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Namaste Green: 10 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for the Earth-Conscious Yogi

Are you tired of slipping and sliding on your yoga mat during your downward dog? Do you want to save the planet while perfecting your warrior pose? Look no further than eco-friendly yoga mats! Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you’ll also have a stylish and comfortable mat to practice on. Plus, you can impress your fellow yogis with your commitment to sustainability. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves while getting their zen on? So, say goodbye to those old, non-eco-friendly mats and hello to a greener, more peaceful practice. Namaste, baby!

10 Amazing Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

1. Heathyoga Yoga Mat
  • No latex, PVC, or heavy metal
  • Body alignment system
  • Extra-large size & good thickness
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2. Lottus Yoga Mat
  • Free from harmful materials
  • Ultimate level of comfort
  • Unique design & colors
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3. Repose Yoga Mat
  • Made of cork & rubber
  • Smooth non-slip surface
  • Highly durable & portable
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4. Liforme Yoga Mat
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Body alignment lines
  • Non-slip & superior grip
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5. Gruper Yoga Mat
  • Premium eco-friendly material
  • Slip and tear-resistant design
  • Extra thick and large
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6. TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  • Premium TPE friendly material
  • Body positioning marks
  • Non-slip textured surface
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7. Ajna Jute Yoga Mat
  • Made of 100% natural fibers
  • Highly portable & durable
  • Free yoga strap
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8. Clever Yoga Mat
  • Extra thick and comfortable
  • Non-slip grippy surface
  • 100% toxic-free material
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9. Manduka eKO Superlite
  • No harmful material used
  • Natural rubber grip
  • Highly durable & long-lasting
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10. DAWAY Yoga Mat
  • Tear-resistant design
  • Body alignment system
  • Non-slip & superior grip
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Though there are many good alternatives available today when it’s to the yoga mat’s material, I would still recommend you stay away from anything that involves the usage of PVC plastics. Such matter does not only pose a risk to physical health but also evolves as trash to the planet. So better be a bit careful while deciding to choose the right yoga mat for yourself.

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Yoga Mat with Body Alignment MarksHeathyoga has put a considerable effort into bringing to its customers truly eco-friendly and healthy yoga mats. The environmental friendliness factor doesn’t increase its price; it is available at a highly affordable price.

The material used in composing it is different from traditional plastic and does not contain any latex or heavy metals. Before shaping the product, the TPE material goes through a cycle of processes where it gets all tested up, affirming its safety.

Apart from providing high-quality certified material, there are several other impressive features, this toxic-free yoga mat possesses.

It is about 6mm in thickness, ensuring you feel completely comfortable while performing your regular yoga tasks. The size is also commendable, longer than most of the mats priced the same.

I would love to mention the intelligently designed and well-engineered body alignment system to help beginner yogis maintain a good focus with accurate posturing throughout the yoga.

The double-layered structure design is highly durable. The diamond-textured surface ensures maximum grip for the hands and feet.

The innovative tire thread bottom would not allow the mat even slightly to move from its place once it’s laid down properly. A Velcro strap, along with a carrying strap is also included in the package!

  • Made of SGS-certified TPE material
  • Body alignment lines for great results
  • The bottom is textured, non-slip, and grippy
  • Offers excellent cushioning
  • Large size and bulky
  • Not suitable for traveling yogis

2. Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Yoga Mat with Strap

Lottus Life Natural Jute Fiber Yoga Mat with StrapWhere almost 95% of the yoga mats in the market are composed using plastic, this eco-friendly product has been manufactured using pure jute fabric which is healthy for your skin and for Mother Nature!

It is unique in its design, and available in two beautiful colors. The right choice for not only yoga activity, but all types of workouts which include daily exercises and meditation.

You might think that Jute fabric would not be able to provide you with the level of comfort that yoga mats with TPE material usually do.

The addition of an 8mm memory foam is going to make sure your knee and wrist joints stay completely free from any damage while you get into the body flexing moves.

The versatile natural fiber used in the composition of this environmentally friendly yoga mat is also extremely durable and might even last for a lifetime if you take proper care of it.

The bottom surface of the mat is rough and textured enabling it to maintain a good connection with the floor.

DO NOT place the yoga mat on wet surfaces since that might pose a risk of slipping which can be extremely dangerous for you. Rest assured, a heavy-duty convenient product to opt for.

  • Made of natural jute fiber health friendly material
  • Extra thickness protects the knee and wrist
  • Highly comfortable and durable mat
  • Also suitable for kids and pregnant women
  • The strong odor that vanishes after a few days
  • Attract dirt and debris so don’t place it on the dirty floor

3. Repose Natural Rubber & Cork Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

Repose Natural Rubber & Cork Non-Toxic Yoga MatWhile talking about eco-friendly yoga mats, how can we forget the ones made from 100% natural rubber?

This mat from Repose has been produced using unblended cork harvested by stripping down the bark of trees. It is a highly sustainable method that does not even require cutting down cork or rubber trees!

The most amazing thing is that the rubber material extracted to manufacture this product is highly biodegradable and recyclable. Not a single piece of plastic has been used in the processing or packaging, and there is zero sign of harmful chemicals or TPE.

Even the 4mm padding owes its construction to cork and rubber only. The padding is capable of absorbing excess sweat and moisture. Don’t worry about losing the grip when you are sweating because the sweater the mat gets, the better it grips.

Measuring 72 inches by 24 inches, the mat provides sufficient space for all exercises, including Bikram, aerobics, and Pilates.

It is available in one delicate orange color, which gives out a relaxing sensation during meditation. The mat weighs 6 pounds only and is extremely convenient to carry around.

Do check this versatile, super sustainable yoga mat out! You are going to love it.

  • Made of sourced cork and natural rubber
  • Rubber backing prevents the mat from sliding
  • The package includes a free yoga mat strap
  • It gets slightly slippery in hot yoga

4. Liforme Biodegradable Yoga Mat with Body Alignment Marks

Liforme Original Biodegradable Yoga MatLiforme yoga mat has mixed environmentally friendly polyurethane with sustainable rubber material to compose this masterpiece!

It’s not only perfect in quality but also a high-grade product to last for as long as you wish. The mat itself takes good care of the environment and the human skin and poses zero risks of any harm or allergies.

It has got a revolutionary body alignment system that works for beginner yogis as their personal navigational tool.

So, no need to invest in yoga trainers now. Using this yoga mat can teach you to maintain all the rough and tough postures demanded by a particular activity.

The mat’s superior grip is another impressive feature that can function even when the mat surface is wet.

In my opinion, this yoga mat is an all-in-one package that can be put into use for exercising and meditation activities.

A major drawback I noticed about this mat is that it does not surpass the ideal thickness range of 6mm and has a cushioning of 4mm only. However, this figure might bother people suffering from arthritis and bone issues.

The size is quite wide, covering 73 inches by 27 inches suitable for one-person everyday usage.

  • Toxic-free polyurethane & rubber material
  • Body alignment lines help in better body positioning
  • Offers superior grip & slip resistance
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • A bit heavy and difficult to carry
  • Very expensive

5. Gruper Highly Affordable Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Gruper Highly Affordable Eco Friendly Yoga MatGruper’s new and improved yoga mat collection includes highly eco-friendly products with premium quality materials.

They are better priced than most of the yoga mats with the same specifications, however still on the safer side when it’s about nature.

A non-toxic and harmless TPE material is what forms the mat and turns it into extremely friendly to your body and the environment. Do not also worry about the durability factor; the mat’s density and elasticity won’t let it tear apart for a longer period of time.

The bottom of the mat is excessively textured, helping it adhere firmly to the surface, whether it is a wooden or carpeted floor.

This feature also significantly reduces slip risks and makes the mat perfectly safe for use even for beginners.

This yoga mat also does not require any special considerations while cleaning it. All you have to do is to water the mat and clean it with a cotton cloth.

To make your yoga life more colorful, Gruper created a blend of many bright colors, which include golden, gray, purple, cyan, and blue! Select your favorite color out of the list and get into the vibe of yoga!

A special storage bag has been packaged to promote ease of carrying.

  • Safer and softer than EVA and PVC mats
  • Has a double-layer anti-tear design
  • Textured bottom prevents slipping and skidding
  • Free carry bag and strap
  • The mat is not sweatproof

6. TOPLUS Environmental Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Environmental Friendly Non-Slip Yoga MatHere comes up yet another sturdy designed eco-friendly yoga mat composed of high-quality pure TPE material without the addition of any latex or BPA.  The mat is totally recyclable and will not be left out as a burden to the planet.

I really appreciate the fact, though the finest TPE has been used to manufacture this product, the price is still kept near average hence making it a budget-friendly yoga mat for beginners.

The body positioning system has been beautifully crafted on the mat, which can be particularly helpful if you are doing yoga without an instructor or a friend to guide you. These alignment marks also help in achieving the right position and maintaining a good body balance.

Available in a set of elegant colors to suit your home studio interior! The size is quite suitable for people of all ages and sizes, measuring 72 inches in length and 26 in width.

Weighing just 2 pounds TOPLUS yoga mat is also highly portable, making it extremely convenient to be carried to the gym or to the beach.

The 6mm thick cushioning also seems to be the right one for people who demand a foamy yoga mat for bad knees and wrists joints. So, now dive into your yoga performance with more confidence than ever before!

It is featuring anti-slip performance, with a top surface that exhibits an excellent grip.

  • Premium quality environmentally friendly material
  • Offers decent support and comfort
  • Textured surface for superior grip
  • Highly affordable
  • Release bad odor for a few days

7. Ajna Natural Jute Latex Free Yoga Mat

Ajna Natural Jute Latex Free Yoga MatIf you are searching for a super durable yoga mat, composed of 100% biodegradable materials, this one can be your correct bet!

Premium organic natural fibers group together to form an integrated Jute fabric for this yoga mat, turning it entirely safe for use. Apart from the quality ensured material usage, the functioning of the mat is quite commendable as well.

This mat is thick and dense enough to support your body during the complicated moves of yoga.

It has got a textured back that eliminates the risk of slipping when you are very focused on your workout.

The grip this mat possesses literally has no comparison out there in the market. Whether you are into a straight posture or a curled one, your body would not tend to lose its balance.

A strong cotton strap coming along in the package promotes ease of transportation and storage. The mat may give out a weird smell when you first roll it flat. If you do not want to be distracted by any smell, place it flat in the open air for a couple of days.

I am confident that this mat has the integrity to work well for beginners and pro yogis. Though the mat could have been designed a millimeter more cushioned, the sizing dimensions are perfectly fine.

  • Free from all kinds of toxic-materials
  • Superior grip lets you stay focused
  • Slip-resistant bottom ensures safety
  • Sweat-resistant top surface
  • Feels a bit itchy in the beginning

8. Clever Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat for Sore Knees

Clever Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat for Sore KneesIs not yoga more fun and satisfactory, knowing you are not breathing in harmful chemicals when you get into the various postures?

This eco-friendly yoga mat from Clever has been manufactured using latex and toxic-free TPE foam. The surface of the mat is not only gentle on your skin but also provides excellent support to your body.

The mat is extra thick and provides you with the most comfortable experience. When it comes to stability and support, the company hasn’t made any compromises at all. A dense, thick cushioning has been added between the two TPE layers.

The mat’s base has a unique wavy pattern that lets the mat form a strong grip on the surface. It works better when placed on a hardwood floor, but it doesn’t mean that this mat is not good to be used on a tile or concrete floor; it works fine on them as well.

To make sure you perform all your movements with full confidence, efforts are made to provide you with the most optimum grip. The mat is perfect for hot yoga, Pilates, meditation, or any common stretching posture.

Get the most out of your personal yoga journey and invest in a good quality yoga mat like this!

  • The thickness provides excellent support & stability
  • Wavy back forms a nice grip on the floor
  • Lightweight; good option for travelers
  • Tear-resistant and long-lasting built
  • Sweat absorption is average

9. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel MatHow can we skip the Manduka Yoga Mat series while talking about the most amazing environmentally friendly mats in the market?

If you are a regular gymnast, you must be aware that Manduka has started producing mats composed of natural, 100% biodegradable, and recyclable materials. This one is one such type.

The material used in manufacturing this yoga mat is natural tree rubber, which includes a bit of latex but is safe for people with latex sensitivities.

Where other manufacturers use industrial scrap and utilized in the production of the mat, Manduka ensured their mat’s entire composing procedure goes through a sustainable cycle and remains free from such crap.

I really like the fact that even the foaming that this yoga mat contains, is completely free from toxic agents and the color dyes are non-ado.

It is available in 17 different shades, suiting yogis of all ages and tastes. The thickness of the mat is limited to 1.5mm only, so I would not suggest you opt for this product if you have sore joints or bone issues.

Rest assured, the perfect stability and support depicted; with the most perfect gripping response, I have ever observed! Do not forget to give it a look, you are going to like this versatile high-end yoga mat!

  • Made of natural rubber & non-toxic foam
  • Closed-cell surfaces prevent absorbing sweat
  • Non-slip bottom ensures safety
  • A huge variety of colors
  • A heavy-duty mat; not good for travelers

10. DAWAY Nature-Friendly Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

DAWAY Nature Friendly Yoga Mat with Carrying StrapOut of all the yoga mats I have previously reviewed, this one has got a different charm.

It is mainly designed for yogis looking out for a mat that could protect their joints without affecting the overall body balance. And yes, it does deserve to stand out in the list of yoga mats made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly material.

Like all other yoga mats, it has a body alignment system to help the yogis focus on their moves and accurately maintain their postures.

2900 anti-skid lines have been engraved at the bottom base that would not let the mat even slightly move from its position. The mat is also SGS-certified and latex-free.

This mat also comes up with a carrying bag and strap so that you can easily carry it from home to the gym studio or take it along with you to the seaside.

Remember, this mat cannot be used for hot yoga because it cannot absorb excess moisture during sweating.

The company assures they provide their customers with quality guaranteed products and hence claim to make an exchange within 1 year of use.

  • No toxic material and harmful smell
  • Moisture and slip-resistant surface
  • Extra-large size and thickness
  • Slips if placed on the wet or dirty floor


In conclusion, eco-friendly yoga mats are the perfect way to show your love for the environment while getting your downward dog on. Not only are they made from sustainable materials, but they also come in a variety of colors and designs to match your personal style. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you’re not contributing to the landfill with a non-biodegradable mat. And let’s be real, who wants to be doing yoga on a mat that smells like chemicals? So, do yourself and the planet a favor and invest in an eco-friendly yoga mat. Namaste and happy stretching!

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