedient and follows your words, the mat will last for longer, even until your kid grows up! User experiences have reported no fading or corroding.

ezpz happy mat for kids3. ˜Genius Catering’ Portion Sizing!!

With the dimension of 15x10x1, Ezpz happy mats planned about the portion sizing very intellectually. As kids eat in small proportions and usually get bored of eating one item at one time; therefore, three different sections are placed on the mat.

Two have the capacity to hold 4oz each, whereas a slightly bigger one can hold as much as 10oz. Depending upon the food type, the sections may carry a variable amount of food, but more or less, it would be the same as we stated.

The smiley face design comes up as a bonus. Two eyes and a smiling face design has been used in this placemat that gives your kid, positive vibes while he has his meal. This is how it gets its name, ˜The Happy Mat’!

4. ˜Bright and Pretty’ Color Scheming!

To prevent your child from getting bored during his mealtime, Ezpz has used a very attractive color scheming. These placemats are available in charming, bright blue, lime, coral, and gray colors.

However, the color gray is rarely bought by parent customers’ because it does not please their kids as much as the other ones do!

This is not the end of the story! The brand has been continuously introducing innovative products such as ˜The Happy Bowl’ and ˜’The Happy Mini Mat.’

THE HAPPY MAT FACT! Is your kid not satisfied by only three sections filled with food on his placemat? There is a solution to that as well! You can buy a pair of The Ezpz happy mats and stack them upon each other, fill each of it with your kid’s favorite meals, and serve him! The mats are stacked with enough sticking capability, and they can be easily carried even when filled with food.

ezpz happy mat for toddlersSome Usage Tips for the Ezpz Happy Mat

  • Easy to clean. You can leave it up to a dishwasher, the machine would not harm its material. If you do not prefer to wash it in a dishwasher, lukewarm soapy water will also do the work!
  • The high quality silicon placemat can be kept safely and securely inside a microwave oven too!
  • You can leave it for days without washing, if it does not seem dirty or does not give off any food odor. The silicon material would not catch any fungus or promote bacteria growth.


Final Words

While there are plenty of placemats for toddlers available there in the market, the job to search the right one becomes a bit tiring! The easiest thing to do so, is to simply consider what will make your kid happy! Apply the tip, and let me know if it really worked. Until then’ Good luck parenting!


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