Are Anti Fatigue Mats Required By Law?

Plenty of reasons contribute to the fact that why you should be using anti-fatigue mats! As the name already makes a click, anti-fatigue mats are obviously used for reducing the human-associated fatigue effects but, they have other major benefits too.

Particularly in California, anti-fatigue mats were introduced to prevent dirt from entering into a cleaner place. Later on’ it was found out that these mats can also be used at workplaces to give relief from tiredness and exhaustion and hence to increase productivity.

All these benefits of anti-fatigue mats justify their use to a greater extent.

However, many of our employee wonders are anti-fatigue mats required by law too?

Well, up till today, no such law has been implemented that imposes the use of anti-fatigue mats at workplaces. But yeah, employees and employers did not even found out a ban on the use of these mats at office places.

We already know that proper quality seating automatically cheers up the mood of employees and hence has a great effect on morale and productivity.

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Let’s check out some major research facts that could help us understand, are anti-fatigue mats worth it!

Are Anti Fatigue Mats Required By Law – Facts & Figures

Having a look at some survey data, we found out that Anti fatigue mats have an impressive effect on the overall environment of the office. One of my friends’ visited an office at Fresno located near California’ that had anti-fatigue mats installed all over the floor.

According to what my friend told me, I reached to the conclusion that anti-fatigue mats should be a MUST at workplaces. It is based upon the overall attendance report for that office. Employee absentees were significantly reduced after the office management changed the flooring system.

Employees stated that now they don’t feel exhausted after standing and working for hours on hard concrete floors and have now the most comfortable surfaces beneath their feet.

Particularly for tender feet, anti-fatigue mats work best! It was just one personal experience regarding the use of anti-fatigue mats, and now I’ll move to some technical research figures.

  1. Anti-fatigue mats investment wasn’t considered much fruitful earlier, but in 2015 a UK based source found out that a positive impact was casted on the employees and staff well being after the flooring was altered.
  2. A total of 75% of the companies invested in anti-fatigue matting within their workplaces and were so satisfied with the employees behavior during the day.
  3. 45% of the workplaces observed a drastic increase in productivity of work, and better results when anti-fatigue matting was installed in the offices.
  4. 23% reported that major absentees were reduced when such mats were used because the employees didn’t feel the need to take a working day off for rest.

All these research-proven facts show us that anti-fatigue mats should be required by law. It helps in moving towards a better work environment and hence obtain fruitful results.

Now in case you are planning to look for the best anti fatigue mats, I’ll drop a quick guide for you to go through.

The Easiest Way to Select the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats

Remember that there are plenty of anti-fatigue mats available in the market and sold online too. While choosing the right mat, you don’t really have to consider and go through each one of them separately. You need to keep in mind the purpose for which you are going to use the fatigue reduction mat.

For instance, you want to purchase a mat that should be slip-resistant and also capable of swarf the machine particles. For this purpose, try out thick and dense mats that have bumps appear on the upper side.

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Some necessary features that must be present in all kinds of anti-fatigue mats are as follows:

  1. Anti-fatigue mats should be elastic enough to not give a harsh feel.
  2. They should not be too soft because then they won’t be able to serve the purpose they are designed.
  3. Anti-fatigue mats should also have sloped edges. In case if any machine needs to be passed over the mat, the removal and placing it again may become a hectic routine.
  4. Mats should not create a trip hazard, because then they would be totally useless.
  5. Anti-fatigue mats are made of different materials such as, rubber, carpeting material or vinyl. I think the material is not an issue though the cost may greatly vary depending upon which one you want to go for.

As a summary, I would definitely recommend the use of anti-fatigue mats and would also like them to be required by law to make working life easier, better, and comfortable. Why to ignore such a relief giver when it can be put to use by investing a little!

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