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Do Cat Litter Mats Work – 5 Satisfactory Pointers

If you are an ailurophile, you might be well aware of the mess created when your cat tracks the litter around the entire house. Well, placing a carpet or a cloth nearby the litter box to let your cat dust off the litter before she starts roaming throughout the home can be a solution to this.

However, you will always have to keep an eye on your cat so that it does not slip or trip, or drags away the cloth from its place. There’s when cat litter mats come to play their role! But then comes up the question, do litter mats prevent litter from spreading in the house?

Do Cat Litter Mats Work? Let’s Find Out

There are a number of factors that owe the answer to this query. From the cat’s eating and littering behavior to the mat’s material and configuration; every little thing counts! I am going to summarize below some of the essential points that help in determining if cat litter mats work up to the expectations. Check these out below!

The Mat’s Comfort

Cats are very sensitive when it is to comfort. They do not prefer walking, eating, or sitting on a mat which can make them feel uncomfortable. Before deciding to get a cat litter mat for your cat, make sure to check out the material it is composed of. Most of the litter mats appear to be rough from the top surface because they are made to trap litter in their coils. But, their softness depends upon the type of PVC used for manufacturing them. Make sure it is cushioned enough to let the gentle paws of your kitty land on them easily and comfortably.

Silicon cat litter mats are generally more comfortable for cats, but they are not much efficient when it’s to trapping litter particles. Make a wise choice, and balance out all the factors so that the mat you select works satisfactorily up to your needs!

The Mat’s Size

It’s a good thing if you are using a wide litter box for your cat, but you must also choose an appropriately sized litter mat that covers the surface beneath the litter box to some extent. Your cat litter mat would not work fine if its size is too small to accommodate the cat and the box. I will suggest you purchase a mat, that is at least twice wide and thrice the length of the litter box that you have chosen for your cat.

A standard cat litter mat will be 4 feet long and 2.5 or 3 feet in width. You can choose to go for a figure-up if you think it will work adequately for holding the litter your cat creates around the litter box.

The Mat’s Adhesion

What’s the use of a cat litter mat if it’s still spreading the litter all around the litter box? Sometimes it happens that, even when you purchase a really efficient and good quality litter mat, the cat litter still gets scattered everywhere around the box. This is because the litter mat does not have enough capability to stick properly to the floor and hence keeps on moving when the cat tries to jump up on it or drag it elsewhere.

Make sure, the cat litter mat you opt for has got a rough, friction-enabled bottom surface to make a good connection with the floor beneath it. Slip-resistant cat litter mats are generally good at adhering to the surface they are placed upon.


What is the most amazing cat litter mat?

Easyology cat litter mats are generally the most preferred by ailurophiles. Their quality construction, and efficient litter trapping operation along with a long-lasting working period is what impresses users the most.

What does a litter mat do?

A cat litter mat helps in trapping the litter that gets stuck in your cat’s paw and fur and gets tracked around the entire house.

How do you use a litter mat?

All you have to do is, place the cat litter mat beneath the litter box. Make sure to place it properly so that it covers the entire surface under the litter box and to some extent more as well.

What do you put under a litter box?

It’s recommended to place a cat litter mat beneath a litter box. A cat litter mat traps all the litter into its coils and helps in preventing the area around the box get dirty.


I am very certain that by now you know what factors contribute to determining whether cat litter mats would work or not. So, be sure of keeping all these significant key points in mind while you head to buy the perfect cat litter mat for your cat.

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